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Thursday, May 27, 2010

War members burial memorial at Nahrendorf, and Thomasburg

I did a little research just for memorial day for you. I stopped looking when I went here. Onlineprojek -- Denkmalprojekts ---- Gefallenendenkmaeler -- "Jahr 2003 von Ahnenforschern für Ahnenforscher". Germany's Online sight of a project for us genealogists of any german soldier fallen in a war. It is a wonderful thing, you can insert the name of your village or google using the right words of course.

There are about three places that the Nahrendorf people have been entered. Pommoissel with Nahrendorf.

There are surrounding villages which make up the church district of Nahrendorf where burials usually were attended.

And there is the Nahrendorf church which holds the four black boards of the names of the fallen during the war.

If you like, you can go there and read the four black boards
with white writing in honours of the 60 war-dead of the First World War. In Pommoißel an honour mark, which specifies a part of the names specified here, is beyond that in addition, to names of war-dead of the Second World War. The Pommoissel names you will find here and a selection at my Oldendorf & Nahrendorf blog. The project is for genealogists, not to glorify anyone necessarily as heroes. I particularity like to see the names of those of Prussian wars which they have at another page. But too I like the world war one listings more than the World war Two listings. It takes them back further closer to the listings of names I have when my children of Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer were Babtized at Nahrendorf in 1870's and very early 1880's before they emmigrated in 1884.

There are more names, but these are the ones that I have chosen for this page. I didn't want to copy the whole page. though copy right gives me permission, if it is not for monetary purposes.

Name Place of burial... Date ... Age

Taeger, Otto Nahrendorf 12.08.1914 -27
Bohm, Heinrich Nahrendorf 16.11.1914 -23
Viehn, August Nahrendorf 10.05.1915 35
Schulz, Willi Nahrendorf 30.06.191529
Carstens, Heinrich Nahrnedorf 26.09.1915
Liesenberger, Friedrich 02.02.1916 -21
Steinhauer, Otto Oldendorf
28.10.1914 - 5
Meyer, Heinrich Oldendorf 03.11.1914 - 25
Schlicht, Fritz Oldendorf 13.01.1915 19
Schulze, Heinrich Oldendorf 30.06.1916 -20
CARSTENS, Heinrich Nahrendorf 26.09.1915

Radenbeck of Thomasburg Church District
[Three Meyer men]
Meyer, Franz, Heinrich, Herman, Radenbeck !915
From Thomasburg we also find Saucke and Daetz.
Here too we find Rosseburg.

Comment : The names from that area of the Thomasburg church district ,make me wonder if they came to the Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf area or if the name is just that common in Luneburg Stadt. Often times I would see a person from Suettorf.

And many more interesting names to browse here.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Danzig list mentioned.

just me jo

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreams,But Not Really A Scheme. For This Blog

I was corresponding with a fellow Genea Blogger who tells me she is hoping to make a book out of one of her specifics blog. I had those dream thoughts, when I began blogging. But I strayed from any real organization that a decent book requires. Now I realize that the pages would be way too long full of chit chatter to be a good book worthy of that I would wish to develop. Their are personal pages, etc. Pages that still need editing. Pages of stuff that would not be wanted in my book.

And I have strayed past my own immediate family into those of the colony. I would not do a book on the colony, mostly cause it does not have the work needed to be a good one. It does lack quality pictures and information. It would be nothing anyone else would like to have, mostly just me.

I would like to make up a book someday just for myself. Maybe for my children. I'd like to see what some other bloggers have done. I'd like to hear what others have to say, about the process of turning a blog into their own personal book. I know you can do that at ancestry. I suppose if and when I became serious about doing this, I would check into the how to's at Ancestry, How to's from Google and, maybe learn a little more from other bloggers about what they know about it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Language, Words Used With Our Genealogy

I happened across a title of a blog yesterday, which was 50 Best Blogs for Genealogy Geeks. Now I wonder is that one for me. Am I a Genealogy Geek.

First what is a geek?
Sum of a geek : Overly obsessed with Genealogy and the subject, with the computer and has reached a high level of expertise/ and technology in their field of genealogy /[blogging] work maybe with computer technology, working from home, more than socially involved in the community.

The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc. ...
[] [Overly obsessed with Genealogy]

Yes, I am a genealogy geek in many ways. I know now from reading the definitions of a geek, I would say most of the genealogy bloggers - blogs I have read anyway fit parts of the definition. And many claim the position themselves.

So check the list of sites and see if you recognize any of them. If you have already read their blogs or have them on your list, does that already make you a Genalogy Geek?

just me jo

Source :

Friday, May 21, 2010

- Just A Genealogists Personal Chat - Do You Speak My Language

Radians and arc length An alternate definition of radians is sometimes given as a ratio. Instead of taking the unit circle with center at the vertex of the angle, take any circle with center at the vertex of the angle. Then the radian measure of the angle is the ratio of the length of the subtended arc to the radius of the circle. For instance, if ... See Morethe length of the arc is 3 and the radius of the circle is 2, then the radian measure is 1.5. The reason that this definition works is that the length of the subtended arc is proportional to the radius of the circle. In particular, the definition in terms of a ratio gives the same figure as that given above using the unit circle. This alternate definition is more useful, however, since you can use it to relate lengths of arcs to angles. The formula for this relation is radian measure times radius = arc length For instance, an arc of 0.3 radians in a circle of radius 4 has length 0.3 times 4, that is, 1.2. Below is a table of common angles in both degree measurement and radian measurement. Note that the radian measurement is given in terms of . It could, of course, be given decimally, but radian measurement often appears with a factor of...

What in the world do you mean. Can you explain that further. You have lost me at the vertex of the angle. Dah, dah, Spare me the table. The Mathematical language angle is not for me, I am not into the mathematical mood today, thank you very much!.

Instead lets use our Genealogy language. [And the words come across in every language. Even for Mathematicians.]
We just have to be in the right receptive mode. Note everyone is all the time, and I have to remember that. Not everyone thinks it's so wonderful that I have now extended my Michels family. If I were to gloat at work, that I made this new found extension to a woman in Jackson county Iowa. They will smile and say how wonderful for me, with the glazed vacant look in the eyes. The fact that their pose looks like they might be preparing for a get away is suspected. Though at my job, I doubt I would notice.
We are always short handed. Plus with the eco crunch we have more to do well than we have time to do. Were much to busy running and working to get in too much of a lengthy conversation. We might exchange a couple of paragraphs, and that's usually it. I don't get much time to gloat over a new find. The fact that I gloat so many times over each special find is becoming old hat to them. So when I do, I think that they think, so what, Your always finding new relatives. Or someone is always contacting you about a relative.

It may seem like it. But do they understand that it is just my way of saying, I am going to be busily happily emersed this weekend into the research involved with this new genealogical event!! So don't ask me to work for you or come into work to do extra work. I am saying I will be doing extracurricular work of my own. I am saying, I have a life too, it's just different than yours.

Does the average jo understand blogging, I wonder. Up until two and a half years ago, I did not really understand what blogging was all about. I try to educate people on how great it is though. [
big smile with twinkly eyes] As for decorating and gardening, it's like getting free magazines on line.

It helps that '
I blog as I go' the information, when I find it. But at the same time, I have the research done by churches that I publish here for the relatives to pursue. My information clearly shows my sources. They may chart it however they wish. The hard part is to find the information at this blog and at my other blogs depending on the surname. I may try in the future to go to each post and work on my tags. So maybe the names will be easier to find. Perhaps work on my links to those names.

I do really welcome any suggestions, if your going to follow me, or just come by to see what I have.
I would like to make it easier to read. It could, shoud eventually be easier for you one way or another.

Unless you contact me or read further back in my blog, you may not know that I have a separate blog for Heins, Heinz familienamen, family from Celle. I have another one for a maternal surname Husby / Maves. I will probably have another one on the Peter side or the Nahnsen familie from Sch. Holstein / Denmark. I might add a little note at the side of my blog about this in the future.

Recently, I was told by a 'discovered' person, that I could not blog what information I received from them, and well, I will respect that. No, not my latest acquisition. Another one.
And well, I never really get caught up on research, do you? So I guess I am saying, this genealogy, genealogie blog is to inform you about the surnames, people, places, and other things in my genealogist hobby/ life. I don't research for anyone and get paid for it, I might volunteer if the name is not Adam or a revolutionary war type person / descendant. Id be glad to assist if their person is from my area of interests I am a poor part time employee, who has meager income to spend on her hobby and even has had a little time to blog on the side of her married life with children.
Even though family life, My work ethics is a big draw for me, keep in mind that I still speak and read Genealogy.
Personal info....
My children do come home now and then and sometimes they move home a time or two. As in this case, he, my son is bringing home a guest in this next weeks time. The question is Who ? And where would I put him? In my office?

I shall blog as the time and inspiration allow me this next week. My son is moving home. As you know I had a slight organization problem, a little clutter of paper files, etc. Now it will be worse. But there's nothing like a deadline to make one accomplish what gets postponed.

I love blogging as it releases and relieves my cluttered mind of all it has to keep.
So slow it may be here, my heart and mind are here more than my fingers will allow.

ee you later.

I shall have a photo of our guest.

Keep reading, you may just find it here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Fantastic Friday

Dominoes are falling. There is no stopping them. I couldn't help myself. I was browsing due to the aid of someone with information about Millman or Moehlmann and my Mary Ahrens. He thought too that maybe Hillman or even Heleman was mistaken for Moleman Mollman, or Millman. What bothered me about his information was the Mary Ahrens that he had was born in the 1830's. I was looking for a younger age since, she is suppose to be a sister- in- law to my Juergen Friedrich Meyer born 1814 at Neetzendorf and his wife born 1818. But as I have said over and over, maybe he remarried. I had not thought it to be a younger woman with a younger sister! ??

I couldn't stop looking and it payed off. I know I did not get much housework done today. I can't emphasize enough the use of At first I was ticked because so many nice ones were private.
I shall have to take a little time to prepare the Schoop tree information. I am not sure how much I have shared here or at Oldendorf/Nahrendorf blogspot before. I know I have constantly talked of Seil, Ahrens and Schroeder. And I did share the passenger list of the families from Muecklingen. This is the tree that I found and it does lead to Harry Michels, Louis Michels. These are important because they are those that Fred Meyer or Fritz Meyer was in contact with at Tete Des Morts, Jackson county Iowa. He married Mary Dor. Schenk there at Maquoketa She came from Rieckens, Ahrens, and Michels tree. Not only that but one of our Mae Meyer married into the Louis and Harry Michels family. I have to double check the dates. A Meier is mentioned.
I have contacted this person. I just wish I could see her whole tree and not just bits. I shall continue to try.
Yes it is a Fabulous Friday!

Psst : Interesting is that the name Schope, Schoop was at Neetze and by Radenbeck area as well as Nahrendorf too. I am going to look up the Bob ad Carol Townsend, since they had the name in their tree with connections to Nahrendorf. Virginia Bannister comes to mind as well as Muchmow name ?? tree.

Minnesota Counties Locations Good To Know

Map Courtesy of Digital Map Store

I have to admit, I thought Ottertail was by Wabasha!

Sources :

Familiennamen Surnames Schenk, Martin, VanCuren of Wabeno Wisconsin

I am pleased to be sharing the obituary of Irma Martin's sisters family. Leatha or Letha Martin Schenk of Wabeno. It has been awhile since I have been looking into the family. I know there is a tree online of the family of probably Stolley who briefly cover the children. I will use the obit to figure out a little more about the descendants. Maybe I can use the newspaper area to find Letha's too. I just have to search more.Edward William Schenk born 14 janurary 1894.

Edward William SCHENK 70, Sturtevant, formerly of Wabeno, passed away on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008, after a brave battle with cancer. He was born in Wabeno on Oct. 27, 1938, son of the late Edward and Letha (nee: MARTIN) Schenk, Sr. Mr. Schenk served our country with honor in the U.S. Air Force. On April 2, 1966, in Duluth, Minn., he was wed to Phyllis Ann VanCuren. He had been a Sturtevant resident since 1973.

Edward graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1975, and had a successful career as an industrial engineer with several area companies, most recently with Strattec Manufacturing in Milwaukee. He loved to play cribbage and chess, and was a loyal fan of the Badgers, Packers, and Brewers. Ed was an avid history buff and was also interested in astronomy. He was an unmatched "family man" whose wife and children were always his first priority. Ed was a member of Faith Lutheran Church in Sturtevant.

He is survived by his loving wife, Phyllis; and their children, Steven SCHENK, S. Milwaukee; Edward SCHENK, Cave Creek, Ariz.; Jennie Schenk, Los Angeles, Calif.; and Heather (fiance, Erich Angel) Schenk, Franklin; his sister, Leticia WELLNITZ, Elm Grove; as well as many other relatives and friends. His sisters, Lorraine TOKAR and Laone KRAUSS, also preceded him in death.

Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008, at Faith Lutheran Church in Sturtevant, with Rev. Jeffrey Mortenson officiating. Visitation will begin at 12 noon. Committal services with full military honors will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 22, 2008, at the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove. Memorials to the Faith Lutheran Church have been suggested. Draeger-Langendorf Funeral Home, 4600 County Line Road, Racine, WI 53403 (262) 552-9000.

Source :

Note: Family tree address at
Social Security:
Family tree page of the girls parents Anthony Lewis Martin
Immigrant passage:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have found a German site which I find to be very clear and helpful in German. But it translates by google very well!

I hope you can make good use of the information here, especially if your just starting out doing research on German ancestors.

Look into for some good information on the church Parish search, civil registery, Church Archives.

In the next post I shall try to make sense of and dynastree/ My Heritage/.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Different Perspective - Mothers Day and Irma Martin

The blue dishes that were once in cereal boxes in the past days of Irmas life were collected by her over time. After she passed, I bought these dishes at her sale conducted by her sister Leatha Schenk.

.................................. It is Mothers Day. ..............................................................
A day to honor your mother gives cause for me of course to reflect about her, it gives me cause to reflect on myself as a mother. And I wonder about my friends in other places how they are doing on this day. What are their plans, what are their children doing with them. And in the case of my friends Loretta and Pat and cousin Mary, who only nurtured one child.
It's still Mothers day no matter how many children, nor how you got your children. I believe even for those who lost their child before birth, it is mothers day.

And not to leave anyone out, I have to mention that some of my friends just did not have any children.

I guess I am not so easily getting to my topic today, my dear, dear Irma Martin Olson. She was not a mother. But I cannot say she did not have any children. I think I asked her once and she had said something close to that effect. That she had had a lot of children in her life. She was first a teacher and then a principal at her school and then back as a teacher. She knew children, she loved children.

Let me tell you about Irma.

She was born in 17.02.1903 at Riverside Iowa to Anthony and Laura Martin. She lived among my other relatives in Iowa descending from the Stolley line connecting to my Minnie Meyer of Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. Or Grandpa Willy. Just like the Herman Meyer and some of his other siblings descendants, other descendants of the vast tree in Iowa came up to Minnesota for cheap land and good farming. The family farmed and later lived in Madelia.

Irma in her later years looked much like the girl in the last row on the very left and the girl to her right. [ I am ashamed to say, I don't know who those people are as of yet.]

While Irma was making a life in Minnesota, she had a sister Leatha in Wisconsin married to Edward Schenk at the post office of Schwano area. In 1930 Irma took time out from her teaching to marry Ole H. Olson from Yellow Medicine county and they lived in a sweet little cottage at Hazel Run. Children for various possible reasons didn't happen, but the war did. It took away her Ole Olson and her chances to be a mother. She kept the house most of her life.

View Larger Map

I was aware of her in her fifties and sixty years of age, when she lived and taught in Rosemount, Minnesota. Often times she would make a little run down to Watonwan county to visit us. She and my mother seemed to get along pretty good, and I think she told my mother a great deal about her children experiences. She did a little genealogy, I heard later, and so often mentioned something or talked of a few things with my grandfather or my father. Unfortunately, I have no clue what she found out or mentioned.

Sometimes, when she stopped it was before she would be on her way to Iowa or west to Hazel Run, or back to Rosemont. . She had her remodeled mothers house in Madelia, where she she would stay, work, store and haul things from and back to be stored.

I didn't realize back then that Irma did not stop at my aunt and uncles residence in Lewisville. My cousin once told me that she did not know who she was. Usually when relatives stopped, they also went to see my father s brother or his wife, or there might be a big get together. Uncle Lyle died young and so if Irma had desire to see Amanda and her child that would be reason to go to their place, or not.

Irma had plans to retire and become a antique dealer with maybe a little cottage somewhere. Everyone should have dreams and that was hers. She drove this station wagons usually stuffed with boxes or furniture. Later when I had my license and a car of my own, I had boxes in the car either coming home or going to my apartments, mom would affectionately call me ''Irma" because I " put her in the mind " of Irma. I, of course ate it up. Not that I did any of it on purpose. I had gotten to know Irma on a personal basis in my teen years and it felt good to be called Irma. [ It was just mom' s way of teasing.]
Later on, when mom called me Irma, not one of us needed to ask why. It was that reason.

Do you repeat phrases of those you know or used to know. Sometimes I think I say it unintentional and sometimes I do it in an affectionate recall, just because I want to. I say it just like Irma used to say, she would be thinking aloud as she did things. " Now then" she would say and then move on to what she wanted to do next.

Since, she was my special woman [relative] involved out at Sunnyslope Farm in our families life, you can bet your sweet petunia [and I know you got one today], I will be writing about her again, you just wait and see.

Irma Minnie Martin Olson was a Memorable woman with out birth children of her own, but she had all the warmth of a deserving Mother, and so I honored her today on this Mothers day 2010.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Genealogy - Surname Schroeder, Saucke, Seil, Joliet Illinois

~~~ Anna Elisabeth Seil Schroeder ~~~~

Grandma Schroeder. Louise is behind Anna Elizabeth Schroeder on the left.

On 31.3.10. I received this picture from Robert Stein. I am doing a sin here, assuming that the lady in the forefront is Anna Elizabeth Schroeder nee SEIL. A few years ago he sent me the passenger ship for his schroeder and well I lost that document with a computer. I searched old emails last night for anything on it It might turn up yet. I have searched, but I want to see if it is the same as he found back then.

His World Connect files states onn ship Rugia from Hamburg to be May 1883 to New York on Hamburg Immigration listing.

another family of Schroeder from Oldendorf

Trips to the Old Country

It is my greatest Dream to visit the churches of the old country of my grandparents and those other colonists of Farnhamville, Calhoun County Iowa. If I did so though, I'd have to stay more than a week!

I reread the postcard in the letter that Mr. Stein sent when he sent me the postcard from the Kannings from the
Nahrendorf church. There was a note or letter behind the card! Reading it, I saw that he himself did not get the information, as I may have said somewhere at A Rootdiggerspot blog. I don't know which Kanning went on the trip to Germany. I am going to find out!

I understand why he did not look up anyone else while there. Schroeder and Saucke were their main interest. You would think though, that they would have checked on Heinrich Seil. Would they have been seeking more of the Saucke family and the Schroeder family? Perhaps their other information was in Dannenburg. Also I am sure time was a factor. The Kanning family are not from this area by the Elbe River. They resided much more west.

Kannings are involved with these surnames of Oldendorf / Nahrendorf and Duebbekold:
Nahnsen/ Meyer, Heinrich Seil [geb. * 1859], Friedrich Schroeder and Elisabeth Saucke.
Possibly Another Seil family at Joliet, Illinois.
I am sure I forgot a few.
I wonder if they also went to see the Dahlenburg church archives. Since Maria Elisabeth Saucke's family also lived at Ahndorf by Boitze and Neetzendorf. [ I suspect connections to Tosterglop and Gut Horn as well.]

I just added the message written on back of the post card from Robert Stein at that site. You can see it here.

: If your a faithful reader of my tree blogging, you may already know that I have another family connection to the village of Duebbekold. It is through the family Luhmann again going back a generations from the gr gr grandmother Catharina Margarethea Luhmann with family of Andreas Gehrke.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gee, I Might Have Missed The Best Genealogy Event

A 1950 Census searcn at

1950-US-Census-Substitute says this :
The 1950 Census Substitute searches across more than 2,500 U.S. city directories from the mid 1940s through the 1950s. City directories were precursors to modern-day phonebooks and contain the names of each adult resident in the town along with their occupation and home and work addresses. Until the 1950 U.S. Federal Census becomes available, these records serve as a great resource for finding any adult family members who would have been alive during the 1950s.

- aweek later :
Posted by Laura Dansbury on January 19, 2010 in
Last week we posted a new 1950 U.S. census substitute. These records can serve as a great starting point for learning more about people who were born or grew up after the 1930 U.S. Census.

To protect the privacy of living individuals, U.S. censuses are not released to the general public until 72 years after the census was originally taken. Since the 1940 U.S. Federal Census will not be available until 2012 and the 1950 US Federal will not be made publicly available in 2022, city directories contain information about all the adult residents in a town, such as their name, occupation and home and work addresses.

The 1950 census Substitute searches across more than 2,500 U.S. city directories from the mid 1940s through the 1950s. City directories were precursors to modern-day phonebooks and contain the names of each adult resident in the town along with their occupation and home and work addresses. Until the 1950 U.S. Federal Census becomes available, these records serve as a great resource for finding any adult family members who would have been alive during the 1950s.

We have to spend a little time on this.
Now where did I put my list of things I need looking up for that time period.

Miss Myrtle has a little more too on this and the 1880 census.

Note. since the link went through my account, I removed it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Rootdiggers Genealogy Blog Anniversary

An Aniversary has rolled around with out any major problems. it sure has been fun especially with the changes that has developed. I maybe should take some time to make a few more changes, add a few gadgets, learn some techniques and perhaps some evaluations are in order. One geneablogger I noticed took a lot of time to figure out who is all commenting on her blog, but well that won't happen here.

The anniversary will be passing by here with out a lot of bells and whistles. Maybe with out a lot of new gadgets and changes. More or less as before.

I have added a new blog, which is still in the beginning stage. I just haven't decided if I want it to be more on the Meyer branches in Iowa with the Nahnsens or if it deals with other surnames of the Maternal side of the family. I guess I use the separation of trees in different blogs as one attempt to organize my surnames.

I had intentions of a few little bells for this Blogiversary, but with the stay over trip to Como Conservatory/ Gillette Hospital childrens fund raiser, and the unexpected deer who ran in front of my Daughters vechicle on sunday, it just couldn't happen. [It is strange that it is the same town where her car died the last time about five years ago.] I guess in spite of all the
other wonderful events, the most that counts is that I will still be a genealogist blogging mother of two well children on this coming mothers day. I look forward to more blogging adverntures.

Well thanks to you all, especially Genea-Bloggers for being here this year to support me as a blogger. I shall carry on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Very Victorian Como Conservatory / Zoo

Como Conservatory Charity Event

I went to the Como Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota
on Saturday for a Walmart Charity Event.
My daughter had invited me to join her fellow employees, because she knew I had always been wishing to see the Conservatory and the Japanese garden.
I am just lucky I have a daughter with a
kind giving heart, who also likes to do
those walks for charity events. [smile,]
She believes strongly in most of those that she does.

These gals are wearing the winning t- shirts of the day. Sorry it is a bit hard to read. [They used the colors of the sunken garden!]

This particular Charity event was partaken by other teams of Walmart employees from Minnesota and Wisconsin. It was held at the Como Recreation area with a kickoff of several speakers and the last from Miss Minnesota, with our national song. [ She is a very accomplished singer]. Each participant was to obtain donations from other people to the charity as well as walk around the lake three times to a total of five miles.

After the completion of the walk and a little lunch, awards were given. Before we would be done and go off to home or to the conservatory and zoo above the hill we would get together to hear from the hosts and speakers. We heard of the need of those who would benefit from this event. Several of those parents and the children expressed their thanks. Once I heard the struggling cerebral palsy child speak, memories briefly flooded back to me of years around 1970.

I was drawn into this charity event because my daughter wanted to give me the opportunity to see the gardens. I admit I hadn't correctly understood what in particular part of cancer this was about. Soon I realized it was not cancer, and I clearly understood the charity was about the aid for Gillette Hospital and handicapped children.

I had a few moments of regret that I didn't realize it sooner. When it is about their cause and the children, I have felt it deeply in my heart, since my years of attending a Junior college in Worthington, Minnesota, when I had worked as a aide in the Handicapped Children's dorm on the opposite side of the lake from the college. The name has changes since, and I am not sure if the name has changed more than once. Of course this was my pre-adult years, and I was very mallable those years. I carry sentimental feelings deeply for those three years I lived there for all I met in that life time. So, unknowingly the daughter had given me something unexplainably heart felt more than she knew the Como trip would be. I had helped somehow something I believed in and I hope others with Walmart will continue to help their cause.


Could I stop being a genealogist for one weekend? No!
Well, kind of. I kept quiet enough due to the wind and my physical exertion helped with that score, but it was there lurking as I had conversations with my new acquaintance from India as the three of us walked around Lake Como with all the others participants.

Well really walking around the lake, even though rather windy at times, requires conversation, from someone who also likes to have a little friendly conversation. She had told me that she has also lived in England and Germany. I didn't know have enough in my knowledge to converse much about England. Nor did I completely understand with her accent just where she said in Germany she lived [smile], however I did get one answer that satisfied my inner genealogist for the day that I had wondered about for some time. Yes, Germans drive on the wrong side of the car too! [ I refrained from real genealogy talk. Had we done another round and had my daughter allowed it, it might have happened. tee hee]

Raschme [ probably spelled incorrectly] didn't go with us to the zoo and conservatory since she had been there before.

The Conservatory.
I had mentally anticipated and figured what the conservatory would be like. I expected the formal arrangement of a Victorian sunken garden and the Victorian typical palm room, etc. And of course I was right. I love being right. I had not expected that the sunken garden, fern room, would draw me into the experience of wanting to capture the scene for later viewing as much as it did. I went through fifty pictures on two disposable cameras [ sorry it was not digital] and my daughter, who takes them so well, did a few digital pictures too. [ She has given me permission to blog a few, isn't she sweet.] I will have more at my Sunnyside blog later on.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Followers Gadget

My gadget that gives me "Followers" you see at the side, has been telling me it is in error. I don't know how this could be. At any rate, I will check into it a bit later.

I kind of laughed at myself in my old age, because I had noticed that the reason I couldn't find half my people on Follow, is because I failed to click more and next!! I had been starting at the top and not making it to the last.

I have to say, I am looking forward to sitting outside at my table in the mornings having a little peppermint tea and doing a little reading, and commenting.
Of course in order to do that I will be working out there a bit more to make a few changes.
More about that at Sunnyside blog.

I was away when this posted. I say that is pretty nice!


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