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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Genealogy surnames of My family - SEIL, KORN, SCHMIDT, BROOKMANN, MEYER

You all have met my Lizzie Seil through my story on my March blog of 'brave and tragic' woman. Through my story you learned about those others of her family. AugustFriedrich Wilhlem Seil, and his grand- daughter Annie Seil Meyer.

I'd like to share the first Documents of that family that I received. I regret that I just never got around to writing for more information on that Seil family because we were interested to know if there were brothers and sisters of August Wilhelm Seil. And if there others of his parents families in that Bleckede area. I was really interested to know where the family came from before Dahlenburg. Family had him down from Hildesheim where the Korn family originated. So those are still unanswered questions for possible future stories.

I may have told you before about confirmation of Lizzies being August's daughter and information of her birth came through the book of Heinrich Porth a little later. [See note 1]

This letter is important to determine that August did marry Lizzies mother. We only had heard that Lizzie was a result of an affair. His marriage in Iowa to Anna Vogel stated that it was his first marriage. Tom Vogel had his Chezchslovackian translator translate this church document for us as well as the translator I used too. He was interested as well, because it was his relative, Anna Vogel, whom our William married. My understanding of this church document is low. I am not sure if that document that follows is a dissolvement or divorce. I just don't know what it is. [As you read the story of Lizzie you saw that I posted the information I got from Gross Thondorf on her birth and her parents marriage]. But it was after that, that both parents of Lizzies remarried.

I had a copy of this document which I typed out in one of my old emails that I sent from one email to another in 2005 which I used to send to others. It holds an " enlightenment" for all us descendants of Elizabeth Seil in more ways than one.

I got a little data on Meyer, Seil, Korn, Heins, Henke, and
Luhman, Behrens, Reinecke Lusman from the church of dahlenburg. You
want more info, I can copy and send. I have gone two above J.H.
Friedrich Meyer now.
The parisher said he didn't have time for more.
I am so greedy, I still wonder what more they have. Now I wonder
how much I should send for donation. They never requested any. I
have sent 20 + already. Also, I maybe can write later and request
information on the remarriage and get the stepsisters names.
the translation site give me Rope instead of Seil. and not sure how
nut/mother gets there and there may be other names translated that
I did not pick up.

Seil, August Friedrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 30.05.1848 Dahlenburg
~ 04.06.1848 Dahlenburg
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Dahlenburg
Nr. 40/1848 - Dahlenburg-
Seil, August Friedrich Wilhelm, geboren den dreißigsten Mai
(30.Mai), getauft den vierten Juni (4. Juni) Vater: Johann Jürgen
Heinrich Seil, ein Schäfer, Mutter: Ilse Marie geb. Brookmann.
Gev.: Jürgen Heinrich Lange und Georg August Ohlmeiers.

Seil, August Friedrich William (m) ev
* 30,05,1848 Dahlenburg
~ 04.06.1848 Dahlenburg
Single dump from the baptismal register ev. luth. Church
municipality Dahlenburg
NR. 40/1848 - Dahlenburg-
Seil, August Friedrich William, born thirtieth May (30.Mai),
baptized fourth June (4 June) father: Johann Juergen Heinrich Seil,
a shepherd, nut/mother: Ilse Marie geb. Brookmann. Gev.: Jürgen
Heinrich Lange and for George August Ohlmeiers.

1. Ehe :
~ 10.03.1872 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 2/1872
SEIL, August Friedrich Wilhelm, unverehelichter Schäfer zu
Nüdlitz, geb. d. 30. Mai 1848 zu Dahlenburg, Eltern: Schäfer
Johann Jürgen Heinrich Seil zu Dahlenburg und dessen Ehefrau Ilse
Marie geborene Brookmann, mit Korn, Katharine Dorothea Marie
Elisabeth, unverehelichte Dienstmagd zu Nüdlitz, geb. den 1. Mäarz
1845 zu Groß Thondorf, Eltern: Zinngießer Heinrich Ferdinand Korn
zu Groß Thondorf und dessen Ehefrau Sophie Friederika geb Schmidt.
Tage des Aufgebots: den 3. und 10. März 1872 zu Nahrendorf, getr.
den zehnten März 1872.

Nachtrag: Zufolge des Urteils des Königlichen Obergerichts zu
Lüneburg vom 11.November 1875 ist die Genehmigung der
Kirchenkommission unter dem 4. December 1885 erteilt. Das document
liegt bei den Akten. Nahrendorf, am 8. December 1885 gez. Bruno
Die Genehmigung der K. Regierung zu diesem Nachtrage ist
nachträglich erteilt am 16. April 1887. gez. Bode

KORN, Katherine Dorothea Marie Elisabeth (F)ev
* 01.03.1845 Groß Thondorf = Himbergen
~ ? .03. 1845 Himbergen
1. Kind SEIL, Maria Elisabeth (F) ev
*1873 Dahlenburg
~1873 Dahlenburg
Die unteren zwei Zeilen auf der confirmationsbescheinigung
lauten: Denkspruch für: Elisabeth Seil/ Tag der Confirmation: 3.
April 1887/
Dein Lehrer und Seelsorger: Fr. Schmidt, Pastor.

1. Before:
~ 10,03,1872 Nahrendorf
single dump from the baptismal register ev. luth. Church
municipality Nahrendorf
No. 2/1872
Seil, August Friedrich William, unverehelichter shepherd to
Nüdlitz, geb. d. 30. May 1848 to Dahlenburg, parents: Shepherd
Johann Juergen Heinrich Seil to Dahlenburg and its wife Ilse Marie
born Brookmann, with Korn, Katharine Dorothea Marie Elizabeth,
unverehelichte service farm servant to Nuedlitz, geb. the 1. März
1845 excessively Thondorf, parents: Zinngießer (Tin caster)
Heinrich Ferdinand Korn of Groß Thondorf and its wife Sophie
Friederika geb Schmidt. Days of the quantity: 3 and 10 March 1872
to Nahrendorf, gearbox tenth March 1872.

Supplement: According to the judgement of the royal upper court
to Lüneburg from 11-November 1875 the permission of the church
commission under that is 4. December 1885 gives. The document is
situated with the documents. Nahrendorf, to 8. December 1885 gez.
Bruno Bode the permission of the K. Regierung for this enters
afterwards is subsequently given on 16 April 1887. gez. Bode

Korn, Katharine Dorothea Marie Elizabeth (F)ev
* 01,03,1845 largely Thondorf = Himbergen
~ ? 03. 1845 Himbergen 1st child Seil, Maria Elizabeth (f) ev *
1873 Dahlenburg ~1873 Dahlenburg the lower two lines on
confirmationsbescheinigung read: Maxim for: Elizabeth rope / day of
the Confirmation: 3. April 1887 / your teacher and Seelsorger: Fr.
Schmidt, minister

Note 1:
tHE BOOK" Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels HimbergenDie Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen - Series Quellen und Darstellugen zu Gesheichte von Stadt und Kreis Uelzen --Bd 6
Pagination : 498p.
Gunda Friesch - Heinrich Porth Himbergen : ISBN 13: 9783929864106 LCCN:

Note 2 :
Mrs Nowack had sent me a copy of Lizzies confirmation paper that she must have submitted to the church at St. Peters Lutheran Church also called Christ Lutheran Church. I had sent a copy of her babtism with a question about it as I wrote to the Dahlenburg church archives. After receiving information of her parents ties to a Schmidt, I kind of wondered if there was any relationship there with the pastor.

Comment :
I felt somehow in the report on this family that there was like a repeat in what I had said. Notice that the church mentions only a little on Lizzie and little on the confirmation. it seemed as if the church parroted what I had told them. At that time, I hadn't seen the information that Himbergen Kries Uelzen contained. Also at the time I was writing Lizzies stories with my book buried in a box, I had also forgotten that she was born in 1872. Thank goodness for contact at ancestry from Marlies Vollmer with her information, so I could correct myself.

This information also helps us see when August would have left for America. It would not be at least until after his marriage. In several census he is listed as 1872, 1873, 1875. Naturalized 1880 at Will county illinois. I still have to find his passenger list.

If you understand this document after the marriage date mentioned, by all means please expand on it for me.

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