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Monday, July 25, 2011

We are not missing out on any whims around here.

Garden of Jamie Anderson - Harvey Probst-Dunn co. Wi.

Hi, welcome back. Or maybe I mean that for myself. I just have been trying to join into a few activities this summer. I haven't neglected my other blogs too, just a few. I started a few posts and if I added anything a bit complicated, they just didn't get finished unfortunately.
I decided not to load you down with my excuses. Most of them not new. - It's summer, - Garden - Housework - Family History - Genealogy Research.

So this post today is brief. I have a few things to share as I pick up a little bit. I really do have to,and still need to get caught up on housework more. So no promises to better are coming. I more or less gave up on growing some major vegetables. It seems without enrichment to the soil and my methods with the beans didn't make them grow. The cucumber plants are so very small. Then too we had such along winter here in Wisconsin, I didn't want to risk planting so early. Let me say, I should have and mean to next year.

Well as far as my family tree in genealogy research goes, I have had to visit my Heins blog many times. In a whim of a search for some data, I caught my error. and noticed the mistake in the HEINS family in the information where the church researcher left off that I had been given. Yes, how embarrassing, huh? I think some details changed or some kind of unnoticed mix up. Because Christy never said anything as she double checked either. I do believe Herr Soltau noticed something, which I didn't catch on to what he meant about an error, as well. Anyway, Herr Fink had it posted at this website, where details on the family were missing long before under my HEINS and WINKELMANN, KOCH names. I have sent many a person to my detail and there. Maybe someone noticed my errors and said something to Herr Fink and he filled in some new data as it came in. I believe it makes more sense as to what Mr. M & M told me. I am glad to see more family history data under the family surnames.

And now I follow my whims to where the new names lead me.
I like the results so much better. And, I am not losing much for surnames, believe me.

In this area of Bergen, Celle, [Nord Celle] the surnames keep going like the Eveready Bunny. Going and Going. From one family to another and off in all the little side shoots. So I hope to share a little more on this error and the new results in the coming months.

No, you can't cheat by jumping to my HEINS family tree blog Genealogy of a rootdigger, because it's not fixed there at all either. It is however a Genealogy work in progress at, and I have the line on my Gerd family tree page. If your a member and a follower, if you have a whim to see those updates there. Or simply leave a comment or email me.


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