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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filling Your Mother's shoes

When I was a little girl I tried to fit into my mothers shoes.
I'd walk around the house wearing her shoes as if I were her. When I was older and my little family was going to be two plus one and then later one more. I tried at times to again to fill my Mother's shoes. I imagine I do try to fit in all the mothers shoes [roles] by the women of our family. Take a look around and see which Mother you can identify from the collected photos of  Meyer, Seil, Heins, and Peters

~~~Happy Mothers Day~~~

Top Left - Sylvia Peters, Jo with Sharon, Bottom left Lizzie Seil and  Anna Seil. Middle  Lizzie Seil Jaeschke, Anna  Seil and Dwight or Lyle Meyer. Bottom Middle - Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer. Far right bottom - Josephine Peters.

Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth König (nee Meyer)

Once was lost in time, but not forgotten, but now is found with more clues. I wish I could say we have found her family and more about her, but we have some exact data to work with now, which is more than I had hoped to receive at this time. Happy dance fantastic!

She was first noticed as a mention in the Meyer Book as Doris married to a König or Koenig, Konig. Nothing more to note whether in Germany or a emigration to United States of America. Nothing for sure to know if she was Liese, who came with Frederick Meyer in 1869 to Galena, Illinois as a single woman or even with her husband.

Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer born 12.9.1845. Babtised on the 14th day of September. Nahrendorf church. She lived with her parents at Eichdorf, a little village near nahrendorf and Oldendorf in the state of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony. Sometime before 1847 the family moved to the village Oldendorf an der Göhrde. [Later 1857 her father moved to Röthen in the Göhrde forest just past Oldendorf.]
Her godmothers : Katharine Margarethe Dorothea Luhmann, Hauswirths frau aus Eichdorf Katherine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann Hauswiths tochter daher.

Marriage for Dorothea was in Barskamp 3.12.1865 record a/1865 Nahrendorf [We might later look to Barskamp for more information about the König family.] Marriage with Heinrich Carl Dieterich König, a Schullehrer aus Altgarge.

So now we will look for more on the Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth König (nee MEYER) family at Barskamp and at Altgare of Bleckede and Tosterglope. I think I read something about schoolteachers of Barskamp. Lucky for us there is a chronik or history of the village online. Definitely a peek into Tosterglope It helps to read it and even to make a comment or two if it's possible.

After we have explored those sources I will check Aida and Hamburg Passenger list for any hints that they came to United states.

Note: I am not sure who the godmothers are. Possibly Catharina Margaretha LUHMANN sisters and or a wife of her brother. I hope to check on that soon. I have realized that my family tree of church records did stop with Catharina Margaretha 's generation. I only have the added information by Herr Hermann Luhmann of Quickborn.

Note: Hint - Two Meyer brothers families mentioned on the cover.

Well I really must run. I am considering doing a special blog post for tomorrow's Mothers day.
You can check and see if I did or simply went outside today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facebook German Group - Germany Exchange

Just a nice short little post announcement about a great regenerated Facebook group called Germany Exchange. It's well rounded with enthusiastic members willing to help and full of great helpful links.

I would say that the name seems to explain their purpose! Well diversed, Friendly, Helpful members.

I can't begin to list all the very different places you'll find their links to use. Any place you can think of, I am sure it's there in their toolbox. Perhaps you should even drop by and add one???

One lady there at the group has already found family just using the links and advice. You can't beat that.

I myself can mostly offer a few look ups in and in my own regional books based on my ancestors settlement areas in Luneburg. Including the resources of material I have added to Genealogy of Oldendorf and Nahrendorf blog.
I am a bit sorry none have shown up at Germany Exchange group at Facebook
that need help. But I have been very busy recording at Ancestry and
I should share with you very soon my recent acquisition.

Do try to exchange something important there.


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