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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Women as Mothers for Mothers day.

Meyer; Seil; Korn; Jaeschke family history photos
Elisabeth Seil- Copyrighted photo
Above. Elisabeth Seil Jaeschke born 1873 and Annie Seil Born1893

Meyer child - Copyright picture

Annie W. Seil Meyer
Left -Jo Meyer granddaughter of Annie and her daughter Sharon -Sharon about 1981
Right - Annie Seil Meyer, shown here as a mother watching
her son either Lyle or Dwight. Estm. time of 1913- 1919

Lizzie Seil Jaeschke

All material copyright bound.
Elisabeth or Lizzie Seil had a baby nearly every year after
she married Gustav Jaeschke. In this picture she already has had six children.
This is the same woman [now married to Gustav Jaechke] holding Annie in top photo. And Annie Seil is now the girl in the back row by her self, about sixteen or seventeen years old.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surname - Vogel Family From Farnhamville, Iowa

Surname connection of the VOGEL family from Bohemia, Illinois, and Iowa

copyright pending
Taken from book which  given to me by genealogist
I wasn't always arootdigger at Genealogy or family history research!
I was clearing out a box from my mother back in 2001, and laid my hands on a leather pouch with some potentially useful documents and clippings, which raised my thinking to full glory curiosity. I said to myself. just maybe, I could browse the names on those papers and see if I could see what was involved in online genealogy searches. So self said - "find out".[ Oh yes, I do talk to myself] So I ran downstairs to find out immediately on the computer.

I supposeyou haave seen the Ancestry and family history ads online so had I only there were less then. So I thought why not go into it and see what the various ancestry websites had and make some posts even though I only had a little data to go on. Which many other Genealogists seem to resent. But don't let that stop you. I stopped to read a few genealogy sites from the famous Cyndi's website when the need arose.

Long story short, that little start led me to my mentor Berniece JAESCHKE and Tom VOGEL, whom was interested in my Grandmother Annie SEIL and August, her father or grandfather's wife Anna UMLAUF of the VOGEL family. It was through his work that I saw the basics, the pitfalls, and gained the understanding of how they fell in with his Vogel tree. .

Because of that tiny research, I then understood why my father/grandfather kept the special clippings that he had in his leather pouch. A leather pouch of only a few documents, which was valuable in my research. As I was searching, I added a couple miscellaneous clippings I found scattered through the box from my mother. So now I am unsure which ones I added and which papers were there originally. That tiny research project I began that day, grew into the vast interest I have for all those surnames you see repeatedly here at arootdigger. Surnames and places about my ancestor's families at Farnhamville church of Iowa, told here again and again and at my Oldendorf and Nahrendorf Website.
My websites which, I began to share with you for the first time in 2008 at the first week of May.

Over these years as arootdigger blogger of MEYER and SEIL family history research, I have been so grateful for my mothers hoarding history of anything on paper. Like everyone else in this hobby, I just wish I had kept a few more pieces that I thought did not pertain to the family. I guess that is why meaningful old family PHOTOS AND MEMENTOS end up in antique stores.

So I try to learn more about the VOGEL Family Tree History in Iowa, as well as their home country Bohemia and Czech Republic, whenever I can. You noticed in last post that the Saucke family were linked to the Vogel family. So above is another page from a book about Farnhamville families that deals with the Vogel family. The other half of that page about the SAUCKE family is on the previous post.

Note: I have made a few posts here at arootdigger before about that Vogel family involvement of the family. Time and time again you have noticed, that I have mentioned that I have not found the Dohrman or Vogel on the census at Joliet. It needs to be said, I sure wish I could. A future project again some day, when it rains or too hot outside; when I am not being a rootdigger in some other capacity. [ at one time I had Tom's website at the bottom of the page, but hes evidently made some changes.  I'll see if I can find it again. Or one like it.]

Henry Saucke and wife Maria - Wordless Wednesday

taken from the centennial book of Farnhamville written a few years back. copyright
The very Handsome Saucke family

As promised I have shown you the Henry Saucke and wife Maria clipping from my trip to Iowa a few years ago.

Not bad for Wordless Wednesday.
Stay tuned for tomorrows clipping of the Vogel family. The Vogel tree is at the bottom of the blog page.


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