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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here's A New Genealogical Search Place to Visit

Here it is, Our new link to play with.

Features in English.

Naturwissenschaftlicher und Historischer Verein für das Land Lippe e.V.

Created by members of the
genealogical group within the NHV

Emigration from Lippe – Immigration to the USA
Data of emigration to the USA - by Dietmar Willer PDF-format
Emigration from Lippe to the USA by single datas
Emigration from Lippe to the USA in alphabetical order
People from Lippe in the US census from 1880
Emigration in reference to the vessels

Emigration database Lippe – USA

Related decrees and laws in Lippe


Literature relative to emigration
Links to emigrants from Lippe and their descendants
Der Genealogische Abend
NHV Lippe e.V.
Visitors book
So Now I am playing a little with it.

And what do I find, but our trusty AIDA

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Email reply letter from Mark Kuhlman

I decided to save you from a super long post and start a new post on the little Kuhlman / Kuhleman series I seem to have started. Although there are no promises in that statement. Mark Kuhlman. email repy letter to me - dated 12/25/090.

Have more info for you on the Grote family. There are 2 more siblings of Adele Grote Naefke Meyer. Frank Grote - Born Nov 1893 in Farnhamville, Iowa - Died and buried there in 1954. Then the youngest Grote - Paul Grote - born Feb 1895 in Randolph, Arkansas. Paul Grote's Canadian Immagrtion Papers dated 24 Feb 1924 went to Red Deer, Canada. From there he went on to Alaska to find his brother Carl ( went to Canada not long after their moving to Arkansas). After communicating with my brother Marvin Kuhlman, Marvin told me while he was stationed in Alaska with the U.S. Army as a Dentist ( late 1940's ), he tried to find Paul Grote, since they were related,................ . Marvin said Paul had a gold claim..
The search for Paul Grote has stopped there. Emma Grote married Frank Daniel Wenck of Glidden, Iowa. I have a pic of my parents ( Elmer and Amanda Kuhlman ) with the Wenck's on their farm in Glidden, Iowa. I've probably forgotten to add somethig, but if and or when I remember, I'll send you something.

Note: Remember the Molemann, or Mollemann surname I search for in regards to that letter about Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer by Maria Mollemann. Aida source says that later she married an Ahren man in Galena at Jo Daviess county, Illinois. I was wondering, if a letter M in old handwritng in 1867/8 could be mistaken for a Letter K. In old script maybe the K does not look like a M. But I think a flowery H could be mistaken for a M.

Note: I have not much inclination in wondering whether this Ahrens of Galena, Illinois could have anything to do with the Henry Seils wife Maria Ahrens who settled amongst the colonists of my interest in Iowa. But it is worth a note here.

I know that I dislike translating the old records. If I do translate some, I like to get second opinions on my work. So if you see my attempts I hope someone dares to mention a few suggestions, or comments on my efforts.


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