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Friday, October 31, 2008

FAQ.pommern - Pomerania, Prussia

FAQ.pommern - Pomerania, Prussia: "A1: Pommern was a Prussian province. Its capital was Stettin (pronounce:stet-TEEN). Q2: What was Pommern's recent history? A2: After the 30-Years-War (1648) Pommern consisted of two areas: Schwedish-Pommern in the West under Swedish rule and the Eastern area under the rule of the Brandenburg Electors. After the defeat of Napoleon, Sweden in 1815 renounced all her claims to areas in Germany incl. Pommern. Pommern West of the Oder River was also called Vorpommern (Cis-Pomerania), East of the Oder River Hinterpommern (Trans-Pomerania). In 1938 areas from the former provinces of Westpreussen and Posen which were lost after WWI were added in an administrative reform. Hinter-Pommern was cleansed of its ethnic German population and given to Poland in 1945. The Western powers were silent on the ethnic cleansing. Stettin was renamed Szczecin."

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