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Monday, July 30, 2012


Meyer,Jürgen Friedrich
Birth : 29.Nov.1814 Neetzendorf, Dahlenburg, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Death : 18-20Sept.1878 Roethen/ Oldendorf,
Burial : [] Nahrendorf, Lüneburg, Niedersachen

Marriage :
-2- OO It was Friedrichs second marriage.
AHRENS, Katharine Dorothea [Meyer]
Birth : 31.Mar.1827 cklingen, Luneburg, Niedersachen [Bleckede]
Death : 16.Mar.1890 Oldendorf an der Goehrde, Nahrendorf

-1- Totgeb Nadgen. Meyer
Birth : 5.Okt.1758- Roethen and Oldendorf in the Goehrde forest.
Babtism : 6.Okt.1758

-2- [ Twin ] MEYER, Anna Louise Auguste
Birth: 12.Jul.1859 Roethen, by Oldendorf an der Goehrde
Babtism : 18.jul.1859
1-Ehefrau des Anbauers SCHMIDT, Marie Elisabeth geborene WOLTER.
2-Ehefrau des Hauslers MICHELS, Dorothea Margaretha geborene AHRENS zu Oldendorf # 27 and # 28 sind zwillinge.

-3-  [Twin ] MEYER, Louise Marie Dorothea
Birth : 12.Jul.1859 Roethen by Oldendorf an der Goehrde
Baptism : #28/1859 - 27.Jul.1859

-4- MEYER, Ida Marie Elise
Birth : 2.Nov.1862 Rothen by Oldendorf and Nahrendorf in the Gohrde Forest
Babtism : 30.Nov.1862
# 44/1862
-1-Hauswirth SEMMEROTH, Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth geborene WILLHUS in Oldendorf.
-2-Ehefrau des Hauswirths
AHRENS, Marie Friedericke geborene BLIESCH in Mücklingen, Lüneburg, Niedersachen

-5- MEYER, Adolph Heinrich Friedrich
Birth : 8.June.1864 Röthen an der Göhrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen.
Baptism : Nahrendorf church 10.Jun.1864-#25/186 4 Taufz.
-#1.- Hsw. Juegn Hch LUHMANN of Eichdorf,:

-6- MEYER, Hermann Rudolph Friedrich
Birth : 2.Apr.1867 Röthen an der Göhrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Baptism : 21.April.1867 Nahrendorf church
13/1867 Taufz..=
#1,= Herm. Joh.Hch. AHRENS Hsw. sohn of Mücklingen;
# 2.= Joh. Hch. Frd. MICHELS Hausler in Oldendorf.

-7- MEYER, Emilie Margaretha Dorothea
Birth: 22.Okt.1863 Roethen and der Goehrde, Lüneburg, Niedersachen
Baptism: 3.Nov.1863
Taufz.. = #39/1863 Taufz.
# 1,= Catharina Dorth.SCHULZ geborene HAUL.
# 2 = Margaretha Dor. MICHELS = Hausler's frau.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Good Day to you

I know, I know, I finally showed up.

There are reasons,

and I won't bore you with them.

I must say I am grateful I can come here to blog a bit about the genealogy Meyer related family history.

I can see your still here.and I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for the small stuff today too.
-This morning I noticed that there is a Presto canner for sale at the local farm store. If it's still there later it's going to be mine. If not, we'll have to see about the next move.

-I noticed a thrift sale of pillow cases to be embroidered and tons of great threads.

-At forms, I noticed a small thing like entering in Mar* for Maria or Mary and even Margaret. Now isn't that the silliest thing to be grateful for? But it really does save time to be able to do that at Ancestry. I am grateful for the spelling being the same and that your allowed to do that at various research sites. It especially helps when I am looking for the Mary's on immigration data. I am sure there are more shortcuts that I haven't even been aware of their existence.

-That's why reading blogs of the Genea Bloggers is most helpful. I removed some at the side of my page. But they are still around. More about that reason at another time.

Can you believe it that I came here just to share with you that I am so grateful I can search Mar* rather than Maria and Marie, or Mary. Well you see it, so believe it.

I wonder if I am grateful there are so many Mary's in my  Meyer family history ? I am grateful for the ones I have met and know.
Well, I think I will ponder that one for awhile.

Take care and I will try and get back here to share some more of my exciting revelations about family history..


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