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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Browsing/ surfing Henke, Found Brockmann.

Good morning, readers. Thanks for stopping in today.
Perhaps your just browsing a few names and my blog tags drew you in. I often do that myself to pass a few hours, when I have no intentions of doing anything else other than watching tv at the same time. It often brings new ideas and insights out of the wood works, you might say. [ I just need to be more versatile with my names and places.] I tried it again this morning with "Henke Celle ahnenforschung".

Last week, I happened to recheck Brookmann, Brockman tree at rootsweb world connect where I knew my Ilse Marie Brookman resides in his tree of collected Brockmann / Brookmann names. [She is the mother of my August Frd. Willian Seil. She died in Iowa.] While I searched the index for any progression of my own, and possibly the one at Barskamp connection to Friedrich Luhmann of Iowa, I noted other Brockmann/ Brockmann of Barskamp and surrounding area, which happens as you know. I still owe you that information which I added to my tree at ancestry.

Well you say to yourself, what are you getting to? Lets have it now.
ok. Here it is.
I came across this site A bis Z Nordsee Zeitung. it seems to stem or be related to a newspaper. this particular site I stumbled upon gives the meaning behind a surname. Whether it's high or low German. In this case Brokmann, Brookmann, Brockmann which must give clues to background for my ancestors the Brookman in my Seils life.

The name comes from early settlers in 'Bruchgelaende' in
swamps or bogs in areas of North Rhine Westphalia. However, I suspect this is
the biased {??} interpretation of Westphalian based report.

Henke comes from the short form of a Westphalia's
low german of first name

Henrich, Hinrich, and

Thus shared, and now, I will leave you as I move on to further investigate the little gifts one receives surfing.


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