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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Luhmann Family Familie Chronik tree Genealogy With Meyer Family History

Work in Progress. Work done by Ms. Chance and I.

Descendants of Henning Luhmann

Generation No. 1

1. Henning1 Luhmann died July 30, 1673. He married Helena ?. She died April 24, 1679.

Children of Henning Luhmann and Helena ? are:
2. i. Schwiebert2 Luhmann, d. February 16, 1687/88.
ii. Engel Luhmann, b. Abt. 1645.
iii. Unknown Luhmann, b. May 12, 1660; d. May 12, 1660.

Generation No. 2

2. Schwiebert2 Luhmann (Henning1) died February 16, 1687/88. He married (1) Anna BRESE. She was born in Nahrendorf, Germany, and died November 26, 1672. He married (2) ? Abt. 1673.

Children of Schwiebert Luhmann and Anna Brese are:
i. Heinrich Jurgen3 Luhmann, b. March 08, 1664/65, Eichdorf, Germany.
ii. Anna Dorothea Luhmann, b. August 28, 1667, Eichdorf, Germany.

Children of Schwiebert Luhmann and ? are:
3. iii. Jurgen3 Luhmann, b. 1673, Eichdorf, Germany; d. January 13, 1739/40.
iv. Claus Jacob Luhmann, b. February 08, 1675/76, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 29, 1755.
v. Hans Diedrich Luhmann, b. February 27, 1677/78, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Valentin Johann Luhmann, b. October 19, 1681, Eichdorf, Germany; d. February 15, 1730/31.

Generation No. 3

3. Jurgen3 Luhmann (Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born 1673 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died January 13, 1739/40. He married Clara Margarethe SCHULTZ*. She died September 05, 1754.

Children of Jurgen Luhmann and Clara Schultz are:
i. Christian Friedrich4 Luhmann, b. May 03, 1712, Eichdorf, Germany; d. February 08, 1757; m. Anna Margaretha MUELLER*; b. Abt. 1716, Kovahl, Germany; d. August 04, 1786.
ii. Anthon Frantz Luhmann, b. January 26, 1713/14, Eichdorf, Germany; m. ?, October 19, 1747, Bostelwiebeck, Germany.
iii. Dorothea Maria Luhmann, b. January 24, 1715/16, Eichdorf, Germany.
iv. Heinrich Jurgen Luhmann*, b. September 20, 1717, Eichdorf, Germany; m. ?, October 29, 1757, Leestahl, Germany.

More About Heinrich Jurgen Luhmann:
Occupation: Shepherd

v. Johann Peter Luhmann, b. January 02, 1720/21, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Abt. 1775, Breese, Germany; m. ?, June 19, 1751, Breese, Germany.
vi. Hans Jurgen Luhmann, b. July 05, 1722; m. ?, 1763, Bostelwiebeck, Germany.
4. vii. Valentin Luhmann, b. March 05, 1723/24, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 15, 1793.
viii. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann, b. April 12, 1727, Eichdorf, Germany; d. October 06, 1729, Eichdorf, Germany.

Generation No. 4

4. Valentin4 Luhmann (Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born March 05, 1723/24 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died May 15, 1793. He married Catharina Sophia MUELLER* October 02, 1752. She was born 1732 in Kovahl, Germany, and died January 01, 1789.

More About Valentin Luhmann:
Occupation: Shepherd

Children of Valentin Luhmann and Catharina Muller are:
5. i. Jurgen Heinrich5 Luhmann, b. April 29, 1753, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Bef. 1809.
ii. Anna Dorothea Sophia Luhmann, b. January 11, 1755, Eichdorf, Germany.
iii. Anna Margaretha Luhmann, b. January 28, 1757, Eichdorf, Germany; d. July 18, 1765.
iv. Catharina Elisabeth Luhmann, b. July 30, 1759, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Friedrich Wilhelm RIES, November 15, 1782.

More About Friedrich Wilhelm Ries:
Occupation: Landlord
Residence: Oldendorf, Germany

v. Elisabeth Margarethe Luhmann, b. November 23, 1761, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Maria Magdalena Luhmann, b. March 23, 1764, Eichdorf, Germany.
vii. Anna Margarete Luhmann, b. December 01, 1766, Eichdorf, Germany; d. April 14, 1767.
viii. Johann Friedrich Luhmann, b. June 14, 1768, Eichdorf, Germany.
ix. Ernst Ludewig Luhmann, b. September 06, 1772.

Generation No. 5

5. Jurgen Heinrich5 Luhmann (Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born April 29, 1753 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died Bef. 1809. He married Catharina Elizabeth GEHRKE November 19, 1784, daughter of Andreas Heinrich GEHRKE. She was born 1757, and died December 08, 1822.

Children of Jurgen Luhmann and Catharina Gehrke are:
6. i. Johann Jurgen6 Luhmann, b. September 26, 1785, Eichdorf, Germany; d. March 06, 1843.
ii. Catharina Elisabeth Luhmann, b. June 21, 1788, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Jurgen BARTELS, November 10, 1812.

More About Johann Jurgen Bartels:
Residence: Eichdorf, Germany

iii. Margaretha Magdalena Luhmann, b. March 13, 1791, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Jurgen Christoph Heinrich SEIL, November 16, 1810.
iv. Catharina Maria Luhmann, b. June 26, 1794, Eichdorf, Germany; d. October 07, 1848; m. Jurgen Friedrich SEIL*, April 30, 1822.

More About Jurgen Friedrich Seil:
Occupation: Farm hand
Residence: Luben, Germany

Generation No. 6

6. Johann Jurgen6 Luhmann (Jurgen Heinrich5, Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born September 26, 1785 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died March 06, 1843. He married Anna Maria REINECKE* November 11, 1809. She was born 1791 in Nahrendorf, Germany, and died December 02, 1867.

Children of Johann Luhmann and Anna REINECKE are:
i. Johann Jurgen Christian7 Luhmann, b. November 30, 1809, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 04, 1809.
ii. Unknown Luhmann, b. Abt. 1811, Eichdorf, Germany; d. Abt. 1811.

More About Unknown Luhmann:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

iii. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, b. October 10, 1812, Eichdorf, Germany.
iv. Jurgen Hienrich Luhmann, b. October 10, 1812, Eichdorf, Germany.

Notes for Jurgen Hienrich Luhmann:
Jurgen sold the property in Eichdorf in 1876, thus ending the 220 year history of the Luhmann family of Eichdorf.

v. Johann Christoph Luhmann, b. December 15, 1814, Eichdorf, Germany; d. July 27, 1873; m. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth MEYER[MEIER], May 15, 1859.
7. vi. Catharina Margaretha Luhmann, b. January 26, 1818, Eichdorf, Germany; d. 1855, Germany.
vii. Anna Maria Luhmann, b. March 07, 1820, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ+, December 05, 1841.

More About Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm SCHULZ:
Residence: Schutschur, Germany

viii. Johann Jurgen Ludwig Luhmann, b. December 19, 1821; d. May 14, 1822.
ix. Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann*, b. September 15, 1823, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Heinrich Christoph SCHLAPHOF[F]*+, October 18, 1843.

More About Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphof:
Occupation: Farm hand

x. Catharine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, b. August 19, 1825, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Johann Jurgen BARTELS.
xi. Johann Jurgen Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 22, 1827.
xii. Jurgen Friedrich Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 24, 1827.
xiii. Unknown Luhmann, b. September 27, 1827, Eichdorf, Germany; d. September 27, 1827.

More About Unknown Luhmann:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

xiv. Margaretha Magdalene Elisabeth Luhmann, b. April 15, 1829, Eichdorf, Germany; m. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm PAGEL+, December 26, 1850.

More About Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Pagel:
Residence: Schutschur, Germany

Generation No. 7

7. Catharina Margaretha7 Luhmann (Johann Jurgen6, Jurgen Heinrich5, Valentin4, Jurgen3, Schwiebert2, Henning1) was born January 26, 1818 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died 1855 in Germany. She married Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich MEYER May 18, 1838 in Nahrendorf, Germany, son of Johann Meyer and Maria BEHRENS. He was born 29.11.1814 in Neetzendorf, Germany.

Notes for Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer:
In 1845, Jurgen bought property in Oldendorf, and at the same time was employed as a game warden at the Royal Prussian game preserve in Roethen, for Kaiser Wilhelm I.

More About Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer:
Occupation: Shepherd, Hausling, Park warden at Game Reserve Roethen

Children of Catharina Luhmann and Jurgen Meyer are:
i. Katharina Maria Elisabeth8 Meyer, b. October 24, 1839, Eichdorf, Germany.
ii. Unknown Meyer, b. December 21, 1840, Eichdorf, Germany; d. December 21, 1840, Eichdorf, Germany.

More About Unknown Meyer:
Cause of Death: Stillborn

iii. Katharina Margarethe Elisabeth Meyer, b. February 02, 1842, Eichdorf, Germany.
8. iv. Jurgen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer+, b. October 07, 1843, Eichdorf, Germany; d. May 17, 1929, Greene County, Iowa.
v. Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer, b. September 12, 1845, Eichdorf, Germany.
vi. Maria Katharina Meyer, b. October 27, 1847, Oldendorf, Germany.
vii. Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer, b. October 15, 1849, Oldendorf, Germany.
9. viii. Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer+, b. December 09, 1851, Oldendorf, Germany; d. September 25, 1918, Lombard, Illinois.

Nebraska and Minnesota
+Additonal data about Martens tree.

More to come.

History is personal.

Welcome back. The weather has cooled slightly and has hints of snow or rain soon. I have been taking time out to clean out the flower beds before they get too far along, I won't easily accomplish the job.
In any case, Here I sit ready to share a little thought I have had on my mind while raking..

Have you ever read the flowery biographies in those community history books compiled by society members of the community. I have examples at the side in several blog rolls and links. I'll draw your attention to a few links. to illustrate the example. Notice how they freely told you how the pioneer stood on his politics. They told you if he was a Republican or Democrat. As if each person was very proud of those views or is the privilege of being able to say those opinions and stand out in the community and proudly proclaim their views. It was a big deal for our ancestors. I suppose it still is but in a different way.

And I as a reader about the individual, now has a clear picture of what the pioneer was all about. His personal and his public views.
Sometimes were lucky to have a few correspondences or our family where a political event or a personal opinion occurs that were pleased to find. Sometimes those views have been mentioned many time in family stories about the individual. It makes history of their day more personal, and of course History is personal.Our family pertain to it is interesting. Whether we personally agree or give it no real thought at all. But Understanding is the key.

I have realized, that and I wonder how much I want my descendants to know how we fall into the events or locality how I fit into the history as it is being made day by day. I at times, not even sure what I think some days. If eel a need to give my excuses, my views etc of why my life has been what it has been. To show my niche in this large world. Then again I keep so much of my thoughts and real feelings to myself. In fact when political advocates call me, I tell them my intentions and who I am going to vote for are private.

So I guess it is surprising that a few posts back, I published a view I had on a local politics and I wanted to open some eyes to the future efects if these events get ignored. It is surprising in a a lot of ways that it did reflect the worries I had, have. It is this kind of post I wanted to do to open some people eyes like a warning, because the Holocaust did not happen overnight.

After reviewing the Genea Bloggers code of conduct this week I realizeed it was inappropriate for I a Genea Blogger to publish Political views. Escpecially in the way I wrote that Post in an angry mode. So I removed it. I may write it in another way, if I want to express and give my excuses about this time and place in our lives. As I have said so far in different ways history has it's influence on our lives. Politics have an influence on our lives. I want my descendants who read any remaining blogs fifty years from now understand how the politics, and economy we have now influences our lives so much. They have to know how it caused depression and changes that we have to deal with personally each in our own ways. I am sure I can convey that differently than I did. perhaps informative and conveying more than one opinion. And if need be in another blog as suggested or simply someplace else..

History has it's influence on our lives. Politics have an influence on our lives. I want my descendants who read any remaining blogs fifty years from now understand how the politics, and economy we have now influences our lives so much. They have to know how it caused depression and changes that we have to deal with personally each in our own ways. I am sure I can convey that differently than I did. And if need be in another blog as suggested.

source of Genea Bloggers Code of conduct:

Name Translation during family history research is not awlays a good thing.

While I was working on a Reinecke family history of the hof 2 in Sueschendorf, I noticed while I was using a translator, there was some reversal involved in Names. I have to admit, I do proof my information before I publish it, but I very well could overlook that as I type something refering to the translated copy more than the original.

I noticed earlier someones name translated as Ground Pool. Now I will have to see just who has that name.
You may have noticed that the translator translates names and places so you have to contstantly check the German written article all along the way. I just like to understand as I go along.
So I am going to be aware and maybe back check with the original papers over the next months as I lay my hands on them.

In fact I remember one person had the name translated as decrement. How awful.

If you happen to notice some differences in the order of the names. please point them out to me.
You won't win a prize, well maybe my happy smile will that do.?

Hot linking and Copyright Issues vs. Genealogy reporting

Hi, it's good to be here. I have a few Genealogical issues on my mind dealing with my reporting to download to you today.

Copyright Issues
I have to admit it's built up guilt that brought me here to post today. I was browsing and ran into Dick Eastman's website about copyrights amd another on the issues here [Is this a hotlink?] and then by browsing the Internet about and bloggers violating copywriting issues with and Find a Grave photos.
Let's just say that my conscience has led me to the conclusion that I shouldn't be showing pages from nor should I be Hot linking pages from them or anyone else. I may have to let you find these your self or at let you request them from me.
Hot linking.
I admit I am still a little fuzzy about the Hot linking concept. You may have to clarify that issue yourself, since I shouldn't direct link to those pages.???? [lol]

I won't expand on all the reasons of why I have linked to pages rather than take the images. However from Ancestry sources, I had felt it was okay to do so since it was my Person. I also wanted to share my findings.

I simply wanted to save someone else the work of going through a persons websites in search of a particular picture or a phrase that they are interested in. I thought that linking to them was not stealing their image and a bonus by giving them more traffic.

I had forgotten that Bloggers want you to browse their website from front to back.
But evidently according to websites where I have read the information, direct linking to a page is still bad and called Hot linking.

So even in our little societies, one has to be careful. I have so far avoided doing the Follow Friday, because I have been scared of offending someone. I tried it years ago as a beginner blogger, by a review of a blogger from Minnesota by inserting some of her work into my pages highlighting her talent for words. I wrote her and she never once acknowledged me back. I found out later she was atually offended by my attention to her work. Which I finally figured out was wrong. And I hate to be wrong.

So instead, I had decided I would send them to a particular page rather than remove their content. I would say mainly media content. Even though I am not claiming it as my own. Now with the reading of information, It's not so good to direct link that way.

But now I see one should save the location to a private file. And just say that I found the information at the general blog. I should say I found it at ancestry. I can relay the facts I found at ancestry or anywhere else, but not use their bandwidth in doing so. I don't wish to violate copyright.

So folks if you wish more details on those facts and pages I said I found; go right ahead and email me. Or let me know through comment your interested and I 'll be sure to send it your way.

This also brings up my problem issues of:
1. storage of the locations of my data.
2. a longer time factor in a posting, which actually lends itself to a more creative posting possibility.
3. matters of my sources which Is not the greatest idea any way of using a website as a source of information. One must go past that basic website location.
4. whether I go back and place some of my pages in draft or a hold position until I correct this. And am I going to go back and change all my pages?
5. details of main page, home page and joint pages.

I have browsed to see if I am the only blogger who does this, and there is comfort in saying I am not. However, not all of those who use's pages have Adsense on their pages. I do. And I realize that Google ads do not want copyright issues. I am still going to link to sites and not direct linking is going to be sooo very difficult for me for awhile. I had many ads on my site from which seem to be gone lately. And this disturbs me.

Now if you notice some item you wanted to browse or some detail your not seeing, it probably is on hold, just ask and I will share it with you. I welcome your opinion on this hot topic.
If you have tips and advice Please send it my way.


The 'ol' copyright issues in this new year.

Hi Everyone,

You haven't missed any informational genealogy posts yet. They simply haven't been done. Instead - I am mulling over the copyright issues that will involve some of us; who took a few risks posting other's material. Even though we gave credit due. I've noticed that other bloggers posted pictures etc., when they did not know to whom it belonged. So I have decisions to make. Reviewing to do.

I especially used whole documents, which do not open enough to be readable. Which may also be of questionable use. I freely quoted, with documentation.
So I still think there are a few items on a few pages that call for some Editing. I hope you readers feel free to ask if you wish to see the original document. I will try to supply better sources other than website links to my information.

Would it help if I devoted a page with notes and links the pages that were changed?.

So that will keep me busy. I think that I may be tempted from time to time to shorten some posts, so if you see new posts it might be due to that inspiration.

--At present--
I kind of put newly found trees in the back burner and move on to the next. I never really studied all the individual names and places. They seem to be like me at a bar in the olden days - mingle with like, but never connected with anyone. So I thought I should be arootdigger and dig out trees of Rosseborg/ Wenige/ Thiele/Petesch & Schroeder. The names Warnecke, Schoop, Bagung are intriguing me today.

You know I won't be able to keep myself from jotting down some thoughts as I do so.
You never know, I just might share a few of those thoughts.
So it might be a good idea to check in to see.

Old Memories, Old pages of documents, Old blog pages from Family history research

Digging into old pages digs up old memories, which prompts me for older stories and data of Leestahl.
Whatever the motivation I thought I would share this immigration family Saucke from Leestahl. It could come in handy, when I do a few mini series about Jahnke, Rappaul.
This was found at AIDA.

These are the particulars.
Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover: Sonderfindbücher
Hann. 74 Bleckede W Reg. II Loc. 5 H Nr. 63
Nr. 63
Lagerungsbestand: Gesperrt bis:
Hann. 74 Bleckede W Reg. II Loc. 5 H
. . - . . ( . . - . . )
Teilprovenienz: Vorprovenienz:
00.16. . . . Sauke, Heinrich Wilhelm

Registratursignatur: Alte Archivsignatur:
Band: Umfang:
Restaurierbedürftigkeit: Trägermaterial:
1. SAUCKE,  Heinrich Wilhelm, Dahlenburg 2. 05. 09. 1847, Leestahl 4. Sauke, Johann Heinrich; Sauke, Dorothea Elisabeth, geb. SCHWABE 7. Toledo/Nordamerika 8. 03. 07. 1867 10. ältester Bruder Sauke, Johann dort; bittet dringend darum, daß sein Bruder kommt, da er ihn in seinem Schlachtbetrieb braucht; er selbst hat vor kurzem THIELE, Bertha geheiratet, die mit ihren Eltern vor 5 Jahren aus Berlin dorthin auswanderte; Eltern haben inzwischen eine große Färberei; er selbst will sich diesen Sommer ein Haus bauen und hat in seinen Betrieb gerade 700 Taler für eine Dampfmaschine zum Fleischhacken (1000 Pfund in 3 Stunden) investiert (Brief des Sauke, Johann vom 27. 03. 1867 liegt bei)

I found this site while searching for this exact information. Isn't that crazy wonderful.

Sentimental Saturday or Stories of Ancestors

Today I think I shall combine them all into a little sweet blogging about some baking the Meyer family did at the Farm. All due to an inspiring recipe I just read at Mom's Country Cookin. She has this recipe for brownies which uses the ingredient of sour milk. It started me thinking how normally these days one just tosses out sour milk.

I myself forget and just toss it out or maybe I do it because I am less inclined to bake cookies than my mother was. She would make up a big batches of cookies for us on our Sunday visits, which she would keep in her ice cream pail. Our families each [which were a lot of us] would eat those cookies like there was no tomorrow.

One of my relatives had asked me for some recipes of Grandma Annie Seil part of the family, which of course have been misplaced for some time now. She had only asked, because I had said I found it in one of those local advertisement pamphlets. At first when she asked, all I could think of at was My aunts date cookies with the burnt sugar frosting.

I didn't think of mom's sour cream cookies and her other cookies. I think because mom was still around then, and maybe I thought everyone was making those cookies too. I am not sure if she used sour milk exactly, but I am sure it was nearly the same thing. I am sure she had variations of her recipe.

I did a little look over the Internet to see how common they are, and  it  is, well,  pretty common. Every woman though has her own secret thing she adds. Maybe those cookies are not so desirable now, cause they call for Crisco. Some people maybe want to avoid that type of product, and that could be a reason for the falling out of appeal of the cookie. Mom and I like to use half and half when we baked chocolate chip cookies and other kinds as well.

Sometimes for something special of a baking day she would go down to the barn into the little room off the left in that new barn and take the creamier part of the milk from the milk separator. Some days as she got ready to bake, when I was small, I would be sent down to get it from dad and carry it back to the house, as if it were the special mission not to spill it or let the cats get it from me, as I would slowly go with the heavy pail carefully back up the little hill incline to the house.

I am not sure how it would happen, but sometimes dads milk would go sour in the separator. I am not sure if was lack of cooling electricity, being gone to long. But it happened. That meant a marathon of baking to use up the milk, so it wouldn't go to waste. That meant sour cream pudding too towards the end of the milk. Bread Pudding. If we were really lucky it could be Homemade Ice cream. Mom especially liked to make Chocolate chip or Banana flavored Ice Cream. mmm  ym I gotta go got this craving for Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey,  which is close but not the same.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Co - author of Heinrich Porth, Marlies, may be looking or your Family from Uelzen.

REleasing a draft post which may be out of date. Mainly because the book probably is published. I shall have to follow up with the details

In a earlier post I mentioned that a co- author of one of Heinrich Porth's books is researching families from the books. I know because she contacted me about the Himbergen,  August Seil and Lizzie Seils mother, and I am suppose to be working on those technical details right now. I had already found this information, but I accepted it all the same. I also got back to her on some others I had found from that area of Gross Thondorf, Uelzen

And since I have my nose in so many other trees, I have been working on a list of those who who come off of the top of my head. Also I did find a few favorites from Rootsweb World Connect whom I have had some contact or I have done a few look ups on myself.
Plus I sent her the Genzel Tree, which I am suppose to be finishing up a Genealogyofoldendorfund This tree contained some from Nettlestorf, and Possibly Weste, along with Bodenteich. It will help her list. Every since I saw the Genzel tree I have wondered about each Meyer who settled in at Greene and Calhoun county near my Meyer family.

Some one had a little information in their ancestry research from each of the other Meyer trees there at Calhoun county, so I got out my book of Calhoun and relayed some of it in a condensed form.

I was about to do so with a Christoph Meyer of Williams twp. for a blo.  I thought she might be interested,   because he came from Ebstorf, when I stumbled on the tree at Ancestry with it all written out word for word from the book. When I find my own Himbergen book buried here somewhere, I am going to look up his family and see if they connected at all to Himbergen area.
And I want to see if any of them went to Joliet, Jo Davies and maybe Pittsburg. Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, or Oregon.

I Talk genealogy research talk and I forget people who don't  do this stuff;  do not  know the sources and places I refer in general terms. I forget to explain it in detail. In those cases just drop a comment here and I will do my best to tell you where, how, why and what you want to know more about.

I originally broke down and bought that Himbergen book by Porth just to get this Seil information. I didn't know at the time that it would be more read and worn out than the bible.

Note speculation; Hmm I wonder if Karl Rose family was in her updated book.

Hawkeye Heritage for Genealogy family History research

 One more link from my drafts.
At one time I was using the library resources for some genealogy research. Now and then I found something on a surname.
Which I found here at Hawkeye Heritage
Vol. forty three / Issue one/ summer 09.
*This gives a brief Paragraph about Gustav Jaeschke and his wife Maria Elisabeth Seil Jaeschke. I suspect it was submitted by B. Nowack
[I hope the link still works. I no longer have my puter hooked up to the program.]

*This issue also contains pages of some names of United Spanish War Veterans which association was united by 1904.

This link sends you to the Iowa genealogical site. It is my understanding that there is
a way there to research marriage, death, birth, all for a fee. An hourly research service. I know my Genie relative of Pochahantas could tell you more. They deserve a post all of their own. The name Seil caught my eye while searching for some cemeteries sites I have seen in the past online. Since I lost valuable bookmarks at the end of last year, I have to find them all over again.

I hope you enjoy.

Gustav and Elizabeth Seil Jaeschke Genealogy Research at

Certificate listing for August Jaeschke child of Elizabeth and Gustaf Gustav

Link for Iowa vital....

Often times I find my draft information a duplicate, so we will see if that is the case with this one.

Herman Henry Meyer

The Juergen Hch. Wilhelm and Maria Dorothea Meyer Children of Calhoun and Greene county, Iowa. 

Child Herman * I don't know when the picture above was taken, but if there are only four children; it had to been taken the year 1884 or slightly the year after. Baby Henry is missing, whom died in 1884, possibly weakened by the trip overseas to America. I had always thought that picture was taken in Germany, but it couldn't have been. I have been told baby Heinrich is buried in Iowa. [ Remind me to look it up very soon] They look like little boys. But they must be elder William standing in the back, Mary, Anna, and Herman. I suppose the girls wear the bows.

Sorry google, but I have to show it again. This is Herman and Annie with relatives that include Anna Vogel Seil and August Seil. Most of the others are unknown. I have thought the year is a year or so after Lyle or Dwights birth. I think some of them are Martins and Stolley. That is Lily by the dog, before her marriage to her husband Harry Carter because that is Harry's sister who was Lily's roommate at college.

naming is often taken wrong.He was often called Herman Henry, but in fact was Henry [Heinrich Friedrich ] Herman. He was called by his third name. I was first told by dad or mom that he was born in 1883.

This is the first showing of the copy of Herman and Annie Seil Meyer's marriage record. I often have to stop and ask myself if they married back home in Iowa or in their new surroundings. But I should tell you that reading the marriage application for license vitals in Iowa was very revealing about, Herman, Annie Seil and the Jaeschkes. it gave me something to start with for a search. You sure can learn a lot about their home areas in Germany and parentage. More on that at another time.

Now that it is posted I at least I can easily glance between posts so I get my stories straight for the details of possible settlement time. Herman was busy working the coal mines probably up to the purchase of the farmland north of Lewisville. I recently earned new perspective on the extremely undeveloped land they moved.. It simply did not relay the same as my mental picture of Lewisville. Madelia and Saint James were slightly more developed. YOu just have to look.

See for yourself Minnesota Reflections : Item Viewer
Title, Farmers Day at Lewisville MN. Description, Local celebration, Farmers Day in Lewisville, Minn. Date of Creation, 5/26/1912. Dimensions, 13.97 x 8.89 ...

Annie Seils grandfather added a wing to the old house. It makes me wonder how they managed the finances of this living together arrangement of the house, property and even chores.
So far it seems that Herman put everything in writing. I haven't found anything about who paid for what, who did what chores, etc. That doesn't mean it didn't exist, but probably burned in the house fire in 1946 and rebuilding 1846-47. They maybe had to draw on what ever money had been saved from any inheritance that Annie might have had and left to Herman and her children. My mom told me that wasn't the first house fire for the Seils/Meyer. I am not sure how they could have had another one and in what home, but she said it was the case. Just a personal observation, however.

Herman and Annie and her parents had an agreement that maybe Annie asked to be done before her death. it was an agreement that Herman would always be responsible for them until their death.

Herman never married again.

He is buried at Mount Hope St James township, Watonwan county, Minnesota.

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August and Anna's death.

A Copy of a August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil's Death Document for the SEIL / Meyer family History tree

I managed to scan this Death document from the state of Minnesota, county of Watonwan at my brothers  and again at home for your viewing pleasure. {Not that the death of my Grandma Anna Wilhelmine Seil is any pleasure. I do think I would have liked to have known her.}

All documents of this sort are the best kind of genealogical data one can get. Information that maybe Herman might have known. If he did, he took it to his grave. Or Dwight or Lyle may have passed on some information.

The family had several house fires between the Seil side and the Meyer side, if there had been any other means in paper form about the family  they were lost.

I had to write to the Dahlenburg and Nahrendorf church to learn the little I knew about August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil family.  I wonder if he would have recorded his family information anywhere.

Anna's mother died before she did, so there was nothing recorded  from her.  I wonder at times if she had insurance.  I doubt if any one profited from her death.  I just wonder if any data written down in it. We will never know.

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