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Friday, June 27, 2008

Fritz Meyer Emigration Found With Aid of AIDA

A very valuable tool in Emigration search is this site often abbreviated to AIDA.

The link you may use is not the home page. Naturally, it is all in German. It is easy, but difficult to use at the same time. I have had luck with several names.

One day I just happened to find Fritz Meyer or Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer born 1851 at Oldendorf on search site AIDA. I was pretty happy. I translated it as best as I could with my Babelfish translator. Prior to that event, I had received a letter as a result of a letter that I written to Niedersachen in 2001. I had written an inquiry about the family name Seil that I had found in a location that I thought had possibilities. The Person who wrote me was not from the original address. The letter had changed hands a few times. I have no problem with that. It turned out that we had the Luhmann family in common with Gehrke frau and Luhmann. I will speak more of Luhmann family, Gehrke family, and Seil at another time.

Since Mr Soltau had this family in common, I thought I would ask him, if he knew anything further on this information. When it comes to puzzle solving, I believe two heads are better than one. So I wrote him. He came back with this letter of information. He did much more than I had expected of him. I am not complaining about that one bit.! It amazes me how kind people are.

Before you read the letter, I should mention again that Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer * born 1851 Oldendorf in der Goehrde. The Meyer book says Fritz married 1882 at Maquoketa, Iowa. He was found in Iowa census 1870 and 1880. In 1870 at Tete des Mortes, Jackson county in Iowa with name Mier. He was working as a hired man. Most of those of that township with Meyer name had the same spelling. More about them later. Finding his emmigration from Hamburg was an accident. I thought it could have been 1868. I am also trying to now find his passage on Hamburg records. Actual ship and other passages. I have not been entirely successful. But back to the story.

Emmigration document about Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer immigration 1869.

Subject: Meyer - Luhmann
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:38:37 +0100

Dear Jo Meyer
Some days ago you mentioned a file and asked for the connection "Schwester" and "Mutter". The information of that file is the extract from 8 documents (Nr. 169 - Nr. 177 of the file-volume):

Letter from Marie Ahrens, written 23. Nov. (1868) in Galena (2 pages). The salutation in the letter is: Lieber Schwager und Schwester (brother-in-law and sister)! Marie Ahrens tells about life in America and reflection of emigration. She thinks, that J. H. F Meyer should come to America and that he will need 100 Reichsthaler (money).

A little yellow envelope, posted in Galena. Inside was the letter 169/170.
Address: Parkwärter zu Röthen bei der Göhrde, Königreich Hannover.

A little yellow envelope, posted in Galena, Ill. on 7. Jan. (1869). For the letter see 173.
Address: Herrn Parkwärter Meyer, Röthen bei der Göhrde, Amt Dannenberg, Hannover, Germany.

Letter from Marie Möllemann, written 8. Jan. (1869). Salutation: Lieber Schwager und Schwester. Marie Möllemann tells about her life in America, she is very pleased. She writes: Let Liese, Marie and Friedrich come. If you like send Anna too, but the other are to young. Her husband wants them to come too. Both want to care for them.

Document of the Nahrendorf church about the birth of J. H. F. Meyer in 1851.

Heimatschein. J. H. F. Meyer declares, that he wants to emigrate. 28.03.1869, Nahrendorf-seal.

The father Jürgen Friedrich Meyer agrees with the emigration of his son and guarantees to give him 100 Reichsthaler.
On the same paper certifies the Gemeindevorstand of Röthen, that Jürgen Friedrich Meyer is able to give 100 Reichsthaler to his son.


This is the contents of the above documents in short. The documents are written in German language and in Sütterlin-writing.
For usual it is possible to get a digital copy (jpg) of the documents. The fee for that may be 30 Euro. Do you like to order a copy?

In the end of this mail I return to the question in the beginning. In the moment it is not certain for me, who is the sister (name) and who is the mother. Marie Ahrens can be the sister of C. M. Luhmann, if she had married a Mr. Ahrens; but I don't think so.
I think, it is necessary to search for the day of the death from C. M. Luhmann (Meyer) and her husband J. H. F. Meyer. Perhaps C. M. Luhmann (Meyer) died before her husband and he married again (a woman with name Ahrens); in that case Marie Ahrens is the sister of the second wife and J. H. F. Meyer is the brother-in-law of Marie Ahrens. But this are pure ideas, perhaps you have some more information.

Yours sincerely
Herr Soltau

I did have more information.

Later, after contact to Nahrendorf church, I found the mother had died 1856. Not 1855. Little Fritz would have only been five. I would think that the father remarried unless he had daughters to help him raise the children. I know my grandfather never remarried after his wife died. Jurgen Friedrich Meyer [geb 1814) the husband and father died 1879. Jurgen Hch. Wilhelm immigrated 1884. He had plenty of time to deal with inheritance.

Juergen Friedrich Meyer [*geb 1814] mother was Maria Elisabeth Behrens. She had one or two sisters Behrens. One may have married at Leestahl with Schultz. Cath. Dor Behrens and other sister was Margaretha Magdaline Behrens.

Brother in laws to Jurgen Friedrich Meyer
Schulz - I think wife may have became Ahrens. = Ventschau/Schutschur
Pagel = Ventschau/ Schutschur
Schlaphof did go to Cass county Nebraska, America

Johann Juergen Meyer geb 1804 / frau
Johann Hinrich Meyer geb 1817/ frau Raetzman from Weste, Himbergen in Uelzen. She married Lietz also.
I do not think she emmigrated to America. I think Record of death for both is at Himbergen. I must double check all this.

Johann Christoph Luhmann, estate manager in Ventschau married in 1859 widow Anna Dorothea Meier, or Meyer at Ventschau. He died 1873

Sister in law with Fritz Meyer.
Gemeindevorstand = local council

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