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Friday, October 29, 2021

Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich ( Friederich) Meyer and Adolph Heinrich Meyer Brothers

Adolph H. Meyer (1864)

Frederich Meyer (1851)

That's all for today.  I just wanted you to see the similarity of the two brothers. Even though Adolph H. Meyer was half brother. His mother was a Ahrens. And Fred's mother was a Luhmann. I am sorry the pics are so small. One must work with what one has.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphoff

Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphof
 See full list of people at Anderson Hamlow Schlaphoff Luetchens (Owner: msmertens)

Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphoff
Birth:26 Jan 1821
Rehlingen, Niedersachsen, Germany
Death:13 Feb 1903
Murdock, Cass Co., Nebraska

Military Memorial
26 Jan Birth Birth
Rehlingen, Niedersachsen, Germany 1874
Age: 53 Arrival 1880
Age: 59 Residence
Elmwood, Cass, Nebraska, United States 1900
Age: 79 Residence
Elmwood Precinct, Cass, Nebraska 1903
13 Feb Age: 82 Death
Murdock, Cass Co., Nebraska

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Excerpts translated from article " Dahlenburg Old Views" - Name Kantor Menke

If your interested in our Dahlenburg  ancestors lives and places,   then you could  find this link of the small quote from " Dahlenburg Old Views" of interest. [translated]                                            

On the  57th In August 1905, the craftsmen involved in the construction of the St John's church presented the photographer. In the front row, seated from left: 1. Maurer Schulz from Buendorf, 3. Kantor Menke, 4. Pastor Luke, 5. Maurermeister Stute. Third row: First from left: apprentice Heinrich Kruse. On the top right edge of the picture pasted architect William Matthies, after a construction period of two years, the new St John's church was inaugurated on 27 August 1905, .....  [ In the excerpts from the book for this article   they were refering to some photographs and postcards, which I can't reproduce here.  [ Dahlenburg  in Alten Ansichten ]]

You may have noticed that I have mentioned many times the M & M guy in Fairmont and his vast knowledge about our Families. And yes it includes a vast amount of association of names.  I try to recall those many associations from time to time.  I was reminded today of his  comment about a Kantor at the church and the large organ as I found this article about  the Dahlenburg town.

It reminded me that earlier this year  Herr Rose mentioned that maybe our grgrgrandmother  Henke family name might not be that,  but maybe MENKE.   He said  he saw something in the church records that refered to a woman MENKE. I wish he had told me more specifics of that, but he didn't. He also didn't know I had received some information from the Bergen church Pastor in Belsen landkries Celle.
Ssince she had lived by Mueden,  he had suggested, I contact the  Fassberg church. Sorry to say I that I haven't  yet done so.  Why you wonder.

Later the information from the Bergen church and family information from Soltau has been put out at the Gedbas and so I thought no need. I also specifically wrote to one of the site managers that dealt with those family names. Even so,  I am not sure how the pastor at Bergen got that little bit of information if  Heinrich  Heins and Anna Maria Henke were married in the  Mueden Oertze area.

To make a long story short, there has been very little information about Henke at the Soltau - Fallingbostel family names. I really do need to find more information. And still write to the church. My thought is that they must have emigrated there, though I have seen a few mentioned in the German phone book. It is so far a dead end with the Henke family name surname. 

 I did find her death recorded at the Nahrendorf church. The documents on the marriage of Anna Maria Henke's daughter can be seen further back of this arootdiggerblogspot of Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins marriage and their family records.

So since Herr Rose told me that,  I have  been looking for information on Menke,  while I am researching  family surname ancestors in  the various Celle archives and
            Always hopeful for a clue  as a rootdigger  digs on.


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