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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surname Rieckens and Riecken and locations Bleckede and Stolpe

Red alert family,
I have again made another mess at Ancestry in my family tree annexing. I hope to sort it out soon.

I have been busy doing some follow up, and I can say I am still not finished with Rieckens Riechens, Riecken. I do not have a name for the private Poster. The poster has many other families with similar information. At this time please take locations and the tree with a grain of salt. This tree information falls under Knoop, Ryan, Mann, Dye, Schmidt, Henze, Drusel, Wright, Golden { Mostly names M&M claimed we have. } So I am not finnished with them yet.

My Riecken[s] involve Schoop, Schenk, Ahrens, Meyer and villages, Seedorf, Dahlenburg, Ahndorf, Ventschau. Others.

1-- J[]rgen RRIECKEN
Birth : 1702 in Germany
Death : 29 Mar 1764 in Stolpe, Schleswig Hols
wife Elisabeth LILLE
[According to M & M in 1979 we do have surname Lilly or Lily]
11a-- Claus Riecken

Birth : *2 Apr 1744 in Stolpe, Schleswig Holstein, Preussen, Germany
Marriage: No. ? #1737 on 27. Dec.1737
Age 35
Death : + 29 Jun 1824 in Stolpe, Ostholstein, Schleswig-Holstein
His Wife:

Comment on this
Magdalena Elisabeth SIECK
Birth: *26 Jun 1747 in Stolpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Marriage: 1.Nov.1771

Marriage to Claus Riecken
Bornhöved, Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein,
Death: +19 Sep 1834 in Pfeifenkopf, Stolpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
11b-- Hans Riecken -- *1738 –

There is more

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Mary Maria Dorothea SCHENK [She is Mine and ok, but not from Mecklenburg, I don't think. Born 1861, the rest is Unnown]
Birth : 20 Apr 1861 in Bleckede,
[Ludwigslust, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany]
(keep an open mind or grain of salt out of the wounds please

Death : 26 Apr 1916 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa,**
Her father:
Heinrich Henry Schen[c]k
Birth : 1820 in Germany
Death : in Jackson, Iowa, United States
Her Mother :
Anna Sophia Fredericke RIECKEN
Birth: * 19 Jun 1828 in Stolpe,
Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Death: 28 Jan 1908 in Black, Posey, Indiana, ***

Her mother according to Knoop tree:

Anna Sophia Fredericke Riecken
Birth : 11 Sep 1827 in Stolpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Death ::2 Sep 1784 in Stolpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Death 5 Dec 1873 in Stolpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
anna's mother according to Knoop tree:
Magdalena Dorothea Riecken
Birth : 29 Jul 1792 in ,, Germany
Death : to Asmus 14. November.1814

Marriage: to Asmus Riecken
Bornhöved, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Magdalena's parents:

Father: Hans Jurgen RIECKEN
Mother: Magdalena THEDEN
Magdalena's 2nd spouse:
Nicholaus Claus Lienau
Birth : 28 Oct 1821 in Holpe, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
Death : 28 Mar 1886 in Black Twp, Posey, Indiana, USA
Anna Sophia Fredericke RIECKEN
1827 – 1908
Emilina C. LIENAU
1867 – 1955

Siek Parents:
Husband: Ratje Sieck
– 1780
Wife: Anna Schlüter
1709 – 1812

Another spouse name in the picture is name Helmer. We do have the name in our big family tree, but I am not sure if it is here.

There are obviously errors in any attachment I can make. and I did at Ancestry. I shall have to go back and delete a few things. However I want some names to remain. Just not in a attached state.

****My Juergen Friedrich Meyer born 1814 father is Johan Juergen Meyer from Radenbeck and his wife is Maria Elisabeth Behrens from Neetzendorf. She is not a Gumme. And Johan Juergen's father is Heinrich Christ. Meyer also a shepherd from Radenbeck. I think Christoph, rather than Christian.

Our Majority of Rieckens acccording to Gloria at Petesch Hoerschleman come from Windischthum, Bleckede, Prussia/Germany. Now they could be two different families. But some of their Riecken would have to have gone to Jackson county Iowa. Okay guys, I will have to fix it at ancestry before midnight. Nothing wrong with the author, who is only experimenting themselves. Which is obvious by an indecision of two different spouses names with same birth and marriage date.

Note : ** Why would she be dying there? Had she and her husband given up the home place?

Note *** why would Henry Schenk's wife die in Indiana. It's probably after his death and she went to live with her children. Census has to be viewed here as well as stones. She would be buried along with her husband!
Note : I do have a Sophia Rickens married to Michels, but the date is different than this Sophia.
My main source so far is Gloria Hoerschelman / Petesch, whose work can be verified in Germany.

Note: I must say that the bad, interpreted information wrong at ancestry does get taken and perpetuated, and annexed. I hold disclaimers on the pages about the wrong information, but I don't think people take the time to read comments. and the stories.
Read the comments.
You should people, You must!

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  1. I think I received a email from someone with information on Riecken. Sometimes it is confusing with the different spelling. At the time he wrote, I wasn;t sure where he was refering the location. And if they were mine or a speculation about the Rieckens in General



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