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Friday, February 26, 2010

Genealogy tools- Maps, Street views and the Telephone book Tool

So far it has been a great day off. I did a little work. And I take a lot of breaks with the lap top. I have been playing around a little with maps.. I was successful with several street views. I was able to locate my place in a summer view [ wonder why], our work places and my daughter residence. However, I have not tried to embed it in this page.

Maybe some of your remember when ancestry used to publish the residents and phone numbers of villages in germany. It was one of my favorite genealogy tools. You use it to see if the family name still is in that location. The german phone book is handy enough for me. I am going to use it in one tab or window along with another window with a google map. I want to see the streets so I can try for a street view.

I have not tried street view for some rural areas in Minnesota yet. and since Germany in my area is a no go, I doubt they have it there. So far Boitze is not going to be in line for Street view. But here is a map anyway for a Marker of the HOFMANN hof. It officially says Boitze, though I have listed the place as Neetzendorf.
Notice Neetzendorf is slightly above Boitze.

View Larger Map

Zoomed in it is definately at the East outskirts of Boitze.

View Larger Map

I used das Telefonbuch to find the street address of Horst Behrens of Karrenweg 3 21368 Boitze
and Hans Herman Behrens Neetzendorf. Again it says Boitze.

I had heard that some Meyer resided across a few yards from Hoffman. I understand by what he told me that his home was owned by a Bergman family. One of his children lives in usa. We have a Bergman surname from this general area in the Behrens tree. smile]

The phone book gives three Meyer of the general area .
Ernest H. Neetzendorfer Str. 1
Reinhold -- An den Rübengärten 1
Willi has no street address given
So Here is Ernest Meyer residence at Boitze.

View Larger Map

The location on the street for Reinhold is almost the same. You can try it if you wish. But the marker looks like it is in the same place.
Several times, I have looked for Ulrich, Rappaul, and I don't remember if I used Just Neetzendorf, or Boitze. I could have used Fladen and Ahndorf. I suspect if the names were there they would have suppliedthem.
Schultze comes to be about twenty or so, but different villages.

I did find this for Schulz :

Schulz, Silke Gut Horn a321368 Boitze.
[I am not really sure why Gut Horn would say Boitze]

Nothing in specific for Rappaul .Everywhere else for Ulrich- close especially Uelzen.

I did want to tell you though to just enter in Kirche like I did with Neetzendorf. I got many of them. and well I could enter the streets into the map and go close up.

Johannisstraße 8, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 381‎ - 0.1 km W
Category: Kirchen und religiöse Gemeinschaften
Johannisstraße 12, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 1297‎ - 0.1 km NW
Category: Kirchen und religiöse Vereinigungen
Am Markt 17, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany‎ - 05851 86-0‎ - 0.1 km NE

[How wonderful it would be to be able to fax the churches. My printer has fax, but my husband would kill me if I faxed them.]

Each seem to have a different marker location, which is interesting to me.

But what is surprising is the number of church locations that you will get. Even Boizenburg which is accross the Elbe river.

It is so kind of them to even add panoramas.

Just to be nice I will add this one for those in need.
Am Kirchplatz 9 21369 Nahrendorf

In this case a map is given to me by accident.

While I am at Nahrendorf place name in the cemetery and at the map still,
I ran a few Reinecke, one Cord lives at Gut Nuedlitz. [ My Seil and Korn worked at that location]
Steckelberg is worth the entry.
Saucke many
karte erstellen:

Wendischthuner Str. 21
21354 Bleckede

So Mark when your ancestors said they lived Bleckede, they probably meant Bleckede area.
I did try Ahrens, And there was only one. Perhaps a different spelling?

It is hard to stop....

I entered Schroder under Duebbekold and was given a page of great number of locations.

Under Kirche Thomasburg, I found that running my cursor over the right city gave me the name of a parish or the pastor.
What a wonderful tool this google map provides us and the phone book as well, cause Ancestors don't just sit there and wait for you.
It is so ocnvenient that the streets are named after the villages they lead to and from.

I wish there had been satelite maps, when I was sending letters out back in 2001. It would have helped me get my minds eye correct for locations of the reisidents I saw with the right surnames that I wished to select for my letter writing. Now, I just have to figure out how to custom a map with more than one pointers.

After I finish blog post I will spend a little more time on all the Meyers of Oldendorf an der Goehrde bei Nahrendorf.

If you haven't stored your lists, it could be a good idea to follow up with the cemeteries of the war heros in this area. It helps also to see if the surnames were still there at your own villages by war time. Not necessarily the following, but like them.

*I will have to see a little more about Google Earth category. I shall also need to check to see what Panorama is. The O of the word has a symbol inserted.

How Street view is done. You can also find maps of where it is done.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Even Information From Church Can Foul You Up.

One must be on guard. Even information from the church can be later said to be untrue.
It happened in this case.
I had received information or confirmation of the marriage of My Maria Dorothea Heins and my Jurgen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer at Oldendorf parish Nahrendorf. I also had some records through Dahlenburg archives. I wrote to the church and had asked for more information on the other Heins and Meyer. I was told it was incorrect after all. Now I still wonder more about the families and the other surnames. I think I should still write them and ask more about the mentioned Meyer families in that Document. There is always one more to learn about.
Here is part of a letter I wrote about it to a fellow genealogist a few years back.
I got one new record this week while gone about supposedly the Catharina Heins. Maria's sister. .

Meyer, Johann Juergen Friedrich [ M ] ev 06,08,1842 Nahrendorf and ~ 1842 Nahrendorf 1st marriage: 17,03,1865 Nahrendorf excerpt from the trusting register ev. luth. Church municipality Nahrendorf NR. 4/1865 Meyer, Johann Juergen Friedrich, unverehelichter Hauswirthssohn in Nahrendorf, geb. the 6ten August 1842 in Nahrendorf, parents: Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Christoph Meyer in Nahrendorf and its wife Catharine Elizabeth born Sandern, with Heins, Johanne Catharine, unverehelicht in Dreylingen, Parochie Eimke, geb. the 4ten November 1845 in Dreylingen, parents: House and Gastwirth Johann Heinrich Friedrich Heins in Dreylingen and its wife Catharine Marie born Mueller, angebl. future residence Nahrendorf.

Quantities to Eimke and Nahrendorf the 5ten and 12ten March 1865, getr. to Nahrendorf seventeenth March 1865 HEINS, Johanne Catharine [ F ] ev * 04,11,1845 Dreilingen = Eimke

Our further investigations have resulted in that Johanne Catharine Heins, from which we had found so far only the dying entry was not a child of the married couple Heins/Hencke in Kreutzen, but the married couple Heins/Mueller in Dreilingen. We corrected the master sheets accordingly.

So there is not the sister Catharine married to another Meyer................ one less thing to look for. Now I am curious about the other meyers mentioned. they probably belong to jonas

Sandern was capitalized and translation took capitalization away.

This does not lead me any closer to knowledge of Henke or Heins siblings. Surely there is more than just Maria Dorothea Heins and her brother. And I have no proof of that either.

I am also interested in the surname Sandmeier since I saw it on the Meyer, Behrens, Schultzen, Rappaul, Ulrich tree records. I have had a interest in Sanders too.

Comments: The closest I could come to this is that I did find a tree by Russel Duenow. I have found traces of his tree to I think Lowden, Iowa. I'll have to see if I can russel up an old letter or research I did on it at one time. I saw some information, but nothing that tied to my Heins. Unless He had remarried.

Most of you probably know that the church often adds that 'n' to a woman's name. I should see sometimes why they did that. Anyone know? I saw Meyern and Schultzen in past records. Silly me, I even looked at ancestry for them.

Could this family have anything to do with my Heins prescence at Oldendorf. My Heins had to be members of the Nahrendorf church if they rented and lived there. I mean these people were traditionally a religious family, so they would attend the church. I have record of another Heins possible brother to Maria Heins. living in another village. I hadn't asked for further records of any of them. I should. In order to obtain those records I need to contact the Dannenberg church or the Nahrendorf church. *I am wondering now as I write here, what went on with the Heins at Oldendorf area after the Meyer family Immigrated.

The part that was untrue was that this Heins woman was my Heins [ Heinz] sister.

The part I have mixed feelings about is that this is yet another J. Juergen Friedrich Meyer to the list I have about families unknown that I would like to know more about. [If I only had the money!!]

I think too maybe with the resources out there that I should be able to fine more on this family. Perhaps Heinrich Porth has a book that might cover this family location, Eimke and Dreylingen? You think??? I am not sure why I have found two spellings for Dreylingen.I know the translations are a laugh, but it sure helps make the progress faster. I dislike how it can translate a surname and the names of villages. And funny at the same time. Some times there is a persons name that translates to excrement. I just feel sympathy and wonder about the names origin.

Well that's all for the day. Good luck on your searches. Don't get paranoid now, I am sure that your church records are just fine!

just me jo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Genea Bloggers Olympics, Monday Memories, Tombstone Tuesday, Nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Genea-blogger Topic - Categorie - Organization

I have plenty of Monday Memories of those past, and I have lots of buried ancestors bodies with [Tuesday] Tombstones of the past to share. But at the moment all I have of the buried past work is buried. Yup buried. Along with other photos, clippings, scraps, Files, papers, and books buried in tons of boxes. So at the moment all I have for you today is guilt and ambition to deal with in regards to what you see in the photo. Work to be done.

You see I started two posts already this week and they remain in Edit. Maybe because in the long run, they led me back mentally to my common road block. That is that I have an impossible cluttered unorganized work space. Which will be part of the the topic of Organization in my Genealogy work space for this NeverWordless Wednesday post. [Smile ]

My mind has been running over possibilities of entering and completing the Genea-bloggers Olympics Organization tasks. i think the tasks area all good to do. In review of those usually here, or more exactly here. I think it would not work with the amount of Organization that I need to accomplish it. Their categories are too advanced for my needs right now considering the time frame I would need. So I won't enter it, I will enjoy it from the side lines, as I continue to work on my own individual unique project of organizing an office fit for a genea- blogger. I guess it is my own game I will play and make my own rules. Hah.

What has stirred my guilt in my old brain is several things. Genea-blogger Olympic categorie Organizing tasks for one. And second- Each wonderful post I would like to make, always involves some information I already have in a box in an area not at all as accessible as I would like it to be. So I feel at times thaat I am cheating my reader who has an interest in the family by getting the other information on the Internet; or use what I have received in email; or from on line sources; the old unfinished projects on line; and sometimes a all new discovery. [ it's not bad really] it's not all buried in boxes. And I do have a lot of older research stored online!. It's okay, it all needs publishing. Otherwise, how will my unknown relatives find me?!! I can continue with research or sharing what I had previously found, as I have been doing with Naefke, Schroeder, Meyer etc.. I can easily do this at night on the computer.

At the same time, I lately feel like I am staling my organizing and sorting by daily blogging and researching some genealogy work. The Genea-bloggers only reinforces my knowledge that I need to move ahead with the job I should be doing. But thinking it through, I know. I could try to incorporate that little idea of Organization with the problem work space at hand, as I work with writing new posts. I see now that It doesn't have to be one or the other. If I do daily a little of both, It can be both. . Cause folks you can see that I really must get going on this.

My frustration has been mounting day by day, week by week, just as the pile seemed to do.

The piles of papers, photos, removed from these shelves in this dark north room were moved to the sunny south room with a more open feel to my work space. I was going to file them there. Then the moments of work time passed, renewed time to work passed, moods passed, and ambition passed. There were days I wanted to and thought I would, and then I had to work, or something, just a little something got in the way.
I was always thinking that I needed big spans of time. I know now that I can do a little at a time. I will have to. I will sort , file, organize, and still take time to share my information. The Key words is that I will be working on this problem as I blog. I will move the file cabinets full of organized files back to this room, which will need to be organized as well. I will have to begin by sorting and possibly discarding items.

Which is more than maybe fileing and organizing notes and papers, photos, which were in the categories of genea - Blogger Olympics..

......................My Neglected work with the printer/ scanner

I would like to be done by spring with the Sorting and filing papers; Organizing my scrapbook items together;Keeping Photos together. Then later I can organize again the scrapbook items/ projects; put photos in albums as the Olympic categories suggested. Later then, definitely by the end of the summer, there will be more of the furniture exchange to the other office if I keep at it.

And a category I can do.
I might be able to find a category I can do that still has time on it. I'll have to see, if I can persuade myself to spend time learning one of those new techniques. I am looking forward to trying some anyway. Especially a street view of one of my ancestors places.

I could move files, and boxes into the intended 'organized' office and work there and could do that first, but Somehow, I don't think it will work.

Some of the pictures may have led you to believe I could easily do so in a weekend. But this view says I think not. Indecision can halt progress like nothing else. Bits and Pieces can cause a whole lot of indecision.

I may have lagged in my work on the office project, because I wasn't really sure that I would work in the small closed in work space. Now I have convinced myself that I could if I had a large enough screen television as company, just maybe I won't mind being in there.

Do I need a big comfy chair in there as well? That is still in the air. Is there room for a comfy chair? If I resign to the idea of this as an office storage area with option to work in the space, it might work for me, since, I have a wireless lap top. I can work anywhere I want to sitand still drag only a few items out and work and once finished working, put everything away back into the office. Maybe, I need to revamp my original plans of exactly what furniture goes where. I just am not sure right now until I begin again.

What do you think, should I post a little now and then on my clean up progress of sorting and filing few of these now and then along with my genealogy search topics. At least instead of seeing me say, well it's in a box buried right now, so I can't get to it, I can produce the material, it would be nice, wouldn't it. .

Now it's a Plan. I have Organized my thoughts. I can Organize my working space, organize my work. Organize my blogging genealogy life. Sounds like a good plan for future success to me. I will share my journey a little bit, I guess. I find it over whelming. I will be looking for help, guidance, advice, suggestions. Other successful bloggers must have managed it well enough.

I am now determined that I can do both, research sharing and this daily clean up / Organization.

**I admit I just don't know the right way to file everything and that was the hardest part. Possibly a big reason I failed to finish. How do you file your family data in a file cabinet. What is your strategy method.
You might want to look here at A very informative genea-blogger blog that leaves no doubt in how to do the new tasks.


My Next post might cover my Fred Meyer passenger list project.
Just me jo

Monday, February 22, 2010

Naefke at Latter Day Saints

I returned again for a search at the Latter Day Saint I had read the comment below on former post from Dr. William Smith where he says he visited the link of
International Genealogical Index - North America
I offered and failed to find the birth of his relative. Not knowing the name of his, I followed my link to see if worked well enough. Sometimes link or no link The latter day saints search form appears minus the batch number. I am not sure why. So I entered again the name of Naefke and that has produced two batch numbers that I can show you. I believe I have had the numbers before and also there is either a marriage or death or cemetery one. It will take me a little time to find the other one.

International Genealogical Index - North America
In this search under "Naefke' I found this:
Alma Naefke born 10 aug. 1891 at Lohrville.
His parents were Diedrich Naefke and Doris Ahrens
Batch number to use for wild search for others:
c 75 1951

Anna Maria Wilhelmina Naefke born 31 Aug. 1887 Lohrville Iowa
Parents: Henrik Naefke and Louise Saucke.
Batch Number;
C75 1837

Hmmm it seems to be listed by Lohrville. I thought, though, that I had seen other cities of Calhoun county before.

And finally this one whichI find very interesting.
William H. Naefke 1883 Illnois
His spouse :
Alma Raithel
Marriage date: 18 Oct. 1911

Some of the entries here say Crete, others say Will county.
That is where Saucke / Schroeder combine with the Seil family.

Then for Bill's sake I looked at the Smith names.
# 52 is Gwendolyn Marie Smith
FB-- 03.Oct. 1883 Calhoun co. Iowa.

Just a little personal note. I accepted a comment to publish it about five minutes ago. Something happended with it, and now it is gone. I did not get to read it. So sorry.
I am new to this blogging thing and I just don't know all the answers.

Edited error of William's middle initial A to H. As it was recorded at family By the way I hope you are using the new Beta also. It's a good thing my readers are on their toes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname SATURDAY with Naerfke and Ahrens

I am back on track with more on NAEFKE and AHRENS on this Surname Saturday.
I just have to warn you you may get a little frustration today. I will try my best to avoid it. Just sometimes, after I write my post I hit the space bar I then find my previous written sentences deleted. So sometimes, just sometimes your jipped my wonderful work. You get a substitute instead. But that is not the frustration I mean.

I just love to check my email and find another letter from Mark Kuhlman. He has given me some more information on the Naefke - Ahrens family. I just love getting information about Ahrens, Naefke famiies from Oldendorf and Nahrendorf.
For years I have been in a ' frustration' wanting more Information on these families. Now with dates, etc, I have more possibilities opened up.

I suppose anyone else would do a happy dance with seeing such a wonderful article. But I am very comfy on this love couch with a huge ottoman. The picture seems very familiar, but I can't say for sure, if I have seen it before or should I say where I have seen it before.
He said this about it after I asked him where it came from.

"Those two articles came from my aunt Laura Naefke Henrichsen from Ft.Dodge Iowa. Her daughter had them hidden away in her old stuff. I just happened to ask her some info and was telling her some of the stuff I was having a hard time finding and she called me back and she had found those articles."

I am giving it to you, but I am not sure if it will enlarge enough for you to read. I am going to try and if it does not work I have a couple of alternatives to try. I am just not that Handy around computer technology.

If I were to get to print it in laser, which would blow it up and maybe not distort it. More than likely, I won't know if it is going to enlarge large enough to read. WE google bloggers often use Picasa. Any pictures we publish are held there and then usually open to public. So once my pics are published, it is easy for me to go and edit it again.
And I can try to enlarge it through Documents. Other wise I can just extract the information for yo

First I'll give you the small version.

This one below is slightly larger once you click it.

A failure. But then I have already given you the info in the article. All that is new to you is the picture for Naefke and the Henry Schroeder information. The information is exactly the same as that you see at my other posting of the information removed from the book Calhoun County, Iowa History 1854- 1987. The best method for the enlargement would be to save this and then click prview. In that way, it does allow you to expand the sizes for your reading comfort. At the large size, I found the blurr hard to bare.

I can get the information Of Henry Schroeder though.
I will need to post this information up at Oldendorf und Nahendorf blog as well. You can find it listed at the right column. Some of my postings there has been delayed due to already mentioned reasons. [ smile] But it will be released soon.

Thank you Mark.

just me jo

Similar source.
Naefke pp. 336. The Calhoun County History 1854, 1982 Book. Written by the people of Calhoun county Iowa and Calhoun County Historical Societ. Rockwell City Iowa. Copyrighted 1982. Library of Congress 81-72076. Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas Texas. Bob Johnson Publication Consultant.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Frankly it's Friday

Yes, it's Friday,

and this is my normal day off. Then I took the full time position and for a time it had changed to Tuesday. I lived with that until I was bumped back into my old position. At that time two weeks ago they told me I had Monday off. And finally at the beginning of this week they asked me if I could settle for Tuesday again. No not with out a full time position to sweeten the deal. Absolutely no.

My preferences are in this order.
Friday for family doings.
Monday for my own time and it's the same as my daughters day off, after her stay at home, it would give us an extra day of time together.
Thursday. If I had to lose Monday and Friday this is the day, I would choose.
Wednesday. If I could get none of the above, I would choose this day.
Tuesday is last choice.

You see, my local closest Latter Day Saints research center is open in the Morning and Afternoons on Thursday twenty minutes east of me. Once in the morning on Wednesday. I should call to verify, though. I have always wanted to be able to go there and do some research. but with Fridays nothing open, and Monday and Tuesday, nothing as well.
We do have a church here in town, but I thought there was nothing there for us for research fora while and it just might be gone now. I thought the building sold. I would need to check it's status.

If I had Friday, I did at least have did have plans to drive two hours for something a place in Minnesota. but one has to order everything and wait until it is in, and then hope you can still get there. And I had plans to shorten the time, by staying at my daughters for that evening before or after. I think there is a time limit on the viewing.

I am still waiting for " the talk" my assistant boss has said that we need to discuss it. I hope to bring it up soon.
I have had a three day weekend for eight years. It's the only advantage I can see to keep it. I can go to family in Minnesota in one weekend and be back in time easily to work Monday evening. I What bothered me the most was the phrase that she said "we'll talk later on this week" seemed to me like it was like " We'll see" which many people say it's a 'no in postponement'. I used we'll talk later when I wanted to coddle the situation as I let my children down. It meant were in public now or your upset so we will talke later and discuss it. So for that reason I wouldn't say for sure I have Friday off next week!!
I also a have doctor physical to change if need be waiting to happen. You get the picture.
So, no major post today of any data, or information . We'll see what builds tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I receive my full two days off for the weekend. i am doubtful, but hopeful. We'll see! [smile]

Now I should make plans for research films from Utah in the spring. I would like to view these, if I did make some friday visits in the spring.

For starters I would get this;*,0,0

I do not believe this is the right one, but worth a look. The same thing for the Hamburg area.
It would be my greatest hearts desire to be able to copy and read each villages of Bleckede.
-Second, a Henry Meyer of Orem Utah has his family Meyer of Sauk county Reedsburg, Wi.

-Third, a Henry Meyer of Orem Utah has his Meyer Luhman, Diercks family of Minnesota. Which includes Quast. Sure I am aware of the tree, but wouldn't it be nice to see this. this tree leads to our Dahlenburg [ Jonas of the olden days with his fabulous website, but no longer in existence with out a password. ]

I have seen the tree of Holly Meyer who said her uncles in Utah did the research. I believe it is the same. But it has to be proven to me more by those films. her family is also in Paul Behmke tree. This tree contains names of the Himbergen Uelzen area. Many of these immigrated to Sauk county.

I would try to search the Military records. And more I can never make the place search work for me. Others have had great success. I think it is the Preussen word that throws it all off for me. You put in a small location and a bigger area it comes from. Its a Grrr moment for me everytime.
I wish you all better luck.

This too will pass.

See you later,

just me jo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twice Told Thursday? / Food for Thought.Thursday via a Story

I told you the last time I posted, that I was not going to read those books about ladies, who wore hats and wonderful gowns that I had gotten at the book sale. And now I tell you it again. I am not going to read an entire book from the book sale. Oh okay, you got me!. I looked at one and carried it to my chair. It was devoured by the big overstuffed chair.

Well making a trip to the 'you know where' I decided to carry another one along rather than my lap top. Intending to leave it by the tub for when I would be in for a soak and relaxing read later with something that was okay to absorb a little soap bubbles; I changed my mind sitting there bored. I read the first page and well, I am now at page four.

The book is called Fancy Strut by Lee Smith an author of five novels from North Carolina State University. On page one the proper society dame Miss Iona is strutting along on her way to work with a hairdo that she has had since 1934. The town grew around her home. So that means it's been many years now since she was very young. She is descriptively described in great detail, that is why it took to page four to reach food for my thoughts. which I will tell you real soon.

I am going to give the passage from the book on page four, because I it found slightly humorous and well it put me 'on the edge' enough to cause me to stop further reading. I will give you bread crumbs or clues to gain your clues. [ Oh oh no you think that I'm going to spout social issues of some kind. ] Any [ ] s with comments are supplied by me, of course.

Sitting behind her father's old desk, [ I can picture her now from the descriptions given earlier] Miss Iona nibbled delicately at a slice of candied orange peel and mused upon her destiny. She saw her self as the custodian of beauty and truth in Speed, [ her town that she lives in] the champion of the pure and good. As society and ladies' editor of the weekly Messenger she controlled the public life of Speed.

She announced the births of babies in her column " Hello There" and she wrote all the obituaries. In between she took care of the Weddings and Anniversaries and parties and club meetings, [ This author left out all the other commas not me.] and all the other important events that marked the passing of time in Speed.

*What was the good of having a party if Miss Iona didn't write it up? You might as well not have bothered. What was the good of wearing a silver lame' dress if Miss Iona wrote you up in beige lace. The truth is what you read in the paper.

Sometimes Miss Iona was incomprehensible. Once she put Grecian urns of bougainvillea in every home and at every wedding for months on end. sometimes she draped everyone in mink regardless of the season. She decorated tables to suit her fancy, and put peau- de- soie slippers on whom she chose. Owing to these penchants, Miss Iona was a figure of much controversy in Speed. [ Well how would one guess that]. In the woman's pages of the paper, everything was elegant, Brides came down the aisles in beauty grace and light, and sometimes their dresses weren't mentioned at all, so that if you wanted to sit down on your sofa at home and read the paper and review the whole thing in your minds eye, you had a hard time with nothing but beauty and light to go on. [ Laugh,- I love this author]

Some people didn't like the way Miss Iona did obituaries [ oh no ], but there were others who held that they were beautiful. For one thing the obituaries never read, "So- and- So is survived by, " They read, " left in sorrow to mourn the passing of their beloved are ..." And there were many other differences between the style of obituaries in, say, the Mobile paper and the Speed Messenger.

Miss Iona was exactly as old as the paper. She had become ladies editor when her father was publisher, and she herself was a young girl, all those years ago. Now her father was dead, his successor had retired and there was this new editor, this progressive young man who was active in all the civic doings of the town. His name was Manly Neighbors, and it was surprise to all that he kept her on....... But Manly Neighbors was still a young man, and he had been taught to respect his elders. Besides, there was a gentleman's agreement in the past. So he kept her on and often didn't even attempt to edit her copy. Her copy was beyond him, and beyond hope, from Manly Neighbors' point of view. He wrote his pages and she wrote her pages and that was that. ............ Manly was decent, but he was progressive.He hoped Miss Iona would die or retire soon, but he never voiced these thoughts.

So what do you think it was in this story that made the known

to be genealogist Ms. Meyer

halt in her reading to come here so quickly to post?

My comment:
Let's see what is it about the article that causes me to laugh and to be slightly disturbed. Is it possible, was it possible, an editor could have such leeway. Did they? I have admired the flowery obituaries, and wedding reports, party reports of the older newspapers. I have even enjoyed the plain and simple gossip news of the old home paper. Which said so and so visited so and so. They all contained the clues and were the Bread crumbs left behind by my relatives [ Who were not always in the full knowledge of the true facts] for me to find; which could help me to further in any little search.

Note: Sliightly different here than the story but a valuable lesson all the same that I had to learn the hard way, was to be careful of reporting speculations. .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ohh my gossh .... I have Followers.

I see you Followers!

Welcome !

I want to get to know what's behind those faces!.

I wonder if I can begin to explain, the feelings and thoughts that I got, when it came the time to find that I have acquired fifteen followers almost over night. Like you might say, they all came out of the woodwork.

I was working on a research blog while working off my wallowing in self pity I had indulged in previously about my " real work status" prior to noticing it. So the finding of it was a Joyful up liftment. Also, I was at the time working on a project, which I had confined to my Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf blog. You could say that is a major reason I missed seeing it develop.

Now my adhd is kicking in, so instead of finishing all of the projects right away, I think I will spend a great deal of time exploring your blogs behind the faces - there to the left of my page. I can hardly wait to see your work. And I hope I can bum off ideas [ wink] No not steal! I'll be welcoming any suggestions, ideas and comments you care to throw my way.

So welcome followers. With a little time, I will get to your blogs. Wow, fifteen is a lot of Heavenly genealogical browsing. Even if your not all in the genealogy field, I will enjoy the process all the same.

And well now, I shall have a better reason to be blogging, responsibility. My reason otherwise, has been because I like to and I wanna! I hope to provide worthy reading material of fifteen followers!

Don't mind me as I act a little gooky.

Okay, I still have to get more Valentines in my gift box at facebook some time today too, cause I covet that Eiffel tower, but I will get to you as soon as I can over the days to come.
Belated Valentines greetings to you all.

just me jo

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morman LDS Records of Naefke birth at Lohrville, Iowa. in Calhoun county

I dropped by again to the Latter day saints [ Morman] site to see what they have on Sauke/ Saucke. I have seen something there before and I thought it would be a refresher. Often times something new has been added or maybe I see something else in a different light. Then, I find myself getting inspiration from this second, third or fourth viewing. [smile]

I saw Sauke / Saucke from Borgel and Bienbuttel Germany. One with the name Meyn.

I decided to proceed to the Naefke name, after all they will give me the census if nothing else. Easily in one glance with that name. The bonus for me is the supplied phonics of other ways of spellings used for the name.

Birth Records in Calhoun County Ia.
The bonus for you, who may like to research the Lohrville, or any township of Calhoun county area is the link to the compiling of birth records submitted to LDS from that little area of Calhoun county, Iowa.

It's just nice knowing that you can find it there at LDS. It's not new to me, as I have seen it before. I just thought I would share it, just in case one of you needs a reminder.

Haven't you heard the common layman say "Your researching your family, the Morman church has everything". And they take such satisfaction in that statement. I suppose the satisfaction lies in the idea that it will be there, if they someday want to start looking. Maybe it might all be collected there in twenty more years, but well I doubt it myself. I am thinking of some German churches who do not submit this information. And many communities in USA who are not that active with their Genealogical heritage. And the increasingly scary privacy issues.

Actually, I find that both Greene and Calhoun counties have been really good at getting the information out there. More and more places are so concerned about privacy issues, that the bars are slamming shut on availability of the information reaching us.

I am afraid that may be the case with church records.

I guess that is an important reason to talk / write to the others, who are researching the same families. The church may release something to a Meyer on the Grote / Meyer marriage, but not maybe a Kuhlman, who is on the Naefke end. ETC. Vicer Versa.

While there, you should check out the most useful and excellent advice they give for genealogy searches. I particularly like the section on letter writing that I use, when I write to the churches in Germany for information.

I hope you find something extra today.
Actually, what I haven't said, but it's prescence is felt in this page, which I just have to state finally after all. Don't delay in your search. Get going on it. That old saying may hold true. --
The early bird gets the worm.

I will look more now at my selected page.

21. Anna Maria Wilhelmina Naefke - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 31 AUG 1887 Lohrville, Calhoun, Iowa

See you later.

Note/Comment : I see an interesting location of some early 1700's Nefe or Nafke who made it to LDS of german records were from this area which, I provide as link of explanation of area below.,%2BOldesloe,%2BPreussen%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26channel%3Ds%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3DIim%26sa%3DG

Sch. Holstein is a origination of the Nahnsens, Carstensens, Petersens, Andersens, Namanny and more surnames all of whom were attending the Farnhamvill church. Many had settled first at Clinton and Crawford Iowa before arriving to Calhoun and Greene county.

And on the note of the spelling of Nefe / Naefke. -- One person with name Nefe once married into a royal family.

Note: It may lead you here:
But use caution in going there. Make sure your virus detection is up todate.

just me jo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on Familien Naefke, Ahrens, Grote

Blogging more on Ahrens and Nafke trom my favorite place - FARNHAMVILLE, Ia.
In this case I am sharing information contributed by Mark Kuhlman from the book of Calhoun county History or Biography book. [ More on this book. ] I know the book is available for browsing online. Since I lost many of my favorites bookmarks , I can say, that probably the book is through Google books or Heritage Quest. And quite Possibly through Ancestry. In the past I have looked up many things. I just haven't viewed currently. Many things are still in boxes and I should really get to everything soon before Spring gets here. He sent a scan of pages of Information. I will Use these for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to click on the picture in hopes of a larger image, if your having problems seeing the words.

Note: I hope you are aware that one can purchase books through a used book sites online and also there are people who sell cd's and books at ebay aimed for us Genealogists.

Once I dig my book out of the box, I can look up something for you if you don't locate one. [ Wink]

My Comments, speculations on this information.
Marks Grandfather Ahrens - Born and died at Bleckede
Bleckede could be a city or it could be the area called Bleckede. As you know the Luhmann/ Schmidt came from Kleinburg, which is much Bleckede area. So research on the family church may vary from that of Nahrendorf. I am not even sure if the Dahlenburg archives would contain their information.

Until Mark pointed out that there was two separate immigrations, I had not been aware of this. I only had made note of those who said they were from Oldendorf.

Notice Dorethea spelling of her name. Their has been a few spelling errors on the census involving this family. But that spelling has been consistent.

Could the Henrichson family possibly be connected to those who live in Oregon that connect to some I have researched briefly?.

The first threshers of the area. I also have a picture of the Luhmanns during Threshing season. The Picture was scanned from the book on the Farnhamville village centennial.
Which reminds me of my glass negatives from Irma Martin. I clearly remember that she asked my grandfather, if he knew anyone on them. It was this big old threshing machine belted to a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.???!!

Note, the local heritage center resources which were at a library held many scrapbooks of newspaper clippings of the local residents. Sorry, but I forget if it was Greene or Calhoun.

I thank Mark for his work and generosity and Gary Ramthun for his voluntary kindness.


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