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Friday, November 19, 2010

Schoop, Ahrens, Schenk, Michels, Rieckens, Bergmann - WE ARE PROGRESSING WITH OUR EIGHT + FARNHAMVILLE COLONISTS-

One-Two Meyer -FRED OR FRITZ, & Willie or William
3-Several Seil,
6-Several Schroeder,
+ Ahrens, [ Schenk, Michel, Rieckens, Riechen(s) ]
[Lusmann, Dohrman]

In the last post before last I
wrote about an article I found on-line which mentioned Ventschau of the area Tosterglope. then I clarified our Bergmann connection. So Today, I should follow through with more on Those of the Schenk/ Ahrens ad Michel families from there.

Eventually, rather than send you off to some page, which I will need a password for, I will simply give the information as a chart.

In the mean time please enjoy the work of Gloria Hoerschelmann. She actually visited in Germany and spoke to remaining family. She has designated trees
Petesch, Schultz, Schoop, Schroeder trees at Others have same and more. However, some of hers contain more of Ahrens, Michels or Schroeder than others. Now she has combined the works of Our Mark Kuhlman who graciously provided so much information for us in pages further back, and my information I put in about Mae Meyer a descendant of J.H. Friedrich Meyer. But that does not reflect in the attachments you would find at ancestry with at her tree attachments, which I share here. That work was so superbly done by Verl Matthews [side photo] with absolutely great work continued with Matthews tree and the Nahnsen family tree.

As I do this big undertaking of giving you information, I will give you the source - of the genealogists who did the research and my information that I have added on.

So now go ahead and browse starting with the first part SCHOOP family coming from Seedorf, which she says is a third district of Dahlenburg.

Second Part of Schoop family history.

Even though it is a place by Dahlenburg, you may see the family attending the Nahrendorf church shown above. Remember Nahrendorf church inclueded many small villages of the area and is connected with the Dahlenburg church. From time to time, there will be mention of Nuedlitz where in fact my Seil and Korn worked. Nieperfitz, and Muecklingen where several families besides Henry Seil and his sister were from.

As I have said many times,
we cannot forget the GROTE connections in those areas tying into this family! Trust me they are there. Obviously, if we see the SCHROEDER we know SAUCKE, WOLTERS, BUSCH, DAETZ. If there is AHRENS and GROTE, then we have NAEFKE.
Voila! The early colonists to Farnhamville.!!!

Oh what a bunch of tangled threads in a web it seems to be. But I will help further as I point out some details, but maybe it should wait until the next time. A chart of some kind is coming soon.
Oh what a wonderful life!

For further info contact me. IF YOU KNOW MORE, PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!
I have given you links, but there are so much more info in both blogs which you can find three ways Archives and older or search box and google web search.
I am sorry the attachment info does not translate under the standard method of translation.
just me jo arootdigger

Source: -Unknown who owns Tosterglope - Ventschau sign.But thanks.Perhaps at helped me get to GloriaHoerschelmannPetesch .

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  1. Mercy, I am behind on reading. Great stuff you are doing.



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