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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is there Humor on a tombstone?

A few days ago I fell into reviewing some cemetery listings of rural Minnesota in the southern region.
As I was scanning a stone heading, I had to take a second look. [I made up the name to something like mine to save the real people.]

Sarah Jane [Sucker] Meyer beloved wife. year 1851- 1895
John Doe Meyer beloved Husband 1850-1900.
Now I saw the name Sucker posted further on, so I know it was not cruelty or bad humor.

Is that funny? It struck me that way on the day that I saw it. I mean is there humor in it, if it is on a head stone?. What do you think? what could have been funnier would if there had been something on the husbands tombstone. I guess it would have to be a fantastic last name or middle name, right? I am not sure what that would be.

Email me.

I read this tombstone joke, while browsing and I enjoyed it so much, I have to tell it.

A young boy was given the name Odd by his parents for some odd reason. When he was young, the other children used to tease him, because of his name. Later still, in high school and college, he was picked on, bullied, harassed because of his name. Even as an adult at work, he was still picked on for his name. So one day in his elder years, he informed his wife that he hated his name. He told her that he did not want his name on his tombstone because he hated it so much. He said he did not want to be remembered by that name. His wife had listened to him, so when it came time for his burial his loving wife did as he asked. She put only his birth date and the death date and left off his name.

It was viewed by many people visiting the cemetery. Often people who would be walking by his tombstone often stopped to look at it and make the same comment. "Isn't that odd?".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Discovery: Going Down Range: Metz

Remember, I have mentioned that Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer was taken prisoner at Metz, France. So, I want to share that I found a blog written there. Seeing these gorgeous blogs makes me think I bought the wrong camera. Such great pictures.I am so glad they want to share their pictures.
Going Down Range: Metz

Monday, August 18, 2008

Digger into Genealogy branch of Luhmann

Copyright from Farnhamville Centennial book
written April 13,2012

It is my understanding that Meyer went to Lohrville first in 1884. Also I think the Ernest Friedrich Luhmann family did as well. There may be others of the family that lived there that I am unaware of. I think that Fred Meyer at Churdan helped set him up according to the promise. Later after finances were fixed the family could settle where they wanted. The Meyers attended the St. Peters church of Farnhamville area. The Luhmanns did not.

Imagine how happy Fred must have been to finally see family again after fifteen years of not having seen William or the Luhmanns. It is strange though, that there are not many pictures of Meyer mixing with Luhmann. I am curious why that would have been. Not much mentioned in the Meyer book at all. Just a few pictures and mention of the mother.??

Some of the Luhmanns looked like Meyer children.

Ernest Luhman [Familie] Family Tree

Taken from the Farnhamville Centennial book

Calhoun county  Luhmann from Bleckede - Dahlenburg

Because I could not go to Germany and research I was able to attain a professional genealogist by the name of Friedrick Burmester of Bleckede. he would do this at a discount for me one time. I had so much information that I wanted. It was a hard choice. I was working on the Luhmnan of Farnhamville at the time, so I chose that family. I really wanted to see if they were related to ours. And they were. Peggy Luhman of Oregon confirmed it. 
And  then Her grandmother had asked for the Luhman address, so that she could write to them. [I never heard, if she actually did it or not.]  
Friedrich Burmester sent me  several handwritten  pages. Some written the old way in handwriting. I still have not entirely translated all of it. Some of it verifies information that I received from the good citizen of Niedersachen...Herr Kregel about the Luhmann family.

Our Luhmann Descendant

Heinrich Luhmann from Nahrendorf

jo arootdigger

Heins, Heinz Links of Genealogy of a Rootdigger: a rootdigger

I have just created two other blogs.
. I have done this, because I think the Heinz- Heins will need one of its own. There is so much to show.
. One of the others connected to this blog is Life on Sunnyslope farm. Mostly family pictures, clippings, family stories, that I might obtain or already have to share. It might be a way to pertain to Iowan relation. With Questions, probably.

I have not put ads on those. I am not sure about that issue. Mostly because I still edit and rearrange quite alot. I am still in the student stage of being a blogger.

Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer married Maria Dorothea Heins from Bergen kries Celle in another area of the Luneburg Stadt so I started another blog mostly dedicated to that Bergen Celle and Soltau, Fallingbostel, which is area west of Uelzen,Bleckede and the Goehrde land. Much further east than the east side of the Elbe river. You can see it at this link.
Genealogy of a rootdigger: 11.) Peter Heins Of Siddernhausen mit frau MOJELKEN of Hucksal: "11.) Peter Heins Of Siddernhausen mit frau MOJELKEN of Hucksal.

I havediscovered that I made an genealogical error with these ANCESTORS of Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer" And I will need to get back there and mend the errors. that data is all correct, just the direct lineage is wrongly protrayed

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Links to links - Taeger - Genealogy [ von Nahrendorf]

I am feeling good about the link. It's worth a look and I would like it to be clickable.
I really am thrilled to find a blogger in Nahrendorf. And are Taeger. I only have a maybe Taeger in my family. But I do have a name. Williams child - Wilhelmina held connections to the possibility of the Taeger name. It is posted a little ways back.

 I posted this information, as I discussed the godparents of his children. The name was Dorothea Elisabeth Taeger, a Hauslers frau at Nahrendorf. Other surname were Konau, Meyer at Sammatz, and Burmester. I do have Luhmann located at Sammatz as well. It is good blog. Check it out.

I may have to learn how to attach his link, when there is no tag "create a link"

So click on the title.

Links to Links - Churdan, Iowa

Chugiak Post: Churdan Quasquicentennial. I had hoped to attend this event. But it didn't work out. I am so glad to be able to have this link attached to mine. The pictures are really great. It almost seems like I did actually attend.

Chugiak Post: Churdan Quasquicentennial

Iowan Barn Quilts links to Community Family crafts

This male blogger from North Carolina is interested in the quilting art. I for one, am so glad to see this posting about the quilts in Farnhamville. If I had not seen the pictures that he has posted; I would not have believed that the people of our Farnhamville actually have the quilts on their buildings. Wonderful.
See for yourself.
Barn Quilt Memories: Farnhamville, Iowa

Friday, August 8, 2008


a rootdigger
I have this Direction sign and you can see, I don't know the answer. I know which way is East!
Can anyone help?

THE CHURCH at NAHRENDORF Many of our ancestors and their spouses came from Oldendorf by Nahrendorf and other villages near by. Many of them in the surrounding area attended that same church in Nahrendorf. Okay, I can't put all the villages on this pole, so we'll just have to 'make do' with Nahrendorf on the post.

Since you might be interested in some residents of Nahrendorf in those days of our Ancestor Meyer; I decided to post a scan of the page of Nahrendorf's hofs and kotes that had I received from a friend taken from Hch. Borstelman's book "Beitraege zu Hof und familiengeschichte des aelten Bleckede".[The link is just a place that mentions it.]
This is a record of Hof three at Nahrendorf.

Borstelmann's work sent from Germany
I see the print remained a little small. I shall see, if I can redo it soon a bit larger. My scanner and Printer is misbehaving the last couple of days, so I think I should avoid using them. We'll see in a bit. I'll see, if I can transcribe it and put that here. [I may not get every word, but close.] I will see, if I can round up more of the hof records for Nahrendorf. Hof 2.

In the early years we had The Brese member joining the Luhmann family at Eichdorf from Nahrendorf. And it again with Anne Maria Reinecke's mother. Anna Maria Reinecke, who was also from Nahrendorf. There were others.

I may have to explain more about the information in the book at another time. You may know in the hof records, we may only see the male landowners names.When the son takes over the farm it usually mentions who his wife is as he does so. Usually it is the first born male's name of the next of kin who takes ownership. Unless there is a death or the first born son has made some other choice. Which I doubt he would do. In later years they could immigrate. In any case the other children either stay and do work for the eldest; or maybe bring income home from labor elsewhere. Many times they don't want to be under the rule of the eldest. So they leave home and take on the role of shepherd or some other occupation that they can learn the skill. Other occupations such as Schumacher, Schneider or something with a guild is not easily acquired. One needs to know the effect of the rules of inheritance/ marriages and how it involve those who lived at the Hofs.
When I understand the customs of inheritance a little then at least I can predict or imagine the outcomes. It all helps to find family.

A good example of the Meyer/Luhmann family and their heritage is to be seen at the page on the HalbHof 2 in Eichdorf;. Now it is a part of Nahrendorf territory but it is shown on a different page. The Land was handed down through the family. One can learn more by following the church records than that little paragraph that Heinrich Borstelmann has of Eichdorf. Though the two together is good. Often some information I relay/share with you will contain information as a result of some custom or inheritance.

I find it feeds my imagination about my ancestors to learn all those little helpful tidbits of info that went with their lives. Such as what choices the older men and women folks had, when their sons took over or when their spouse passed. I am always glad to pick up information like this that people want to share with me.?? [Hint]

Well, this is enough of reading between the lines for me. You can read what ever you want into the evidence that I have presented today. Evidence of Land owners of Hof 3 in Nahrendorf; or my little musings about the families.
I welcome questions and comments, corrections and shares. Email me - arootdigger[at] jo

.edited post 1/29/12

Monday, August 4, 2008

I am Taking Photos from this Beat up Old Meyer Book, Lets See Who's first

Beat up old Meyer book

Hmmm the book was new to me,  when I got it. Hot off the home assembly  by a relative.

I will forever appreciate it. God bless them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Subbert, Lusman, Gollwitzer, Meyer, Luhmann of the Family Tree.

Please report any errors to me that you see on this page.

Direct Descendants of
1. HEINRICH CHRISTOPH MEYER [and no name spouse.]

2 Johann Jurgen Meyer.
. 00-Maria Elisabeth Behrens .
. 3 Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer.
b: *1814 Neetzendorf, Lived Eichorf after his marriage and
d: +at Oldendorf an der Goehrde, Niedersachen, Deutschland.
..... 00-Katharina Margarethe Luhmann.
b: *January 26, 1818 Eichdorf, Luneburg, Lower Saxony Germanyd: +1856 Germany.
..... 4 Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer.
b: *December 09, 1851 Oldendorf an der Goehrde, Germany.
d: +September 25, 1918 Lombard, Illinois.[] Greene county, Iowa.
......... 00-Mary D. Schenk.
b: *April 20, 1861 Bleckede Hannover, Germany.
d: +April 26, 1916 Greene County, Iowa.......... 5 Lulu Elise Meyer.
b: *October 27, 1889 Greene County, Iowa.
d: +November 17, 1966 Farnhamville, Iowa.
............. 00-Henry Adam Gollwitzer
b: *April 10, 1891 Chicago, Illinois
d: +February 23, 1973 Perry, Iowa............. 6 Audrey Mae Gollwitzer
b: *July 07, 1921 Churdan, Iowa................. 00-Verl Raymond Subbert:
b: *1926 Lidderdale, Iowa................. 7 Lynn Allen Subbert:
b: *1940's
..................... 00-Marsha Louise Lusmann
b: *1940's
.................... 8 Nathan Subbert
b: *1976 Lake City, Iowa...............................................................................
Information supplied by Subbert family

Ancestors of Nathan Subbert from Subbert family

Generation No. 1

1. Nathan Subbert He was the son of 2. Lynn Allen Subbert and 3. Marsha Lusmann.

Generation No. 2

2. Lynn Allen Subbert, born *1947. He was the son of 4. Verl Raymond Subbert and 5. Audrey Mae Gollwitzer. He married 3. Marsha Louise Lusmann, 1971 in Farnhamville, Iowa
3. Marsha Louise Lusmann, born 1948.

Children of Lynn Subbert and Marsha Lusmann is:
1 i. Nathan Subbert, born *1976 in Lake City, Iowa
Jason Subbert, born *1973 in Olwein, Iowa

Generation No. 3

4. Verl Raymond Subbert, born *1926 in Lidderdale, Iowa. He married 5. Audrey Mae Gollwitzer January 13, 1946 in Churdan, Iowa.
5. Audrey Mae Gollwitzer, born *July 7, 1921 in Churdan, Iowa. She was the daughter of 10. Henry Adam Gollwitzer and 11. Lulu Elise Meyer.

Children of Verl Subbert and Audrey Gollwitzer are:
2 i. Lynn Allen Subbert, born *1947;
married Marsha Lusmann.
ii. Kathy Louise Subbert, born *February 1950's married Michael A. Hawkins; born 1951.
iii. Mary Jo Subbert, born *March 1955; married Larry Moll (date?) born (date?)

Children of Michael Hawkins and Kathy Subbert are:1. Rebecca
2. Bryant
3. Bethany
Kathy has since divorced and remarried Michael Fort (date?)

Children of Larry Moll and Mary Jo Subbert are:
1. Jennifer
2. Thomas

He said

"I can get complete information for the children of Verl and Audrey and their
offspring a little later. I don’t know my cousins well enough to give complete
information. I’ll try to get that a little later. If you have any more loose
ends that you think I may be able to help with… let me know and I’ll see what I
can do. "

Note 1: A Heinrich Mosel with wife Emma was on same ship the Luhmann family from Bleckede, who settled around Farnhamville, Ia. Subbert, Saucke is part of their family.

Note 2: Since I am editing this now in 2012 there has been more uptodate information found for this Meyer family since the original posting of this post. I won't tell you those updates at this time.

This is basically a appetizer for the family. More with
Mosel, Borchert,Saucke, Lusmann, Gollwitzer.

I am taking Photos from this beat up old Meyer book; so who is first?

Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer from Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf.
The woman is not a ghost. I can't seem to darken Mary or Dora Schenck in the photo with out destroying Fred's image. I believe they are at Churdan.

This is Frederick Meyer. His photo was next to the one above.

Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer emigrated in 1869 to Hamburg. From that port he went to America. He was suppose to go to Galena, Jo Daviess county in Illinois with his two sisters. From there he went on across the Mississippi river to Jackson county, Iowa. In 1880 census he was found at Tete Des Morts, Jackson county in Iowa.

In 1882, he married his wife, who is next to him in this photo. She was named Mary D. Schenk in the caption.

Jürgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb. Oldendorf an der Göhrde 1851.

The obit continues here. And I have added other one. Which speaks of four in the family that died at Lombard, Illinois in a train wreck.

A refresher of our Fred.

7. Kind MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich (M) ev
* 09.12.1851 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 16.12.1851 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 51 1851 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich,
V. : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hsw. in Oldendorf,
M. : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann
Geb. d. 9. Decbr. Abends 7 Uhr, get.d.16. ejusd.
1.) Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Schulze in Oldendorf,
2.) Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, Hsw. daselbst,
3.) Heinrich Friedrich Wolter, Musicus daselbst.

+ 25.Sept.1918 Lombard, Illinois by Train wreck
+- Churdan Cemetery, Churdan in Greene county, Iowa.

00 1st. Married 17.05.1882 Maquoketa, Iowa
Mary D. Schenck
* 20.04.1861 Hannover, Germany
+ 26 04.1916 Greene county, Iowa
+- Churdan Cemetry at Churdan in Greene county, Iowa.

Nine Children [Kinder]:

William 20.03.1883-06.07.1959 [Rosa Wilder]
Albert 20.04.1884-14.06.1884
Nettie Sophia 16.03.1885-09.12.1960 [Murry]
Mae 26.12.1886-18.12.1953 [Michels]
John A. 22.03.1888-25.09.1918 [ Emma Gollwitzer]
Lulu Elise 27.10.1889-7.11. 1966
Frederick 20.07.1891-10.09.1895
Otto Henry 18.04.1896-30.01.1962 [Mabel Malone]
Hilda Agatha 02.07.1899-16.04.1939 [Willilam Krengel]

More can be found at the Matthews link at

How about one more face. This is the eldest of Fred and Mary Meyer's children.

Another William. He resided at Wells, Minnesota. Though he is buried in Iowa. More on him later.

Are they Heins or Meyer?

From the Meyer book, copyright
Copyright- From Meyer book

The caption in The Meyer Book reads Mrs. Heinrich Heins and Heinrich Heins each caption under their own pictures.
I had forgotten all about an error with a picture in the Meyer book. This picture is from page 140. The opposite page has a description of Maria Dorothea Heins's life. The man in the photo could be her brother. When I took that trip to Iowa four years back, I was reminded that a Heinz caption was in error. But was it this Heinz picture or another picture.

Does anyone else know, if it is true?

Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer from Eichdorf, Gut Horn, Bleckede, and Oldendorf bei der Goehrde

Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer

William and Mary (Heinz, Heins ) Meyer. I am not sure when the picture was taken. I am sorry that it is slightly soiled taken from my Pepsi  soiled Meyer Book. I was really mad. I don't think it is possible to remove that stain. So, I have to just live with it. I can possibly retype this. Which I could do any day now. In the mean time you can read it.

It sure seems to me that Mother Mary has a Mona Lisa smile. I wonder what the secret is behind that smile?

I would like to share this obit. taken from the Meyer Book.


Genealogy about William Meyer's Church Records from Nahendorf

Personenstammblatt V:3
Mandant : 00-Boitze 07.10.94

MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 07.10.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ ?.10.1843 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 32/ 1843 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
V.: Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Haeusler in Eichdorf,
M.: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 7. Octbr. Morgens 6 1/2 Uhr. get. d. 15.ejusd.
Taufz. :
1.) Johann Heinrich Seil, Hauswirth in Brese, (Breese)
2.) Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
3.) Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Schulz, Hauswirth in Schutschur

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

1. Ehe :
~~20.07.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Trauregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 8/1873
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
unverehelichter Dienstknecht aus Horn,
Parochie Dahlenburg, geb. den 7.
October 1843 zu Eichdorf,
Eltern: Hauswirth und Parkwaerter
Juergen Friedrich Meyer zu Roethen
un dessen Ehefrau Katharina Margaretha geb Luhmann,
mit Heins, Maria Dorothea, unverehelichte Paechterstochter
zu Oldendorf, geb. den 3. Juni 1851 zu Creutzen,
Eltern: Paechter Johann Heinrich Heins zu Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Anna Maria geb. Hencke.
Aufgeboten den 13. u. 20. Juli 1873
zu Nahrendorf aund Dahlenburg, getr. den
zwanzigsten Juli 1873 zu Nahrendorf.

HEINS, Maria Dorothea (F) ev
* 03.06.1851 Kreutzen = Bei Munster Trauen, Oertze
~ ??.06.1851

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+ Nahrendorf

1. Kind: MEYER, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 28.09.1873 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.10.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug au sem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengeimeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 37/ 1873 Oldendorf
Meyer, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm, geb. achtundzwanzigsten
September, Vormittags elf Uhr, get. 5. Oktober 1873.
Eltern: Diensteknecht Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
zu Horn und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea
geborene Heins zu Oldendorf.
1.) Paechter Johann Juergen Werner zu Oldendorf,
2.) Paechters sohn Heinrich Wilhelm Heins daselbst.

2. Kind: MEYER, Anna Marie Elise (F) ev
* 03.10.1875 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 17.10.1875 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 50/1875
Meyer, Anna Marie Elise, geb. den dritten October,
Morgens zehn Uhr.
Eltern: Haeusler Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins
zu Oldendorf, get. den 17. October 1875.
1.) Wilhelmine Marie Elisabeth Winkelmann,
Koethners Tochter in Nahrendorf.
2.) Anna Auguste Elise Meyer,
Parkwaerters tochter in Roethen,
3.) Anna Marie Louise Luhmann,
Hauswirths tochter in Eichdorf.

3. Kind: MEYER, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha (F) ev
* 12.01.1880 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 21.01.1880 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 3/1880
Meyer, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha, geb. 12. Januar 1880,
get. 21. Januar,
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geb. Heins.
1.) Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer, Haeusler in Oldendorf.
2.) Elisabeth Warnecke geb. Lyssmann, Haeuslerfrau in Oldendorf.

4. Kind: MEYER, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann (M) ev.
* 27.04.1881 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 08.05.1881 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 24/1881
Meyer, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann,
geb. 27. April 1881, get. 8. Mai 1881.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
Haeusler in Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Heinrich Heins, Bienenzuechter in Breese.
2.) Johann Friedrich Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf.

5. Kind: MEYER, Otto Karl Heinrich (M) ev
* 26.09.1882 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 18.10.1882 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 44/ 1882
Meyer, Otto Karl Heinrich, geb. 26. September 1882,
get. 18. October.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Luhmann, Altentheiler in Sueschendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Bagung, Haeusler in Oldendorf.

6. Kind: MEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 08.01.1884 Oldendorf + Nahrendorf
~ 10.01.1884 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 3/1884
Meyer, Heinrich Wilhlem, geb. 8. Januar 1884,
get. 10. Januar.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Klug, Koethner in Oldendorf.

+  1884 America after Emigration 1884. Burial in Iowa.

After 1884 there were more children born in Lorhrville Calhoun county, Iowa.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dwight, Annie, Herman, and Lyle Meyer of Lewisville, Minnesota

Dwight, Annie, Herman, and Lyle Meyer of Lewisville,  Minnesota

The Meyer book

The Little Men and the Little Women of Meyer Family from Eichdorf und Oldendorf, Nahrendorf

Meyer Little Men and Women in America

The picture on the left is of the children of Juergen Heinrich Wilhlem Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins. They came from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf in 1884 on the ship Frisia. They are- front row - Mary and Herman. Second row - William and Anna. You may remember little Henry William was only a baby and did die that same year.

I have wondered, if the names are reversed. I think in the front row that the child on the left looks like Herman. There sure is no telling the girls from the boys. Unless someone else can.???
Email me for sure, if you can.

The second picture on the right reminds me of the girls in the novel Little Women. So, these are the Meyer Little Women. Front row - Anna, Lilly and Mary. Second row - Emma, Minnie, Louise and Frieda Meyer. She is so sweet. [ Spouse surnames are Bennett, Carter, Nahnsen, Cain or Dean, Stolley, and Nahnsen. Louise died young without marriage.

I wonder why there was not a picture of just the guys?

Wilhelm's brother, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer emmigrated to America 1869. He did not marry until 1882 at Maquoketa, Iowa.[ I still have not found that marriage online.]

The Check was in the Mail, But Not Cashed

I just learned that the check in the letter that I sent to the researcher at Nahrendorf and Dahlenburg church last year around this time of year, was not cashed. That means I will have to write to him again. Which, I don't mind doing. Also, I will use the special email address that I have for a parish in Nahrendorf. I wonder if my letter was lost in the mail. I sent it to a home address. ahhhhhhhhh. No wonder, I recieved nothing in the mail for a whole year. I wrote with questions about further Seil information. Well, I did say I would write more. Anyway, now I need to contact them again, for sure. Perhaps, I should write the request of information letter all over again. I am not out the amount of the check. But the Dang things are expensive to get. I shall have to spend a little time writing a letter and do a good job translating it to get it perfect to send again.

As you may have noticed, I tend to get a little wordy.

I sure do learn by my errors!
just me


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