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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Johann Warnecke from Muecklingen on the ship RUGIA 7.mai.1883

This is Clark township, including Wells, Faribault county, Minnesota, USA

On and off these last couple of month in one way or aother I have made a mention of the Immigration of citizens from Nahrendorf and Dahlenburg on the Passenger ship RUGIA in 7 mai May of 1883 arrival to New York from Hamburg. The passengers of interest to me that I mentioned were Seil, Schroeder which can be seen here.
The passengers that I have a high interest in are from Muecklingen. and Dahlenburg.

Juergen Schroeder Geburt * 1849 age 34. Mucklingen ship Rugia
Maria Schroeder Geburt *1852 age 31 [Marie]
Heinrich Schroeder * 1874 age 9
Louise Schroeder * 1879 age 4 Muckl.

Annie Strauss Geburt * 1813 age 70 Muckl.
Heinr. Seil *1860 age 23
Fritz Schreoder *1836age 47 Mucklingen
Marie Schroeder * 1841 36 Mucklingen
Marie Schroeder * 1870 age 13 Jahrs. Mucklingen
Louise Schroeder * 1874 age 9 Muecklingen
Fritz Warnecke ca. *1879 age 4 Mucklingen
Wilhelm Konau ca *1859 age 24 Mucklingen.

Four more names were listed between them and then this family Warnecke for our discussion today.

Names with 'about' birth years for Dahlenburg passengers on Rugia
Johann Warnecke ca *1850 age 33 Dahlenburg ship Rugia
Marie Warnecke ca *1853 age 30
Emmy Warnecke ca 1876 *age 7
Wilh. Warnecke ca *1881 age 2

I had almost no knowledge of the particular family WARNECKE which appeared there. So I got busy and started to see that Johann had been living in Minnesota at least by the time of his daughters birth 1893 according to the 1900 census. He died in 1928 before the 1930 census. So lets fill in the time.

So the next step would be the Federal census of 1900 and the state census following a locality identification.

1900 Federal Census for Cark township, Faribault county, Minnesota
[*1850] John 46 maybe born 1949
[*1853] Mary 42
[*1874] Emmy 25 - 28
[*1881] Willie 14
Louisa 7 *Born Minnesota abt. 1893

1910 Census Warnecke - Warneck
John, 62; Mary, 57;

1920 Census Home owner. Near B. Street area [ both Immg. 1883 Naturalized by 1888]
John age 70
Mary age 67
Emma, not present
Willie not present at their home
Mary is shown to have three children, but has had four children?

State census:
1885 - Now we see the fourth child if I am correct in finding John. I believe John,36; Mary,32; Henry, 13 * 1872; Emma,11 11; Willie 4.
Residence : post office area of Alden, township Foster of Faribault county, Minnesota.

1895 Family number 24- John, 46; Mary, 42; Anna, 25; Willie, 14; Louisa, 7 [1888]
Next door neighbors:
Family # 25 - Henry and Sophia Grote - children: Fred and Lao-born Illinois
Family- Herman and Dorothy Grote - Children: Emma, Bertha, Gustave, Amelia born Illinois.

John born 1849 age 52. Mary 50. and Louisa 18 lived at Clark township in Faribault co. parents born Germany

I did find the son William with wife Emilie living in Wells, Fareibault county, Minnesota in 1905 state census. They lived next to M. Wilder.

I think that this is all I can come up with at this time. I suspect the Schroeder and Grote family who settled here are originally from the same area. It is possible that some of them came directly there early rather than settle permanently in Iowa or Illinois. they could have stopped in other states to earn money and to see friends and relatives before moving on. But were in this county by 1887.

You should come back to see , if I have found anything on the fellow passenger of the surname Konau, who was also traveling with them on ship Rugia in May 1883.

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  1. Just a thought....many Germanic sounding people who settled in MN came from Bohemia. Which is now part of the Czech Republic.

    On some early census my husbands people stated Bohemia, then Austria since it was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire.

    Mine were from Rosshaupt but that town name is no longer used. A lot of Bohemian people settled in New Alm MN.

  2. Yes they did settle in [ sorry for the correction } New Ulm. I couldn't resist buying a book about it, when I stopped there. It's been awhile since i've been home to minnesota. I lived in Watonwan and Martin county and New Ulm is in Brown county, i think. I am not sure what shops are still around. It's a beautiful town.



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