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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Any One In The Family Care To Research Henke?

Please do research the Henke family history, if you have the desire to do so. I have next to nothing on this familien name Henke. Hencke. The family name appeared on records around the cities of Muden Oertze bei Fassberg.

As you know she was Anna Marie Henke. She married Johann Heins. After birth of a few children they moved to Oldendorf. That is where Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
[geb. eichdorf] married Maria Heins. I have often wondered how William Meyer met the daughter Maria Dorothea Heins. Perhaps the family moved there first. I have wondered if they had something to do with the hunting lodge at Roethen in the Goehrde area.

If you have results, would you please let me know what you find. Thank you.

Note: In America Heins took on the spelling of Heinz by the various relatives.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The above link is for viewing further information about Meyer Heins Marriage and children.

I think the Anna Marie Hencke Heinz looks like she walked out of a Jane Austin Movie. Or Charlotte Bronte Novel. I wonder if the uniform on the handsome gent could be a clue?

I wish I knew for sure if the captions are correct. Any one with the Meyer book know for sure? Was it corrected in your Meyer book? He most definately looks like the captioned Heinrich Heinz with Mrs Frau Heinz.

I believe this one is the oldest photo of oldest Ancestor that our family had. I believe Frieda Nahnsen said that it was suppose to Meyer. Though the caption in the Meyer book says Heinz.

Verl where are you? Can you tell us?

Comments on the correct name, very welcome.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More on Maves, Mews, Mewes familien names

Ladies at left are Maternal Maves from Mewes family. Sorry pic can't be edited at the moment. The tree is a work in progress. You will be able to follow it at Since this blog is for the Maternal and paternal Meyer lines I have placed it on it's own Wi blog spot. Maves is on the Husby/ Johnsen tree..

Maves, Mewes, Mews surname Search in genealogy.

I was in contact with Fraulein Roth. She of the most generous sweet nature gave me copy of her digging into the Maves family history. Her tree falls under Gotttlieb/Friedrich/William/Wilmer Maves line. She gave me permission to add to my own source. Some of which is very similar. A majority of her information came from the 1925 edition of the genealogy book of Dunn county.

She also mentioned that the Roth family came from Switzerland. For the family of interest should be the name Engeldinger. Brief glimpses in the name brings up Switzerland familie names they married and the name Hein.

It is a source I have already been access to from the local genealogy group in that county. [Also at the county library there is a booklet by a lady named French in the genealogy collection.]
Dunn county has done much in the genealogy field. Among leaders in that field I will give credit to Linda Schwartz. If any of your Maves line connect with norway, I suggest you check out her site. At the list of links at my side. As I said there are quite a few places of evidence of her work and others. Here is another link you can copy and paste, if you wish.

Others in regards to Dunn county.
You will find many yourself by the google tool.

In order to protect the living I will make some changes in the copy I have already. I will update it with a few of the obituaries and facts from the church about marriages or births, if I can. I will list names. Then if anyone has any further questions, please email me or comment.

I accidently clicked on some spyware fake websites. So my own computer is down. One must be more careful than I have been. [ click x if you can and retreat]. In addition, one must be very careful of messenger invitations to check out their sites. So now I have to bear the consequences. I will be around, but not as much for a short amount of time without the pictures and documents that I have collected. I do not know how the loss of internet explorer will affect the blog. I am currently trying to find out if anything or something has to be saved.

I shall be moving Maves tree to another email address soon. The roots of it all. Primarily it will concentrate on the Maves and related information regarding that tree and it's location. Mainly because it's history comes from Pommerania. I deal more with Hannover Kingdom.
Comments welcome.

Note: Maves, Mewes are not in My Meyer Ancestors. The Heritage occurs through Marriages of Johnson, Johnsen, Or Johansen and the Husby line. You may see this also at

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