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Friday, February 26, 2010

Genealogy tools- Maps, Street views and the Telephone book Tool

So far it has been a great day off. I did a little work. And I take a lot of breaks with the lap top. I have been playing around a little with maps.. I was successful with several street views. I was able to locate my place in a summer view [ wonder why], our work places and my daughter residence. However, I have not tried to embed it in this page.

Maybe some of your remember when ancestry used to publish the residents and phone numbers of villages in germany. It was one of my favorite genealogy tools. You use it to see if the family name still is in that location. The german phone book is handy enough for me. I am going to use it in one tab or window along with another window with a google map. I want to see the streets so I can try for a street view.

I have not tried street view for some rural areas in Minnesota yet. and since Germany in my area is a no go, I doubt they have it there. So far Boitze is not going to be in line for Street view. But here is a map anyway for a Marker of the HOFMANN hof. It officially says Boitze, though I have listed the place as Neetzendorf.
Notice Neetzendorf is slightly above Boitze.

View Larger Map

Zoomed in it is definately at the East outskirts of Boitze.

View Larger Map

I used das Telefonbuch to find the street address of Horst Behrens of Karrenweg 3 21368 Boitze
and Hans Herman Behrens Neetzendorf. Again it says Boitze.

I had heard that some Meyer resided across a few yards from Hoffman. I understand by what he told me that his home was owned by a Bergman family. One of his children lives in usa. We have a Bergman surname from this general area in the Behrens tree. smile]

The phone book gives three Meyer of the general area .
Ernest H. Neetzendorfer Str. 1
Reinhold -- An den Rübengärten 1
Willi has no street address given
So Here is Ernest Meyer residence at Boitze.

View Larger Map

The location on the street for Reinhold is almost the same. You can try it if you wish. But the marker looks like it is in the same place.
Several times, I have looked for Ulrich, Rappaul, and I don't remember if I used Just Neetzendorf, or Boitze. I could have used Fladen and Ahndorf. I suspect if the names were there they would have suppliedthem.
Schultze comes to be about twenty or so, but different villages.

I did find this for Schulz :

Schulz, Silke Gut Horn a321368 Boitze.
[I am not really sure why Gut Horn would say Boitze]

Nothing in specific for Rappaul .Everywhere else for Ulrich- close especially Uelzen.

I did want to tell you though to just enter in Kirche like I did with Neetzendorf. I got many of them. and well I could enter the streets into the map and go close up.

Johannisstraße 8, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 381‎ - 0.1 km W
Category: Kirchen und religiöse Gemeinschaften
Johannisstraße 12, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 1297‎ - 0.1 km NW
Category: Kirchen und religiöse Vereinigungen
Am Markt 17, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 86-0‎ - 0.1 km NE

[How wonderful it would be to be able to fax the churches. My printer has fax, but my husband would kill me if I faxed them.]

Each seem to have a different marker location, which is interesting to me.

But what is surprising is the number of church locations that you will get. Even Boizenburg which is accross the Elbe river.

It is so kind of them to even add panoramas.

Just to be nice I will add this one for those in need.
Am Kirchplatz 9 21369 Nahrendorf

In this case a map is given to me by accident.

While I am at Nahrendorf place name in the cemetery and at the map still,
I ran a few Reinecke, one Cord lives at Gut Nuedlitz. [ My Seil and Korn worked at that location]
Steckelberg is worth the entry.
Saucke many
karte erstellen:

Wendischthuner Str. 21
21354 Bleckede

So Mark when your ancestors said they lived Bleckede, they probably meant Bleckede area.
I did try Ahrens, And there was only one. Perhaps a different spelling?

It is hard to stop....

I entered Schroder under Duebbekold and was given a page of great number of locations.

Under Kirche Thomasburg, I found that running my cursor over the right city gave me the name of a parish or the pastor.
What a wonderful tool this google map provides us and the phone book as well, cause Ancestors don't just sit there and wait for you.
It is so ocnvenient that the streets are named after the villages they lead to and from.

I wish there had been satelite maps, when I was sending letters out back in 2001. It would have helped me get my minds eye correct for locations of the reisidents I saw with the right surnames that I wished to select for my letter writing. Now, I just have to figure out how to custom a map with more than one pointers.

After I finish blog post I will spend a little more time on all the Meyers of Oldendorf an der Goehrde bei Nahrendorf.

If you haven't stored your lists, it could be a good idea to follow up with the cemeteries of the war heros in this area. It helps also to see if the surnames were still there at your own villages by war time. Not necessarily the following, but like them.

*I will have to see a little more about Google Earth category. I shall also need to check to see what Panorama is. The O of the word has a symbol inserted.

How Street view is done. You can also find maps of where it is done.

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