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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dream of an Idea for Farnhamville, Churdan in Northern Iowa

Gee, I just got a Dream of an Idea. I have to admit, It is a result of a little sleeplessness last night.
It would take a little more ambition , skill, mula, than I have right now. But
still it is a good one. Website
Now my photos and scenes could come from Farnhamville, just like at this site. You have to admit, it is a unique idea the way Mr Schenk and Mr. Meyer have put together this website, showing homes and very brief history of the inhabitants from that home including the original location of the spouse.

I could wander around the town Churdan, Farnhamville and pick up and photograph the old locations, tombstones, stores and sights of town. Maybe I could show the church and the school where my surnames have been and lived. I could tell about their families and who they married. It is a unique idea the way they did this, but I could do it.

Or I could just blog it. [Smile]

But I haven't found all the locations of each person, but I could. I haven't visited in the area extensively enough. I could one summer. I could talk to the people. I could go to the archives.

There are two centennial books out on the two villages of Churdan, and Farnhamville. I am sure they actually offer the same thing just not into Details of my surnames as much as I would want. detailing all the way past to the Nahrendorf, Bleckede Dahlenburg church areas.
Our relatives were spread out over the counties also. Into Paton, Jolly, Junction something, Webster county, and other villages of the main area of Calhoun and Greene county. [ I can't include Jackson county Iowa; and Galena Jo Daviess county, Illinois; Will county, Illinois, and Martin county, Minnesota.]

On this blog, I do mostly stick to the general areas and the surnames from the olden country. At least it is my intention more or less to cover the colonists from Uelzen, Oldendorf, Nahrendorf, Neetzedorf, Ostheide, Goehrde, Dannenberg, and Bleckede.
And throw in a few bonus areas and names to boot.

Everyones blogs are different, unique interesting. and often are slowly doing putting out the same data in different ways.

I shall continue to doing it my way, but I still admire the uniqueness of the website. I had to have a little fun as an excuse to share the Raetzlingen website.

I hope you make note of the locations of the villages and the surnames. Just maybe you will find something today. If you see something possible from Himbergen, I can look a name or two up for you, since I recently dug out my book on Himbergen, Uelzen family surnames. I am just missing the most important pages, that of the M's [smile]

just me jo

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