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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Genealogy Dig into life of Luhmann with Leestahl and Eichdorf

Leestahl village  owner at Halbhoef 1

I think this is how it translates. Correct me if I am wrong.


1799 2 halfhofs Dahlenburg
an or Un. Gut Horn

1675 Luetge Janecke
1699 Luhrs" Jahnigcke
1709 Luetge Jahnecke
1719 Lenert Jahnecke noch 1739 [Leonhard]
1749 Hans Juergen Janecke, Noch 1779
1757 Eh.Zw. Hans Hanrich Luhmann Bruder des Hsw. Valentine in Eichdorf, and Anna Jahnecke [ ?]*

Proof enough. More needed from Herr Bock for church records.

*[Edited 2014]  However,  the information given here and Ellringen does not  match up with the Luhmann Information I have posted at this blog. I need to recheck the original copies and see more about  the brothers. We have to keep in mind that some were remarried and who had Valentine and Hans Heinrich  for son. More on the mother needs to be known.  I do have the  date  1757, but does not measure up to information given by Heinrich Borstelmann source.

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