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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Season of Harvest of Genealogical data

Good to see you in this season of great joy in  ... ahh ... well .... harvesting.... Genealogical data.
The fall is the season of harvest and it seems to be what I am doing.
One of the best things I ever did as I began to harvest information about our Meyer family tree was to join the Hannover mailing list through roots web. There are many one can join and I browsed quite a few too. And asked my silly beginner questions. Without having asked them; How would I  have learned. They were important ones for my skill building.

I'll show you what I mean:
In 2003 I asked about the place Radenbeck in Germany and Hans Peter Albers responded and helped, because we were not to be too wordy on the list he also sent emails. This is the meat of his response. I've not forgotten this.
Radenbeck is that one you reach by 21401 Thomasburg, OT Radenbeck
In an elderly peace of family researching work: Borstelmann, Heinrich: Familien-kunde des alten Amtes Lüne, Lüneburg 1935,I found in this Radenbeck the following mentioning of inhabitants, which theauthor took from tax-lists and other official documents. So you can´t expectdates of birth, death and marriages, but you get hints for further research.Meyer, Meier, Meyger mentioned for 21401 Radenbeck with date of mentioning:
1450: de Meyger, H. ( the last "H." stands for Höfner)1776: Jürgen Meyer1785: Jürgen Hinr.,Hh.;ehem. Jacob Sommer ("Hh." means Halbhöfner and the added
"ehem. Jacob Sommer" says, that he took over a half, means a small one, farm from this Jacob Sommer1791 und 1795: Jürgen Chr., Krüger (Krüger means he had and Inn, was allowed to sell drinks, engage musicians, etc., in short words, he hold the place for feasts)
As you see, up to know there is yet no name: Heinrich Christoph Meyer. That is
not astonishing, if he was not the eldest one, or that one who overtook the place
of his father. I think, there must be good chance, to find the date of birth of
your Heinrich Christoph Meyer in the Church Book of Thomasburg (Evangelische
Kirchengemeinde, 21401 Thomasburg.

So You see even in 1450 there were Meyer and Sommer there. Somewhere I saw the name Luhmann too with the name Sommer. Somehow I think our M & M in fairmont Minnesota who told me many names and places must have seen that book of Borstelmann, and maybe Dr. Raven. that hold clues to our ancestors. I still want one of those books. Who knows what more clues it holds.

Later I started a blog a\to hold our information all together.  I remember in the year of 2008 I said I had taken Herr Albers advice and wrote to the Thomasburg church. I also had written to the deacon of Bleckede or Neetze. The deacon had responded that he doubted I would get a response. And I never did. I should have wrote again, but I didn't. Now it never hurts to write to the pastors online of these churches for advice and then follow it. I know the Nahrendorf church set up a private email name for me, which I admit I forgot cause I lost that email account that I had that held those letters.

So since 2008 until now in 2013 and even 2003 its taken me eight years to get some information.  I must say though if you have the money to invest in this valuable undertaking it would be a good way to go. Write to the church and or hire someone to go to the hannover archives. Then send them a donation and even include some working money for the effort.  Even better go yourself. You'll love yourself for going.

The other info:
a second time, same subject Meyer von Radenbeck,
dear gutt morgen,
found a newer work, revisiting almost the same documents as the author Borstel-
mann respecting by this the meantime progress in historical science:
Horst-Dieter Freiherr von Enzberg/Dietmar Gehrke: Aus der Vergangenheit der
Dörfer der Samtgemeinde Ostheide. Von den Anfängen bis in das 19.Jahrhundert,
Samtgemeinde Ostheide (Hrsg.),Barendorf 2001
There I found Meyer in Radenbeck:
1723: Dieterich Meyer, : ein Köthner, nach Scharnebeck abgabenpflichtig
1756 und 1760 Meyer : this is a comparision before and during, respectivlely
after the "Siebenjähriger Krieg", which was von 1756 to
1763, and says, this Meyer had before, 1 male worker(son
or farm hand), 1 female farmworker, 2 horses, 6 oxes and
20 acre land, afterwards it remained 1 female worker, 2
horses, 6 oxes , and 20 acre land. that means there were
2 workers lost. The other people lost in most cases more
than this Meyer.
1825: Heinrich Dieterich Meyer, Halbhöfner, 231 Morgen Land
Jürgen Hinrich Meyer, Halbhöfner, 184 Morgen Land
Claus Jürgen Meyer, Anbauer, 13 Morgen Land
That`s, wath i can tell you in the moment,
best wishes Hans Peter Albers

For further reading I suggest:
Neetze chronicle
The gedbas of owners of surnames who lived Radenbeck
Also suggest Barendorf chronicles or chronik.

Other families  trees with Meyer or others  in Radenbeck:
Kinderkandt in Texas
Martha Hicks
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