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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dorothea Luman of Nebraska from zu Eichdorf

Given to me by ms. Merten

The sister of my Catharina Margaretha Luhmann.

Do you love getting church records. I do. It's like getting a gold mine. A reap of information worth their weight in gold.
My Catharina Margaretha Luhmann married Juergen Friedrich Meyer geb.* 1814. + died 1879.
I have the church records of her with her mother and father included. Only one child - Catharina Margaretha was listed. I received this information from the Nahrendorf church through an email. From Herr Bock's research.

It is interesting.

LUMANN, Johann Juergen (M) eve
* 02.09.1785 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 04.09.1785 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
seite 101/1785
Johann Juergen Lumann, geb.d. 2ten Sept.,
get. d. 4ten Sept,
Vater: Juergen Heinrich Lumann, angehender Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
Mutter: Catharine Elisabeth Gehrken,
1.) Johann Juergen Seil, Hauswirth in Oldendorf,
2.) Juergen Ludewig Seil, Brennknecht in Bleckede,
3.) Franz Juergen Gehrke, Hauswirthssohn in Duebbekold.
+ 06.03.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
+- 09.03.1843 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 9/ 1843 - Eichdorf-
Luhmann, Johann Juergen, Hauswirth,
Ehemann von Anne Maria geb Reinecke, und
ehel. Sohn des weil. Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirths in Eichdorf. Gest, d.6. Maerz. Nachm. 1 Uhr. Oeffentl. beerdigt d.9. ejusd., Alt 57 J. 6 M. 4 T. Engbruestigkeit u. Blutsturz.
Beruf : Hauswirt in Eichdorf.

1. Ehe :
~~11.11.1809 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Trauregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 10/1809
Luhmann, Johann Juergen, weil.
Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirths zu Eichdorf ehel.
Sohn, mit Reinecke, Anna Maria, weil.
Johann Christoph Reinecke, Hauswirths in Nahrendorf ehel.
Tochter, Copulirt am 11.Nov. 1809

REINECKE, Anna Maria (F) ev
* 08.10.1791 Nahrendorf
~ 11.10.1791 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Seite 114/1791
Anna Maria Reinecke, geb.d. 8ten Oct.,
get.d.11ten Oct.
Vater: Johann Christoph Reinecke, Hauswirth in Nahrendorf,
Mutter: Anna Dorothea Brese.
1.) Catharina Maria Harwegen, Hauswirthin in Boetze,
2.) Anna Maria Steckelbergen, Hauswirthin in Walmsburg,
3.) Anna Dorothea Luers, Hauswirthin in Finndorf.
+ 02.12.1867 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
+- 06.12.1867 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 35/1867 - Eichdorf-
Luhmann, Anna Maria, Wittwe des Hauswirths
Heinrich Christoph Luhmann in Eichdorf,
alt 76 Jahre 1 Monat 24 Tage.
Eltern: Hauswirth Johann Christoph Reinecke in Nahrendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Anna Dorothee geborene Breese,
gest.den zweiten December Abends neun Uhr
an Altersschwaeche, begr.den 6. December 1867.
(Vorname des verstorbenen Ehemannes richtig nicht Heinrich Christoph, sondern Johann Juergen.

1. Kind LUHMANN,Catharina Margaretha (F) ev.
* 26.01.1818 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 26.01.1818 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Seite 42/1818 -Eichdorf-
Luhmann, Catharina Margarethea, Den 26sten Januar,
Morgens 3 Uhr, getauft den 26sten Januar.
Eltern: Johann Juergen Luhmann,
Hauswirth zu Eichdorf, und Anna Maria geb Reinecke.
1.) Catharinea Elisabaeth Bartels,
Hauslingsfrau zu Eichdorf,
2.) Margaretha Elisabeth Barthelt,
Dienstmagd zu Eichdorf.
+ 30.04.1856 Roethen = Nahrendorf
+- 03.05.1856 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. /

GENprofi Familienforschung

I think, I am missing the burial record number at the end. It will take me some time to find the original copy to see, if it was there, or just cut off. I do believe this record was emailed to me from the Nahrendorf church. Of course it was done by Herr Bock. He had not remembered my name as the one, who had requested the information before. So he had resent the records that I already had. It was too bad, cause I bet my records arrived a day or two later after he sent me the email of information. I had hoped to save him from having to look up something that he had already done a few years back.

It is interesting that the family name spelling starts out as Lumann. You know Mrs Schlaphof[f] also went by the spelling Luman. At least, that is how she is named at the cemetery. I did translate the church records. But, I have forgotten what I learned. So, I won't be able to use that translation for you right now. I will come back and do so. As soon as I get a chance.

Note: My other records Of the Luhmann family have already informed us of Johann Juergen Luhmann's parents. They were Juergen Heinrich Lumann and Catharina Elisabeth Gehrke. Johann Juergens godparents were his fathers sisters husbands. However, in older records the Seil family was mentioned as being from Lueben and Breese.

[ I haven't made any connections yet between those Seil and any other Seil name I have acquired. None of those in Iowa. Not Henry Seil, who married Marie Ahrens nor August William Seil, who married Annie Vogel.
Not Annie Seil, who married Herman Meyer.

The Gehrke son's marriage to Luhmann is the first time that I have seen the Gehrke name mentioned in my history of Luhman, or any of my Meyer ancestors. I think his father was Andreas Gehrke. [Previous post].
Note: We will see this information in the village of Duebbekold in Heinrich Borstelmans book.

It is interesting to me that Anna Maria's mother is a Brese from Nahrendorf. In the very early years there was a marriage to Luhmann by name Brese or Brase from Nahrendorf.

Notice the place of residence for Catharina Maria Harwegen is "Boetze". That is how it was spelled in the OFB Himbergen book written by Heinrich Porth and gunda Friesch. Bötze. We have been assuming it is suppose to be the same as Boitze, which is very close to Neetzendorf. As is Ahndorf, Finndorf or Findorf.

The god parents info has been a surprise. Ms. Harwegen is probably Harweg[e]. If I go back to Behrens - Meyer records, I will find a Harwege.

4. Kind: BEHRENS, Margaretha Magdalena (F] ev
* 16.05.1772 Neetzendorf = Boitze
~ 17.05 1772 Dahlenburg
Auszung aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Dahlenburg
Nr. 22 /1772
Margaretha Magdalena Behrens, Johann Juergen Behrens, Hauswirths in Neetzendorff, und Cathrina Dorothea Schultzen ehel. Tochter, is am 16ten May gebohren, getauft am 17ten.
Die Gevaattern sind:
1.) Margaretha Ilsabe Harweges,
2.) Anna Margareta Niebuhrs,
3.) Margaretha Magdalena Schultzen.

Probably a daughter of those.
Notice the Luers. In Behrens records a mention was of Luhrs.

And then we see this :

Eltern: Hauswirth Johann Christoph Reinecke in Nahrendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Anna Dorothee geborene Breese,
gest.den zweiten December Abends neun Uhr
an Altersschwaeche, begr.den 6. December 1867.
(Vorname des verstorbenen Ehemannes richtig nicht Heinrich Christoph, sondern Johann Juergen

It seems to switch husbands on me. I shall have to get a little help on that one from babelfish - Yahoo?

Parents: Hauswirth Johann Christoph Reinecke in Nahrendorf and its wife Anna Dorothee born Breese, gest. den second December of evening nine o'clock at age weakness, 6th December begr. den 1867. (First name of the deceased of husband correctly not Heinrich Christoph, but Johann Juergen).

It is amazing that church records could make a recording in the books of the wrong spouse to a woman!!! wow!

I might have to go through my Luhmann records transcribed from the church archives records by Herr Kregel; and see if it is recorded any different from this. I don't believe there are any errors at that spot.

I just love church records. I went through this one briefly to cover the little details. Soon, I would like to cover some of the same surnames. As a result of this church document, I am now thinking that the Johann Juergen Meyer family and the residence members of the Behrens family [hauswirths] at Neetzendorf had contact and connections with hauswirths at Eichdorf. After all Landowners sons had to marry other landowners daughters. If the ones are all taken at your village, wouldn't you have to look to other villages?

That's enough for the day.
Thanks for hanging in there.
just me,

Genealogy of Luhmann and Schlaphof familie

I was looking for something in an old email account and I ran accross this picture of the sister of Catharina Margarethea Luhmann. This sister, Dorothea did go to America after she married into the wine maker family Schlaphoff. The little history of dates was written on the photo by the father in this Mertens family.

Descendants of Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphoff

Generation No. 1

1. JOHANN HEINRICH CHRISTOPH4 SCHLAPHOFF (JOHANN HEINRICH CHRISTOPH3 SCHLAPHOF, JOHANN2 SCHLAAPHOFF, JOHANN HEINRICH1 SCHLAPHOF) was born January 26, 1821 in Rehlingen, Germany, and died February 13, 1903 in Murdock, Nebraska. He married CATHERINE DOROTHEA ELISABETH LUMANN November 29, 1843 in Raven, Germany, daughter of JOHANN LUHMANN and ANNA REINECKE. She was born September 15, 1823 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died September 08, 1896 in Murdock, Nebraska.

Burial: Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Louisville NE
Immigration: Abt. 1875
Occupation: Winemaker (Germany)

Burial: Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Louisville NE

i. MARGARET5 SCHLAPHOFF, b. 1846, Telmar, Germany; d. 1920, Murdock, Nebraska; m. FRED LUETCHENS; b. 1834, Germany; d. 1886, Murdock, Nebraska.

Burial: Emanuel Cemetery, Louisville, NE

Burial: Emanuel Cemetery, Louisville NE
Occupation: Farmer

ii. DOROTHEA SCHLAPHOFF, b. April 24, 1847, Germany; d. June 07, 1939, Murdock, Nebraska; m. FRED RUGE; b. February 05, 1847; d. August 08, 1919.

Notes by John William Schlaphoff:
"The heroine of the family was Dorothea Schlaphoff who came to America in 1870 with her friend Magdalena Rueter. A pioneer by the name of Henry Oehlerking sent money for Dorothea to come and marry him. After she arrived she refused to marry him, saying that he was too old (by 20 years). She then married Fred Ruge and Magdalena married Henry. History does not record if Henry ever received a rebate."

iii. HEINRICH WILHELM SCHLAPHOFF, b. May 01, 1850, Telmar, Germany; d. May 17, 1933, Westergellersen, Germany; m. KATHARINA DOROTHEE WILHELMINA VOGT, May 03, 1878, Rolfsen, Germany; b. August 13, 1853, Rolfsen, Germany; d. March 01, 1916, Westergellersen, Germany.

Var. place of birth Rehlingen (Magrid Olschewski)
Visited Murdock, NE in 1912 for one year while house in Murdock was being built. Went through Ellis Island on 30 May 1912; arrived on the ship President Lincoln from Hamburg. Name listed in Ellis Island records as "Henry Schlaphoff."

From Memoir of Emma Luetchens Schlaphoff: "[Carl's] grandparents came to America when they were in their fifties or sixties. His father did a peculiar thing which almost broke his parents' heart. Grandma Ruge made arrangements for them when they should arrive here in America---the grandparents and Aunt Maggie and her husband and a little daughter Mary . . . This must have been about 1872. . . . When they had disposed of all their goods or their belongings, as I doubt whether they had any property, anyway, the evening before they were sailing, he decided he wouldn't go along with them to America. He was in love with the girl he later married, Wilhelmina Vogt, and her folks were opposed to her coming to this country."

Fact 1: Confirmed Lutheran at Kirchgellersen
Fact 2: Buried Kirchgellersen

Var. date of birth: 1853 (Magrid Olschewski)

Fact 1: Buried Kirchgellersen
Nickname: Wilhelmina

Source: From Ms. Marten file that she gave me.
Here s a link to Ms. Marten's tree at She has pictures and much more.
I am not sure if it works if your not a subscriber. but I think you can do basic looking and then write a letter. Which I can do for you anyway, if necessary. Just email or comment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Genealogy of Luhmann and Meyer descendents of William and Mary Heins Family

From Heinrich Borstelmans work for territory Lueneburg stadt
Personenstammblatt V:3
Mandant : 00-Boitze 07.10.94

MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 07.10.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.10.1843 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 32/ 1843 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
V.: Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Haeusler in Eichdorf,
M.: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 7. Octbr. Morgens 6 1/2 Uhr.get.d.15.ejusd.
1.)Johann Heinrich Seil, Hauswirth in Brese,
2.)Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
3.)Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Schulz, Hauswirth in Schutschur
+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+- Nahrendorf

1. Ehe :
~~ 20.07.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Trauregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 8/1873
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
unverehelichter Dienstknecht aus Horn,
Parochie Dahlenburg, geb. den 7.
October 1843 zu Eichdorf,
Eltern: Hauswirth und Parkwaerter
Juergen Friedrich Meyer zu Roethen
un dessen Ehefrau Katharina Margaretha geb Luhmann,
mit Heins, Maria Dorothea, unverehelichte Paechterstochter
zu Oldendorf, geb. den 3. Juni 1851 zu Creutzen,
Eltern: Paechter Johann Heinrich Heins zu Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Anna Maria geb. Hencke.
Aufgeboten den 13. u. 20. Juli 1873
zu Nahrendorf aund Dahlenburg, getr. den
zwanzigsten Juli 1873 zu Nahrendorf.

HEINS, Maria Dorothea (F) ev
* 03.06.1851 Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Oertze
~ ??.06.1851
+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+- Nahrendorf

1. Kind MEYER, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 28.09.1873 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.10.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug au sem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengeimeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 37/ 1873 Oldendorf
Meyer, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm, geb. achtundzwanzigsten
September, Vormittags elf Uhr, get. 5. October 1873.
Eltern: Diensteknecht Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
zu Horn und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea
geborene Heins zu Oldendorf.
1.) Paechter Johann Juergen Werner zu Oldendorf,
2.) Paechtersshohn Heinrich Wilhelm Heins daselbst.

2. Kind MEYER, Anna Marie Elise (F) ev
* 03.10.1875 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 17.10.1875 Nahrendorfe
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 50/1875
Meyer, Anna Marie Elise, geb. den dritten October,
Morgens zehn Uhr.
Eltern: Haeusler Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins
zu Oldendorf, get. den 17. October 1875.
1.) Wilhelmine Marie Elisabeth Winkelmann,
Koethners Tochter in Nahrendorf.
2.) Anna Auguste Elise Meyer,
Parkwaerterstochter in Roethen,
3.) Anna Marie Louise Luhmann,
Hauswirthstochter in Eichdorf.

3. Kind MEYER, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha (F) ev
* 12.01.1880 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 21.01.1880 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 3/1880
Meyer, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha, geb. 12. Januar 1880,
get. 21. Januar, Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geb. Heins.
1.) Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer, Haeusler in Oldendorf.
2.) Elisabeth Warnecke geb. Lyssmann, Haeuslerfrau in Oldendorf.

4. Kind MEYER, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann (M) ev
* 27.04.1881 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 08.05.1881 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 24/1881
Meyer, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann,
geb. 27. April 1881, get. 8. Mai 1881.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm, Haeusler in Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Heinrich Heins, Bienenzuechter in Breese.
2.) Johann Friedrich Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf.

5. Kind MEYER, Otto Karl Heinrich (M) ev
* 26.09.1882 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 18.10.1882 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 44/ 1882
Meyer, Otto Karl Heinrich, geb. 26. September 1882,
get. 18. October.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Luhmann, Altentheiler in Sueschendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Bagung, Haeusler in Oldendorf.

6. Kind MEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 08.01.1884 Oldendorf + Nahrendorf
~ 10.01.1884 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 3/1884
Meyer, Heinrich Wilhlem, geb. 8. Januar 1884,
get. 10. Januar.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Klug, Koethner in Oldendorf.


This is the lists of land owners at Nahrendorf. It comes from Heinrich Borstelmans book.


Genealogy Genealogie with more of Luhmann - Seil

This is another branch of the Luhmann tree. They share some of the same blood as the Meyer / Luhmann branch. Luhmann, Schlicht. Surnames of this branch off from Luhmann / Seil family. Winkelmann, Schulz, Martens, Soltau, Other.

I know this tree chart will begin to be a little confusing. I will try my best to help.

Remember the members of the Luhmann family. Generation two or three is about the time our Schultze /Behrens about 1700. After 1803 the Meyer come on the scene in Neetzendorf, Boitze /and Bleckede area with Meyer. Meyer joining the Luhmann family at year 1838. This little comparison was done by Herr Soltau whose wife had the connection. Not published anywhere that I know. I only received the direct line, nothing of other siblings. Before I could think to ask he was off to somewhere else.

Luhmann family chart
III. Jürgen Luhmann Clara Margaretha Schultze or Schultz.
Children or Kinder:
Christian Friedrich,
Anthon Frantz [ shepherd at Bostelwiebeck],
Dorothea Maria,
Heinrich Jürgen,
Johann Peter [*1721-oo 9 juli 1751 lived in Breese],
Hans Jürgen 1722 - Bostelwiebeck,
Catharina Margaretha,

IV. Valentin Luhmann ∞ 2.10.1752 Catharine Sophia Müller
Also maybe with (∞ 1757 Agnese Jahnke ? – copy „Eichdorf, Halbhof 2“)

Jürgen Heinrich,
Anna Dorothea Sophia,
Anna Margaretha,
Catharina Elisabeth ( md landowner in Oldendorf nov 15, 1782-Frd. Wilhelm Ries],
Elisabeth Margarethe,
Maria Magdalena, Anna Margaretha,
Johann Friedrich Luhmann*

V. Kinder Jürgen Heinrich Luhmann ∞ 19.11.1784 Catharina Elisabeth Gehrke from Duebbekold.
Kinder: V1. Johann Jürgen oo Reinecke, Catharina Elisabeth [00 Johann Juergen Bartels Eichdorf, Margarethe Magdalena Luhmann[00 Juergen Christp. Hch Seil of Breese],

V1. Kinder of Gehrke and Luhmann, Catharina Maria Luhmann
∞ 11.11.1809
Jürgen Friedrich Seil /Luben

V11. Kinder:
Johann Friedrich Seil
oo - 12.04.1859 Bleckede
oo- Anne Katharine Dorothea Schulz

In this same generation Johann Jurgen Luhmann had married Reinecke and had his daughters who married at Schutshur to Pagel and Schulz. Another sister Cath Dor. Elisabeth born 1825 md Joh Juergen Bartels. Another md Schlaphof emg. to Nebraska. Son Christoph md. Anna Dor Elsb Meier at Ventschau. Catharina Margarethea md Jurgen Frd. Meyer with descendents went to Iowa.. [It is possible One of these Sisters or sister =in-laws md Mollemann went to Galena Illinois. Then md to Ahrens.]

kinder: of Johann Frd. Seil and Schulz
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Seil
∞ 23.08.1901 in Bleckede
Marie Karoline Wilhelmine Berta Elise Martens

Kinder: Heinrich Friedrich Ernst Seil
oo - ∞ 20.12.1935 in Bleckede
Else Minna Dorothea Winkelmann
Kinder: probably living


Note: Cath. Sophia Mueller of Kofahl who lived at Halbhof 2 at Eichdorf. Her father was Mich. Mueller of Kofahl.
They had child generation 1V - Johann Friedrich Luhmann * geb or born 14.07.1768 in Eichdorf. died 19.03.1851 in Bleckede at 83 years old. We think he married twice. His other wife may have been Anna Dorothea Grothe. Or she may have been with his son.
His descendant generation V. -Ernst Friedrich Luhmann *17.03.1811 oo went to Lohrville and Farnhamville church of Iowa.
Surnames of this tree.
Schlicht, Brockmann, Blank, Steinbock, Jacobs, Grothe, Meier, Tippe ?
More later on the two other Trees of Luhmann in this area of Bleckede.

Speculation: Since this tree of Luhmann was in the area of Bleckede..... Dahlenburg area, Is it possible that the Brockmann of the Schlicht family could be connected with the one Brookmann who married Seil of Dahlenburg? There were some involvement with a family Schlicht also from Barskamp. And also a Brockman in that tree. Hof 30 of Oldendorf.

Note: In the same generation that the two sisters married Seil men, there was a sister of that Luhmann family whom married Ries a landowner at Oldendorf. This was before Juergen Friedrich Meyer was born. I am sure the Ries family maybe had something to do with Our Meyer possession of land in Oldendorf. Behrens / Schultze family also married to Riess family and also had a Bartel connection. Behrens / Schultze family through marriage may have been in Eimstorf or Dahlem or Leestahl. [ Hch. Borstelman book]

There are better records of all this in earlier blogs.

**Note: Since the wife of this Friedrich Seil was a Schulz, it could not be the same Seil who went to Farnhamville whose descendent eventually married Pauline Nahnsen. Unless he had married more than once. And it is a Friedrich not a Franc.

[I might add that I have information about at least seven Seil families.]

I am fully prepared to clear up any Questions, if I can. Or at least direct one to other sources.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Genealogy Dig into Gehrke of Luhmann family

PP.66 continued from PP. 65. for more of Genealogy Genealogie  with more of Luhmann - Seil Information on Gehrke.
I think this could be our Andreas Gehrke.

Just recently I read that there were only four houses at Dubbekold. But I did happen to see something about apartments elsewhere on the page. So I am not sure what that was all about.

Maybe, now would be a good time to mention Schroeder. Our Dorothea Schroeder is said to have come from that village. I think I need to be throwing out the information on that family very soon.

Genealogy Life with Luhmann

Source Heinrich Borstelman book
Dahlenburg and Dubbekold
This is page 65. for more on our Dubbekold we need to see page 66.

Genealogy Dig into life of Luhmann with Leestahl and Eichdorf

Leestahl village  owner at Halbhoef 1

I think this is how it translates. Correct me if I am wrong.


1799 2 halfhofs Dahlenburg
an or Un. Gut Horn

1675 Luetge Janecke
1699 Luhrs" Jahnigcke
1709 Luetge Jahnecke
1719 Lenert Jahnecke noch 1739 [Leonhard]
1749 Hans Juergen Janecke, Noch 1779
1757 Eh.Zw. Hans Hanrich Luhmann Bruder des Hsw. Valentine in Eichdorf, and Anna Jahnecke [ ?]*

Proof enough. More needed from Herr Bock for church records.

*[Edited 2014]  However,  the information given here and Ellringen does not  match up with the Luhmann Information I have posted at this blog. I need to recheck the original copies and see more about  the brothers. We have to keep in mind that some were remarried and who had Valentine and Hans Heinrich  for son. More on the mother needs to be known.  I do have the  date  1757, but does not measure up to information given by Heinrich Borstelmann source.

Genealogy dig into Life at Eichdorf

 Contains Gut Sueschendorf [Copyright]
Notice the top part of the page on the left side. It is Eichdorf. That is where we have been discussing the family at Halbhof no.2. Or Hof number two.

You may want to browse the post above for the information of Valentins Brother and the mention of Anna Jahnecke at the year 1757 at Leestahl.


1799 4 halbhofs. and 1 Kote. Ki. Nahrendorf [territory]

[Gut Sueschendorf]

1675 Dietr. Behre.
1699 Johann Behrens [eh. Dietr.], auch 1709.
1719 Wilh. Meyer.
1727 Michel Meyer, auch 1739 [ Michael].
1749 Wilhelm Meyer, noch 1779.
1787 Eh. Zw. Juergen Friedrich Steinhauer
aus Ventschau and Hans Juergen Meyer
wwe. Elisabeth geb Reinecke
1799 Friedrich Steinhauer
1803 Juergen Friedrich Steinhauer, zw. ?
der Kunstige ?
wirt: Johann Juergen Friedrich Meyer


1663 Eh. Zw. Schwiebrecht Luhmann and
Anna Brese aus Nahrendorf.
1675 Schwieber Luehmann.
1699 Schwieber Luehmann wwe, auch 1709.
1719 Juergen Luhmann, noch 1749
1757 Die wwe Marg. Luhmann uebergeibt
ihren hof ihrem schwager Valentin
Luhmann; dessen Eh. mit Agnese
[ or Agness] Jahncke aus Leestahl.
1784 Eh. zw. Johann Heinrich Luhmann, son
des hsw. Valentin, and Kath. Elisabeth
Gercken, [daughter] tochter Hsw. Andreas
Heinrich Gercke[n] ein Duebbekold.
[Ue or Uc] des ________ halbhof.
1799 Juergen Luhmann.

Note : This is the first time I have seen
the umlaut over the u in Luehmann. It is good to know that it has been seen that way.


1618 Juergen Dammeratz. Sohn des
Peter zu Eichdorf hat sich mit Anna Froemeken das ehelich ?


Dieter. or Dietrich Halbhof ein von
sp[o?]erckenscher hof war ichen
1675 Und noch 1799, als der wueste? ____ ________??.

Kote 1
[Un Gut Sueschendorf]
1699 Kasten Meyer auch 1709 [Karsten].
1719 Hans Hinrich Meyer, noch 1759
1767 Hans Henrich Meyer t?itt _? k.
and _ ? sohn Juergen Hinrich Meyer
ab; dessen Eh. mit Hans Steckelbergs
[or Steckelberge ?]tochter in Nahrendorf.
1789 Juergen Hinrich Meyer; dessen Eh.
mit Marie Elisabeth Meyer aus Sammatz.
(Amt. Dannenberg).

Note: I may not have translated them completely or entirely correct. Please correct me, if you know otherwise. Thank you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I dig into the Family memories about the Keepsakes of the Sunnyslope Farm - A vase and roses

Memories about the family keepsake
 The rose without a name
The Vase was made in Austria and it has been in the Meyer family at Sunnyslope for many years. The rose you see in the vase was a successful start from the rose from the Sunnyslope farm. So this rose is the same as that Hermann Meyer and Annie Seil had growing at the farm on the hill.

This is a wonderful old rose with pink color, with great scent, and it is very adaptable. But more so than the beauty of the rose in the vase; is the beauty of the memories that they bring to me. This rose and the vase have a little history behind them. I hope I can bring some of that to light for you. I hope I can figure out the most of the story of both of them.

The  unnamed rose in my estimation was so worth the labor of its keep. The scent of this rose is to me is heavenly. Every time you passed through the gate to the farm area you got the scent. In the morning, I think it was like a gentle well wish to you on to your way to your task. You know how a person can be at five o'clock in the morning. And a pleasant greeting of the scent at the end of the evening as the farmers returned from the barn or the field at the end of the day. [One has been laboring in the hot sun all day in the fields or around the stink in the barn, it would definitely be a wonderful refreshing smell as one passed through the gate.]

The farm had belonged to another family before he purchased it. They might have been Miller once or others.   I am told that they visited once and heard about the mishaps and the changes that the farm had gone through. In their old age, they could see the maple trees still standing that they had planted. These were now huge and gave more shade than they had, when they began the farm.
The new owners would proudly show them around and ask the questions they were curious to hear. I wish I knew, if the old owners had planted the pink rose. If they had loved that rose too. No doubt they could have taken away a start of it to their new home. It would also have been a sentimental keepsake of their old home. Looking at it, smelling it, would bring up memories of the old days on the Sunnyslope farm. I don't know, if they even called it Sunnyslope farm too .

Annies grandfather, August Seil and his wife Anna Vogel had a wing in the old house to themselves. I am not sure exactly what August did on the farm, but it has been said that he had a green thumb. I am sure the pink rose held memories for Herman of the old days; when they were all there together. Maybe the rose held memories of their homes in Iowa. And the people they associated with there. Maybe, they got the rose, when they first married. And together made plans to planted it at the Sunnyslope farm.

I am thinking that later, maybe, the rose was passed around between farmers wives. Perhaps it sits still in an old cemetery; plaguing the caretaker to this day. So if any one in the neighborhood had this rose passed to them; I might have hope of finding the name of the rose. All I would have to do, is see if any one in that area, has the rose and knows its name.

Also, I also think,, if I can compare the roses of this time period I might be in luck. Some day, I will spend a little more time sifting through some rose books; or look on the Internet sites of roses. I can then find the dates of origination of some older roses. I know there are a few older roses that I have seen, which resemble this one. Maybe that will help pin point the possible time of planting. The time factor could help me identify the plant. Gosh, there is always puzzle solving, isn't there?

If your reading this your probably a relative. Maybe you know more about the rose or you have seen it somewhere. Maybe you have this hardy rose. Maybe you know about it. If so, I hope then you can email me, and let me know.

You could email me not just about the rose, maybe you have found something familiar about the vase. Maybe you know the story of the vase.

I know I am a day dreamer full of hopes. I have sure daydreamed here a bit. What else can a child that was a book worm be. I often wonder how it was in the ancestors lives those with these possessions that they often left behind. [I guess that is why they stress the hardships in their day.] I think they would be glad to know that a child they never knew about has a big appreciation for its beauty and the memories it holds. I hope you have too.

Also, maybe by now you understand, why I have kept that old vase, which is so scarred by time. I know a little of their story. A little about the owner. I know the beauty of their soul that made them keep these pieces, which were a part of their memories. There is beauty in the eye of this beholder, and I hope in yours too.

Jo arootdigger

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Rootdigger Gets More Church Records In Answer To Her Questions

When I received the church documents of Juergen Friedrich Meyer, a landowner at Oldendorf and park ranger at Roethen, I naturally had questions about all the godparents listed. I mean those are the names that give clues, so I can read between the lines. So I asked questions and received the answers below. Nothing that really pertains to me. Yet???

First - This was the most important question to ask. Who was the  Meyer god parent of our Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb.1851.  The brief explanation did not help much to supply meaning to any reading between the lines.

Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulze of Oldendorf
oo- md 18. april.1834 with Margaretha Dorothea (Bausch) Schroeder widow of Juergen Heinrich Schroeder of Oldendorf.
Juergen Friedrich Meyer's parents were Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Meyer of Sueschendorf and his wife Marg. Dor. Seil.

Second- There sure were a lot of residents at Sueschendorf! I guess I was partly confused about the noun "Schulze" which is an occupation as well as a name. In this case, I guess it is another word for Mayor. Another conotation for the word Schulze is that there was a time, when a person married a widow woman with land. At his marriage his last name changed to the womans last name. I thought this might have been the case. But it was not.

Second, Sometimes villages are formed by a person called Schulze. He is given this power by some noble person. It would be some kind of reward. I had wondered, if that was the case. I have found a few Meyer at Oldendorf. And like those, I do not know if they connect to mine.

Thirdly - I had asked who this Wilhelmine Meyer could be? So I was given two answers which I have partially translated.

1.  Meyer record nr.31 /1849 Sammatz
Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine Elisabeth.
Vater: Johann Heinrich Meyer Hsw. in Sammatz.
Mutter: Katharine Dorothea geb. Burmseter geb. 6.juli.1849
Taeger, Dorothea Elisabeth, Hauslers wife from  Nahrendorf
Konau, Katherine Margarethe dienstmaged in Sammatz.

Nr.5/1877 [Marriage record]Trauregister
Johann Jurgen Friedrich Lussmann, Taegelohner bisher unverheirat. zu Oldendorf mit Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine zu Oldendorf getr. am. 5.Nov.1877.... Die burgerlich Eheschliessung hat am 5.Nov.1877. [von der Stamdisbeamten zu Nahrendorf stattgfunden.]

jo arootdigger

Friday, July 4, 2008

Family Name Seil surnames which are Not just from our Luhmann Family Connections

Collection 1 .
From the village Sueschendorf.

I may have mentioned this little church record before.
Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulz of Oldendorf. md on 18 April 1834.
His father is Johann Heinrich Meyer of Sueschendorf.
oo His wife was Marg. Dor. Seil.
Juergen is going to marry Margarethe Dorothea Schroeder born Bausch. She is a widow. From Haswirth Jurgen Heinrich Schroeder.
Note: Michels born Ahrens.

Collection of Seil name 2
I have from the village of Oldendorf a Heinrich Seil. born 1859 or 1860. He was married to a Maria Ahrens of Bleckede. She was born 1891. Heinrich Seil on a census A A and B. has his father stated as Frank. It also said what his mothers last name was....Siegel or Seagul or something similar. Seimer?

Heinrich and his sister immigrated ? year and went to New York. While there his sister got lost. So he went on to Iowa. Many years later she is found. She had married Ritterling or Rittling of Fort Laramie Wyoming. that Family ties to the family at Eichdorf. I found it at Aida.
More to come with this story.
Mecklenburg Strelitz. siel. Carwitz Karwitz.
This family of Seil. descendants.
Carl Johnny Seil. Married Pauline Nahnsen. Hir father was
family md. Nahnsen and family Kanning.

Perhaps there are two Seil connections to the Ritterlings of Wyoming.
A third Seil family.
Catherine Seil born ESt. 1832 or 1851 md 1853 or 1886 at Rathan ? to Johan Hch. Christian. Schroeder.

Seil collection 2 with Family Kanning.

Collection 4 Seil
I am told we have a connection to a William Seil who wrote the mystery of the Titantic. He is suppose to have lived in Wa.

Collection 5.
Int he area of Will county is a family Seil that connect to Schroder/ Saucke

Heinrich Dohrmann married at Hamburg with Dorothea Seil. They settled at Joliet , Will county, Illinois.

editing later to add

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Genealogy of the family Luhmann and Anna Janecke

I had asked Herr Bock a question about Maria Elisabeth Behren's aunt also born at Neetzendorf. She possibly married a Schultz. I will share that a little later. I also asked him about the Luhmann of Leestahl and Eichdorf with the Jonas tree. I asked him, because I have the very same names given to me by Hans Otto K. There was a similar wedding day. Also there was some similar names of Agnes Janecke a resident at Eichdorf.

Oh my gosh. I have forgotten about the latest research of Herr Bock did for me last year before christmas. He was able to give me the records from an email. That was a first. and so very nice! I had contacted the Nahrendorf church online. I asked if I could ask for research to be done through them or, if I had to write a snail mail letter. I had asked a question about the death of Margaretha Catharina Luhmann. It was important to know. I also asked if Jurgen Friedrich Meyer remarried. He reissued the documents that I already had. Plus he added a few more dates and deaths. He had given me Anne Marie Reinecke of Nahrendorf mothers name. I can't give it to you right now, cause I have to look it up. Then I shall add it to the bottom of the Luhmann document and on a few other posting sites. Also our new relative family member, Herr Soltau told me of Anna Janecke marriage to a Luhmann member in our Luhmann family. It fits with Heinrich Borstelman book page 67. The amazing thing is that it is also a person in the Jonas tree married to a Agnes Janecke. Perhaps there is more than one with the same name. Very possible.

I simply must post more details of all this.

In Heinrich Borstelmann's book it tells you, who owned land in the villages of this areas. I had some Questions also about some of the owners of hofs and their wives in the villages.

I still have more to share about Luhmanns. Various documents. I need to ask Herr bock to verify all information that I do have. Maybe then too, I will see the godparents involved. That is always a big help.

I swear if all of my surnames relatives found me, because of this blog and told me everything about their family. I would still find something or someone in that family that still needed research done. I always want more. I always want to know more to find more.
Have you ever seen those trees that just do the men. They Might list all the children, but they don't tell you who the children married. Especially the daughters. Then they go down the line to tell you about only one son. It is probably the eldest son and it will tell you, who they married and that they have taken over the farm. I suppose it is from Church records or land records. I have gotten records like that. But I get determined to know everything about the daughters and the mothers families. If you find my records like, I hope you know that I am looking into the maternal sides as best as I can.

After all we don't find everyone. We don't solve every clue. Sometimes the problem is left hanging in the air. It could be this way or that way. No solution. Sometimes we can't properly read a place or location written in bad handwriting or even old script. We don't know where it really is.

Hasn't my own church documents shown how much the names have changed. Vindorf or Findorf, Dalenburg or Dahlenburg and there are other variations of even that. Bohndorf or Bohnendorf. Netzendorf, Neetzendorff, Neetzendorf. Von Strote.

Von Strote. Anyone know where that could be? It was in the early Behrens records. Where would that be?. I must figure that out. If you know could you email me at arootdigger.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Genealogy of the Family of Juergen Friedrich Meyer with Luhmann Ancestors

Here are the church records from the church archives of the Nahrendorf church.
Again I changed very little. No Umlauts yet at this time. Try to pay attention to the surnames of the godparents. they are important. Later on, I asked Herr Bock about some of the Meyer surnames and a few other ones. I will share what he said as soon as I can round it up. It is very interesting and Very important. Also very questionable.

Personenstammblatt v:3
Mandant : 00-Boitze 07.10.94
MEYER, Juergen Friedrich (M) ev
* 29.11.1814 Neetzendorf = Boitze
~ 30.11.1814 Dahlenburg
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Dahlenburg
Nr. 46/ 1814 -Neetzendorff-
Juergen Friedrich Meyer, geb. d. 29sten
November 1814, Morgens 2 Uhr, get. d. 30 sten
November 1814 in der ersten Advent Woche.
Aeltern: Johann Juergen Meyer,
Schaefer, u. Maria Elisabeth
geb. Behrens aus Neetzendorff.
Gev :
Juergen Friedrich Behrens, Hauswirth in Neetzendorff.
+ 18.09.1879 (R) Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+-20.09.1879 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister
der ev.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 24/1879
Meyer, Juergen Friedrich, Parkwarter in Roethen,
alt 64 Jarhre 9 Monate 19 tage,
begr. 20. September 1879 in Nahrendorf.
Beruf : Hausw. in Oldendorf.
u. Parkwarter in Roethen.

1. Ehe :
~~18.05.1838 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Trauregister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 2/1838 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Friedrich, Junggesell,
angehender Hausling und
Schaefer zu Neetzendorf, ehel.
Sohn des Schaefers Johann Juergen
Meyer zu Neetzendorf, u. dessen
verstorbener Ehefrau Marie Elisabeth
geb. Behrens, und Jungfer
Katharine Margarethe Luhmann, ehel.
Tochter des Hauswitrths
Johann Juergen Luhmann zu Eichdorf
und Dessen Ehefrau Anne Marie geb. Reinecke.
Procl. zu Nahrendorf
u. Dahlenburg Dom. Jubilate et.
Cantate - cop. d. 18. Mai.

LUHMANN, Catharina Margaretha (F) ev
* 26.01.1818 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 26.01.1818 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Seite 42/1818 -Eichdorf-
Luhmann, Catharina Margaretha,
Den 26sten Januar, Morgens 3 Uhr,
getauft den 26sten Januar.
Eltern :
Johann Juergen Luhmann, Hauswirth zu
Eichdorf und Anne Maria geb. Reinecke.
1.) Catharina Elisabeth Bartels, Hauslingsfrau zu Eichdorf,
2.) Margaretha Eliabeth Barthelt, Dienstmagd zu Eichdorf.
+ 1856 Oldendorf + Nahrendorf
+-1856 Nahrendorf

1. Kind MEYER, Katharine Marie Elisabeth (F) ev
* 24.10.1839 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 26.10.1839 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 35/1839 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharine Marie Elisabeth,
V.: Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
Hausler in Eichdorf,
M.: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann.
geb. d. 24. octbr, Abends 8 Uhr,
get.d. 26 ejusd.
Taufz. :
1.) Marie Elisabeth Meyer aus Eichdorf,
2.) Marie Luhmann, daher.

2. Kind MEYER, Katharine Margarethe Elisabeth (F) ev
* 02.02.1842 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.02.1842 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-Luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 8/1842 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharine Margarethe Elisabeth,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
Hausler in Eichdorf,
M.: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 2. Febr.Nachm.
3 Uhr, get. d. 5. ejusd.
Taufz. :
1.) Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, Hausw.tochter aus Eichdorf,
2.) Katharine Margarethe Seil, Hauswirthsfrau aus Brese.

3. Kind MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 07.10.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 15.10.1843 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregeister der
ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 32/1843 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
Hausler in Eichdorf,
M. : Katharine Margarthe geb. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 7. Octbr. Morgens 6 1/2 Uhr, get d.
15. ejusd.
Taufz. :
1.) Johann Heinrich Seil, Hauswirth in Brese,
2.) Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
3.) Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Schulz,
Hauswirth in Schutschur
+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

4. Kind MEYER, Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth (F) ev
* 12.09.1845 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 14.09.1845 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev_luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 40/1845 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth.
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hausler in Eichdorf,
M. : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann, Geb. d.
12. Septbr. Morgens 5 Uhr get. d. ejusd.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Katharine Margarethe Dorothea Luhmann,
Hauswirthsfrau aus Eichdorf,
2.) Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann,
Hauswirthstochter daher.

5. Kind MEYER, Marie Katharine (F) ev
* 27.10.1847 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 07.11.1847 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 38/1847 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Marie Katharine.
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hsw. in Oldendorf,
M. : Katharine Margarthe geb Luhmann, Geb.
d.27. Octbr. Abends 8 Uhr, get d.7. Novbr.
Taufz. :
1.) Marie Elisabeth Schmidt,
Anbauersfrau aus Oldendorf,
2.) Katharine Marie Roehrs aus Oldendorf,
3. )Katharine Dorothea Meyer, Hsw.tochter daher.

6. Kind MEYER, Dorothea Elisabeth (F) ev
* 15.11.1849 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 19.11.1849 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der
eve.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 44/1849 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Dorothea Elisabeth,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hsw. zu Oldendorf,
M. : Katharine Magdaline geb. Luhmann.
Geb. d. 15. Novbr. Morgens
6 Uhr, get.d. 19. ejusd.
1.) Anna Marie Elise Ellermann hieselbst,
2.) Katharine Dorothea Wolter aus Oldendorf.

7. Kind MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich (M) ev
* 09.12.1851 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 16.12.1851 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 51 1851 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hsw. in Oldendorf,
M. : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann
Geb. d. 9. Decbr. Abends 7 Uhr, get.d.16. ejusd.
1.) Juergen Friedrich Meyer, *Schulze in Oldendorf,
2.) Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, Hsw. daselbst,
3.) Heinrich Friedrich Wolter, Musicus daselbst.


I would like to spend a little more time going over, who I think the godparents are. Aunts or sisters of the mother, brothers and uncles. Also there are a few unknowns.


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