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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreams,But Not Really A Scheme. For This Blog

I was corresponding with a fellow Genea Blogger who tells me she is hoping to make a book out of one of her specifics blog. I had those dream thoughts, when I began blogging. But I strayed from any real organization that a decent book requires. Now I realize that the pages would be way too long full of chit chatter to be a good book worthy of that I would wish to develop. Their are personal pages, etc. Pages that still need editing. Pages of stuff that would not be wanted in my book.

And I have strayed past my own immediate family into those of the colony. I would not do a book on the colony, mostly cause it does not have the work needed to be a good one. It does lack quality pictures and information. It would be nothing anyone else would like to have, mostly just me.

I would like to make up a book someday just for myself. Maybe for my children. I'd like to see what some other bloggers have done. I'd like to hear what others have to say, about the process of turning a blog into their own personal book. I know you can do that at ancestry. I suppose if and when I became serious about doing this, I would check into the how to's at Ancestry, How to's from Google and, maybe learn a little more from other bloggers about what they know about it.


  1. I wish I could you information on the "how
    to" part but I haven't any experience on making a blog into a book...yet.

    As far as the rest goes, why not? If your friends and family aren't interested now, who's to say reading your book can't spark their interest? And there are the future members of your family who might be very glad you put your thoughts and research into a book they could read!

    And as for writing, I tell people it's like learning to ride a bike. Practice makes perfect!

    Keep writing. We'll keep reading.

  2. I THINK when making these books that you can pick and choose what posts you want to include in it. You might check that out.

  3. I am having so much fun putting my Uncle Ralph's letter into my new blog. Every day I can see the book beginning to take shape. i did have to set up a separate blog --- one that will indeed have an end point --- which will be a book that my family can access. A letter a day doesn't even sound like such a chore and the thought that I will be finished with the project by late fall makes me go around singing "Yipee Ky Aye."



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