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Monday, September 13, 2010

Can You Help With My Dilemma over the Ancestor Approval Award. Presentation

Here's the thing. I have been given the Ancestery Approval award which has been around several times to those bloggers I know. I presented two and selected bloggers to present it too. . Since it has been around to many more than once, should I present it again. Many of you are known to some newer bloggers, and may receive it again and it will start again. [I had a hard time last time finding some who had not had it before.] idon'tmind finding the bloggers.

But do you, because it will probably round about again to you all.

Tell me please what you think? I really could use your help with this dilemma.


  1. I love the Ancestor Approved award but once it gets passed around quite a bit, it is difficult to find new people to whom you can award it.

    A good way to highlight new bloggers is to use the Follow Friday daily blogging theme at GeneaBloggers - it gives the new bloggers the exposure they need.

  2. I do not know what to do with them when I receive them myself. A person spends a lot of time looking or who and where to award it.

  3. Right Claudia.

    Thomas m. I should do follow Friday. I haven't been a loyal Genena blogger at all, as far as doing the ideas. I even try to do 52 ideas and it's over before I even begin.

    Some times I wonder how they have time to blog and get cemetery photos and have so much detail on all those family membersevery day of the week..

    I have my ten things, but not the other figured out yet.??

  4. I think perhaps a lot of people who blog are retired or semiretired. I know while working I have difficulty to find time to do my posts or read my favorites.



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