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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is there A Black Sheep in Our Family, Hurry and Tell Me.

It's funny, but I just investigated to see if Black Sheep mailing list at Hotmail is arriving to my account. And I see it is not. { In fact it has not since 2007 } Sure I have the category at the side file listing and had not paid enough attention to what I was ignoring in my in box. So now I am trying to decide if I really need to resubscribe to the black Sheep society.

I would really like to Join, So let me know if you know of any Blacksheep in our family!

For those of you who don't know the members are only those who qualify. You have to have a person in your background whom qualifies as a Black sheep in your family. You can join for a time in order to show your relative and then it is decided if he is indeed a blacksheep and then you join as an official member.

I suppose it is kind of a catch 22. We tend to keep our Black sheep in the closet, so why would we bring them out to the air? You probably have to really want to join this mailing list to do so. Well really, it probably doesn't matter in this day and age.

This time of year around Halloween is normally very interesting reading, [ If you like that kind of thing] It is interesting to see what people have found in their closets.

One guy asked, if the black sheep is a bad person or just different. I tend to like Human nature and so the questions and discussions are sometimes interesting. I just kind of get a kick out of members having relatives who held other members relatives in their dungeons, etc.

Remember too, we judged by how the shoe fit and was worn by their feet, not ours. we
tend to judge by how things are today. [We shouldn't make that mistake about any of those things they did.] So are they black sheep cause of what they were in those days or do we still think they are. Timeless black sheep qualifications for the societies ideas of a blacksheep ?

It's funny too, how one wants to be a member of this mailing list.??

I tried to think who could fit. Lizzie Seil? Because she had an illegitimate child, no hat would qualify her, I doubt it and and I don't know her whole story of her life. A lot of the circumstaces of her childhood add to her sad life. She was a peasant with no father and maybe only boy friends of her mother as influence or no influence of the right nature. She had no influence of her fathers grandparents. She only had to look at the some of the females of her KORN families past and not think any different. And she must have wanted good for her child, so much so, that she came to America and married later.

Well how about August who left the family. when the child Lizzie was a result of an affair. I know nothing more than that. He married Lizzies mother and then left. He must have glanced at Lizzie on the way out the door. Unkindly put? [I suppose, but I still think he was a good man and I shouldn't judge]

-Probably the father of Annie was the bad guy, but know nothing more than pregnancy happened.

- In his day would Grandpa Willie make the list, cause he became a Christian scientist and maybe asked to leave the chur. Was that anything kept secret?

If there are any bad sheep in our family, the other stories must still be in the closet.

Maybe, I just let the subscription fall and dropped out cause I knew I did not have any ancestors or descendants with qualifications to make me a member. Also I have enjoyed the stories there, so probably I was only there to read. and I can anytime just go here and read with out having to join and clutter up my email. and then

I then think, well If I have a member would I dare submit him. I'd have to prove it happened, which would be impossible and I would have to live with hurt relatives about the whole publication.

Okay, I think I will just make a peek now and then into the archives since I have the link for my use any time I want it. ... That's good enough for me. My decision made.

But don't let me stop you, go ahead and read about other peoples Black Sheep it if you want to.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Genealogist has Fruitful Results with our Surname Hagemann

~ August F. Grote with Sophie Catharine Dorothe Hagemann ~

Cousin Genealogist researcher Mark had fruitful results with the letters he sent to some Hagemann families in Bleckede area. He had been inquiring about Hagemann at Goeddingen and Barskamp. Which would be Adele Grote's [She married a Meyer too] parents family. Mark's Hagemann family in Bleckede included with the cover letter a couple of nice post cards.

Don't you just love it when they do that. Sometimes our churches send along a little postcard of the church too.

Mark was kind enough to share a portion of his results of his search in Germany for the family Sophie Catharine Dorothea Hagemann and her husband Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote.

His Hagemann family member wrote this portion. And I have my feeble, very feeble translation below it from google.
Das hofgrundstüch der familien Grote in Bleckede-Nindorf ist durch Erbfolge heute in Besitz der Familie Viebrock. Bei der Erstellung Ihres Stammbaumes wünsche ich Ihnen guten Erfolg und übersende Ihnen für Ihres Arbeiten einige Ablichtungen aus unserer Familien- Chronik und der Ahnentafel Grote- Nindorf. Meine Frau und ich würden uns sehr freuen, von Ihnen und Ihren Vorfahre über die Lebensweise der vergangenen Jahre zu hoeren. Sofern Sie daran interessiert sind würde ich in einen spaeteren Schreiben auch von unserer Familie berichten.
Ihnen und Ihrer Familie freundschaftliche Grüsse

Translation by google--

About what concerns you with Sophie Catherine Dorothea Hagemann and Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote
I enclose a copy of the minutes Journal of the civil registry Bleckede - Bars Kamp was written by 11.Oktober.1887. Since this entry is in the old German script and the decipheriment problems you may have, I add one in a typewritten produced copy. Sophie Hagemann was the daughter of Jürgen Heinrich Hagemann, who is a brother of my great - grandfather Heinrich Christoph Hagemann (1814 - 1886) was. Jürgen - Heinrich Hagemann was Born in 31.01. 1828 on his father's farm in Bleckede - Breetze, which is still of my nephew is managed. [This is all in the hands of Mark Kuhlman]

The family of the Grote hofgrundstüch in Bleckede-Nindorf is hereditary in the family today Viebrock.
When creating your family tree, I wish you every success for your work and sending you some copies of our family history and pedigree of the Grote-Nindorf. My wife and I would be very happy, you and your ancestor on the habits of the past years to hear.
If you are interested, I would report in a subsequent letter from our family.
You and your family friendly greetings.

I have been writing lately of the family Naefke and Adele Grote who had lived at Arkansas after years in Farnhamville community. [Mostly because Mark had contacted me.]
Adele Grote Naefke family spent some time in Watonwan county, Minnesota. When her husband died she later remarried to My Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer's first born son Willliam who had lost his wife too.

If any of this interests you, you may have to contact Mark or his tree at ancestry for more information. He did write some other letters, and I am sure he will share it when it comes. He said he is going to be rather busy at some other 'up coming things'. So he is taking a back seat on the Genealogy family hunt from now on.

It will be my job to keep an eye on his tree for any changes resulting from his letter returns from Germany. And then report back here.

Been busy

Sure I have been busy, but not too busy to tell you I have been given an Ancestor Approved Award.

I will be back later to tell you more about it and, who awarded me and I will divulge then my list of surprising items that I have discovered about my Ancestors . I have been a little busy thinking up ten things to tell you. And well I have been doing a little digging lately too. Later

Friday, August 27, 2010



If I didn't tell you about the two other young Meyer men aboard the ship Frisia who docked April 8, 1884 in New York along with William Meyers' family, then I should. I have been obsessed with wondering, if one of them could have been Grandpa Willie's unfounded brother, Maybe the Herrman age eighteen or Heinrich age seventeen could have been that brother that went to Oregon. I have even tried to find them on the census just to see where they went. You never know, we might just find them yet. We have one more clue that might help; if I am still so obsessed TO FIND the families.

As my mother would say 'That puts me in the mind of' the time that I used to shop after confirmation classes on Saturday mornings. I had a half an hour to kill before I was to sit in the car and wait for my neighbor [Boitnot], along with her son [who was extremely handsome by the way] to finish work, so I could ride home with them. I would spend the time browsing Magazines or once in awhile, I would look at clothes. One particular time, I found a pretty dress that was extremely reduced in price. Each week, I would check to see if it was still there. I thought if it was gone, I would be devastated. I was obsessed. All I thought of was me buying that dress. And my having it. For some reason I didn't buy it right away for what ever reason after weeks and weeks of obsessing over that dress, One day I tried it on, took time to decide and then; I didn't want it after all. I kept that money in my pocket and went home. Thinking back on it over the years, I can tell my self proudly that I did the right thing, cause that dress was so gad awfully ugly, and wrong for me.
Well that is how it was for me to know about the Herr[m] age 18 because Hamburg passenger list says he was from Gross Wohrdan [Gross Wöhrden ??] He was not listed with the Wilhelm Meyer family.

And Heinrich Meyer age 18 was listed from Berlin. He was possibly acquainted with the two others in line with him from Berlin. If you click others in the family on the line in the box provided by the Wilhelm Meyer family does not come up.

Both young men are on their own pages, not far from each other and Wilhelm. It is extremely difficult to know which is Herr[m]. and which is Heinr. by the writing.

At One time, one of them was age seventeen and the other was eighteen. it looks like there has been a strike out at the age. Herrman was a tailor and Heinrich was a laborer. Now for years I have been mixing the ages and the occupation between them. I didn't know which, until I would come back to the source and look. But now I can't. However to know who / which was the tailor, all I would have to do is check castle garden and check at ancestry for an old post of mine.

You can see the pages of the lists are shortened. Am I wrong in thinking it was a whole page before, or was it only the older versions a whole page, which are not indexed yet. or maybe just the lists in bands offered by Ancestry where one must go through ship after ship. I sure hope when they transcribe and index the older years they do not shorten it to save space.

Okay, I shouldn't still have a obsession to know more about the two men, because I know they are from some other areas of Hannover. As Dad had said once long ago, they were not theirs. I thought still in my obsessed way, that he only said that because maybe the family were not recognizing the remarriage of Friedrich Meyer. [If he did remarry] I can now let it go. Will I.
just me jo arootdigger

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Emigration Applications A Good Genealogy Source

Actually the site says only ten percent of those leaving this area of Schleswig-Holstein made the application. [ You'll have to forgive me, I can never spell that area of northern Germany. I should write it one hundred times, maybe then I will be able to do so.]

A good portion of the population that I am aware of in Clinton county and at the Dawson township area near Farnhamville were from this region. I happen to have a great cousin Verl Matthews who researched this family Nahnsen all back to Denmark holdings.
Other surnames of interest with the Nahnsen family are Hansen, Namanny, Petersen. The Carstensen family are also from there, who were one of the first group of founders of the St. Peters church of Farnhamville area in Iowa.

There are listings of surnames of Dithmarschen Emigration from Schleswig Holstein unless people left in the night, or for other reasons so they failed to fill the application to request permission to leave Germany. In other, words it's the good list, not the naughty list.

The link I have, happens to be the"SS". It's a good thing to search while watching some boring HDTV or waiting for your water to boil.
Whoops, I think, mine is going dry.

See you later.
just me arootdigger

I'll be back to share good news about the two Meyer men on Frisia of April 8, 1884 who were on the same ship as Grandpa Willie Meyer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Genealogy and the surname Konau.

As promised, I am back. I just didn't say when I would be back, right? I know I said I would have something more on Wilhelm KONAU born 1859. But I am sorry to say, that I could not find that particular Wilhelm Konau who was traveling with the Seils, Warnecke, Schroeders.

What started me on the search is that I thought I saw the name in Iowa or by the Warnecke family in the Faribault county in Minnesota. When I went back to find it, I couldn't.

I had seen it on two passenger listings. Once it was misspelled KONAN and on another source copies of the passenger lists , it was correctly related as KONAU. We have been discussing the passenger list of 1883.

I looked again in census and there does seem to be very few there. At least not where I though I saw it before.

If I see it again on one of the census that I wanted you to see, I will come back and edit it in.

Here is the data where the name Konau appeared in my correspondence with the church volunteer. He gave me this record. Remember now, that we have this Meyer at Sammatz and Luhmann family lived there. You can click here and the title for the link where this is discussed.

Meyer record nr.31 /1849 Sammatz
MEYER, Wilhelmine Katherine Elisabeth.
Vater: Johann Heinrich M3YER Hsw. in Sammatz.
Mutter: Katharine Dorothea geb. BURMESTER geb. 6.juli.1849
TAEGER, Dorothea Elisabeth, Hauslers wife of Nahrendorf
KONAU, Katherine Margareth

There is no data to link this Meyer or any of the other surnames mentioned in that record to ours yet.

just me jo arootdigger

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rugia passenger list 7.mai.1883 From Hamburg to New York.

Be sure to check the four pages of this Ship / Schiffe Passenger list of the names of the passengers on the ship Rugia. It might surprise you who was on the ship.
There were others from the same area, as well as near by Uelzen.

Link to the first page here and by clicking the title.
This list is donated by Ines Manhardt a member of
Immigant ships Transcribers Guild done 17June2004.
The stars often mean that they name has umlauts.
Which is the case for most these Or some other meaning.
A G. Lange died on ship.

I have been bringing up these particular passengers
and attempting to show where they settled.
423* Jurgen Schroder  34  m Workman   Hanover     
424* Marie Schroder 31 f wife Hanover
425* Heinr. Schroder 9 m child Hanover
426* Louise Schroder 4 f child Hanover
427 Anne Strauss 40 f wife Hanover
428 Heinr. Seil 23 m Workman Hanover
429* Fritz Schroder 47 m Workman Hanover
430* Marie Schroder 36 f wife Hanover
431* Marie Schroder 13 f child Hanover

432* Louise Schroder 9 f child Hanover
433* Fritz Schroder 4 m child Hanover

I have talked about the surnames of Schroeder and Seil,
I will get to them again at a later time..

But first I would like to discuss
Passenger Konan below.

434 Wilh. Konan 24 m Shoemaker Hanover

435 Anton Dirschedt 41 m Shoemaker Bavary
436 Martin Komischke 24 m Workman Prussia .
437 Joh. v. Kroge 22 m Farmer Hanover .
438 Claus v. Kroge 17 m Farmer Hanover

I posted Sunday about the Warnecke family living
in Clark township,
Faribault county Minnesota by 1900 Federal Census.
I had stated that
the Hamburg passenger listed two children in the same spot with
Johann and Mary Warnecke. His middle name is Heinrich.
I guess the other child Heinr. was there, I just did not
see Heinrich. age nine.
That Mystery is solved
439 Johann Warnecke 33 m Butcher Hanover U.St. E 2 intrans.

440 Marie Warnecke 30 f wife Hanover U.St. E intrans.
441 Heinr. Warnecke 9 m child Hanover U.St. E intrans.
442 Emmi Warnecke 7 f child Hannover U.St. E intrans.
443 Wilh. Warnecke 2 m child Hannover U.St. E intrans.

Now were going to move along and look at the entry number
434 Wilhelm Konan age twenty four. On April tenth,2010,
I shared these names before, which I took from the
Hamburg Passenger list of ship Rugia. It lists this person
as Wilhelm Konau. I tend to believe the Hamburg list
is correct. I looked at the handwriting, and I agree that it
really should be Konau from Mucklingen.

I did find another passenger list in the year 1885 with
the name Wilhelm Konau at
That Wilhelm Konau was from Pommoissel.
Wilh Konau Hamburg Passenger on date 19 Mrz 1885
[19 Mar 1885]
Estimated birth year: 1860 Age 25
Male or Mannlich
Residence: Pommoisel, Hannover
Occupation: Landmann
Ship Name: Moravia

Note: If you explore further at into
the 1929 residence in Germany / Niedersachen.
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche,
Band Hannover, 1929
There under the village Pommoissel entries is for the
man by name- H. Konau.
Others there were: Otto Bartels, Hch. Karstens,
Hch. Persiehl, Hch. Rosseburg,and Joh. Schlicht.
Looking Under Muecklingen, the name Konau is not present.
Nor is Schroeder or Warnecke or Seil.

I'll come back to this source another day.

On another post, I will get into a little more detail on this Konau / Konan who came to America in 1883.

just me arootdigge

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Bürgermeister: Uwe Meyer Mayor: Uwe Meyer

Zur Gemeinde Nahrendorf gehören die Ortschaften Breese, Eichdorf, Kovahl, Lüben, Mücklingen, Nahrendorf, Neesthal, Nieperfitz, Oldendorf/Göhrde, Pommoissel, und Süschendorf The municipality consists of the villages Nahrendorf Breese, Eichdorf, Kovahl, Lüben, Mücklingen, Nahrendorf, Neesthal, Nieperfitz, Oldendorf / Göhrde, Pommoissel and Süschendorf


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