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Friday, December 14, 2012

Meyer Second Marriage Document from Nahrendorf church

-Example of page 1-

I 've had a little excitement here the last couple of days. Great for the Meyer  Family History Tree So I am glad you came to see what I have to show you.
I have  a copy of the  special  document   from  the Nahrendorf church archives. You know we  have  been waiting for  a document like this  for a long time. You will  find that the whole document    will cover  the basic Luhmann tree from Valentin to  Katharina Margaretha LUHMANN  and all their spouses. It also covers Juergen Friedrich Meyer's second marriage to the one  we thought it would be.  And then it covers those children. from that marriage. Pretty exciting news huh.  I am experimenting on how to add it in it's pdf form to a pic image.

We appreciate the document we really do, but were having a little bitty problem with the print. It's a bit light.

So I am presently without a lot of success  doing a few things to bring it to better  visibility so we can read it. Perhaps Google's Picassa will do the trick

So  what do you think about the document ?

I wonder about The Mosel Family in Pommoissel and Nahrendorf - Iowa and Minnesota

Just a short post really to make a small point of a statement once made by Mr Schlotten.
He had said there was a connection of Mosel in the Oldendorf / Nahrendorf region. He just didn't know what exactly. I find the name at Bleckede and Nahrendorf. I often wonder more about the  family history connection in this area of the Gohrde forest region. Pommoissel  is not that far from Nahrendorf. We have several families of interest  listed from there.

Notice the Riekens at Duebbekold. Home of  our Schroeder and Daetz/ Wolters/ Saucke.

Thanks for stopping in.

Gefallen buried at Nahrendorf


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Everyone Loves A Story About The Old Western Days

altered free photo from bloggers site

Especially with a few unusual cowpokes.

So how about a story of the old west and a redhead cowgirl.

 I have such an interesting tale and with  facts to add to the mysterious Mrs. M  Ritterling I mentioned before here concerning the records and her suicide.  Well the other day I happened upon a article written by Marven Weitzel whose wife,   Jeanette has some  the Ritterling family information. I am pleased as punch that she is going to look up some of  her information and email me. It should be interesting to see the results.

In case you wish to view Margaret  Har[s] stone or leave her flowers at Find a Grave source
Now we know the mysterious Margaret Har  Ritterlings husband was Henry [born Mar.1845.Immg 1869 or early 1870. He had worked in Rochester, New York and in 1870 he entered the military service. He served in many fort locations. .Later he was one of the founders of Guernsey community in Wyoming. I have found his biography myself in a book at google reader and a couple other sources. I 'll leave a few links later. Marven wrote this;  which I find I can't express as well as he:
 "My wife delights in telling me about the houses that comprised his home and businesses, and remain standing in Guernsey today. Her grandfather was living in Henry's home when we lived there. The home to the south was once a brothel owned by Henry, and the one adjacent to the north was a bar which he also owned. In addition, he conducted extensive ranching operations and had considerable acreage. What most people never knew about my Uncle Henry was how he got the money for his businesses, Jeanette told me years ago. I understand that whenever he needed money, he went to the banks in Cheyenne, but not to borrow. He would slip in and rob the banks, lose the posse in the hills and head back to Guernsey. What she told me isn't documented, but she swears its the truth. She told me of another episode about her great great uncle Henry that took place some time after his emigration to this country from Germany. He ended up as part of cavalry unit at old Fort Laramie, and spent some time fighting Indians during the time when Gen. Custer made his last stand at Little Big Horn. When he was mustered out, he homesteaded in the Medicine Bow area and built a cabin." 

So Henry is quite the character.THE TEXT OF - PROGRESSIVE MEN OF THE STATE OF WYOMING  said he was discharged from the military service on  Sept.12.1880. so this must have influenced his thinking of having a wife. He  went back east to find a wife. Before that he also made a trip to Germany in the winter and returned 1881. On returning, he became an ambulance driver.  In spring of 1882 he arrived in Laramie region  and had land for cattle raising  three miles west of Fort Laramie by Laramie river the old California trail. .

 I wonder when he arrived back from the east with the  would be bride - Margaret Har[s] from Germany  with flaming red hair. [I would say that might mean a little Scottish or Irish mix in the background?]  The various Census tells me  her birth was about 1845- 1849.they married summer 23.OCT. 1883. I read  that  Henry's line of work often kept him away from the homestead for extended periods. His young bride didn't appreciate being left alone because she had a big fear of the Indians who often roamed the area.    We all have learned through the media that the little woman was often handed a gun and she was to end it before the Indians  got to her.

She was found in a barn hung from the rafters. People don't know if she did this because of her terror of the Indians passing through in the area, or if her husband tired of having a wife.Or other foul play. 
His wife ,  Jeanette did learn from  local Wyoming history:
" that at about this time a tribe of Indians from Florida was traveling through the area, headed for Canada. She theorizes that they were the Indians that Henry's wife saw. Its ironic, she says, because they would not have gone near her because they felt red-haired people were possessed of evil spirits."

If I recall right  our M&M had mentioned the surname O'HARA or O'HORA and a hint of  this  tragic story about a young lady who killed herself afraid of the Indians reaching her,  when she wouldn't have had to do so.
One can't help but admire this story that remains about this family. Our own experiences and history  about  people helps us  make up our own minds about versions of what might have happened with Margaret Hars.
I'd love to hear your version.

The picture has been painted about their life, what do you think happened?

Links: o. Co.

Picture source::  Graphics fairy

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I love Comments.
I welcome comments about the content of the post and yours and my work. I . Especially love  the  kind too that says Hi, I think were related or  something about the family. Correction, advice  and pointers are good too.I love any comments, actually,  s.
Just not spam and links to spam related blogs

Okay that's it for today. Hope it's a good one for you. Hope it's memorable on 12-12-12.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Meyer,Jürgen Friedrich
Birth : 29.Nov.1814 Neetzendorf, Dahlenburg, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Death : 18-20Sept.1878 Roethen/ Oldendorf,
Burial : [] Nahrendorf, Lüneburg, Niedersachen

Marriage :
-2- OO It was Friedrichs second marriage.
AHRENS, Katharine Dorothea [Meyer]
Birth : 31.Mar.1827 cklingen, Luneburg, Niedersachen [Bleckede]
Death : 16.Mar.1890 Oldendorf an der Goehrde, Nahrendorf

-1- Totgeb Nadgen. Meyer
Birth : 5.Okt.1758- Roethen and Oldendorf in the Goehrde forest.
Babtism : 6.Okt.1758

-2- [ Twin ] MEYER, Anna Louise Auguste
Birth: 12.Jul.1859 Roethen, by Oldendorf an der Goehrde
Babtism : 18.jul.1859
1-Ehefrau des Anbauers SCHMIDT, Marie Elisabeth geborene WOLTER.
2-Ehefrau des Hauslers MICHELS, Dorothea Margaretha geborene AHRENS zu Oldendorf # 27 and # 28 sind zwillinge.

-3-  [Twin ] MEYER, Louise Marie Dorothea
Birth : 12.Jul.1859 Roethen by Oldendorf an der Goehrde
Baptism : #28/1859 - 27.Jul.1859

-4- MEYER, Ida Marie Elise
Birth : 2.Nov.1862 Rothen by Oldendorf and Nahrendorf in the Gohrde Forest
Babtism : 30.Nov.1862
# 44/1862
-1-Hauswirth SEMMEROTH, Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth geborene WILLHUS in Oldendorf.
-2-Ehefrau des Hauswirths
AHRENS, Marie Friedericke geborene BLIESCH in Mücklingen, Lüneburg, Niedersachen

-5- MEYER, Adolph Heinrich Friedrich
Birth : 8.June.1864 Röthen an der Göhrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen.
Baptism : Nahrendorf church 10.Jun.1864-#25/186 4 Taufz.
-#1.- Hsw. Juegn Hch LUHMANN of Eichdorf,:

-6- MEYER, Hermann Rudolph Friedrich
Birth : 2.Apr.1867 Röthen an der Göhrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Baptism : 21.April.1867 Nahrendorf church
13/1867 Taufz..=
#1,= Herm. Joh.Hch. AHRENS Hsw. sohn of Mücklingen;
# 2.= Joh. Hch. Frd. MICHELS Hausler in Oldendorf.

-7- MEYER, Emilie Margaretha Dorothea
Birth: 22.Okt.1863 Roethen and der Goehrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Baptism: 3.Nov.1863
Taufz.. = #39/1863 Taufz.
# 1,= Catharina Dorth.SCHULZ geborene HAUL.
# 2 = Margaretha Dor. MICHELS = Hausler's frau.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Good Day to you

I know, I know, I finally showed up.

There are reasons,

and I won't bore you with them.

I must say I am grateful I can come here to blog a bit about the genealogy Meyer related family history.

I can see your still here.and I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for the small stuff today too.
-This morning I noticed that there is a Presto canner for sale at the local farm store. If it's still there later it's going to be mine. If not, we'll have to see about the next move.

-I noticed a thrift sale of pillow cases to be embroidered and tons of great threads.

-At forms, I noticed a small thing like entering in Mar* for Maria or Mary and even Margaret. Now isn't that the silliest thing to be grateful for? But it really does save time to be able to do that at Ancestry. I am grateful for the spelling being the same and that your allowed to do that at various research sites. It especially helps when I am looking for the Mary's on immigration data. I am sure there are more shortcuts that I haven't even been aware of their existence.

-That's why reading blogs of the Genea Bloggers is most helpful. I removed some at the side of my page. But they are still around. More about that reason at another time.

Can you believe it that I came here just to share with you that I am so grateful I can search Mar* rather than Maria and Marie, or Mary. Well you see it, so believe it.

I wonder if I am grateful there are so many Mary's in my  Meyer family history ? I am grateful for the ones I have met and know.
Well, I think I will ponder that one for awhile.

Take care and I will try and get back here to share some more of my exciting revelations about family history..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filling Your Mother's shoes

When I was a little girl I tried to fit into my mothers shoes.
I'd walk around the house wearing her shoes as if I were her. When I was older and my little family was going to be two plus one and then later one more. I tried at times to again to fill my Mother's shoes. I imagine I do try to fit in all the mothers shoes [roles] by the women of our family. Take a look around and see which Mother you can identify from the collected photos of  Meyer, Seil, Heins, and Peters

~~~Happy Mothers Day~~~

Top Left - Sylvia Peters, Jo with Sharon, Bottom left Lizzie Seil and  Anna Seil. Middle  Lizzie Seil Jaeschke, Anna  Seil and Dwight or Lyle Meyer. Bottom Middle - Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer. Far right bottom - Josephine Peters.

Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth König (nee Meyer)

Once was lost in time, but not forgotten, but now is found with more clues. I wish I could say we have found her family and more about her, but we have some exact data to work with now, which is more than I had hoped to receive at this time. Happy dance fantastic!

She was first noticed as a mention in the Meyer Book as Doris married to a König or Koenig, Konig. Nothing more to note whether in Germany or a emigration to United States of America. Nothing for sure to know if she was Liese, who came with Frederick Meyer in 1869 to Galena, Illinois as a single woman or even with her husband.

Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer born 12.9.1845. Babtised on the 14th day of September. Nahrendorf church. She lived with her parents at Eichdorf, a little village near nahrendorf and Oldendorf in the state of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony. Sometime before 1847 the family moved to the village Oldendorf an der Göhrde. [Later 1857 her father moved to Röthen in the Göhrde forest just past Oldendorf.]
Her godmothers : Katharine Margarethe Dorothea Luhmann, Hauswirths frau aus Eichdorf Katherine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann Hauswiths tochter daher.

Marriage for Dorothea was in Barskamp 3.12.1865 record a/1865 Nahrendorf [We might later look to Barskamp for more information about the König family.] Marriage with Heinrich Carl Dieterich König, a Schullehrer aus Altgarge.

So now we will look for more on the Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth König (nee MEYER) family at Barskamp and at Altgare of Bleckede and Tosterglope. I think I read something about schoolteachers of Barskamp. Lucky for us there is a chronik or history of the village online. Definitely a peek into Tosterglope It helps to read it and even to make a comment or two if it's possible.

After we have explored those sources I will check Aida and Hamburg Passenger list for any hints that they came to United states.

Note: I am not sure who the godmothers are. Possibly Catharina Margaretha LUHMANN sisters and or a wife of her brother. I hope to check on that soon. I have realized that my family tree of church records did stop with Catharina Margaretha 's generation. I only have the added information by Herr Hermann Luhmann of Quickborn.

Note: Hint - Two Meyer brothers families mentioned on the cover.

Well I really must run. I am considering doing a special blog post for tomorrow's Mothers day.
You can check and see if I did or simply went outside today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facebook German Group - Germany Exchange

Just a nice short little post announcement about a great regenerated Facebook group called Germany Exchange. It's well rounded with enthusiastic members willing to help and full of great helpful links.

I would say that the name seems to explain their purpose! Well diversed, Friendly, Helpful members.

I can't begin to list all the very different places you'll find their links to use. Any place you can think of, I am sure it's there in their toolbox. Perhaps you should even drop by and add one???

One lady there at the group has already found family just using the links and advice. You can't beat that.

I myself can mostly offer a few look ups in and in my own regional books based on my ancestors settlement areas in Luneburg. Including the resources of material I have added to Genealogy of Oldendorf and Nahrendorf blog.
I am a bit sorry none have shown up at Germany Exchange group at Facebook
that need help. But I have been very busy recording at Ancestry and
I should share with you very soon my recent acquisition.

Do try to exchange something important there.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Herman Meyer

Good day to you, a special day it is too. It would be my  grandfathers birthday, if he were alive today. If he were;  he would be about one hundred thirty one years of age. I've included a picture used on my other blogs.

I haven't posted much since the new Google. so we'll see how it goes. I thought I would add this photo in  birthday special day honor  of Grandfather Herman Meyer. I have done posts in the past on his character.. .
Those little people you see are left to right, Herman William 11 and on the far right, Jo Meyer, yours truly. Photo taken after I was able to hold up my head,,,,, maybe about July or August 1950   Back of him would be North
I could edit the picture a bit more, I originally left the sides wide so the picture could be framed.  I haven't been able to do the editing in Picasa as I did in the past. I'll let you know how it goes. I have some blog anniversaries coming up, so thought I would do a mosaic for that. Suggestions welcome.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Problem Once Again Maybe Solved

Well it looks like with the blogger change over, I have a little bity problem.
Actually it's a horrible mess. It couldn't come at  a worse time. I shall try to get things fixed, but it will take some time. It seems I am in the blog "Arootdigger'  black listed for having malware due to someone else carrying it. Since I linked to them I also am contaminated.

I hope you all will continue to be fine.
just me jo

Yes, It was a warning from Google because I had  blinly added a  We are trees...... blog to one of my blog rolls. I am not sure what I saw when I added it, but well, it is not what I thought it was. This porn maybe added readers, but well sometimes none is better than some.  Now removed with many of my blog rolls; it seems that google likes me again. 

The blog rolls and labels were nice to have, but maybe now is the time to figure out how to add buttons. After all I need something  new with my blog anniversary coming up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Enough already with the English and Irish Roots.

I am excited today. Heres why. The time has come.
Reba Mcentire will be on WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE tonight on Nbc. I have been waiting for this family History just because I love her so. I will have to miss it, but will catch up on it online later. I know, I know, I could record it, but I have a different tv with the old vcr not hooked to it, so it's not possible anymore with the tv I have. [ Its new to me and it actually has a vcr in it and I don't know how to run it.] I am going to remedie that another way one of these days.

Reba Mcentire has been advertised on some other interview based show too. I haven't really checked on that. I heard her say something about a plane crash. I'd like to know what that was all about. We know it will be about Reba Mcentire's Irish or scotish [ or both ] roots settled into North Carolina. Something about a nine year old immigrant's mystery based reveal of family history. Sorry I haven't watched the trailers, but you can.

I just have to part by asking you: doesn't it seem that there is an awful lot of Irish and English backgrounds going on with that show. Or Black history.

So I say,

" Come on "Who do you think you are" producers, give us some ordinary German genealogy folks. Also while your at it maybe those who have nothing to do with Polish roots with all the drama of concentration camps and extermination!!.

Just saying!.

I really do love the family history on the show.

No matter whose. I am glad we have the show.

I look forward to watching the reveal of

Reba Mcentire's family history.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Browsing/ surfing Henke, Found Brockmann.

Good morning, readers. Thanks for stopping in today.
Perhaps your just browsing a few names and my blog tags drew you in. I often do that myself to pass a few hours, when I have no intentions of doing anything else other than watching tv at the same time. It often brings new ideas and insights out of the wood works, you might say. [ I just need to be more versatile with my names and places.] I tried it again this morning with "Henke Celle ahnenforschung".

Last week, I happened to recheck Brookmann, Brockman tree at rootsweb world connect where I knew my Ilse Marie Brookman resides in his tree of collected Brockmann / Brookmann names. [She is the mother of my August Frd. Willian Seil. She died in Iowa.] While I searched the index for any progression of my own, and possibly the one at Barskamp connection to Friedrich Luhmann of Iowa, I noted other Brockmann/ Brockmann of Barskamp and surrounding area, which happens as you know. I still owe you that information which I added to my tree at ancestry.

Well you say to yourself, what are you getting to? Lets have it now.
ok. Here it is.
I came across this site A bis Z Nordsee Zeitung. it seems to stem or be related to a newspaper. this particular site I stumbled upon gives the meaning behind a surname. Whether it's high or low German. In this case Brokmann, Brookmann, Brockmann which must give clues to background for my ancestors the Brookman in my Seils life.

The name comes from early settlers in 'Bruchgelaende' in
swamps or bogs in areas of North Rhine Westphalia. However, I suspect this is
the biased {??} interpretation of Westphalian based report.

Henke comes from the short form of a Westphalia's
low german of first name

Henrich, Hinrich, and

Thus shared, and now, I will leave you as I move on to further investigate the little gifts one receives surfing.


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