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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Never Going to Believe This! Genealogie SEIL and KORN

March was a great month wasn't it. What I will be doing at least the beginning of April is a result of surprisingly a little good luck.

You know sometimes one just has good luck and you can't explain it, It just happens and then you just enjoy it.
You know how we spent time this last March on womans History month. I on my Meyer, Seil and Korn women of my family. Well as I was busy here writing and editing trying to write a nice blog, at the same time, another researcher and author, co writer was writing me a letter about My Seil family. I saw it when I had time to check my ancestry messages at my email.

She has the same

Gunda Friesch und Heinrich Porth:
Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen
Ortsfamilienbuch 1670-1895 that I do that has some pages of entry on my Seil / Korn family at Gross Thondorf. She had wanted to update my information that she saw on my post at Ancestry. And you guessed it, since christmas my book is buried somewhere, so I needed it too for this last blog series.

She had mentioned the Hanstedt 1 book. and I had looked it up at a sight like this one . What is actually even more exciting is that she helped him write his Hanstadt 1 book. She also said Heinrich Porth was doing another book on Dreilingen. and Eimke. Yeah!.

I have a few look ups I need to do. Remember in a post a few weeks back where I mentioned the surnames of Heins, Of Nahrendorf with Sanders, Meyer from Kollendorf and Suderburg was mentioned. Well that is the area to be covered.

I love the OFB Himbergen book I have because it is next door to my villages. [I can look up the Meyer from Kollendorf in it too.]

I want all of them! But I am not sure I can afford all of them. I am not sure I actually need all of them. I noticed that the Hanstedt 1 book has some entry of Eichdorf, Nahrendorf and also a Korn and a Luhmann entry. I asked if she would peak to see if it would be something I might want to know about. After all I did give her this blog address.

She didn't know I had that particular book, until she had already sent me the information. I managed to tack part of the information onto the last of my post on my ladies. But I am going to move it up one by itself. So Just know that is where it will be now.

But I am ashamed to say, that I did not remember that my August Wilhelm Seil's wedding was not the year I thought or remembered according to her data that is in that book. So isn't it good I received that information right now. According to the book It is the year 1872, not 1873. and Lizzie was born 1872, not 1873. I will post it for you, including the church document that says it there 1873.

Vollmer is the name on her email address requesting me to write her for the information that she has for me. It happens that she is looking for people who have had families in Himbergen in the book. If she can, she hopes to do a follow up on those families. Or simply a little update on how they did, where they lived and when they died.

She would prefer it if you knew german, but most of us are not that lucky.

So Now I was able to also tell her about the Meyer information and the woman who married him and Leitz was Raetzmann also information given here at this blog . I was able to find this Raetzman family line to a family in Sauk co. wi. They have a lot of names from Himbergen uelzen. So I helped point in the right direction there. I am sorry I couldn't find Paul's tree in his name, just in his wife's, but I'll try again this weekend.

Honest, it is no April fools joke. It's true

So if any of you have used the book and have found your family in it let me know and would like to update the information, and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. Better yet check your email messages , maybe she has contacted you, and you don't know it. I think it is a great idea. don't you?

just me jo getting busy looking up dates and info.

The Book.
Gunda Friesch und Heinrich Porth:
Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen
Ortsfamilienbuch 1670-1895
mit 6.472 Familien und etwa 20.000 Personen
und umfangreicher historisch-demografischer Auswertung
zu den Orten Almstorf, Boecke, Brockhimbergen, Glieneitz, Gr. Malchau, Gr. Thondorf, Hagen, Himbergen, Hohenfier, Hohenzethen, Kettelstorf, Kl, Thondorf, Kollrndorf, Nievelitz, Reddien, Rohrstorf, Schlagte, Schlankau, Stoetze, Strothe, Testorf, Törwe, Weste, Westersunderberg, Wolfshof und Zieritz
Uelzen 2006
498 Seiten mit 19 Abbildungen und 12 Tabellen,
Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen, € 30,--
Mehr Informationen (alle Namen, alle Orte!)>>

Our Lives after the tragic, sad effect of Lizzie Seils Life

Airing the Laundry -
Gertrude JAESCHKE-

Young Gertrude you see in the photos, with nearly the same expressions of something other than happy content attitude. But then she was very young and a lovely child forced to sit still for the photographs.

I seem to know the most about her than the others, but that is maybe not necessarily a good thing. I figure she benefited the least from being abandoned by her mother and not so obvious by her father.

I suppose she carried on those issues from the woman before her and did finally marry a man with a alcohol problem that resulted in a divorce.
I suppose life taught her more lessons than if she been a spoiled child, but then again, I could debate that a spoiled child does not have issues too.

If you remember I mentioned in the last post that Herman's brother, William had moved to Minnesota too. I would like to explain why this is important to this post in this story I have been weaving. Since Gertrude was a member of the family at Sunnyslope Farm, she was well acquainted with the Meyer people and families laundry aired on the line. She knew about Annie and Herman accepting to be godparents of William's daughter's Mablel Meyer and her husband Roscoe Rowe's child Dorothea Rowe. The Rowes Marriage occured in Farnhamville. Two sons were born, Jerris 1923 and Darwin 1926 born Lohrville and Greene county probably Paton area. In the same insurance paper I mentioned in prior post; I had mentioned Annies birth father, it also mentioned the recipient of her death insurance was to be for this god child Dorothea O. born 13.March.1928. It so happened that Mabel must have had birth problems, and she died 22.March.1928 in Greene county.

From what I understand from Louisa Jaeschke's son Gary Sorenson phone call a few years back is that when Mable died the William Meyer family were having health issues. His wife Dorothea Wilhelmina Carstensen was fighting some kind of health issues. [died 1948] He also said that Darwin was sickly. Sorry, I forget exactly from what. And well William was coping with all this. And at the same time maybe he was making trips from Minnesota to Iowa great deal of time. The census cites his residence to be St James. He had lived in Lewisville and then finally in Fairmont, Martin county, where he lived and ran the Poppe gas station until his death.

So all these troubles made it difficult for Williams family to raise her. I am not remembering what was said about the Roscoe side of the family difficulties . Roscoe could not, since men had a harder time of those kind of things in those days.

And you know that the Meyer family had once had the extra mouths and raising to do in their own nest. I think too at this time August and Annie were getting on in their years and raising babies would not be so good for them. Annie was developing diabetes health issues, I think she may have wanted to, but couldn't. I am sure she was pleased at Gertrude's desire to help.

Gary said, he wasn't sure what the family thought when Gertrude went into the home where she was and just took the baby! Evidently no objections were raised. and as I said they all knew her too and her situation. I am not sure when it occurred and when the adoption took place. I have heard at one point that Gertrude allowed her daughter to change her O. name since she disliked it so much. They both moved to Kearney Nebraska. [ For obit on Dorothies where it does mention her mother's Meyer name click link.and this links to a picture of young Dorothy Rowe"s and some more information.]Gertrude kept in touch with Herman. I am not sure if the Cummings kept up with all of the Meyer family.

I would have said "you go girl". She understood in so many ways. she and Annie may have felt strongly about this. If Dorothea had gone to foster care or some other way, Gertrude would not have wished it. Nor maybe wish the little baby to be raised by older people with no other little ones around. I am sure she had her own reasons. I am hoping Dorothy was happy.

My cousin who likes to travel visted them now and then. She told me they did not know of the grandmother being a Meyer. I must say though that my only misgivings is that the children of her family grew up without knowing of any Meyer origins. But by the time they were older, the elders had all passed on except for Herman. [ Life was quiet for him when Annie left. ] Jarris died in France during the war. Darwin died in 1931. Not long after Williams wife died too in 1948. He remarried. At least now the family knows the whole story. My laundry has been aired this month of March for womans history month.

Note: Dorothea Cummings address was in my parents' old phone books, and I managed to send off a letter to Dorothy Cummings in Nebraska. No reply. I had heard she was suffering from Parkinson's disease and as more time went on she later passed.

When I finally knew all of the story, because it never came first from the Meyer family nor my cousin. I asked my mother about it. I can't say I am pleased how it involved her, but she had her loyalty issues and so I can say that I understand them.

At this point rather than airing any further laundry, I choose to stop.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mamre Cemetery in Dunn county, Wisconsin

Tombstones of the Trondheim Husby family at the Mamre Cemetery

View Larger Map

Yesterday, I had published the map in the prior post, but some mishap made the finished blog disappear. So after correcting the blog that remained to make it like the other lost [which was finished] blog, I decided to add the picture of the cemetery in one more blog for Wordless Wednesday.

Directions from Hudson road continues into Highway 29 until you reach Midway Road on the left. Turn left onto the Midway road, which is also 550thAve.
YOU should continue west along the 550th Ave until you reach the Mamre Cemetery out in the country. The stones of the Husby family is grouped together surrounded by cement not far from the first entrance at the east side near 550th Avenue. My view is rather blurry on my computer. The other entrance is at the west side.

Notice the location of the shed.

Note: Midway Settlement is near the Brick Yard road, but across the road. In the the little area of this Midway settlement is a landmark bar called Dean and Sues. Dean & Sue's Bar, 2002 Midway Road, Menomonie.

A Missing tombstone or Is It? Jakob Johnsen,( Johnson)

In March 27, 2000 we were walking past tombstones to get to the burial spot of Mary A. Butteris Husby wife of Earl Husby at the Mamre Cemetery west of the city of Menomonie. I noted various other Husby tombstones and a few surnames I had seen around the town. I had not 'mentally adopted' this town or the family so " I cared less". I had read the various stones as I passed by with only curiosity not as a genealogist, since I had not started active genealogy then. I had heard that the cemetery contained some people who had lived in that little Midway Settlement west of town near the old Brick yard on Hudson road which turns into highway 29. [It's the old road that once took people to places like Minnesota, North Dakota and on further west.] I had also heard that most of those names in the cemetery were those from Trondheim or had married those from Trondheim. Some of the Husby family From Trondheim and others had lived in the Midway area. Some of them had been working at the Brick yard, other friends and relatives worked for Stout Lumber company before turning to farming the land there.

It was on the passage back to the west driveway where the van was parked, that I over heard Charly say in surprise "Oh He is buried here!". I looked and visually, I guess I made a slight note from where she spoke by a small shed. Then, I was interrupted by my child's questions, and I was diverted to other thoughts and other things.

I had heard only snatches of the HUSBY story. A member or two would say proudly, they came from Trondhiem. I had heard that Ruth JACOBSON had done the research and so most of them had heard about the family history at one time or another before she passed. One of her family by name Carly maybe had kept the information

I asked the father of my children about it and he was vague. Now, in these past years I am deep into the whole belief that we must know all we can about our family backgrounds before it becomes too late. If I didn't get the information from the family, I could at least find it online. And so I did find the Dunn county John Husby story. It was more or less done in the trail to Trondheim. Linda Schwartz had a family member mixed in the line.

She has been responsible for most of the heritage material available to us at the Forums dealing with Dunn county. She carries the Trondelag [e] group at the Rootsweb mailing list and is one of the most active members. I started one year to do the Indergaard Husby and quit due to the immense problem of Norwegian language and decided to resume the search two years later. I discovered that by that time Linda had done the work. Reviewing her search through the older posts and search engines, I discovered a collaboration of efforts of those of sor Trondelag mailing list. The family was pretty much covered.

[Now for the exception you have been waiting for ] Except for information on the missing brother Jakob. I developed his missing information as a personal cause. He just cannot have family here in U.S.A. without being found. Jacob Johnsen Indergaard born 1861 was suppose to have left in April 4, 1888 or had tickets of those dates from Oslo then called Christiania indirectly to England and then to
America maybe to a canadian port. His paper trail was no longer found by these other genealogists. It might have been easier, if he had a clear concise name. Records show that he left 1888 bearing the name Husby from the last farm he had lived, just like his brother John who left in 1879 with the destination of Menomonie. [ John married almost immediately to Saltnaes and some of her family live in middle eastern part of Minnesota.]

I have been to the Mamre cemetery several times. One time I was there and took pictures, which were not Digital images and wandered over to the tombstones by a small shed, where I had overheard Charly's comment. My mind tells me she meant Jakob or Jacob. But there is no Jacob there. No Johnsen, No Indergaard, no Jacobson, and certainly no Husby. I wandered a bit further to the north east among the Mitlyning [ mispelled] ties and was then stung by something. I rubbed mud into the sting, but it caused me to leave.

Not to be outdone by that insect, I have returned and explored where I had been stung, but have not seen anything to give me reason to believe his tombstone is there. I have asked others of the Trondheim clan, if they know, and they would if there was anything, and they have nothing on him being buried there in Dunn county. I have asked those in Norway, including cousins, and they go by the census and have it narrowed by two or three suspected locations none of which is Dunn county.

I was talking to Kathy Husby, the family historian, who has much more of the family than I and she too took up the crusade to learn all she can. She reported back that the family went to the old places in Trondheim and showed me pictures. [ Yes I covet them, but she has been busy with family members health issues] I am shy about approaching people in person other than my little family about family history and she was not. Or lets say she knew those to ask about Jakob. She was told it's true they said he is suppose to have lived in USA somewhere. And they were not sure what name he took or kept. [There had been random comments now and then by the father-in-law. Once one comment on a missing Michelson.??]

Charly's words do pop into my head now and then I just haven't had opportunity to ask. I wonder too, if she would remember the moment she said what she said. I recall at times, that I still have not seen the results of Ruth's search. If I ever find some of another Carlys Husby's family I intend to ask questions.

When the mood hits me I do search passenger lists and census. [ It has been awhile since I last looked] I have picked up where I left off to indebth search the areas of the census to see. [So have people in Norway] I have tried to uncover those others who left on the same listing of 1888 with other destinations, Duluth, Kansas.[Monk or Mork, Carlson] I have tried to find the other families and could still pick that up more. I have checked on other settlements of others from Trondheim, and other family trees and members. You see I just cannot stand for there to be unknown whereabouts of immigrants of my families.

Just like places on line, I will wander back to the cemetery to again stare at those tombstones. Did he have family; had he died on the way; never married; touched base and moved on; or just buried here with a strange name. Is the tombstone missing or not? We believe it is. There will be more on Jacob. You can be sure he will not be forgotten. Tombstone or no tombstone!.

Note. I need to ask Janet Husby the caretaker of the cemetery what information she has on the stones. And if Kathy has already asked her.
Note: His father was Johan. Check more under Johansen.
Note: Future information on Husby at http://the
Husby lists here.
Sources for the Hunt below.

Published twice/ first copy was lost and so I redid it by correcting the remaining ones errors.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness

Q...So what do we know from this picture. Can you tell me?
A.. Someone is working on a puzzle.

A. .Someone has done some successful work.
A.. It should probably end up looking like the picture. The box maybe tells the dimensions.
Q.. Yes to all that. How many are doing the puzzle?.
A.. We do not know because there are no clues in the picture.
Q.. Where are the rest of the pieces.
A.. WE do not know, because we see only partial of the photograph. We are also not given a name of the company who makes the puzzle nor the name of the puzzle. so our attempts to know how many pieces are not possible. Only if we look in stores and compare.
Q...Are you sure that is the right box and right puzzle for the box. Maybe some one layed the box down on the table there.
A... I am not sure, I am trusting that is the case. I would read the captions and the words to know more. After I have formed a good number of the pieces together, I would be able to see if it is the same as the picture on the box. Trial and error method.

Ah Monday madness. clues, too many pieces, too many missing pieces. Not enough hands to finish the puzzle in a given time period.

Like the picture, stretched and skewed to fit the page. It is my predicament today. So much to do. So much depends on my doing my duties. I follow through.


If you notice to the right side, I removed the genea-bloggers representation temporarily.
I find that I have so much to blog about that doesn't fit the daily categories or wordless wednesday, tombstone tuesday, etc. My blogs don't exactly fit with that. I also did not enter any of the events yet. So for that reason I removed it. I still like to be involved and will do what I can. I have so many projects in the fire at the moment that I can't live up to what some might expect when they see the slogan. So for now it's gone. and I hope that is okay.?

You might find the categories of Monday madness, wordless Wednesday etc. missing. I will resume my blogging of information. I have so many projects to complete and other information to put out there that do not follow those categories. It would steal my time. Valuable time. If i don't get the information out there, my relatives who I am searching for will not be coming!

Take care everyone,
Have a good day,
just me jo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Went To A Larger Print.

I was experimenting around this morning with Fonts and type. I changed to bold, and maybe I shouldn't have. I was using bold as a tool to make names stand out. So I changed it back again. Imade sure that it reads in black. I know I need all the darkness of the letters that I can get. In the end the only change was larger print. I felt with my older eyesight it might be best. However, I may have to watch the length of my post better, because it does take up a bit more room.

Lets hope that change does not affect too much a balance of items in further back posts.
I hope it helps.

Well, I guess I had better see if it is raining or snowing that was in the forcast for weather this weekend. It will at least cure the desire to be outdoors for me. I have several projects in the fire, as you know. And I did start one up at Oldendorf / Nahrendorf blog on the Genzel tree. So we will have it here for reference since it contains Michel and Ahrens and Reinecke. Of all the common surnames, I did not see any marriages to Luhmann. Unless that happened in later years.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Genealogy - Surnames of Ahrens, Michels, Genzel, Mueller, Grummet

Subject:The little information below is from a postal letter sent to me and then stored in email. It was sent from the volunteer researcher of the Archives of Dahlenburg / Nahrendorf. serving as responses to my Questions. And then at the bottom is a translation from one of those translators on line. This is mostly questions about the church document of Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer family.
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 23:11:48 contained in the email it is stored into.

My Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer worked at Horn
at the time of his marriage in 1873.

"Horn" ist eine früher Adeliges Gut Zwischen Dahlenburg und Seedorf
( siehe Anlage)./
Horn "is in former times noble property between Dahlenburg and
sea-village (see plant). "Roethen" is a Foersterei with some houses
in the proximity of old village.

This where Juergen Friedrich worked as
Park Attendant [Address: Herrn Parkwärter Meyer,
Röthen bei der Göhrde,]
"Röthen" ist eine Försterei mit einigen Wohnhäusern in der
Nähe von Oldendorf. /
"Roethen" is a Foersterei with some houses
in the proximity of old village. [Oldendorf]

The word "Parochi" used in a marriage document.
"Parochi" ist die alte Bezeichnung für einend Pfarrbezirk, eine
Kirchengemeinde. /
"Parochi" is the old name for in-ends Pfarrbezirk,
a church municipality.

Heins was mentioned in a church document and was a god parent.
"Heinrich Wilhelm HEINS" ist sicherlich der Bruder der
Kindesmutter. Seine Taufe habe ich im Taufregister Nahrendorf nicht
gefunden. Er wird wie seine Schwester Maria Dorothea Heins in Kreutzen
geboren sein. /
Heinrich Wilhelm HEINS" is surely the brother of the
child nut/mother
. I did not find its baptism in the baptismal
register Nahrendorf. It will be born like his sister
Maria Dorothea HEINS in Kreutzen. [I added in the Heins name for Maria]

Another god parent mentioned for one of Juergen Heinrich
Friedrich Wilhlem's children here.

[ Kind MEYER, Anna Marie Elise]
Der richtige Name der " Annna Auguste Elise MEYER" ist nach dem
Taufregister Nahrendorf
" Anna Louise Auguste MEYER".
Nachstehend ihre Taufeintragung und die ihrer Zwillingsschwester
Louise Maria Dorothea. / The correct name of the
"Anna Augusts Elise MEYER" is after the baptismal
register Nahrendorf "Anna Louise Augusts MEYER"./
Below its baptizing entry and those its twin sister
Louise Maria Dorothea.

Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 27/1859- Roethen-
Meyer, Anna Louise Auguste, geb. den zwölften
Juli Nachmittags zwei Uhr,
Parkwärter Juergen Friedrich MEYER zu Röthen
und dessen Ehefrau Katharine Dorothea geborene
get. 18. Juli 1859,
1.)Charlotte Marie Louise Müller,
Hauswirths tocher zu Nahrendorf,
2.)Anna Karoline Auguste GRUMMET,
Unverehelicht zu Roethen. Nr. 27 and 28 sind Zwillinge.

Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 28/1859-Roethen-
MEYER, Louise Marie Dorothea, geb. den
zwölften Juli Nachmittags halb drei Uhr,
Eltern: Parkwärter Juergen Friedrich MEYER zu Roethen
und dessen Ehefrau Katharine Dorothea geborene AHRENS,
get 18.Juli 1859,
1) Ehefrau des Anbauers SCHMIDT, Marie Elisabeth,
geborene WOLTER Zu Oldendorf,
2.) Ehefrau dese Häuselers MICHELS, Dorothea Margarethe,
geborene AHRENS zu Oldendorf. Nr. 27 und 28 sind Zwillinge. /

Below its baptizing entry
and those its twin sister Louise Maria Dorothea. Excerpt from the
baptismal register ev. luth. Church municipality close village
NR.27/1859 Roethen
MEYER, Anna Louise Augusts,
geb. the twelfth July in the afternoon two o'clock,
parents: Park attendant Juergen Friedrich MEYER to Roethen
and its wife Katharine Dorothea born AHRENS,
GET. 18. July 1859,
a baptizing witness:
1.)Charlotte Marie Louise MUELLER, Hauswirths totcher [Landowners daughter]
too Nahrendorf,
2.)Anna Karoline Augusts GRUMMET,
Unverehelicht to Roethen. [unmarried]

NR. 27 and 28 is twins.
Excerpt from the baptismal register ev. luth. Church municipality
close village
No. 28/1859-Roethen
MEYER, Louise Marie Dorothea,
geb. the twelfth July in the afternoon half three o'clock,
Park attendant Juergen Friedrich MEYER to Roethen and its wife
Katharine Dorothea born AHRENS,
*GET 18.Juli 1859,
a baptizing witness:
1) wife of the Anbauers SCHMIDT, Marie Elizabeth,
born WOLTER to old village,[ Oldendorf]
2.) Wife dese Haeuselers Michels, Dorothea Margarethe,
born AHRENS to old village.[Oldendorf]
NR. 27 and 28 is twins.

Again another god parent name. - the name is not that common, I don't think.LYSSMANN

Zu der Taufzeugin "Wilhelmine Lyßmann geb. Meyer" nachstehend die
Eintragung im Trauregister. Seit Einführung der Standesämter im
Oktober 1874 sind die Angaben in den kirchlichen Registern nicht
mehr so ausführlich. /
To the baptizing witness
Wilhelmine LYSSMANN geb. MEYER "below the entry in the
trusting register. Since introduction of the register
offices in October 1874 the data are no longer detailed in the
church registers so.


Original translation.
Horn "is in former times noble property between Dahlenburg and
sea-village (see plant). "Roethen" is a Foersterei with some houses
in the proximity of old village. "Parochi" is the old name for
in-ends Pfarrbezirk, a church municipality. "Heinrich
Heins" is surely the brother of the child nut/mother. I did not
find its baptism in the baptismal register Nahrendorf. It will be
born like his sister Maria Dorothea in Kreutzen. The correct name
of the "Annna Augusts Elise Meyer" is after the baptismal register
Nahrendorf "Anna Louise Augusts Meyer". Below its baptizing entry
and those its twin sister Louise Maria Dorothea. Excerpt from the
baptismal register ev. luth. Church municipality close village NR.
27/1859 Roethen Meyer, Anna Louise Augusts, geb. the twelfth July
in the afternoon two o'clock, parents: Park attendant Juergen
Friedrich Meyer to Roethen and its wife Katharine Dorothea born
Ahrens, GET. 18. July 1859, a baptizing witness: 1.)Charlotte Marie
Louise Mueller, Hauswirthstocher too nahrendorf, 2.)Anna Karoline
Augusts Grummet, Unverehelicht to Roethen. NR. 27 and 28 is twins.
Excerpt from the baptismal register ev. luth. Church municipality
close village No. 28/1859-Roethen Meyer, Louise Marie Dorothea,
geb. the twelfth July in the afternoon half three o'clock, parents:
Park attendant Juergen Friedrich Meyer to Roethen and its wife
Katharine Dorothea born Ahrens, GET 18.Juli 1859, a baptizing
witness: 1) wife of the Anbauers Schmidt, Marie Elizabeth, born
Wolter to old village, 2.) Wife dese Haeuselers Michels, Dorothea
Margarethe, born Ahrens to old village. NR. 27 and 28 is twins. To
the baptizing witness "Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer "below the
entry in the trusting register. Since introduction of the register
offices in October 1874 the data are no longer detailed in the
church registers so.

Note: Wilhelm's and Maria's daughter, Anna MEYER, later in Iowa married John BENNETT. They lived in Joliet Illinois and later moved to Long Island in New York.

Maria Ahrens sister at residence of Juergen Friedrich Meyer of Roethen
mentioned in letter. Note: Blacksmith notation.
[(2 Briefe der Tante anliebend, einer vor ihrer Heirat
- arbeitet derzeit im Haushalt eines Schmiedes in Galena -,
einer nach ihrer Heirat - besitzt mit ihrem Mann eine Farm)]

Note: It is possible that these Michels and Ahrens are of the Genzel tree.
I have sent along a copies of this GENZELl tree which is in a email and I can
do so for anyone who asks. This is in german.
surnames - Rosseburg, Meyer, Koopman, Burns, Schlicht, Michels, Ahrens, Reincecke, Harms,

A duh moment requires an Edit Adition to another post.

Do you ever get those Duh moments. And the aaaahhaaahhhhhhhhaa. Now those are the best. And then you do cart wheels. !!

In 2001 I found information on Fehring at a forum, at, which did not match mine or no concrete proof to lead to something. I was doing this search because you already know the Meyer book states a Mary Meyer married a Fehring. Well I received an message from message board in my mail box. So with checking and follow up, and browsing and moving around in that locality, I happen to see something about Fehring and so that led me to my old postings and others about Fehring.

This person mentioned my places, Galena, Jackson county, Clinton county , Iowa. One posting had a Mary Fehring. Gads the birth date is so like my Mary, but I have no name Adelaide as a Mary's middle name.

To make the story longer, I was looking and browsing and posting. I returned to here and reread to make sure it was Ahrens and Aherns. Which can easily be overlooked by me. I noted the dates of that letter Marie Ahrens wrote in 1868 because I had been wondering as I write and search, when she wrote the letter exactly. IT WAS IN November 1868. [The last time I refreshed my memory I noticed Roethen address as Dannenberg.]

This time I reviewed also the schwester and sister- in- law. She said schwester. Which means that she addressed the letter to her sister and brother in law! not brother in law of my sister[ at least I hope that is how it was. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann died in 1856 buried Nahrendorf. I have a record of this. So now, I will have to trot back to some documents in a book as well as on email and files of two marriages mentioned. Type them out with umlauts for you to see here so you can help me! Right?

She couldn't have addressed a letter to a dead sister? Or to brother- in- law of my sister. However, a sister could be living there too. So it is not exact proof this sister is his wife. His translation definitely said to sister and brother- in- law though. hahhhhhhh It is exactly the interpretation Mr. Soltau mentioned as well.
So I will need to edit a correction of my speculations back at that post or will it make it confusing?.

How could I have overlooked that sister as being alive in that letter?

Note: I should find out how to order copies of all of that letter - Herr Soltau translated for me, and I should learn how to type umlauts on a laptop.

Come back and see me later.

just me jo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For The Luck of the Irish or Make Your Own Luck.

Today is Saint Patricks day, so I thought I would honor the Irish in my own way. As far as I know, I have no Irish in me. Maybe some of my other Meyer cousins down in Churdan, Greene county Iowa have some Irish background. It's a village based on Scotland and Ireland. I think it is fitting to speak of Ireland and Scotland as I share a memory of a a day at Sunnyslope with my cousin. By the way, Her mothers stepfather's ancestors lived in Scotland and Ireland. [He was a Walker from Nottingham.] Her family differs from mine, because she also has Norwegian genes from her mothers family.

Whether I have Irish heritage or not, I like to have a little good luck just as much as an Irishman.

You know how it is when you have an opportunity to gain a little good luck, we go for it. You can't blame a child in front of a patch of three leaf clover, They are probably going to hunt around in it to see if they have any luck in finding the four leaf clover for good luck. You do so with all the innocence children have.

That's what my cousin was doing with us the day she came out to stay for a day. Usually conversation is the main goal as you idly search while talking, but at this time that I recall, the hunt was the big thing, not the conversation. I guess we were warming up to each other, the search was to break our ice, so to speak. We were really bent in getting a little good luck. Now I am not sure if that is for one small wish or a life time of good luck. Either way, we wanted some.

It was an early warm spring day as we sprawled on the concrete sidewalk peering into the patches of clover. I had never had any luck finding any before and I think my belief was beginning to fade. My mother had joined us. She began to take a break from the work she had been doing as she slid down to the ground, and arranged her stiff leg out in front of her. She was a hard worker and didn't let much slide by her. I think that is maybe my one reason for laying there and searching so hard for some good luck. Maybe I would be lucky to avoid some chores for awhile. Maybe If I found a four leaf, it would keep me out of that chicken house cleaning for good.

I think we were having a conversation about if anyone had ever found such a four leaf clover. It was natural for me to look in the clover, but it was not a usual thing for me to be doing, since I had to go to great lengths to achieve that laying around time. If my cousin had not been there, I would have been trying to read somewhere. Then again, if my cousin had not been there I probably would be helping with some kind of chores on a Saturday.

I made a big deal about it, cause well, it might distract my mother from coming up with some chores that she thought might be fun for my cousin to do too.

I found out later, that my mother wanted to make this little visit for her to be special. My cousin hardly ever came out to the farm to visit us. I am not sure why she never did much before. I am not sure how the visit happened, but it was a nice thing to have happened. We were all the Meyer cousins we each had in this area of southern Minnesota. [Well my brothers too]

............. Amanda, Lyle and my cousin in the back.
I usually visited her at the outskirts of the little village of Lewisville. When I did, her mom was usually busy running the filling station, while her husband was working on vehicles, or out at their farm further away. It would happen on the days that I came along with my dad to the creamery or the elevator. My father would follow up with a stop to see his brother, Lyle or chat with aunt Amanda. I would stay to play an hour or two, and then when he returned, we would be asking if I could be staying a little longer over night. Much to my mom's unhappy thoughts, I was allowed to stay. See mom thought my enjoyable stay there made me grumpy when I came home. And it did, I guess. So she tried to restrict the visits so she could live with me! [
I should have been smarter not to let on, shouldn't I have?]

According to my mom, my cousin would like this visit. It wasn't anything she usually got to do. It was her privilege to spend time at something different. We would be sharing our life and our grandfather, who was inside in his chair. Usually grandfather was hauled into town to stay for a day at their home. So she knew him well enough. He just wasn't all that talkative, maybe he was in there. She didn't see him on the daily basis like I did. I More or less took him for granted. I don't recall, if she spent much time with him or not.
But at the time we were hunting for the four leaf clovers, I didn't know at that time moms thoughts on the specialness of the farm experience for my cousin. I thought she had it made, living in city.

I was just enjoying her company and bright ideas that she usually had.

We were opposite the house yard out in the general farm area. Out there was dad and my brothers with Tractors, equipment and all the buildings to be in. I guess we were old enough to be there on that side of the fence. Old enough to know what to avoid and not get into.

Oh sure, later we would mosey around to something else, but at that moment we had been looking eagerly for clover. [Time fades and clouds the memory, so if my brothers were there, I don't remember for that memorable moment]. But I know they were in on some other activities at a later time. ] After awhile, My mother joined in our speculations about if any one we knew had ever found a four leaf clover.

I think as we searched that I had formed the general opinion that none existed. But still putting on a great show of enthusiasm. I have never had any luck in my searches.

I don't really know how what happened next got started, It was not a big deal, but it did take over us.

Since I was having no luck, I began to try and pull one over on them. Very clever of myself, I thought as I held that fourth leaf into the three leaf clover in my outstretched hand for them to see. And then the loving banter started. Naturally, I wouldn't get away with it. [Cause didn't we know by then, there was no such thing as a four leaf clover, no Santa Claus or Easter bunny] with more Kidding around we hunted some more. I noticed my mother and my cousin having a little hushed like conversation. Knowing my mothers looks, I knew it was to no good for the rest of us. However, I sitll kept looking, enjoying my laziness in the suns warmth on the cement walk. We just had not been motivated to look for another project.

My cousin went into the house. I am not sure whether she announced she had to use the bathroom, or just wanted to get a drink and it doesn't matter.

I didn't keep an eye on my mom. Maybe she was still there. It was a long while, before my cousin returned. I sensed something odd. Somehow what happened then seemed to me to be too soon and somehow out of place. So I was waiting for clues, when she stated that she had found a four leaf clover. Had she stooped more and pretended more to be looking more, I maybe wouldn't have thought it odd. I checked. Sure enough it was a four leaf clover with little white spots in places. That girl had made her own luck with my mothers help.

I felt, my mother had helped her put one over on me.
Other than jealousy of being the middle child and the only lonely girl, I felt my first stabs of real jealousy issues.

The moment was memorable I guess for that and the specialness of her visit. Later, I think I told my mother something and she did explain to me that we should make her visits special. It was old hat to me, but something special for her to enjoy as she visited us. And I am glad we did. In those days We did share our life with her now and then, as she shared hers with me.

I remember too taking her to the wooded area later across the fence to the place right by the fence where our grandfather stored his old model T car that I had just recently discovered, when I had broken the rule and hopped over the fence. [.............In the back ground is an old car like grandpas. It may be his or it might be someone elses as they tailgated. It is hard to see......]

My younger brother by five years, saw us playing in the old car and he told us grandpa didn't want us to be doing that. And yes sooner or later, grandfather came along on his walk and saw us. I am not sure if it was because she was there, or if for some other reason. WE mentioned the problem and he said it was okay we could keep on playing, but to be careful. [
There wasn't too much left of the old rusty car, except a dash, a steering wheel, and some thing to sit on. [Just a few dull rusty edges etc. that would freak out a modern day mother] So we had a little fun there too. Just another happy memory with my Meyer cousin.

just me jo

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Comments.

I have been having disappearing comments. It is not the first time it has happened me. I guess I will have to review how to publish them. I clicked publish, I clicked the box and then I went to read it. It was gone, who knows where. The hardest part to bare is that I don't get to see who it was. I didn't even get to read it. and I don't want the person, who commented to think I deleted it and didn't want it. I did. I really did.
I will try and figure out what is the correct step by step process and just maybe I will have good luck like I have had now and then.
Sorry commenters.


Monday Madness - The Never Ending Blog Post Nightmare

Have you heard of the old never ending song, the never ending story? How about never ending blog post
The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right? No. Not in the day light of reality.

Gosh, I just have to share this morning. I have been daydreaming of suddenly being a short post blogger. And I have been a night dreamer of the same goal. I bring my day problems into my night dreams, don't you?

Well recently, I had this dream where I went and took my long blogs and created 'read more' links. I had the main blog on with read more here. That took me to another link which said read on more here which took me to still another one . And so it went on still with about two more links. Yes, a night mare of something like an April fools prank. Maybe my dream was trying to tell me my blogs get a little long. I feel I have things to say and it has to be said, or I get no nourishment from the blogging. My dream is telling me I am working on solving my issues, but I am still lost in the fog.........

The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right? But in reality to the reader long and boring. It would have to be one great blog to keep me clicking. To read more click here.


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