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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Genealogy Genealogie with more of Luhmann - Seil

This is another branch of the Luhmann tree. They share some of the same blood as the Meyer / Luhmann branch. Luhmann, Schlicht. Surnames of this branch off from Luhmann / Seil family. Winkelmann, Schulz, Martens, Soltau, Other.

I know this tree chart will begin to be a little confusing. I will try my best to help.

Remember the members of the Luhmann family. Generation two or three is about the time our Schultze /Behrens about 1700. After 1803 the Meyer come on the scene in Neetzendorf, Boitze /and Bleckede area with Meyer. Meyer joining the Luhmann family at year 1838. This little comparison was done by Herr Soltau whose wife had the connection. Not published anywhere that I know. I only received the direct line, nothing of other siblings. Before I could think to ask he was off to somewhere else.

Luhmann family chart
III. Jürgen Luhmann Clara Margaretha Schultze or Schultz.
Children or Kinder:
Christian Friedrich,
Anthon Frantz [ shepherd at Bostelwiebeck],
Dorothea Maria,
Heinrich Jürgen,
Johann Peter [*1721-oo 9 juli 1751 lived in Breese],
Hans Jürgen 1722 - Bostelwiebeck,
Catharina Margaretha,

IV. Valentin Luhmann ∞ 2.10.1752 Catharine Sophia Müller
Also maybe with (∞ 1757 Agnese Jahnke ? – copy „Eichdorf, Halbhof 2“)

Jürgen Heinrich,
Anna Dorothea Sophia,
Anna Margaretha,
Catharina Elisabeth ( md landowner in Oldendorf nov 15, 1782-Frd. Wilhelm Ries],
Elisabeth Margarethe,
Maria Magdalena, Anna Margaretha,
Johann Friedrich Luhmann*

V. Kinder Jürgen Heinrich Luhmann ∞ 19.11.1784 Catharina Elisabeth Gehrke from Duebbekold.
Kinder: V1. Johann Jürgen oo Reinecke, Catharina Elisabeth [00 Johann Juergen Bartels Eichdorf, Margarethe Magdalena Luhmann[00 Juergen Christp. Hch Seil of Breese],

V1. Kinder of Gehrke and Luhmann, Catharina Maria Luhmann
∞ 11.11.1809
Jürgen Friedrich Seil /Luben

V11. Kinder:
Johann Friedrich Seil
oo - 12.04.1859 Bleckede
oo- Anne Katharine Dorothea Schulz

In this same generation Johann Jurgen Luhmann had married Reinecke and had his daughters who married at Schutshur to Pagel and Schulz. Another sister Cath Dor. Elisabeth born 1825 md Joh Juergen Bartels. Another md Schlaphof emg. to Nebraska. Son Christoph md. Anna Dor Elsb Meier at Ventschau. Catharina Margarethea md Jurgen Frd. Meyer with descendents went to Iowa.. [It is possible One of these Sisters or sister =in-laws md Mollemann went to Galena Illinois. Then md to Ahrens.]

kinder: of Johann Frd. Seil and Schulz
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Seil
∞ 23.08.1901 in Bleckede
Marie Karoline Wilhelmine Berta Elise Martens

Kinder: Heinrich Friedrich Ernst Seil
oo - ∞ 20.12.1935 in Bleckede
Else Minna Dorothea Winkelmann
Kinder: probably living


Note: Cath. Sophia Mueller of Kofahl who lived at Halbhof 2 at Eichdorf. Her father was Mich. Mueller of Kofahl.
They had child generation 1V - Johann Friedrich Luhmann * geb or born 14.07.1768 in Eichdorf. died 19.03.1851 in Bleckede at 83 years old. We think he married twice. His other wife may have been Anna Dorothea Grothe. Or she may have been with his son.
His descendant generation V. -Ernst Friedrich Luhmann *17.03.1811 oo went to Lohrville and Farnhamville church of Iowa.
Surnames of this tree.
Schlicht, Brockmann, Blank, Steinbock, Jacobs, Grothe, Meier, Tippe ?
More later on the two other Trees of Luhmann in this area of Bleckede.

Speculation: Since this tree of Luhmann was in the area of Bleckede..... Dahlenburg area, Is it possible that the Brockmann of the Schlicht family could be connected with the one Brookmann who married Seil of Dahlenburg? There were some involvement with a family Schlicht also from Barskamp. And also a Brockman in that tree. Hof 30 of Oldendorf.

Note: In the same generation that the two sisters married Seil men, there was a sister of that Luhmann family whom married Ries a landowner at Oldendorf. This was before Juergen Friedrich Meyer was born. I am sure the Ries family maybe had something to do with Our Meyer possession of land in Oldendorf. Behrens / Schultze family also married to Riess family and also had a Bartel connection. Behrens / Schultze family through marriage may have been in Eimstorf or Dahlem or Leestahl. [ Hch. Borstelman book]

There are better records of all this in earlier blogs.

**Note: Since the wife of this Friedrich Seil was a Schulz, it could not be the same Seil who went to Farnhamville whose descendent eventually married Pauline Nahnsen. Unless he had married more than once. And it is a Friedrich not a Franc.

[I might add that I have information about at least seven Seil families.]

I am fully prepared to clear up any Questions, if I can. Or at least direct one to other sources.

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