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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did you know Sylvia Peters Meyer; Grandma Meyer

Sylvia Gudrun Peters born September 26, 1919. She lived in Yankton, S.D. while small. Photo above Dewey is her as a small twin infant. Sylvia holding Sissy and Dwight holding Sonny - Steven is still only a twinkle in Dewys eyes. [It's hard to bring her into good focus.]
She was proud of her Phlox. This is not hers , but like hers.
She had a whole wall of Dishes in her Kitchnette. These are not hers but she had one similar. Hers were more of social based collection. Plates were given to her representing different special states by friends and relatives, and so she tried to get every state.

The Lodes family, Sylvia 's mother descended from the Anthony on the far right.

I can not help myself. A little tribute towards her must be done today.

In getting ready for the post, I kept saying, I have said a lot already each year, what else should I say. Then I asked myself, what do I think of when I think of my mother. Of course in a persons life time there are may things that one thinks of when one thinks of her. Her role as a mother, wife, and neighbor, relative and friend. Manager or delegator, House keeper, gardner, crafter [ holiday decorating, rugs, quilts, embroidery], decorator, collector, cook, farmworker, butcher, baker are only some things I think of at the moment.

Ah, yes baking. she was not like gramma Josie Lodes Peters. I believe she looks a lit like her mother.

who had a specialty in sweet rolls, but she could turn out many good cookies, breads, puddings, and cakes. I think baking and decorating cakes was a small joy in her life. And she took a small delight in briging them to someone to make their day special.

I remember one time she took a nice large double layer cake to Chuck Johnson's birthday party being held at his grandparents around the corner from her farm. He was away from his home of the northern mining region of Minnesota so his mom probably didn't feel she was able to whip one up as Sylvia would be able to do. I am sure it was no surprise that Sylvia brought the cake. I don't remember too much about the event myself, cause I was just a little kid playing with the others even though the Older Johnson boys made an impression on me.

And they were thoughtful boys. When news reached those in northern Minnesota about moms failing health, Chuck took the time to write and expressed his thankful moments he felt about the day Sylvia baked him a cake and brought it on his birthday.It evidently touched him as a thoughtful thing for her to do. I remember reading that and it touched me too as I remember the thoughtful person I had always thought he was.

I am sure there were many things that she gave her free time to in helping those she knew in their time of need. She gave away produce of the farm all the time. She had people out for Sunday dinner around the big round table in her dining room. She made quilts from scraps and gave them as gifts to some of the other Johnsons. Just as some of your grandmothers made afghans and gave them as wedding gifts, etc.

A short little recall of a scene I witnessed comes to mind.
I recall the cakes she baked and would take to any event. She enjoyed decorating it within her means. sometimes she would make the Butter cream frosting which I loved. But she loved to make her seven Minute frosting the most. I always liked to lick the beaters and scrapers before I washed them if no one beat me to it. She would use those hard candy letters to spell out what ever she wanted. Those came in kits at the grocery store. But well they were just plain sweet. I didn't care that much for them. it was the cake with frosting that I was after.

When she was out doing chores I would cut a slim layer all the way across the cake and thus have my cake unnoticed. I am sure she knew somehow. It was not always easy of a task to accomplish at times, because she would scoot around the yard pretty fast. Just as I was popping in a bite to my mouth, there she was coming in the door.

For some reason over the years we noticed that the frosting was growing harder after a few hours. Had she altered it? Had she forgotten something. I guess it was because other peoples were still soft and hers was still hard. So at gatherings they chose the other persons cake to eat.

Mom would be bringing left over cake home. Well sometimes it was barely touched cake. My cousins all agreed with me it was the crusty like frosting that we didn't care for anymore.

Well, we did learn the reason other peoples were not as hard from my mothers mother who was doing one of her occasional visits from California. Her mother would make the rounds to all her children and relatives who offered her a chance to stay with them.

I am not sure how the conversation erupted, or much more than those moments when one senses things have gone awry. In those moments I paid attention and at this moment I heard my grandmother tell my mom that the other ladies adjust the frosting to the new way or method. I think she offered to show mom. I know she told her what they do. But for some reason, I think my mom chose not to do the change. I notice people still make something called similar to the old seven minute frosting.

I Kind of wish she would have had the same ambition with the cooked chocolate frosting. She told me why, but I don't remember her reason for not making it. Maybe I can get it under the belt before my next birthday for a double frosted layers of chocolate cake.
Anyway, today I want to remind you about the blog on the Peters and Lodes family coming up soon. Different Perspectives.
Check back if you like for the location after I have edited in the location. ; )

Sorry, I kind of hurried this one.
just me jo a rootdigger

Note : When you follow the link to Sylvia's dining room you see in the photo a large oval picture, which has too much glare. but it was a photo of her and her twin Sybella at infant stage. Her twin died not long after the photo. In later years there was a clock there. No matter there or even in the corner cabinet window; she kept a few penny photos tucked in the frames. They were photographs of her and her husband Dewey, probably taken when they were first married. I was the little Sissy in her Arms.

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