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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Historical "Orts familienkunde" Book Facts Were Memorable

Long ago I found out this detail  below in  some Historical books about Radenbeck hof owners and  Köthners.  After  I learned this  back then, I forever  wondered if it was our Meyer family there  or if our Heinrich Christoph Meyer  family  at some point moved there from somewhere else..

..1723: Dieterich Meyer, : ein Köthner, nach Scharnebeck abgabenpflichtig
1756 und 1760 Meyer    : this is a comparision before and during, respectivlely 
                         after the "Siebenjähriger Krieg", which was von 1756 to 
                         1763, and says, this Meyer had before, 1 male worker(son 
                         or farm hand), 1 female farmworker, 2 horses, 6 oxes and 
                         20 acre land, afterwards it remained 1 female worker, 2 
                         horses, 6 oxes , and 20 acre land. that means there were 
                         2 workers lost. The other people lost in most cases more 
                         than this Meyer.
1825: Heinrich Dieterich Meyer, Halbhöfner, 231 Morgen Land
      Jürgen Hinrich Meyer, Halbhöfner, 184 Morgen Land
      Claus Jürgen Meyer, Anbauer, 13 Morgen Land

It  Google Translates to this:
...1723: Dieterich Meyer : a Köthner , after Scharnebeck dutiable
1756 and 1760 Meyer: this is a comparision before and during , respectivlely
                         after the " Seven Years War " , Which was from 1756 to
                         1763 , and says , Meyer had this before , one male worker ( but
                         or farmhand ), 1 female farm worker , 2 horses , and oxes 6
                         20 acre land, afterwards it Remained one female worker , 2
                         horses , oxes 6 , and 20 acre country . Means did therewere
                         2 workers lost . The other people lost in most cases more
                         Meyer than this .
1825 : Henry Dieterich Meyer, Halbhöfner , 231 acres of land
      Jürgen Hinrich Meyer, Halbhöfner , 184 acres of land
      Claus Jürgen Meyer, Anbauer , 13 acres of land

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