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Friday, November 12, 2010

Genealogy related - Military Forts of Wyoming and Nebraska- Ritterling, Seil

I read at Dear Myrtle genealogy blog about free acess to U.S.Military records so I hurried on over there.

I had viewed a military record before of The Ritterling person, so I gave it another try. Luck was with me because I found again the write up of Mrs M. Ritterling. Record says continued from page 42 onto page 43. It says Wyoming state. It was the very one I had wanted to see again because it had been on my mind. I believe I had found the cemetery on line before which mentioned an unknown grave, but still I was able to learn whose it was. It will need further search such as local history books in area she actually lived.

I hope you can read it. It says she died from suicide 8.july. 1884 . It makes one wonder why?
Okay, I thought Mrs M might be Mary, but this one shows up below the one above.
Name: Margaretha Ritterling
Death Date: 8.july.1884
Relation: Unkown Relationship to Veterean, Unknown
Cemetery: Ft. Mc Pherson National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 12004 S Spur 56a Maxwell, NE 69151-1031
Buried: Section B Ste 610

Second entry at data of = same exact record.
Interment Date 8 July 1884.
To meet the burial needs of the soldiers stationed at the post, a cemetery was established early in its history. The old post burial ground was later moved to southwest of the post and some 50 remains were moved to this location.
[You may need to think of the battle of Custard to recall some land mark areas. ]

*I had to read the information at the Cemetery of Fort McPherson, [Nebraska] to learn that Margarethea was actually buried at Fort Robinson first and moved along with others. The record show above says she was a Siel or Seil. The immigration information gives further information on the family Ritterling. Nothing concrete.

Establishment of the 20-acre Fort McPherson National Cemetery in 1873 afforded the space to relocate remains from the cemeteries abandoned when the number of settlers decreased. Burial records testify that life on the frontier was full of hardships and dangers similar to battlefield camps during times of war.

The cemetery lodge was built in 1876 and rehabilitated in 1951 and 2000. About one mile southeast of the cemetery a monument marks the site of the flagstaff of the old military post. Another monument marks the route used by the Pony Express over the Oregon Trail, which passes through the cemetery............................

...........................Other: Fort McPherson National Cemetery is the final resting place for 63 Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. The soldiers were all buried at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, and were relocated to Fort McPherson National Cemetery in 1947 when Fort Robinson was deactivated...................................

......................An impressive white marble monument marks the group burial of 28 enlisted soldiers who were killed in an encounter with the Sioux on August 19, 1854 near Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory. The incident, commonly known as the Grattan Massacre after Lt. John L. Grattan who led the soldiers, is generally considered by historians to be the opening salvo in a 36 year period of intermittent hostilities between the U.S. and the Sioux Nation, ending with the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1890. Lt. Grattan is interred at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Kansas.

[Not all soldiers and people buried from Fort Robinson ended up at Ft. McPherson.]
Source Description:
This database is a compilation of burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries. Because the information regarding the burials is compiled from multiple sources, the amount of information provided for each burial will vary. Some of the information you may find in this database includes: name of deceased, birth date, death date, interment date, burial location/site, cemetery name, cemetery address, relationship to veteran, veteran service dates, military rank, and military branch.

Source Description:
Burial Registers for Military Posts, Camps, Stations 1768 - 1921.2 [National Archives Microfilm Publications m2014 1 roll] Records of the Office of the Quarter master General Record Group92, Archives Washington D.C.

[page 197]

Custer and Crazy Horse account:

Note: Henry Seil geb 1859-60, had a sister who emigrated along with him. He lost contact and later discovered she had married Ritterling and lived by Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Information was given by Pauline Seil and Carolyn her daughter. Nothing proven yet by myself.

Note: Buffalo soldiers were 'Black soldiers' who were in the ninth calvary and tenth after the civil war stationed at Ft/ Robinson 1885 - 1898 and 1907. Eighteen received highest honor with Medal Of Honor. Duty.... Honor.... Country


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  2. Its really an excellent post. I really enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I want to enter the data from biography on Henry Rtterling who had wife Margarete Har from Germany. Only the day is off one different than the death date of the unknown Mrs. M. Ritterling of fort Robinson burials from Laramie.[He was in Germany 1881.] His data said she died 7 or 9 not 8.July.1884. Having only been married one year. His data says nothing about a suicide. Other data says her name was Siel or Seil.

  4. More facts and info-

  5. As I look again int he pictured record above, I do not see any menton of her name as Seil nor Har. So I am not sure where I saw it so that I would say I saw it. More later.



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