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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Enjoy, be safe and be happy. See you the next new year with more of the same ol and hopefully new and different.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It is not Snowing.

It is not snowing. We have seen flakes floating like a snow Globe for the last three or four days. Christmas is now past for me.
Elvis sings Winter wonderland.

Christmas is over. We have twenty some inches. We do not need anymore!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Are you looking for German Christmas Music

This website may have some for you. enjoy. I happened to see it today.
Merry Christmas to you.

Frohe Weihnachten an alle

Is it Frohe Weihnachten
or Frohliche Weihnachten?. [Fröhliche Weihnachten] Frohliche Weihnachten is the way it's said in proper German. Frohe Weihnachten is a bit less formal and you'd use it with friends and people you know well.

Frohliche Weihnachten would be seen on Christmas cards, it's the way you'd say it to strangers, your parents, grandparents, etc. They mean the same thing however.

Now the question is, do I know you well?

Source : Yahoo Answers


Remember the Vienna boys choir?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amanda NAEFKE and Elmer KUHLMAN, William Kuhlman

Elmer and Amanda,Kuhlman with William.
Lived in Lewisville, Watonwan county, Minnesota- USA
Amanda and Elmer Kuhlman
Her Mother was Adell Grote and father William Naefke from St Peters church area in Calhoun county, Iowa.
For a time the William Naefke family lived in Lewisville area.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Thanks giving is soon to be here. Just a quick comment before I duck. What were those pioneers thinking. Surely they would have preferred to have the thanksgiving sooner. Before all the snow and ice and frozen ground. I could be much more thankful when it's good weather and warmer. And not putting anyone to any danger in travel. What were they thinking.?

I hope Holiday preparations are going well for you. Maybe you will still find time to read. If not find your way back, I have a few surprises for you

Monday, November 22, 2010

A sneak peak - My French HeirItage -Genealogy

Yes I have a little french Heritage. I had been told over the kitchen sink one day as a preteen that both sides of the family had some, but it seems dad was dragging in his recovery of the information . Mom acknowledged it immediately. I have to admit it became a huge part glamorized by myself. If you were referenced to any kind of Joan with french heritage, wouldn't you?

Nothing more was said then of where. It didn't matter. From that day On, I loved anything french.
As I was reviewing the work of one of my Californian PETERS relatives; I decided to pursue a bit more. I had noticed at rootsweb- world connect another Peters tree who were claiming Reim and area that Joan of arc had in her history. I let it go until I looked again last winter into LODES / JASPER tree briefly. It was then that I found the area to be called La garde Meurthe et Mosell department of Lorraine. i watched the little green leaves turn and turn at Ancestry. The Royer family went a good deal further back with many connections. I would like to know more why they immigrated, how they managed the revolution and the wars. There were so many in that region. I believe them to be Methodist and some did marry Roman Catholic. so maybe a history too of the religion would be good to know, since I am sure it played a part in history.

I am fascinated, and well there is so much geography and history to learn and of course pass along.

Today I was caught up in Marie Antoinette fantasy and her parents HAD Lorraine heritage??? [ I will look, just YOU wait and see] I stumbled upon this little tidbit and website to pass along to you today. And I know it is only a drop in the bucket. but it pertains to Germany as well as France. In the time span of 1871 to 1819 - IN parts of this area of department of Lorraine territory belonged to Germany. The villages had two names, that were known in French and the German version. You can find an index of the differences here. Notice there are several pages.
Here is the index.

According to that we find the town name of Lagarde to be Gerden. Thus the home of my French/ German ancestor Matilda ROYER daughter of Jean Francois ROYER and mother Barbe Agathe GRANDMANGE [31 Jan 1796 at Meurthe et Mosell Department of Lorraine France - 1 Sep 1852. Death place was French Village, St.Clair Illinois.] who married Louis Barcum in Island Grove Jasper , Illinois. [Barcom also has a french version of the name found in Canada.]

More Genealogy tidbits to come.
1871 - 1918

During this period, most of Moselle belonged to the German Empire. The Birth-Marriage-Death records were first written in French and eventually in German. They can be found in the Town Halls and also in the "Archives Départementales de la Moselle" at Saint Julien lès Metz.

In the early days of the country side before the revolution there are good research on the people in the location. It's found in a few books. Because there were many Jews in this area there is a good accounting of them and habitants. They had to pay Barncas tax, a safety taxes and that helps account. It's amazing to read that they were not allowed to live in some towns like Nancy. More on all that another time.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Schoop, Ahrens, Schenk, Michels, Rieckens, Bergmann - WE ARE PROGRESSING WITH OUR EIGHT + FARNHAMVILLE COLONISTS-

One-Two Meyer -FRED OR FRITZ, & Willie or William
3-Several Seil,
6-Several Schroeder,
+ Ahrens, [ Schenk, Michel, Rieckens, Riechen(s) ]
[Lusmann, Dohrman]

In the last post before last I
wrote about an article I found on-line which mentioned Ventschau of the area Tosterglope. then I clarified our Bergmann connection. So Today, I should follow through with more on Those of the Schenk/ Ahrens ad Michel families from there.

Eventually, rather than send you off to some page, which I will need a password for, I will simply give the information as a chart.

In the mean time please enjoy the work of Gloria Hoerschelmann. She actually visited in Germany and spoke to remaining family. She has designated trees
Petesch, Schultz, Schoop, Schroeder trees at Others have same and more. However, some of hers contain more of Ahrens, Michels or Schroeder than others. Now she has combined the works of Our Mark Kuhlman who graciously provided so much information for us in pages further back, and my information I put in about Mae Meyer a descendant of J.H. Friedrich Meyer. But that does not reflect in the attachments you would find at ancestry with at her tree attachments, which I share here. That work was so superbly done by Verl Matthews [side photo] with absolutely great work continued with Matthews tree and the Nahnsen family tree.

As I do this big undertaking of giving you information, I will give you the source - of the genealogists who did the research and my information that I have added on.

So now go ahead and browse starting with the first part SCHOOP family coming from Seedorf, which she says is a third district of Dahlenburg.

Second Part of Schoop family history.

Even though it is a place by Dahlenburg, you may see the family attending the Nahrendorf church shown above. Remember Nahrendorf church inclueded many small villages of the area and is connected with the Dahlenburg church. From time to time, there will be mention of Nuedlitz where in fact my Seil and Korn worked. Nieperfitz, and Muecklingen where several families besides Henry Seil and his sister were from.

As I have said many times,
we cannot forget the GROTE connections in those areas tying into this family! Trust me they are there. Obviously, if we see the SCHROEDER we know SAUCKE, WOLTERS, BUSCH, DAETZ. If there is AHRENS and GROTE, then we have NAEFKE.
Voila! The early colonists to Farnhamville.!!!

Oh what a bunch of tangled threads in a web it seems to be. But I will help further as I point out some details, but maybe it should wait until the next time. A chart of some kind is coming soon.
Oh what a wonderful life!

For further info contact me. IF YOU KNOW MORE, PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!
I have given you links, but there are so much more info in both blogs which you can find three ways Archives and older or search box and google web search.
I am sorry the attachment info does not translate under the standard method of translation.
just me jo arootdigger

Source: -Unknown who owns Tosterglope - Ventschau sign.But thanks.Perhaps at helped me get to GloriaHoerschelmannPetesch .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ventschau - Genealogy -Schenk, Rieckens, Bergman

Did you see Maria Elisabeth Bergmann born 28.Dec.1795?.
She ties to Schoop, Schroeder, Rickens, Schenk, Michels, Meyer, Indirectly to Luhmann from Meyer and on and on in the Wendland area and usa. probably in a circle when all is said and done!

I did have a BERGMAN mentioned in one of my church records in regards to my Schultz Meyer family at Neetzendorf. I do so wish I knew more about that family..

Wow. Huh? I can't count all the times I see the villages Boitze, Ahndorf or Fladen, all areas of Dahlenburg mentioned. Did she mention Neetzendorf the home of our Schultze and Meyer. Some people were employed in Boitze, and others lived there, etc. There has to be connections to Nahrendorf, Nüdlitz, Oldendorf, Ahndorf, Buendorf, Boitze und Barscamp, Other villages of Tosterglope. Some areas of Bleckede going to Neetze and up into the Luneburg church district.

In fact to stretch the wow factor, I know our area extends to Mecklenburg,down and over to [alt] Garge, Schutschur, Neuhaus, and further to Hitzacker area, and Danneberg.

I am so glad I have dealt with colonists rather than just one or two families and their branches. I would never have known the extent of the blood lines. And much more to know. How amazing life is!

Note of Sources:
The tree attachment is from Gloria Hoerschelmann/Petesch at She works on her genealogy mostly during the summer. The leaves began turning as I started to examine Ahrens and my Michels. Michaels. - aka Millman. You can contact her at ancestry or give me a comment and I will get to her.

As they say, you only have to begin.


Ventschau -Bleckede - Genealogy -Schenk

From aida online:
Hann. 74 Bleckede W Reg. II Loc. 5 G
# 60
1. SCHENK, Heinrich Christian Wilhelm, Bleckede
2. Ventschau
3. Fuhrmann
5. SCHENK, Catharine Sophie Margarethe, geb. Schröder;
SCHENK, Sophie Friederike Dorothee;
SCHENK, Jürgen August Wilhelm;
SCHENK, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm;
SCHENK, Marie Dorothee;
SCHENK, Marie Dorothee Margarethe (alle 5 Kinder unter
14 Jahre alt)
7. Iowa
8. Sept. 1866

Hann. 72 Bleckede
# 291
1. SCHENK, Heinrich, Bleckede
3. Frachtfuhrmann
8. vor Sept. 1867
10. ob mit oder ohne Familie ausgewandert, geht aus der
Akte nicht hervor; war 30. 03. 1859 als Vormund
für die minderjährigen Kinder des verstorbenen
Burgdorf, Albrecht Joachim Wilhelm in Kleinburg
vereidigt worden

More to come.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hier kann man sich gut erholen -Sweet little School project website in Luneburg - Genealogy - Ventschau.

I hope you have been having a delightful day.
I have been having a delightful day so far. I found this cute, school project, sweet, informative website while browsing for a surname RADEL. [ The name that actually shows up was Frau Kappe-Radel] I enjoyed it so I thought, I would share it today. The web site doesn't pertain to our relatives really, but he does mention that he lives in the village of Ventscahu, the village in Tosterglope location Bleckede [ by Dahlenburg] does deserve genealogy interest. It has been especially in my thoughts these days as I review data of Seil, Schroeder, Michels, Millman, AHRENS [ from Mucklingen] and Juergen Heinrich Christoph SCHENK [18.Jan.1828 ; [Brother, Johann Hch ChristianSchenk geb. 29.Aug.1832- both died Iowa USA];Another brother Johann Juergen Heinrich 5.Mzi.1838. Maria Elisabeth Bergmann [oo - Hans Hch Wilhelm Schenk ] of Boitze daughter of Hans Juergen BERGMANN. SCHENK had married BERGMAN
[ Dahlenburg ] in Boitze and the parents resided VENTSCHAU. There are numerous other surnames of our Luhman, Meyer ancestors in Ventschau. Etc.

Now for the LANZIUS at Johanneum Lüneburg. You definitely can google it and therefore have the opportunity to use the translator as I did. When you translate, often times what happens is that the villages and names are translated to English. In this case Ventschau translates to mean Nation. I think for some reason, that's pretty neat.

The young lad who wrote the material and lives there is only thirteen years old. He and his family love pets like birds, pheasants, rabbits, etc. He mentions school and his teacher. Translation says up until now, he has had good teachers???? [ lol. [ A little tidbit of information is the name Bergman at his school. Some thing to check on. ]

His family came from Luneburg, which explains the name Lanzius, which I don't think blends in with names of the olden days of this area. He lived in Ventschau. I noticed up at the top of the page it says - Johanneum Lüneburg the area students, home page or student body, AG site. I suppose for their privacy, there is no email provided. Some other students have had their contact withheld.

I am going to follow through and take a glimpse at other articles by other students with surnames of Fable, Heitsch in hopes of anything on locations and same as my ancestors. Its kind of fun to see school assignments carried through. It is interesting to note that such a classroom project can be anywhere.

He says " Please visit the site once of Nations ". Hier kann man sich gut erholen. Here you can relax.

I might write to the student body or the boy. Lets see what should I say, besides the fact that I enjoyed reading.Maybe some day he will be a future blogger.
Go ahead and continue on to an even greater day.
just me jo , arootdigger

Further reading for more information on the school project or the school:
and map location of the school Johanneum Lüneburg [inLuneburg.]
[jojo network]

Notice: Ventschau - has recorded their own song which translates to something about horses.
Note: Ventschau is in lower saxony. Do not confuse with Ventschow which is Mecklenburg Vor Pommern. [Nordwest Mecklenburg district]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Genealogy related - Military Forts of Wyoming and Nebraska- Ritterling, Seil

I read at Dear Myrtle genealogy blog about free acess to U.S.Military records so I hurried on over there.

I had viewed a military record before of The Ritterling person, so I gave it another try. Luck was with me because I found again the write up of Mrs M. Ritterling. Record says continued from page 42 onto page 43. It says Wyoming state. It was the very one I had wanted to see again because it had been on my mind. I believe I had found the cemetery on line before which mentioned an unknown grave, but still I was able to learn whose it was. It will need further search such as local history books in area she actually lived.

I hope you can read it. It says she died from suicide 8.july. 1884 . It makes one wonder why?
Okay, I thought Mrs M might be Mary, but this one shows up below the one above.
Name: Margaretha Ritterling
Death Date: 8.july.1884
Relation: Unkown Relationship to Veterean, Unknown
Cemetery: Ft. Mc Pherson National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 12004 S Spur 56a Maxwell, NE 69151-1031
Buried: Section B Ste 610

Second entry at data of = same exact record.
Interment Date 8 July 1884.
To meet the burial needs of the soldiers stationed at the post, a cemetery was established early in its history. The old post burial ground was later moved to southwest of the post and some 50 remains were moved to this location.
[You may need to think of the battle of Custard to recall some land mark areas. ]

*I had to read the information at the Cemetery of Fort McPherson, [Nebraska] to learn that Margarethea was actually buried at Fort Robinson first and moved along with others. The record show above says she was a Siel or Seil. The immigration information gives further information on the family Ritterling. Nothing concrete.

Establishment of the 20-acre Fort McPherson National Cemetery in 1873 afforded the space to relocate remains from the cemeteries abandoned when the number of settlers decreased. Burial records testify that life on the frontier was full of hardships and dangers similar to battlefield camps during times of war.

The cemetery lodge was built in 1876 and rehabilitated in 1951 and 2000. About one mile southeast of the cemetery a monument marks the site of the flagstaff of the old military post. Another monument marks the route used by the Pony Express over the Oregon Trail, which passes through the cemetery............................

...........................Other: Fort McPherson National Cemetery is the final resting place for 63 Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. The soldiers were all buried at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, and were relocated to Fort McPherson National Cemetery in 1947 when Fort Robinson was deactivated...................................

......................An impressive white marble monument marks the group burial of 28 enlisted soldiers who were killed in an encounter with the Sioux on August 19, 1854 near Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory. The incident, commonly known as the Grattan Massacre after Lt. John L. Grattan who led the soldiers, is generally considered by historians to be the opening salvo in a 36 year period of intermittent hostilities between the U.S. and the Sioux Nation, ending with the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1890. Lt. Grattan is interred at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Kansas.

[Not all soldiers and people buried from Fort Robinson ended up at Ft. McPherson.]
Source Description:
This database is a compilation of burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries. Because the information regarding the burials is compiled from multiple sources, the amount of information provided for each burial will vary. Some of the information you may find in this database includes: name of deceased, birth date, death date, interment date, burial location/site, cemetery name, cemetery address, relationship to veteran, veteran service dates, military rank, and military branch.

Source Description:
Burial Registers for Military Posts, Camps, Stations 1768 - 1921.2 [National Archives Microfilm Publications m2014 1 roll] Records of the Office of the Quarter master General Record Group92, Archives Washington D.C.

[page 197]

Custer and Crazy Horse account:

Note: Henry Seil geb 1859-60, had a sister who emigrated along with him. He lost contact and later discovered she had married Ritterling and lived by Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Information was given by Pauline Seil and Carolyn her daughter. Nothing proven yet by myself.

Note: Buffalo soldiers were 'Black soldiers' who were in the ninth calvary and tenth after the civil war stationed at Ft/ Robinson 1885 - 1898 and 1907. Eighteen received highest honor with Medal Of Honor. Duty.... Honor.... Country

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missing in Action

A little bird told me I should be Missing in Action this weekend. My daughters special birthday is coming up and I have upteen things to do. I have to work the weekend, and therefore have to make my time count. So I shall not be doing any other posting other than the ones I started the last couple of days, which I can finish on some little breaks. I may take some breaks, but I will remind myself, that if I sit here doing a post; it's bound to be noon before I get up and get busy again.

So I will force myself to stay away so I can do what I must to make the thirtieth Birthday a special one.

-Make the cake or order one.
-Clean house
-Wash more dishes.
-Get groceries.
-Make reservations.
-Be Missing in action

No Grandmother.!

I could say the little family of Gustav and Elizabeth JAESCHKE had no Grandmother living in Amerika by them. At least not by the time the children were grown. Elizabeth did have her
estranged father. Her blind Grandmother from the Brookman Seil side had lived with her father in Iowa. Though a mature young man Gustav, had neither mother or father to turn to for his parental needs. As I was posting tombstones this morning, it dawned on me how it must have been for our settlers as they raised their children and went through their lives without their parents.

There was not the grandma around who told family stories about their parent when they were young. Not the mother whom one reminisced with about love ones back home. Not that same mother who might occasionally volunteer to take over with the children, so they can have some spare minutes to themselves.

As often said their involvement was almost like A divorce or dead to each other across the ocean. Maybe a letter now and then. But the war took away so much contact that they dearly would have wanted.

I guess I was thinking strongly of Elizabeth SEIL, who came to Iowa to live by her father,just missing her grandmother living with him. Maybe her fathers new wife Anna fulfilled the role as Grandmother to Elisabeth and Gustav's many children. Maybe she became close to Elisabeth and fulfilled a mother or friend role.

I suppose he had his many friends, young and older who waved in and out of his daily life in his vast life as a husband, father, musician and farmland owner.

His family was not not dead to him.
I am not sure what happened to his family letters that he must have received from his remaining family by Danzig. Thankfully Berniece Jaeschke and Gary SORENSEN TOLD ME that contact remained with Anna and Max MUHL especially after the war when they were sent care packages.. In fact I have heard that he went back to visit family and so did his daughter Louise.

Who fulfilled the grandmother role? Who told them family stories. Who did the baking rolls or cookies. Making special visits. What else does a grandmother do? I suspect August and Anna SEIL ( nee VOGEL ) fulfilled both roles.

Three over from left is Anna Vogel Seil. In Back row short man with hat peeking between the two women is August Seil.

I never had much for a grandmothers involvement in my life. Annie had died Young amd my moms mother lived in california. So that is why I say, 'what does a grandmother do'?
I think maybe most of the time, the children, just did without. They like so many others in the times as pioneers in America, they just adjusted to it as it was Just the way it is. and that was that. And moved on in life. They all understood how it was in their community and helped each other.

Tombstone of Carl J. Seil and Pauline Nahnsen

Cemetery of Dawson Township in Calhoun county.
Pauline NAHNSEN SEIL born 19.May.1912 to Broder and Mary NAHNSEN ( nee MEYER )
Pauline's spouse was Carl J. SEIL, son of Heinrich [ HENRY] SEIL and Mary AHRENS.

Broder was son of Claus NAHNSEN. Claus was son of another Broder NAHNSEN and Agatha CHRISTANSEN.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharing a little J and I.-- Genealogy Share

This post just explains better my little share below in the last post. I am basically using the phrasing from this site
which I found to illustrates my point.

German has all 26 letters used in the English
alphabet, plus a few additional letters: umlauted
vowels—ä, ö, and ü—and an Eszett, ß. Specific
information about these additional letters is given
There is often no distinction made between the
capital I and the capital J). They may be
represented by the same letter whether printed or
handwritten and may be also indexed as the same
letter. When followed by a vowel the letter is a
consonant, J and when followed by a consonant, it
is a vowel, I.
It's not an exact quote. The old Gothic letters they used don't show up here. I am not sure why.
The words for the examples they used were: and the word die Idee= the idea; die Insel= the Island; der junge= boy; and Juli = July

I hope you will visit this link for further reading , it's fantastic.

Searching for "I" -- A Genealogy Story Share

Awhile ago I was searching through a german website postings on something arranged alphabetical. You know when you visit these sites it takes twice as long because you have to get the small translations from an exterior website just to manage through their sites. Unless your basically familiar with the commonly used german terms for online sites.

Well any way a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h and I had maybe started with " k" or and was skipping and then I was at 'J' and going backward. I kept getting 'H'. Ohhhhhff where is "I" .What am I doing wrong, [sigh] lets see.... I'll try it again. And then came to the Duh moment. Oh yeah, " I" is the same as 'J'. It was not in the alphabet all alone. Especially, when your transcribing the old church records, I should have known that.
It is up to you to decide if it is a' J' or an 'I' in what you are translating. Such as is it Isabel or Jesebel? [Or is it Isable, Or Jeseble?]

Sure that was a special site, and you will often find lists under 'I' as well as 'J' in most cases. I just had a little reminder, that's all, which I thought I'd share today.

When you wake up, maybe you'll like to read my next post about an encounter at another German site.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fruitful Friday Observations and Serendipity Events

It's Friday and my day off, which is a lucky thing in itself. A fruitful day and it's not even noon. It seems to me that any successful serendipity event is fruitful
What was so fruitful about today.
I took the laptop to work as I waited to see my daughter at the local family business.

I couldn't help reflect on the types of people there. I guess my thoughts were running along the lines of maturity and people types.
I guess I was thinking of the how I react to differences of certain kinds of people, like people or creative people, thinking people or what I think of as " bookish". I don't get into A or B personalities and I think you know those better than I and can classify accordingly. Do you have certain types you gravitate towards. Like yourself, opposite yourself, heroine or hero types?

I was also thinking of how ones hobbies and interests follow you day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. John's hobby or father-in-laws interests come out in conversations no matter what time of day it is or who you see and talk to during the day. A Historical Photographer or Genealogist, or community server.

Father-in-law's job is to keep customers happy, so he was talking about something to do with beer drinking and coffee and some things that had to do with world war military service and the gentle man was saying, that he didn't drink, coffee, or beer and he has very few physical problems in his age bracket but I gathered from his conversations that he had done military service too. I typed him as "Bookish" as I heard him speaking to some others about a picture ad the war in Hanoi.

He even recognized a young gentleman near me and gave him a picture of something to do with Hanoi. And they chatted a bit about it. After he walked away I asked the kind young man, who the gentleman was who had my interest. He said, John Russell. I knew then that he was the local photographer and historian.

I recognized the difference in this gentleman and my father in law.[ I admire father-in-laws humor or Wit and there is nothing wrong with his difference, but they are different kind of thinkers, at least I think so.]

The old log barn.
I was so glad that I had my computer with me, I proceeded to dig out the file where I had stored the pictures of the garden tour, which I partook in this summer. In particular I wanted to show him the old log barn part of which you see in picture below whenever the historian was in the right spot near m. I wanted to find out what was the story on the old barn and maybe the family? I expected he would rattle off information.
John Russell was not aware of the old log barn. He asked about the tour, [Maybe now he will take more of an interest in interfaith pantry garden tours, tee hee] As a man about the town, I was sure he knew or was aware of all the society tours, a photography opportunity. But no. Ithink his interest is more of a historical nature. Though he does Portraits. I was able at least to tell him who sponsored the tour and he could learn more about the farm from them.
But now I think darn, why didn't I show the garden tour page [which I see is no longer found online; nor is the upload I did at hgtv garden message board or maybe it is cached] and tell him the name. However, I can still eventually locate the pamphlet I had. I vaguely recall names of Larson and secondhand ownership.

Since he has turned out a local book" Where the wild Rice grows"with many of our historical landmarks and also many interesting stories to accompany them, I am sure he will ask someone about a log house or barn, if it ever suits his purpose. The young guy near me said there are some other log houses west of town in this area too, which is good to know. Aactually he was probably thinking of the Larsen place, cause I had forgotten the location was Knapp at 160 th street not the Menomonie Red cedar area.

Now being a home lovin " bookish" thinker type person, I probably could sit in a threesome with that author, historian for hours. [ The third person being a local open minded person] Now see, I didn't grow up here and I haven't made the effort to see sites and historical interesting sites a bit further from town, and I have been here at least twenty years.

I should research and then get out more to these fabulous places around me. I mean It doesn't have to cost much, just gas money and time, maybe my meal for the day, to see things. After all I live only a few hours away from the Stillwater sites, and tons of historical places of the lumber barons near me, which gave many a pioneer their start in Amerika. [And many blog opportunities]

Other fruitful events.
here were other unexpected fruitful happenings to tickle my heritage loving bones. Mother- in-law gave me the identity of the members of the Mave family picture that she remembered I had been wanting. You can find that here soon.

Ahh yes, there was another and most important event of the day - I met the nice handsome young man with the hat on his very blond hair, whom my daughter had wanted us to meet. [ I gave her two pumpkins, that she and a "we" are to carve at another time. ] I refrained from saying, I don't know if I will ever see you again, but it was nice to meet you. [ another story]

take care --- jo arootdigger

funny, now all I want to do is explore even more the many articles written by John Russell which were in the Dunn county Newspaper. We never subscribed to the newspaper, for various reasons, so I hadn't the privilege of reading them all before. If you enjoy well written history, you can google his name and then dunn county and you can find many to read on your own.
On John Russell -
Perhaps he visited Vietnam, took pictures. I should find out.

About His book -,%20John%20M.

Local Genealogy Help -
Explore these- Historically well told as inspiration for a blogger -

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Warnecke 1880 at Oldendorf / Nahrendorf

Mary Meyer Nahnsen~~~~~~Herman Meyer ~~~~~~Anna Meyer Bennett

Well I am getting around to showing you more on what I have for Warnecke; just as I said I would. /It has of course been in the back pages of 2008.
So see here in 1880 the church record of Mary Meyer, who married into the same Nahnsen family that her sister Frieda married also in Calhoun county, Iowa. Frieda was born years later in Calhoun county Iowa. You can see the w hole family here [except for the deceased].

This little part of the church record at Nahrendorf shows the babtism of Marie, child or our Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. Notice the name Lyssmann twice. Lysmann in connection with Warnecke. Sorry, I don't know yet the connection nor do I know the family of Wilhelmine Meyer. I was curious too, because there was a family of Lusman, who ran a harness shop at Farnhamville. I noticed that they were too, early members of the Lutheran St. Peters church.

3. Kind MEYER, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha (F) ev
* 12.01.1880 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 21.01.1880 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 3/1880
Meyer, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha, geb. 12. Januar 1880,
get. 21. Januar,
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geb. Heins.
1.) Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer, Haeusler in Oldendorf.
2.) Elisabeth Warnecke geb. Lyssmann, Haeuslerfrau in Oldendorf.

Do you Remember that her older first born sister Anna was named afer the twins of another Juergen Friedrich Meyer, who also worked at Roethen and lived in Oldendorf and was the schulz. ( Schulz probably means mayor.) Until I get more word from the church I don't know enough to even speculate accurately.

I would like to tell you my thoughts at the moment.
This is 1880, a year later after Wilhelms father has passed away; and his mother in 1856, so his father may have remarried. Wilhelm is a hauesler in Oldendorf not a landowner. He knew back in 1869 he wanted to go to Amerika. I am wondering if a stepmother or her children could possibly be a godparent to his children. It's just a thought.

Well I really must run along now, my stomach is growling.

If you know anything on the
Warnecke or Lyssmann, or even Lusman[n] why not drop me a line.
We love comments, you know!

Monday, October 11, 2010

There'll be a Hot time in the old town tonight!

Late one night, when we were all in bed,
Old Mother Leary left a lantern in the shed;
And when the cow kicked it over,
she winked her eye and said,

"There’ll be a hot time in the old town, tonight."

Folklore / Fact -

Those are some Lyricks to the old song in referral to the Great Chicago fire. In an anuual memory of the date our work place had fire safety instruction this week, which is an annual event probably started because of the anniversary date of the Great Chicago fire. [There was also another big fire Peshtigo, Wisconsin in another area with a big amount of destruction said to perhaps be due to Metors fragments falling. I think they need a song in competition] The Chicago fire which burned for two days began on October 8, 1871 at 13 Dekoven Street of Chicago an area that held many German and Irish immigrants.. Many lives of families would not be the same after that.

I have taken an interest because M&M mentioned this fire and the song.
He mentioned the song in association of the O'leary cow and the fire, which was said as a cause of early death of Williams sibling Margarete.
When I told him I hadn't heard about any other Meyer other than grandfather's brother William or his sisters; he told me that so many of the brothers and children died so very young, and others in mid life. He mentioned Young Fred dying from a burst appendix shortly after his marriage. As you already know the story of Williams brother Fred or Fritz dying at Lombard. As for the mentioned O'leary, who had the cow my brain gets a bit fuzzy in recall of the details because he departed so much new information to me in that short amount of time on a work break. But I thought he said that the family lost the sister Margaret, who had been married to Stille or Stile. She may have been known as Catherine or Elisabeth. She may very well have been Liese who we know came with Fred in 1869 supposedly first to Galena, Illinois.

If she had been Liese and came in 1869 to Galena, she would have had to marry very quickly or have gone to Chicago to work and live.

I hadn't much luck in marriage searches for Jo Davies. However, I am thinking she may have come with another married name, and that AIDA, and the Meyer book [ my sources] neglected to mention it. In the bigger scope of Illinois marriages I had this:
-1873-10-29 2 /66 8 CLINTON
The 'H' would have to be an error. [ Don't you just hate people adding a 's' to the name Meyer!]

Now imagine being trapped in a fire situation with a language handicap and location knowledge limited. If she had an infant already and she died, most likely the infant by her side would have perished too.

At any rate, the idea of folklore, or family stories blown out of proportion is something to keep in mind [grin]. No doubt that people with theories and proven information is still a good read. It often times has distracted me as I have attempted to find anything on Catherine Margarete Elisabeth Meyer - Stiles . I have actually searched and browsed some sources a few year ago. I am sure today today, I would not have to weed through so much information of a more glorified nature to something more substantial as a genealogist.

Genealogy - For Genealogists -
In fact I just recently noticed Footnote has a special of the month on the Great Chicago fire, and if it is free I want to pursue it. I will have to make time. See here. It seems to be a good place for me to start again. Or at least look it over. I am going to make time for it, folks!

Now I had trouble narrowing down my search at Footnote which is now part of's holdings. So I am including this link I found to help make searching there easier.

If you don't mind I will save more fuzzy details of mention of the other Deceased siblings of William Meyer's and the hunts for other discussions.

In conclusion and not about Margarete Meyer Stile
I guess I can't help but say that like Grims fairy tales and Aesop tales, I suspect that what was written and said and know to all in fun will stick. Probably three hundred years after we are gone, there will still be the little tale of the poor old Kate O'leary's cow despite proof of it not being true it will stick. It will be part of us in some way just as the fairy tales lived on with our ancestors' descendants. It can be a little mind boggling when you think about the power of a good story.

Below in the various articles about Chicago fire you may read a little on the ghost writer for Michel Ahern who is said to have written about Kate O'leary. I myself want to read more about a reference to a Rockwell Painting. Or you might follow up on the Footnote link.

Further reading and sources:
Sources Sources:
Copyright © 1996 by the Chicago Historical Society and the Trustees of Northwestern University
Last revised 10-1-97

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Herman and Little Herman Meyer

At the Sunny slope about 1948 or later.
Here we have Herman Henry [Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer] and Little Herman William 1 Meyer holding the prized corn ear. It may have been a winner at the fair. Sometimes there were blue ribbons, and other times red ribbons.

Little Herman was called Sonny. I am sure his grandfather and his father Dwight had thought he might some day follow in their footsteps to be a farmer. When your young it is a nice thought and the older folks if they thoroughly love their occupation think the same. However Dwight had gnawing anxiety over farming. Without a huge savings to fall back on, there was worry over it due to major expenses. Maybe if there had not been a house fire, it may have been better for them starting out. He had enough so that he did not want his youngest son to take the occupation up.

But it was probably the occupation the younger son would have wanted. Had he done so, it is hard to say, if he would have loved it too. Often times it helps if the wife works outside the home and farm for a bit more security. I wished the younger son Steven could have had his wish. I wonder what he would say?

A genealogy note: I read recently at a posting at the Tosterglope page that corn was not introduced there until early 1900's.* 2 I found that so surprising. I had taken the crop for granted for the farmers.

borrowed from sunnyslope farm
2.. [still coming]

A few Genealogy Irks / Thats like saying you can't have the chicken cause you have no egg.

Ten things you do in Genealogy that Irks me!
Post On the Negative With Slight Positive side!
Hah - rootdigger! no naming names!

[In order to know where your going; you have to know where you [they] have been]

1. People who make everything so private. So what if they are living. Not even a date or where they are from on the front page list. At least give a surname of a spouse. If you have just a tiny scrap bit of information alone, isolated to go on with your research, it is no help when you run across people like that. Once upon a time back, when I was at midstream I came across a name in my village and county areas of Iowa who had the same year as my Meyer. They even carried the Behrens and a Lichte names. [I was hoping for a Licht name.] I also had followed a Wilhelmina Meyer to Lowden, Iowa who had the background of Yoders. Possibly to it would have helped a search for a Heins/Sander/Meyer tree due to a reference on one line in a church record. I think it was. I thought the whole tree had been on line years before. I was trying to learn hopefully by a couple of quick glances to see the persons original location in Germany, would be all I needed. Imagine how much time - years- I would have saved, if I could have done so/ Instead My search had stopped then, and I suppose I thought I could take it up later. The woman did not give me the password because I was not related. That's like saying you can't have the chickens cause you have no egg. [yes it's grrr. My attitude will take time to heal] [ But, thankfully others are in the same tree!!]

2. They have everything about the family in United states, but nothing about where they are from in the old country. Even a hint or suspect location would help. Maybe you could tell us if you have tried to look.

3. They have everything about the family in the 'old country', but nothing much about American descendants. [me arootdigger, I am very guilty] If they all died off, tell me.

4. They have done the work, but don't list good enough sources intenional or unintentional, so you can pick it up yourself to see if they are related without having to start from the very start. [Am I guilty too?]

5. They have an obvious error in location spelling and they fail to supply the real spelling.They are hurting themselves in that omission. How are your future relatives going to pick you out of the web of millions of words and associations, if you have an error in location. I would never have gotten anywhere, if I had not learned it was Oldendorf an der Goehrde, not Oldenburg. Your working on the assumption that everyone is getting a referral to this site by yourself. Ask yourself this: What is the point of the site. Is it to gain current unknowns or simply inform those relatives you already have by exact known connection.

6. No points to myself, but it helps if you use Umlauts. After all, it helps tags get picked up. I did use them on a standard keyboard, but not so much now. I should do it again .

I read that titles in white is not picked up by the crawlers, now I have read that it is. I figure why take a chance and I love light blue and pink anyway?

7. At the message boards they only have one post listed under their name. I am not sure if it is by design or if they quit after that. It makes you wonder if their email will even work. It sure gives no clues to anything about the family. Perhaps they knew everything else?

8. Kind of the same but slightly different. Some fail to say locations and give only name and date, and so you have to further click or even roam all over finding where they came from or the oldest known person of that tree original location and date. [A Bonus would be the youngest] We all have our brick wall people that we hope to find, even by chance clicks. It sure would help if they post those right off visible from the start.

9. Get your password out there, so it is easily found in places you expect. skip the @ button if you want. A button; a link in profile. Don't make me hunt it, I'll probably give up and maybe go back. But my attitude is already negative towards you.

10. Other people who get irked because they assume you have not done your homework and take a post and time to tell you so. I have gotten information in church records that are simple one liners, and I follow up by a quick browse at a few chosen places, which may include posts at forums and message boards just to see the lay of it all, so to speak. So Perhaps it is not doing the homework, but what could you do else in research of American sources once you have checked census and other historical documentation about a isolated orphan name, but if all it takes is one quick question to ask where that person was from, why not. You have to give graciously as good as you get. I have many Irons in the fire that I haven't gotten to yet. And sometimes a post is right there in front of you. Often a census will say Germany or Hannover and that tells you squat. Further more, some people think Hannover kingdom is spelled Hanover. It is my understanding that the city is called Hanover. [ If I am wrong feel free to pinch me] So I to take a little more of my time and investigate their definition of Hanover/ Hannover before I disregard them. If they only knew to at least include some thing to clarify. say city or something so I know it is all over Hannover not one little city. And I won't start on the use of Prussia.

What did I forget?? Oh come on, you have some! Be sure to add some in the comments. I probably agree with them. Or am extremely guilty of them!

I have to remind myself that yes these people could still be my relatives. You can't choose your relatives they say, like you can your friends. However, they can choose to acknowledge you or not?? [This is not as good as it gets - rootdigger!]

As I was told, the data is hard to find as it is, why make it harder for the next one to find it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I Say I Found New Relation....

When I say
" I found New Relation" triumphantly to my husband in my sing songy happy kind of voice. [After all I have to say ( share ) it to someone, that's what husbands are for, aren't they?]

He usually makes the same remark back. "Oh your related to everyone!. "
[He has no clue. At least I don't think he does].

I say back " Your right". [ ahh Cause why not give him a free one. ]
Cause we are.

We just have to prove them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Genea blogger Ancestor Approval Award

The Genea Blogger Ancestor Approved Award is being Retired at my blog. She will hang at the side. It has reached so many deserving bloggers, and I know it has missed quite a few because of a matter of timing. But for many said reasons at other times, I just am going to put the little lady to the side and leave her there.

In the future I am sure there will probably be so many other great awards that go out to those deserving bloggers that I am missing and wanted to honor this time.

It's a tricky thing these awards. I know I actually gave some that were not acknowledged maybe due to lost messages, being ignored, or what ever. I don't wish to offend anyone by dropping this now or by bringing the little lady out again. But I think in my case, it is time she takes a rest.

Sure I thought of the acquired, required that accompanies the award of ten more surprising , humbling things, probably mentioned ten times as it is on the blog or will be now in the future. But that is minor.

Instead, after a little thought, I have
decided to let my recognition of deserving bloggers show through Follow Friday. If they are already on the Follow Friday list, I will recognize them in my own way. I am going to do it in the accepted correct way of course. I originally thought it meant it was our for reading our blogs that we follow. I had reluctantly not wanted to do the follow Friday, at first from my own ignorance as to what it was and how it was done. I later read what it really was and then out of fear of offending anyone, I decided not to. I am confident now though, it will be okay.

I 've noticed that other bloggers
have added the names of their presenters next to their Ancestor Award picture, which I am going to do soon as well. If I forget to add yours, or if I am too slow in getting it there, can you remind me you gave me one please.
[ I feel so terribly unorganized this summer with all the shifting, and less attention I paid to blogging this summer] [ I have much to do in that line of duty to my house, still.]

I can't promise faithful posting every
Friday, but occasional Fridays should be fine. And bear with me please as I get the hang of it.
Thanks for understanding.
just me jo

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Can You Help With My Dilemma over the Ancestor Approval Award. Presentation

Here's the thing. I have been given the Ancestery Approval award which has been around several times to those bloggers I know. I presented two and selected bloggers to present it too. . Since it has been around to many more than once, should I present it again. Many of you are known to some newer bloggers, and may receive it again and it will start again. [I had a hard time last time finding some who had not had it before.] idon'tmind finding the bloggers.

But do you, because it will probably round about again to you all.

Tell me please what you think? I really could use your help with this dilemma.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Out on a limb.

I have been kind of out on a limb like this lately. I can't tell you about it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Genealogy Story of a Hunt for Göhrde Info..- and Meyer and Behrens

Source : Jagd.pdf

I am sure that I have shared this story before, but just in case I did not, I'd like to give it this slant.

One more word about the last post and the pictures supplied and the link I gave. I did borrow it from Mr Hoffman whom I met on line a few years ago. I wrote in English and he wrote in German. I used the translator to understand what he had to say.

He is a retired
NATO member. He said and I could see that he was proud that he had much to do with doing away with the weapons of their country. Being as smart and educated as he is, he had a good command of English. I admit my ignorance of NATO and what it is about. I found him online possibly because of the German word deer and forest. I struck up conversation with him about hunting and the G
öhrde forest. I was hoping to learn more about what could be at Oldendorf and the Göhrde in relation to the game hunting reserve there. I hoped to learn more and possibly eventually learn more about Hunting at Röthen. Even though he was into hunting, he couldn't tell me a whole lot, because he came from another area of the country. It wasn't as if he grew up there and heard many stories. Though I am sure if he attends local events, or hunts with locals, maybe some oldtimers may have told him a story or two.

I was impressed with his love of the adventure of hunting as he told me he was leaving soon to go Boar hunting in Czechoslovakia. It seems to me that he would be the most wonderful person that I would want in my company were I to hunt the edges of the great forests. [ If I were to visit Germany someday, his cabins is where I might want to stay a few nights.]

So relatives if your ever in the idea of hunting in Germany, especially in the area of our ancestors where they wandered these forests, you should consider staying at his lodgings Göhrdehof. He has more on it if you follow the link. Please do check it out.

I had noticed that his address said Neetzendorf and I was trying to get and idea of size and lay of the land. I asked him about Behrens and the Meyer family there. He said his daughter lives in USA out west. And after a little further writing on my part, he said if I faxed him a tree, he would give it to the MEYER and the BEHRENS since they were only a couple Yards from him. [ I still wonder what he meant by Yards. I think it must mean as we do in the city. It must mean someone is two houses over to their yard.]

I was curious whose home he took over, and he said it was his wifes Bergmann family, whom have lived there for a long time. Her name was BERGMANN. and Yes readers I have seen the name many a document including one of my own. And did I reveal that, your thinking it right, of course I did! I intend to write to her again later, when I have compiled Bergman Information.

Now to get on with it.
I or We only corresponded with the one of the two Herman Behrens family in Neetzendorf. The Behrens family responded that they didn't know? I later sent them a whole bundle of document copies. [I was hoping the two were related to each other and would share it. I regret not sending to both Behrens.] And the Meyer family at Neetzendorf said that they did not know either. That the keeper of their ancestor information was a Werner SCHUHE. and that most of the names always had the name with Heinrich. Our seem to as well. It was hard to tell with some of them, cause I only had two names to work with. Johan Juergen Meyer- Heinrich Christoph Meyer's son.

You have to remember that according to the church documents, [ which is all I have to work with,] the Juergen Friedrich Meyer (geb. 1814) must have moved to Eichdorf to marry Cathrina Margarethea Luhmann. I think the mother or father may have followed him at different times. His other brother had gone to Himbergen [county] Uelzen, married, had children and died there. The youngest surviving other brothers where abouts and family is uknown to me.

So now you see why I have a special place in my heart for the kind Mr. Hoffmann of Neetzendorf, who owns a little hunting / lodging business in the home area of our Ancestors.

Note: I did try to find '
Werner Schuhe'. it is not so easy to find a Werner Schuhe with Schuhe standing for shoe. I should mention though that our M& M in Fairmont did say we had the familien name Shoe in the family.

Note: You know I suspect that our M & M in Fairmont may have read some of the German books of the area including those in old script. He may have read Charlotte Wodaege's book on Dahlenburg or he even may have had a copy of Heinrich Borstelmann's book about the inhabitants of the villages of Bleckede, which is to be my next post.

At my next posts you will be surprised to see how often the name Bergman and other familiar surnames come up and then too the village Neetzendorf.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is there A Black Sheep in Our Family, Hurry and Tell Me.

It's funny, but I just investigated to see if Black Sheep mailing list at Hotmail is arriving to my account. And I see it is not. { In fact it has not since 2007 } Sure I have the category at the side file listing and had not paid enough attention to what I was ignoring in my in box. So now I am trying to decide if I really need to resubscribe to the black Sheep society.

I would really like to Join, So let me know if you know of any Blacksheep in our family!

For those of you who don't know the members are only those who qualify. You have to have a person in your background whom qualifies as a Black sheep in your family. You can join for a time in order to show your relative and then it is decided if he is indeed a blacksheep and then you join as an official member.

I suppose it is kind of a catch 22. We tend to keep our Black sheep in the closet, so why would we bring them out to the air? You probably have to really want to join this mailing list to do so. Well really, it probably doesn't matter in this day and age.

This time of year around Halloween is normally very interesting reading, [ If you like that kind of thing] It is interesting to see what people have found in their closets.

One guy asked, if the black sheep is a bad person or just different. I tend to like Human nature and so the questions and discussions are sometimes interesting. I just kind of get a kick out of members having relatives who held other members relatives in their dungeons, etc.

Remember too, we judged by how the shoe fit and was worn by their feet, not ours. we
tend to judge by how things are today. [We shouldn't make that mistake about any of those things they did.] So are they black sheep cause of what they were in those days or do we still think they are. Timeless black sheep qualifications for the societies ideas of a blacksheep ?

It's funny too, how one wants to be a member of this mailing list.??

I tried to think who could fit. Lizzie Seil? Because she had an illegitimate child, no hat would qualify her, I doubt it and and I don't know her whole story of her life. A lot of the circumstaces of her childhood add to her sad life. She was a peasant with no father and maybe only boy friends of her mother as influence or no influence of the right nature. She had no influence of her fathers grandparents. She only had to look at the some of the females of her KORN families past and not think any different. And she must have wanted good for her child, so much so, that she came to America and married later.

Well how about August who left the family. when the child Lizzie was a result of an affair. I know nothing more than that. He married Lizzies mother and then left. He must have glanced at Lizzie on the way out the door. Unkindly put? [I suppose, but I still think he was a good man and I shouldn't judge]

-Probably the father of Annie was the bad guy, but know nothing more than pregnancy happened.

- In his day would Grandpa Willie make the list, cause he became a Christian scientist and maybe asked to leave the chur. Was that anything kept secret?

If there are any bad sheep in our family, the other stories must still be in the closet.

Maybe, I just let the subscription fall and dropped out cause I knew I did not have any ancestors or descendants with qualifications to make me a member. Also I have enjoyed the stories there, so probably I was only there to read. and I can anytime just go here and read with out having to join and clutter up my email. and then

I then think, well If I have a member would I dare submit him. I'd have to prove it happened, which would be impossible and I would have to live with hurt relatives about the whole publication.

Okay, I think I will just make a peek now and then into the archives since I have the link for my use any time I want it. ... That's good enough for me. My decision made.

But don't let me stop you, go ahead and read about other peoples Black Sheep it if you want to.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Genealogist has Fruitful Results with our Surname Hagemann

~ August F. Grote with Sophie Catharine Dorothe Hagemann ~

Cousin Genealogist researcher Mark had fruitful results with the letters he sent to some Hagemann families in Bleckede area. He had been inquiring about Hagemann at Goeddingen and Barskamp. Which would be Adele Grote's [She married a Meyer too] parents family. Mark's Hagemann family in Bleckede included with the cover letter a couple of nice post cards.

Don't you just love it when they do that. Sometimes our churches send along a little postcard of the church too.

Mark was kind enough to share a portion of his results of his search in Germany for the family Sophie Catharine Dorothea Hagemann and her husband Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote.

His Hagemann family member wrote this portion. And I have my feeble, very feeble translation below it from google.
Das hofgrundstüch der familien Grote in Bleckede-Nindorf ist durch Erbfolge heute in Besitz der Familie Viebrock. Bei der Erstellung Ihres Stammbaumes wünsche ich Ihnen guten Erfolg und übersende Ihnen für Ihres Arbeiten einige Ablichtungen aus unserer Familien- Chronik und der Ahnentafel Grote- Nindorf. Meine Frau und ich würden uns sehr freuen, von Ihnen und Ihren Vorfahre über die Lebensweise der vergangenen Jahre zu hoeren. Sofern Sie daran interessiert sind würde ich in einen spaeteren Schreiben auch von unserer Familie berichten.
Ihnen und Ihrer Familie freundschaftliche Grüsse

Translation by google--

About what concerns you with Sophie Catherine Dorothea Hagemann and Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote
I enclose a copy of the minutes Journal of the civil registry Bleckede - Bars Kamp was written by 11.Oktober.1887. Since this entry is in the old German script and the decipheriment problems you may have, I add one in a typewritten produced copy. Sophie Hagemann was the daughter of Jürgen Heinrich Hagemann, who is a brother of my great - grandfather Heinrich Christoph Hagemann (1814 - 1886) was. Jürgen - Heinrich Hagemann was Born in 31.01. 1828 on his father's farm in Bleckede - Breetze, which is still of my nephew is managed. [This is all in the hands of Mark Kuhlman]

The family of the Grote hofgrundstüch in Bleckede-Nindorf is hereditary in the family today Viebrock.
When creating your family tree, I wish you every success for your work and sending you some copies of our family history and pedigree of the Grote-Nindorf. My wife and I would be very happy, you and your ancestor on the habits of the past years to hear.
If you are interested, I would report in a subsequent letter from our family.
You and your family friendly greetings.

I have been writing lately of the family Naefke and Adele Grote who had lived at Arkansas after years in Farnhamville community. [Mostly because Mark had contacted me.]
Adele Grote Naefke family spent some time in Watonwan county, Minnesota. When her husband died she later remarried to My Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer's first born son Willliam who had lost his wife too.

If any of this interests you, you may have to contact Mark or his tree at ancestry for more information. He did write some other letters, and I am sure he will share it when it comes. He said he is going to be rather busy at some other 'up coming things'. So he is taking a back seat on the Genealogy family hunt from now on.

It will be my job to keep an eye on his tree for any changes resulting from his letter returns from Germany. And then report back here.


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