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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I should translate a little of the Neetzendorfer Meyer and Behrens church record. This is a great help.

* is the birth date and place of birth.
~ is the christening date and place.
+ is the date and place of death.
+- is the Burial Place.

I know from experience that sometimes, if the church does not have a record of this date; they will just mention the church register area as the place of burial. If they have the christening date or the death and burial place, there will be a record number for this. Thus Nr. 32/1844 is the death record. Service held at Nahrendorf.

Trauregister is the Marriage record register.
Taufregister is the Christening or babtism record register.
Beerdigungsregister is the death register.
Gev. or Gevattern. According to my understanding, it means God Parent.

You notice that sometimes the godparents name does not even contain any name that the child is given. As in the case of another record of Heinrich Friedrich Herrman Meyer born 1881 at Oldendorf in der Goehrde. While looking into his birth, I noticed the three god parents, and I did not see any Herman name in theirs. However, all three or four names that a person is given is not always mentioned in the name given of the godparent.

The surnames given in the documents here are important to me. I am hoping they are clues to other information. I am sure I will bring the names and locations up again. The places that will be mentioned with this family are:
Ahndorf, Findorf, Fladen, Dahlenburg, Quickborn, Bohndorf, Haassel, Hassel, Hagen, Boitze and Neetzendorf.

Unfortunately, my knowledge stops here with The Behrens family. I have a little past information. But, I have no further individual church records on any of the family. Just look at all the surnames that have been on my mind, since I found this in the mail. I went back to Herr Bock, who had so kindly supplied me with his address and asked for more information on the Behrens family. So I have gone back directly to parents of parents, etc with the new information that he gave me.

- [I need to ask for more on each of the sisters and brothers and relatives of Maria Behrens Meyer.]
- [I should still definately ask for more information on Catherine Dorothea SCHULTZE family, ULRICH, and Rappaul family further back in the line.]

I guess this is why I like blogging. It helps remind me of what I need to be doing. I think I will mark my thoughts with the -[ in the beginning of the sentence and ] at the end.

Beerdigungsregister is the death register at the Luthern church archive in Nahrendorf. Eichdorf villagers attended the church of Nahrendorf. If you ask for records from Nahrendorf or the archives of Dahlenburg, you will find that the research is done by the same person. I tried one time to get this done by another person for no particular reason. Herr Bock does a good job and does all of them. He must have a good knowledge of all of the records. I believe he also helped compile the records in the tree of [Heinrich] orKarl - Heinz Genzel. Of a Hof in Oldendorf and Sueschendorf. Soon there will be a link from me to that tree.

I will save the other Behrens ancestors records for another day. Possibly some pointers to some puzzling surnames. Because of the names , Burmester - Burmeister, we may have to later get into Jonas's tree a bit and Dahlenburg. [ He also has the same surnames - ULRICH and RAPPAUL- RAPUHL, RAPAHL surnames Burmester, Burmeister and locations and the name Luhmann.] Plus mention of some other surrounding villages.

The Jurgen Friedrich Meyer you see in records below, born 1814 is the grgrandfather or ur-grossvater of this family Meyer that I have been investigating. He married Catharina Margarethea Luhmann of Eichdorf. I will give your Juergen Friedrich MEYER family records soon. In the Meyer Book she is mentioned as Margaretha Catharina LUHMAN. She died before Fred and William immigrated. She died in 1856 when Fritz or Fred was five years old. More about her death later. People of this family LUHMANN have emmigrated to the United States. Some went to Minnesota, and Nebraska. Later more on Luhmann in Minnesota. More on LUMAN in Nebraska.

Some were a colony of the Farnhamville church area where the Meyer family lived. There has been mention of the quanity eight as the number of people in the colony. But the lists I have seen had others included, who were not of the Oldendorf in der Goehrde, Nahrendorf area before immigration.

Saucke, Schroeder, Seil, Meyer, Grote, Naefke, Ahrens, Mosel, Luhmann. Zeitz would be one who married into the family. There will be more to come on these surnames for sure. More to come about the colony settlement.

You notice in the record that Juergen Meyer place of burial was Nahrendorf. It was in 1845 that the number six son, that I just mentioned as marrying LUHMANN, moved to Oldendorf. He became a Park warden at a game reserve in Roethen. He also became a landowner of a hof in Oldendorf. I do not know why he was able to be a landowner or work in Roethen. Before this he was a hausling or worker for the LUHMANN family. He was married to the daughter, but his status did not really change too much until he moved to Oldendorf and worked at Roethen. Maybe a big jump in those days from shepherd occupation, which he should have inherited to that of laborer on a farm. And then to that of a landowner. I have wondered how he acquired this ability to own land. There will be a day, when I can write more about Oldendorf and the descendents of Juergen Fredrich Meyer child number six of Johann Juergen Meyer.

Child Number Seven Family
I have to mention that I recently discovered more about child number seven. I found him in Uelzen records. Himbergen, kries Uelzen is a hop and skip across the wheat field from Neetzendorf, [DEPENDING ON WHICH MAP YOUR LOOKING AT OF COURSE.] Again my saint Hans had told me, I had family mentioned in this book by Gunda Friesch and Heinrich Porth. [I think he meant my Seil and Korn family, who were also in this book. More about those later.]
Die Familien and Einwohner des Kirchspiels HIMBERGEN Orsfamilienbuch 1670 -1895.
More on that book later.

Information from OFB Himbergen Book
I received my book of OFB Himbergen. I was mostly looking for my SEIL,
and KORN/SCHMIDT information of area Himbergen - Gross Thondorf and Dahlenburg. I was anticipating finding a tidbit or two of information about some residents of
Oldendorf. Hans mentioned something about my Meyer. Sure
enough there was the son of My 3rd great grandfather and Maria Elisabeth
BEHRENS of Neetzendorf. For a time they were in the Himbergen area.

From Porth's book.......My Meyer info......

Johann Juergen Meyer lived in 1817 Neetzendorf. md before 1817.
Maria Elisabeth BEHRENS lived 1817 Neetzendorf.
Sohn Hinrich Jrgn Meyer---born 1817...died 1846..[3420]
page 241

MEYER, Hch. Jrgn. dienstknecht born 3.10.1817. Neetzendorf
died 23.11.1846 Weste buried 25.11.1846 Himbergen [29JIM18T
---12410] lived 1842 Weste ....parents[3356] d. 9.10.1842 Himbergen[-12411]00 md
Catharina Elisabeth RAETZMANN.
*born 1814 died unknown [2778]

1--Jurgen Hch. MEYER
*born 11.10.1842 Weste~. 11.10.1842
+ [died] 24.10.1842.
Himbergen,13 t ----
2---Catharina Elisabeth MEYER
*born 23.2.1845....... Weste
~[babtised] 23,2.1845.[ belongs above]12413].

Nothing further can be found in the book about the daughter. I do not know yet who she married, or where she went. No death date was given for that residence. She must have married at another village with another church area. It is too bad that Meyer people had short lives. You never know, though, maybe child born 1817 had children who were in some other church records. I doubt it, but it could be possible??

Note: I have read on some genealogy mailing lists that often times when the christening of the child is the same day as the child is born; is an indication that the child is not doing so well. It could mean that the child did not make it. But then You would think that the death would be mentioned in the church records.

*This is the husband of Catharina Elisabeth Raetzmann. She married Meyer and Lietz.
Johann Hch LIETZ, anbauer, dienstknecht
Droegennottorf. [They lived] wohnort 1853 ebd. 1851 Weste [ Elt.2768]
00 md 1853 Romstedt prokl Hi........

RAETZMAN [oo Meyer,Lietz],Catharina Elisabeth
*born 6.1.1814 Weste...9.1.1814 Himbergen babtised...[10054]
...kf....1828 ebd....[parents...4198. s.a.3420]

Daughter Dorothea Elisabeth LIETZ. She lived Drogennottorf.
Born 14.10.1851. Weste.
~16.10.1851 Himbergen

RAETZMAN SURNAMES that turned up...... Just brief ideas of family
Luddolfs, Schulz, Siegel,Burmester

LIETZ daughter... Dorothea Elisabeth
born 14.10.1851 Weste
babtised Himbergen..wohnort...Drogennottorf.

Nothing further is known about the rest of the daughters life. If she married, or who she married. I am sure there are more church records of some of these people in other villages of this area. Notice all church record important events are usually the place Himbergen. Babtism and burial.

I have found a bit more on Raetzmann at Rootsweb world connect family trees. Soon, I will get into a little depth of Paul Behmke's wifes tree. She carries the grand parents of my RAETZMAN [who married my MEYER and LIETZ] in her tree. Her uncles had gone to Utah to get information. Her tree involves states of Nebraska and Minnesota also. With some others of the similar surnames from same region, one finds them in Michigan.

Other MEYER of These Records
-Maria Elisabeth lived past childhood. Nothing is mentioned about her further down the line.
-Child number two must have lived past childhood. I have something to show you that maybe mention of him. Or it may not be. I will save that for another time. It would take up lots of time explaining it so that it makes sense.

If anything rings a bell for family. Let me know.

Naturally, I still have many more names and places to investigate.
Perhaps more family members will show up as I go. The surnames in
church records may show themselves or make sense from Ahndorf, Vindorf
and Boitze. Dahlenburg, Sueschendorf, Leehstahl, Oldendorf,
Nahrendorf, Duebekold, Bostelwiebeck, Lemgrabe, Walmsburg, Koestorf,
Nieperfitz, Nudlitz, Horn, Fladen, and others.

Be sure to leave me with some of your questions, requests, stories or information on your possible relationship to mine before you leave my site. Email me at
Heinrich Porth lives in the Luttmissen area not far from Celle. You can read about all his other books. You can google his name and location and more than likely will be able to hit translate. I know I want the other two books. Often you can email him as well. He is very helpful. In fact he has told me that he has Some names I am looking for near his home of Luttmissen.

I could easily look up a few families for you. I had someone do so for me and then I discovered more family than I realized could be there. And they were!
So I just had to have that book.

More about Heinrich Porth and his books


  1. Hi - I need to get a copy of "Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen". My great-grandmother and her family are from Hohenfier, and as best I can tell, this book would really help me out. How can I get a copy? Hope you can help. Jeanne

  2. Heinrich Porth Heinrich Porth
    Luttmissen 1 Luttmissen 1
    29587 Natendorf 29,587 Natendorf

    eMail: Email: h.porth @

    Alle Bücher können bestellt werden All books can be ordered
    - direkt bei mir, - Directly with me,
    - über den Buchhandel, - About the book trade,
    - beim - When
    Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen e. V. Museum and home club of the district Uelzen eV
    Uwe Harnack Uwe Harnack
    Kroge 29 Kroge 29
    29525 Uelzen 29525 Uelzen
    eMail: Email: U. Harnack @

    Heinrich Porth - Luttmissen - [ Translate this page ]Gunda Friesch und Heinrich Porth: Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen Ortsfamilienbuch 1670-1895 mit 6.472 Familien und etwa 20.000 ...

    Also, you can try some old used books stores usa and germany. To see if others have finished with their book.

    I found one of my prized possessions a book about my village in germany online and was able to order it.

  3. Dear Jeanne.
    I thought I had deleted your comment by accident. I hope you find this. It is a few days since your comment.

    I did look up the names from Hohenfier, a forest village. It is so close to Roethen that it has always been of my interest.

    If you want to give me the family name, I can tell you how much information is available. Most of them I saw had parents and siblings and childrens information.
    You know how it is sometimes you can keep going and going checking on maternal sides of the family. As U added above that is howcome I had to have the book. It is also how I found my Meyer brother in there by surprise and it led me to the Paul Behmke tree. Many of those fromt his parish settled in Reedsburg, sauk county wisconsin. And many of their tree indirectly lead to the Bannit, Stehr, Quast, Meyer, Luhmann tree of Dahlenburg. [ Once upon a time Jonas had his tree online with the genealogy information.]

    I am dying now to know your family name of interest.

    I can privately email about the family name for you, or just publish the information here at my blog for your vision and anyone elses. Nothing more has to be done, if you wish privacy.

  4. This Gross Thondorf of Himbergen county area of lower germany has always been the most difficult to obtain. If one wrote to the parish area of Himbergen, one did not usually receive any replies.
    I obtained my most valuable start from Darcy Fritche and the message board of rootsweb. It turns out that her family and connections settled the area of Houston Minnesota and some of them migrated from and to northern Iowa just below this area.

    As You know in my comment about the settlement of Goodhue poeple from Dahlenburg, which is so close to this area of Uelzen that they connected to the families, who settled at Loganville, and Sauck county of wisconsin. Particularly Reedsburg. 'Family' covers this settlement with many names. On the Meyer side of this tree, you can find one in particular and you can see that the Meyer of Paul Behmke tree had research done in utah.

    Okay I am done writing about this fascinating area of genealogy.



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