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Monday, March 28, 2011

Luhdorf map Attempts

Niedersachen, Luneburg, Harburg, Luhdorf

Größere Kartenansicht

Ahh success.

This what I got first for forever!
Luhdorf google map
Sorry this was suppose to be a link with an embed. It was not. I have been trying to get around to the old version of google map, with out landia. it's tough to find.
Anyone know why, bloggers?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dahlenburg family history surname Verikas

Inscription inside the cover by Charlotte Wodaege to Elisabeth.

Welcome back to arootdigger page. I should tell you that you need not worry.
I know that I have to finish posting more on the Meyer Descendant family tree. Like I did with the children and trees of Fred and William Meyer that I started weeks ago. I should really designate a day for my postings and stick to it. Just so you know, I haven't abandoned the intention or the project. You will see it here eventually. I get into new tangents......
I have some new fun [for me] ideas as well.

I wanted to discuss with you some fun plans that I have recently decided upon.

1. Index my book pages by Charlotte Wodaege into a small notebook. Even if I cannot read it that fast, at least I can refer to my notebook Index for a name or place. I think it will help me a lot. I just have to see which method will work the best for retrieval.

2. I found a second book of Charlotte Wodaege here which I hope to look at more throughly. After all she says she has descendants here in United States. I am curious about a Mueller family she mentioned in her Dahlenburg book. which title translates to
  • Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Streifzüge durch die Geschichte)1989. Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Rambling through the story) 1989.

3. I have been looking for the previous owner of that book. I think that would be fun, and just maybe helpful. I can do it because there was a book ownership stickeris in it. I am kind of curious why she bothered to put that in it. There was an inscription inside on face page by Charlotte herself. I am so curious about the whole story?

Since this is Monday a day people share other peoples writings, I will start with the names from that book.

Alex and Elisabeth Verikas from Wisconsin.

Yes, of course I have previously browsed a little and I am withholding some information already. I still don't know which surnames Elisabeth Verikas was interested in at Dahlenburg. I don't know what she found out? Where she went from there? Do they fall into our family history at Dahlenburg. Were they our ancestors too or well connected to them? But there is a good deal of unknown too to be discovered as the days go by.
I do know that she shared her village information on the german heritage days. In places  where it is celebrated. Her picture was in a newspaper I found on the internet. I hope I still  have a link.

If you know anything or found anything of the family Verikas, please let me know.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unexpected; Anticipation with Family History Surnames from the Jonas tree; from the Hauschild in Butteris Family tree

Unexpected; Anticipation
What do I mean by that title? That one family history tree surname of yours connects to another unrelated ancestral tree. If it connects its related? And it is the name of our game in genealogical name pursuit.

Let me explain_ If I have Members of the Jonas tree with surnames Banit, Quast, Stehr, Luhman, Lohman, Meyer, Borschatz as seen here [] and I am doing a refresh on the Behmken/Meyer tree at Sauk co. Wi, and was reviewing other related trees to their data at Goodhue county, Minnesota. I am not expecting to find a Hauschild that connects to the Davenport in say Pierce county, Wisconsin. It doesn't hurt to browse the name, since the location is close. [ I don't actually recall the exact area anyway.] But sometimes luck runs that way and it happens. Hadn't I found once that the Michel's name led to Stream and that led me to my own area of Greene and Calhhoun couty with the surname Stream. It came to nothing that connected. I suppose it was a waste of time. It's just at that time, I knew next to nothing about my other Mich[a]els tree.

It could have happened today as I was reviewing some surnames and trees that tie to them. It's that I just didn't want to pursue it. At the time of my investigation, I doubt I was saving them to my trees. I just didn't want to take the time to check further. I would say that their is a six chance out of nine, it goes further. Which is a reminder to myself that if your investigating anything you should document your journey. If this pops up again, I can dig out my reminder file and see oh yes, I found this here and here on the Hauschild / Davenport for the Butteriss Family tree.

My tree does seem like a mess, and I am not proud of them.
Now I save everything I am interested in for later investigation. A couple of broad working trees are for just that. Ohhh I'll tidy them up one of these days. Just not today.

I have been in a little reality slump that results from paying attention to the world around me.
I have a little formula for depression due to the world events. It is simply to emerse myself into the surnames of my genealogical interests. I just refresh myself with the information. And well I do have to refresh the old memory. Well, Just jog the brain a little. While I am doing so, I can see at Ancestry just what is new. Etc.

I don't go through all of them, cause I have quite a few trees.
Anyway, I noticed the name Hauschild, Hauschildt and the memory of my pursuit of it with the name Davenport and my dear Mary Butteris.

See how it goes.

I just happen to reflect that sooner or later, folks while your browsing one tree, it just might run into your other tree, which you thought was entirely unrelated. [ except of course for your own self which joins the tree too]

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Genea bloggers Radio -- blog talk radio

Genea bloggers Radio.
Now isn't that an interesting concept. This is new to me. I have attempted to browse it a little. And I am still not finished checking it out. If I don't forget I will give it a try tomorrow night. Unless of course it costs money.
Have any of you attended before?

Mostly for my benefit, but yours as well, I have cut and pasted the directions from Genea bloggers page below from last weeks notice. It will serve as a reminder for me.

So here is how it all works for Mr 4th:


  1. Visit the GeneaBloggers page at Blog Talk Radio.
  2. Click on the Upcoming Episode
  3. On Mr 11, 2011 -

    GeneaBloggers Radio - Guest Interview Noah Tutak of

  4. Then you can sign up for updates and reminders.
  5. At 9:00 pm CST on Friday, March 4, 2011, listen in at the Blog Talk Radio website. The player should start automatically – you will need to turn on your computer speakers or use your headphones.

If you want to dial in and share your thoughts and comments, the dial-in number is (213) 286-6709.
  1. There will also be a chat room on that same page where you can type and interact with other listeners. [Note: you must have an account at Blog Talk Radio and sign in to access the chat room!] I often take cues and suggestions from the chat room, so don’t be shy!

Thomas MacEntee

I have been taking part in a chat room at Ancestorville at Facebook. Are you aware of it. There are many chat room topics and you can select the one your interested in attending.

Some one mentioned the archives, so I will be looking for this especially. Once I experience it, I will report back.

Monday, March 7, 2011

James M.Garrison Family Tree Research

James M. Garrison Birth: 22.Feb.1863
Death: 5.May.1918

Nevada City Cemetery
Virginia City
Madison County
Montana, USA

Created by: Jane Barkell
Record added: Feb 02, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 4747585

Click for - Find a grave search form.

Yes He was father to Four Children:
With Diane's help.......
1. *Has No Children- John B. GARRISON b: FEB 1896 in Madison Co, Montana
2. Has No Children- Edna M. GARRISON b: ABT 1901 in Madison Co, Montana
3. Has No Children- William F. GARRISON b: ABT 1904 in Madison Co, Montana
4. Has No Children- James M. GARRISON b: ABT 1909 in Madison Co, Montana
They have spouses shown at
James Milton Garrison was named after his father
Milton Lloyd Garrison

Thanks so much to Find a Grave organization. Especially Jane Barkell.
2. * Not so sure about no Children!

There was about ten family trees at with this Garrison Tree. Naturally the information differs at times.
I also read some shocking information. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

From - Montana Pioneers Society

Since I am Browsing Queen, I thought I'd share a tidbit from my Montana search this week.

From we find the Montana Pioneers Society [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. Original data: Sanders, James U., ed.. Society of Montana Pioneers. Vol. I. n.p.: Society of Montana Pioneers, 1889.

This database contains information relating to the Society of Montana Pioneers. Included in this work are the Society's constitution; a listing of officers of the state society, the county societies, and the society of sons and daughters; and listings.
[Source Information : Society of Montana Pioneers : constitution, members and officers, with portraits and maps [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.Original data: Society of Montana Pioneers : constitution, members and officers, with portraits and maps. Montana: The Society, 1899.]

Don't forget to check google book search. The below link is one found there.
Many other links to try.
Society of Montana Pioneers Thomas Monroe Co Genealogy found eBay at times.

googled links:

Well lots of links, and google search can bring forth results for some good reading for History, Genealogy and sight seeing rewards.

just jo arootdigger
I hope where ever this & appears that the links work. I noticed  its happened since I monkeyed with Java Script. I have my fingers crossed. 

Garrison, Husband, Fehring Surnames Family Ancestry Research at Nevada,

Memorial Stone of Fehring.location he died at Adobetown but buried at Nevada Cemetery in Montana.

Memorial Stone of Fehring.location he died at Adobetown,  but buried at Nevada Cemetery in Montana.

Today we're working along the ancestry family tree history line of the FEHRING and GARRISON . I spent a few hours on it last night. and then I decided to take a quick glance in rootsweb to see if anyone has the tree. I can say proudly someone had that exact tree. Don't you love it when things fall in line like dominoes.

Diane has
published the tree with a highlight of her surnames of HEDINGER and WALTER. She briefly covers the Garrison tree. which ties to Union county, Iowa.

The family history ancestry of Milton GARRISON with Margaret HUSBAND famiy tree goes back much further, but at the moment those whom we have mentioned that are concern to us were at Nevada city; Virginia City; and Adler Gulch; Dillon Beaverhead cities in Nevada. GARRISON, and Elsie FEHRING and her parents family history John B. are briefly covered by Diane.
Elsie FEHRING details

You can check on the James and Milton GARRISON ancestors at Rootsweb ancestry site for easy browsing. The GARRISON family changed locations through out the years. To name a few places there was Hamilton county, Ohio; Wapello, Iowa; North Carolina; New York; and Indiana co. Pennsylvania. [ Don't you just hate that when they mix the state names in a city town /state like that.] The maternal family ancestral lines are not as well covered, which is not all that unusual. Maternal lines BOLAR, HUSBAND, MEYER, FEHRING family history lineage.

I find that a review of the same family ancestral trees that I find on line whether it is from or Family tree maker; they help verify, clear up any little details I might have missed.At the moment it is a bit disappointing that the family Tree information that I found at Roots web about the parents of Elsie -> John B. Fehring and Mary [Meyer ] is just as bare of the maternal line information as mine. In fact there is not even a mention of a former location, especially that at Galena, Jo Daviess county, Illinois.

If you desire more information on the family history Garrison lineage, be sure to click the links and you'll find the family history large and small trees.

jo, arootdigger

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review of tombstones of John B. Fehring with wife and son.

Guess what Review of the tombstones of John B. Fehring and his wife Mary. His son
William i B. is shown at the side of the tombstone. The stone was shown at another post.

Birth: 1828 [August 1828]
Death: Jan. 7, 1901
Madison County
Montana, USA

J.B. Fehring was one of the old-timers of Alder Gulch, died in his home at Adobetown, at the age of 75 years. Mr. Fehring came to this section of Montana in 1863 and resided at Virginia City and Adobetown ever since. He was quite wealthy and was highly respected by all who knew him.

Nevada City Cemetery
Virginia City
Madison County
Montana, USA

Created by: Jane Barkell
Record added: Dec 26, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 32412374

Son William B. Fehring
Birth: 1874
Death: 1914
Nevada City Cemetery
Virginia City
Madison County
Montana, USA

William actually died still single of a Diabetes coma at Chicago in Cook County, Illinois. But must have been brought back to be buried here. I found a copy of his death certificate at family search .org. I'll see if I can bring it here for you to see.

Created by: Jane Barkell
Record added: Feb 02, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 47475838

And of course nothing on her. The survival of this family is Elsie Fehring who married James Garrison. Who stayed on in Montana for some time.

Speculation: You know this is merely a tree from my speculation that Mary is mine. Marriage of 1874. Though facts on census say she was married about 1872. One census claims she is born 1852. Another census claims she was born 1847. Are there two John B. Fehrings sometimes born 1828, another time about 1829?. With wife born Oct. 1847 and another 1852. The 1900 census and 1880 census should be reviewed here, I think with those details.


Fehring Family Ancestry Research at Nevada, Illinois, Iowa

Welcome back to another family history research and genealogy post.

I have for personal reasons been in a little depression slump the past week, I can easily bring myself out by some deeply immersed researching and browsing for family. So I dug in to FEHRING/ MEYER.
Today, I have been busy since the rooster, crowed, I tell you.
That is the kind of ancestral research I love. Is it logical research, probably not? You know how that goes, right. [ I hope I am not the only one. ]

So let me fill you in.
A little review at the same time.
I have mentioned a few times that a Mary MEYER had a license to marry John D. FEHRING at Galena, Illinois.
MEYER, Mary Intended spouse.
1873-02-14 D/ 117- JO DAVIESS, Illinois
at Galena Jo Daviess county, Illinois.
Which could have been my
Mary who immigrated in 1869 with Fritz or
Fred Meyer,
who is no stranger to us.
I am told that the marriage did not follow
through into another marriage record there.
She could have gone with him
to places others have moved to settle.

Remember my post of maps Highland, Greene county. I mentioned at that time of a Mary Fehring land owner there next to Fred. And I have given you glimpses of Meyer with Highland's land records for other years. At that time I was trying to find some connection of FEHRING and GARRISON. Just something that will maybe let me latch me onto a tree at ancestry.

Clinton county, Iowa.

Following Fehrings I have mosied around Sugar Creek settlement at Clinton county, Iowa. I understand some Fehrings have gone off to Mo. and Wi. Oklahoma. Some have settled in a couple of places in Minnesota. One of them was at Nobles county Minnesota. Possibly M& M meant them as he told me of relatives at Nobles county, Minnesota, but I am not sure.

The research I did was a little at beta and it mentioned Union county, Iowa.
Browsing a little at Union county, Iowa message board and maybe leaving a vague post is what I do best, so I shall do that soon.
Here is the juicy little document I have refered to over and over for my research the last few days. There are of course a few others that feed into this one.
But notice the area of Dillion, Montana.

I have followed up with a little research into census also doing google research a bit with it.
As far as I am concerned one can never have too many windows open at the same time.

"However, freddy the puter says no way, too many open windows makes me slow, cut down girl."

1865-1950 for James


Residents at Madison county, Montana

Name:James Garrison
Titles & Terms:
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 03 Jan 1895
Event Place: Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Previous Spouse:
Race: White
Birth Date:
Birthplace: State of Iowa
Estimated Birth Year: 1864
Father: Melton Garrison
Father's Titles & Terms:
Mother: Margaret Husband
Mother's Titles & Terms:
Paternal Grandfather:
Paternal Grandmother:
Maternal Grandfather:
Maternal Grandmother:
Additional Relatives: X
Spouse: Elsie Fehring
Spouse's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Age: 18
Spouse's Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Race: White
Spouse's Birth Date:
Spouse's Birthplace: Madison County, Montana
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1877
Spouse's Father: John B. Fehring
Spouse's Father's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Mother: Mary Meyers
Spouse's Mother's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Paternal Grandfather:
Spouse's Paternal Grandmother:
Spouse's Maternal Grandfather:
Spouse's Maternal Grandmother:
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: it7 cn268
Film Number: 1905608
Digital Folder Number: 4351340
Image Number: 688

If you glance at my side margin below the tuit sign; you will find the family search ancestry of Jurgen Friedrich MEYER's children's birth dates. One of my Mary Meyer's birth date is 1847. [ It's possible she is hiding as Myer, Mayer, Mier, and heaven forbid as Meyers.] I guess yet another one commited that unforgivable sin with that 'S' on the end of MEYER; and so I had better search more for MEYERS from now on.

In the mean time
John B. FEHRING [ Notice it is not a D] leads to Elsie FEHRING and her husband James GARRISON family history, whom I have spent a little time on researching his family history as well as HUSBAND. [ It's like blogs, one leads to another. ]
I also have found the location of several in locations of Madison county, Montana. Evidently GARRISON was a gold miner at Virginia city; Alder Gulch; maybe Bannick. Some of the family is buried at Nevada city, Montana. I found a very interesting website about the old western towns some of which became ghost towns. You may find that interesting, I found it very distracting! However just think of possible ancestors active in this old west life. We did those reinactions as a kid with our cap guns, hats and kerchiefs.

I shall browse the Nevada city Cemetery and a few other Virginia city cemetery listings.

RELAXING family history Research
will continue on FEHRING, MEYER and GARRISON in all normal phases as well.
I am a bit sad about not being able to pin point my Mary with exact details. Am I wasting time doing this when this might not be her? I just get the details point to it being right!. This is the way I do it some days. No exactly professional genealogist methods. I do keep forgetting what I have learned about FEHRINGs. For that reason, I keep some information at the side margin. See some Fehring family researched by others there. I do have to review what others have to say about the families. I have a vague memory of Nobles county Minnesota family going to or coming from Montana or Oklahoma, so I will follow through on that hunch and see where it gets me.

I haven't had the opportunity to follow them to Nevada before via GARRISON, and so this trip is a pleasure.
I suppose I will keep this up and keep 'lil ol' blog updated on this family history research, so any of you can help me out, right?. Anyway, it helps to record as one goes.

All in all, I have a good feeling that I am a few paces forward,
even though I don't know about this Meyer for sure as being the exact one I need. No I am not sure if the Meyer there in Nevada, and Elsie Fehring died early, but I am hopeing I gain more clues or that lucky detail that will further my search,

For some reason Alder Gulch, the area they first discovered gold keeps calling me, so I may take a browsing detour right now...
See you Later.

Note: Surnames found along the way, HUSBAND, DONEGAN,
Note: Latter day saints research beta suggested different spellings of Fehring, - Ferring, Fering, Fiering Fahring.

Further reading:
Along my journey I found the familyhistory website on DONEGAN, who were in Galena; Madison county, Montana, similar areas as my families.
Tons of stuff out there just google.

I appologize for a error of a click that published this post prematurely.


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