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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fruitful Friday Observations and Serendipity Events

It's Friday and my day off, which is a lucky thing in itself. A fruitful day and it's not even noon. It seems to me that any successful serendipity event is fruitful
What was so fruitful about today.
I took the laptop to work as I waited to see my daughter at the local family business.

I couldn't help reflect on the types of people there. I guess my thoughts were running along the lines of maturity and people types.
I guess I was thinking of the how I react to differences of certain kinds of people, like people or creative people, thinking people or what I think of as " bookish". I don't get into A or B personalities and I think you know those better than I and can classify accordingly. Do you have certain types you gravitate towards. Like yourself, opposite yourself, heroine or hero types?

I was also thinking of how ones hobbies and interests follow you day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. John's hobby or father-in-laws interests come out in conversations no matter what time of day it is or who you see and talk to during the day. A Historical Photographer or Genealogist, or community server.

Father-in-law's job is to keep customers happy, so he was talking about something to do with beer drinking and coffee and some things that had to do with world war military service and the gentle man was saying, that he didn't drink, coffee, or beer and he has very few physical problems in his age bracket but I gathered from his conversations that he had done military service too. I typed him as "Bookish" as I heard him speaking to some others about a picture ad the war in Hanoi.

He even recognized a young gentleman near me and gave him a picture of something to do with Hanoi. And they chatted a bit about it. After he walked away I asked the kind young man, who the gentleman was who had my interest. He said, John Russell. I knew then that he was the local photographer and historian.

I recognized the difference in this gentleman and my father in law.[ I admire father-in-laws humor or Wit and there is nothing wrong with his difference, but they are different kind of thinkers, at least I think so.]

The old log barn.
I was so glad that I had my computer with me, I proceeded to dig out the file where I had stored the pictures of the garden tour, which I partook in this summer. In particular I wanted to show him the old log barn part of which you see in picture below whenever the historian was in the right spot near m. I wanted to find out what was the story on the old barn and maybe the family? I expected he would rattle off information.
John Russell was not aware of the old log barn. He asked about the tour, [Maybe now he will take more of an interest in interfaith pantry garden tours, tee hee] As a man about the town, I was sure he knew or was aware of all the society tours, a photography opportunity. But no. Ithink his interest is more of a historical nature. Though he does Portraits. I was able at least to tell him who sponsored the tour and he could learn more about the farm from them.
But now I think darn, why didn't I show the garden tour page [which I see is no longer found online; nor is the upload I did at hgtv garden message board or maybe it is cached] and tell him the name. However, I can still eventually locate the pamphlet I had. I vaguely recall names of Larson and secondhand ownership.

Since he has turned out a local book" Where the wild Rice grows"with many of our historical landmarks and also many interesting stories to accompany them, I am sure he will ask someone about a log house or barn, if it ever suits his purpose. The young guy near me said there are some other log houses west of town in this area too, which is good to know. Aactually he was probably thinking of the Larsen place, cause I had forgotten the location was Knapp at 160 th street not the Menomonie Red cedar area.

Now being a home lovin " bookish" thinker type person, I probably could sit in a threesome with that author, historian for hours. [ The third person being a local open minded person] Now see, I didn't grow up here and I haven't made the effort to see sites and historical interesting sites a bit further from town, and I have been here at least twenty years.

I should research and then get out more to these fabulous places around me. I mean It doesn't have to cost much, just gas money and time, maybe my meal for the day, to see things. After all I live only a few hours away from the Stillwater sites, and tons of historical places of the lumber barons near me, which gave many a pioneer their start in Amerika. [And many blog opportunities]

Other fruitful events.
here were other unexpected fruitful happenings to tickle my heritage loving bones. Mother- in-law gave me the identity of the members of the Mave family picture that she remembered I had been wanting. You can find that here soon.

Ahh yes, there was another and most important event of the day - I met the nice handsome young man with the hat on his very blond hair, whom my daughter had wanted us to meet. [ I gave her two pumpkins, that she and a "we" are to carve at another time. ] I refrained from saying, I don't know if I will ever see you again, but it was nice to meet you. [ another story]

take care --- jo arootdigger

funny, now all I want to do is explore even more the many articles written by John Russell which were in the Dunn county Newspaper. We never subscribed to the newspaper, for various reasons, so I hadn't the privilege of reading them all before. If you enjoy well written history, you can google his name and then dunn county and you can find many to read on your own.
On John Russell -
Perhaps he visited Vietnam, took pictures. I should find out.

About His book -,%20John%20M.

Local Genealogy Help -
Explore these- Historically well told as inspiration for a blogger -


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  2. No twitter. I think that requires short posts. I doubt they could be managed.

  3. Interesting day you had.



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