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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a Little Chat About Commenters

Once in a while like last week, I got a commenter at Oldendorf and Nahrendorf blog , who gave me a bit of information and a request about the Family information I was posting about the ROSSEBURG, REINECKE, family in the area of Oldendorf and Sueschendorf who possibly connect to our MEYER, SCHENK, MICHELS, SCHOOP, RIECKENS family Tree.. My immediate reaction is
my blog is working for me!

Then I write back, check their blog or email and answer the request. In this case though I realize it is a correspondent from the past. Someone who I did tell about the blogging and he was very acquainted with my interest. In fact I thought I had emailed him this tree at one time. No matter, at least he sought me out and now blogs.
Good for him.

Hold your horses Genea Bloggers, He blogs about sheep and his farm.

Often times it is the same old story, relatives and people will contact you, and wander away. I often feel a little guilty if I detain them too long. I just hope they will come back.
There are some anonymous people who come back, or they may not.
I have no way of knowing.

It does influence what I write, such as this one, of course, but the last post I knew he would be interested in those, just as I know the future Buendorf and Gut Horn post will be as well.

One problem I have is since I am a blogger, I hesitate to take the present information from them. I regret it after they are gone. I should leave it up to them if they wish to trust me with it. I try to not ever put current people born after 1950 who have not ceased life in the info with birth information. Irregardless however, believe there should be locations for all to see. and at all possible a surname of whom they married. It certainly would help to know that in their time frame.

I do use my blogs as sources for my information or a referral to show I have proof behind my information at trees.

Some times I do wonder with some of them, who say to me, that is my family, I contact them and they fail to respond. I wonder are they happy or sad about it. For that reason I find it best to think my email through a day of so before writing.

I mean I will remove some information at any of my blogs if it is heart felt that I do so?
And do you really know what joy it is to hear that your here and took the time to read my long appearing blogs and the time to comment.

The Oldendorf Nahrendorf blog is not entertaining, which really helps to keep people coming back, nor is it loaded with current new information about Genealogy methods and the meat of technique, but I do provide many links to those bloggers who do this. I hope to be better at the Friday follow of those who do so readers can pickup on them.

Usually with new information I may google for some kind of indication of online information and then head to ancestry to add and to see what is there along those lines. This last time I was there I picked up at least one surname to add to this ROSSEBURG tree. The THIELE surname.
That Thiele post coming soon.

Now I must really get busy with a promised post at the Oldendorf und Nahrendorf blog.


  1. Rootdigger, I have missed your thoughtfulness -- in all ways. Unfortunately, I rarely leave an email a day to mellow -- hit SEND it it's out on the waves. Nice to see you again.

  2. Thanks Joan for your thoughtfulness in leaving a comment. I haven't left much for emails lately either, I have been enjoying the summer and my ancestry subscription.[ I am trying not to waste the time for it.]

    I love it when you hit "send". Come anytime. If I am not here I am at one of the others....



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