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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Computer problems

Hi, Just a little word about my absence. I have a new computer and the daughter added chrome. I am experiencing problems with it and blogging. However that may not be the reason. I cannot even make changes at times. At the moment I am on my other computer, which lets me have a short amount of time.
I will get the problem under the belt soon. Just bear with me.
I am still in touch though, and working on my ancestral tree like crazy; which is good for the blog posts to come.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger Help - Wrong Material lead-

Okay, I have to post this post aimed for the attention of other Bloggers. I could use a little help or a path or direction on solving a posting to facebook issue. It seems that the days I do Post some of my blog posts to make a point more than once on facebook, a comment will appear as part of the blog material, rather than maybe a beginning part of the blog I want to appear instead.

What Setting could be causing this.
What setting do I need to change or bring into my blog.
Often times too, maybe if there is no comment, I post a lead to my blog and it picks up pictures from the sides rather than the picture on the original post where I wish to call attention.

I never noticed it in the beginning, but maybe I didn't put that many on facebook before.
The post---
wow, one of most tiniest posts about nothing, had about seven links -???
I often have quirky issues with spacing, photo placement, or any of a myriad of word processing problems with my blog. Things disappear, refuse to be moved up or down, or occasionally have a different look from the preview mode. I get frustrated, but have learned to try and correct it several time...

I may have to google for help, but I am in hopes you fellow bloggers know the answer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have been having computer problems. Some foggy weather too.

Hi there,

My computer suffered a little damage and like most laptops of mine the abuse always seem to lie around the cord plug in location. This time
my son thinks it has affected the Band????

I was able to find a refurbished computer to replace this one, before it fails, and I have saved some files. I still have many more to save to an external file keeper. Whichmeans files will probably be moved into a mass of unorganized choas. Which will make blogging a longer process to access pictures and documents, when I post, an inconvenience, but I will worry less, and at least it's saved.

There are some differences between the older one and the newer puter.

One- The operating system is different. Before I ran only on firefox and xp. seven.
Now I am on explorer and a xp.
Two- I had all kinds of programs downloaded for my day to day use. Media means, igoogle and other programs that tripped my fancy.
Three- I had a different kind of virus detection program. The difference makes me a bit uneasy about downloading what I'll need to proceed.
Four- Somehow I can't seem to access my Blogger dashboard to make a post. The first week I had it, I was able to do so, but now I can't. It will be necessary to spend more time on this problem, which is vital before this old puter dies.

I just will have to see what the problem is about the google blog program that I seem to be missing. I have been able to maintain blogger before on
the Earl's computer as well as the local libraries set up. So what is missing? Or what am I missing. More than likely it's just late middle age fog clouding and needs the time to clear.

So Blog posts are done now still on the old puter, where I easily access my documents and pics saved.
I pray and hold my breath each time, as I watch my puter struggle to stay with me, she seems so weak, and I thank the master, when I finish the post in time before she clunks out into darkness.

So just in case your wondering, it is one reason I am so slow in my posting.

See you later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Double spacing Issues

Bloggers do you have double spacing issues. I just noticed it to be so prominent.
Are yours?
How do you correct it or change it to single spacing?
It doesn't look like double as your writing and editing,
but in the end that is the result.

. Also another little problem I have noted over time is the lack of proper space after a period. It should be two spaces. I have gone through my posts and changed it, satisfied and published and then as I view the post there it is again, the lack of two spaces after that dot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frederick Meyer Naturalization Document dated Jan.1878

My Finds
It's no secret here at the blog about Meyer Family History that I have found several documents about Frederick Meyer [geb. 1851] Immigration, even his marriage. I have shared his passage plans, and his settlement at Jackson county Iowa. But there were the missing documents of his naturaliztion. So During Memorial weekend I was able to find his naturalization document. I had first looked in Greene and Calhoun. I foolishly did not look in Jackson county, Iowa until Memorial weekend. So take a look to see what I found then.

I'm a little disappointed that the co-signers often found in these documents aren't shown. But I'm thrilled all the same.

Holds copyright
I'll share a few maps of Maquoketa platt maps later from Jackson co., Iowa.
You would find some of our surnames Of Michel, Schenk. Perhaps you can spot a few familiar names as you browse them. I'll have to see if I can find a general link to share.

I hope you will take the time to look.
It's never to late to search, most places probably uses for research. It never hurts to see what is available in various Genealogy data places.

Sources from
Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.;Soundex Index to Naturalization Petitions for the United States District and Circuit Courts, Northern District of Illinois and Immigration and Naturalization Service District 9, 1840-1950 (M1285); Microfilm Serial: M1285; Microfilm Roll: 125.

Source Information: U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 (Indexed in World Archives Project) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors in partnership with the following organizations:

View Full Source Citations

Description: Contained in this database are indexes to naturalization records (primarily declarations and petitions) for various courts (predominantly U.S. District and Circuit courts) and years. The states whose records are currently included in the database are Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Vermont. Records in this collection were indexed through the World Archives Project (see "Where to go from here" below for more info) and additional records from other states will be added as they are completed in the World Archives Project.

Source Information: U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 (Indexed in World Archives Project) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors in partnership with the following organizations: Anchorage Genealogical Society.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a Little Chat About Commenters

Once in a while like last week, I got a commenter at Oldendorf and Nahrendorf blog , who gave me a bit of information and a request about the Family information I was posting about the ROSSEBURG, REINECKE, family in the area of Oldendorf and Sueschendorf who possibly connect to our MEYER, SCHENK, MICHELS, SCHOOP, RIECKENS family Tree.. My immediate reaction is
my blog is working for me!

Then I write back, check their blog or email and answer the request. In this case though I realize it is a correspondent from the past. Someone who I did tell about the blogging and he was very acquainted with my interest. In fact I thought I had emailed him this tree at one time. No matter, at least he sought me out and now blogs.
Good for him.

Hold your horses Genea Bloggers, He blogs about sheep and his farm.

Often times it is the same old story, relatives and people will contact you, and wander away. I often feel a little guilty if I detain them too long. I just hope they will come back.
There are some anonymous people who come back, or they may not.
I have no way of knowing.

It does influence what I write, such as this one, of course, but the last post I knew he would be interested in those, just as I know the future Buendorf and Gut Horn post will be as well.

One problem I have is since I am a blogger, I hesitate to take the present information from them. I regret it after they are gone. I should leave it up to them if they wish to trust me with it. I try to not ever put current people born after 1950 who have not ceased life in the info with birth information. Irregardless however, believe there should be locations for all to see. and at all possible a surname of whom they married. It certainly would help to know that in their time frame.

I do use my blogs as sources for my information or a referral to show I have proof behind my information at trees.

Some times I do wonder with some of them, who say to me, that is my family, I contact them and they fail to respond. I wonder are they happy or sad about it. For that reason I find it best to think my email through a day of so before writing.

I mean I will remove some information at any of my blogs if it is heart felt that I do so?
And do you really know what joy it is to hear that your here and took the time to read my long appearing blogs and the time to comment.

The Oldendorf Nahrendorf blog is not entertaining, which really helps to keep people coming back, nor is it loaded with current new information about Genealogy methods and the meat of technique, but I do provide many links to those bloggers who do this. I hope to be better at the Friday follow of those who do so readers can pickup on them.

Usually with new information I may google for some kind of indication of online information and then head to ancestry to add and to see what is there along those lines. This last time I was there I picked up at least one surname to add to this ROSSEBURG tree. The THIELE surname.
That Thiele post coming soon.

Now I must really get busy with a promised post at the Oldendorf und Nahrendorf blog.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quickborn, the land, Hofs landlords family History

The following Post transcript is actually taken and google translated from pages 99- 101 of the following book :-

Streifzrüge durch die Geschichte von Charlotte Wodaege
Herausgeber : Museumsverein Dahlenburg 1989

Sometimes in the case of translation about property the word Court represents the land or farm patch of land.

The surnames like Burmester and Burmeister, Jacobs, are very common names throughout many villages. Often connecting them. I also have Jacobs at Barskamp with Steinbach with family history running through Bargmoor, and other villages of Bleckede. Other surnames of Schlicht, Mueller. I am not sure yet of concrete ties to Burmester or Burmeister. I have one name, but instead of being Burmester, it might be Burmeister. So I am unsure if it ties.

1.3.2- Quickborn [pp.99]
QUICKBORN means living source.
1562 were recorded in the church records a "Jurate Lutje Zolee". Every court in 1618 provided 104 days a year service manual was used, "two days a week with the handt is Schillingsgut give treasure, rent money and is no freedom." {Kr Arch 96 / 3 - 26 / 11-160 / 13]
1667 registered Rev. Antonio BURMEISTER 4 landlord, prior to 5 Thirty Years War Interest on money for the church paid only three shillings Dietrich STOLTE, other names not recorded, the church history.
1651 "The village has been lying very desolate, but it has taken etzliche hooves again and built partly -1799 6 Hh-, Ki. Dahlenburg, "quoted Henry BORSTELMANN. The 6 Hh, ie half yards, which came after Pröve inheritances were probably due to the Church [Ki], "subject". The following landlords have sat on these courts after Borstelmann:
"Halbhof 1. 1675 Balzer BURMESTER. 1686 Eh. Hans BURMESTER betweenEngel REIMER from Barskamp; 1689 Otto SEEDORF born Seedorf [Wwe.] Ilsabe SEEDORF born SCHROEDER from Dahlenburg; 1698 Eh. with Dor. Marg KRUSE. 1699 Hinr. KOENIG [eh Hans BURMESTER], and 1709th 1719 Franz BURMESTER, still 1779th 1786 Eh. between Johan Hinrich SAUCKE, Son of HSW. Hans Juergen SAUCKE in Dumstorf, and Marg Elisb. BURMESTER, daughter Francis of reinforced [E.]. 1789 TOLLSCHNIBBE class. [kl.] 1799 Johan Hinrich SAUCKE. 1803 Eh. between Johan Hinrich SAUCKE and Dor. Elis. Stäger from Wendhausen. 1819 Eh. Johan Hinrich Christoph Saucke son of Hh. Johan Heinrich SAUCKE, [Stiefs] Stepson of Dor. Elisabeth STEGEN, and Anne Sophie Elisabeth GERCKEN, Daughter of George Gercken of Riebrau. the George T. [Riebrau in AMT. Hitzacker] [Ue. spaeter - later].
Halbhof 2. 1675 John BURMEISTER. 1699 Hans BURMEISTER, Joachims Son, and 1709th 1719 Hans BRUEGGEMANN [before Hans Burmeister], and 1727th 1739 Jürgen Lühr nor 1759th 1754 Eh. between Hans Otto Bünck [BUENCK], son of the cowherder in OITZ or Oitzen [Kr Uelzen], and Anne Ilsabe LUEHRS. 1769 Otto Buenck
1769 Eh.
between Joh Friedr. L
ühr, and Otto Bünck widow [Wwe] Anna Ilsabe née Bargmann; 1771 Eh. between Marg. Dor. STEINBOCK from Vindorf. 1779 Johan Friedrich LUEHR, also in 1789 and 1799th
Halbhof 3. 1675 Henry SAUTJE. 1699 John ABBOT [ABT.] [eh. Hinrich SAUTJE] nor 1719th ..........?1725 Eh. between John Henrich ABT and Marie Dor. Schop Daughter of Peter Schop in that area [ das]. 1727 Hans ABT. 1739 Johan ABT, noch 1759. 1761 Eh. between Jürgen Christoph PERAU of Dahlem and Johann Henrich ABT's Wwe. Cath Marg born BURMESTER [E.]. 1776 Eh. between Hans Jürgen LINNE [LINDE], of Bankewitz in Amt. Bodenteich and Kath. Maria ABT [E.]
1789 Hans Juergen LINDE , auch 1799.
1809 Eh. between Johann Hinrich Linde, Son of Hans Jürgen Linde and [s.] Eh. Kath Maria geb. Abt and Dor. Elisabeth TAEDER, Daughter of Hinrich Ludolf Taeder in Nahrendorf.
Halbhof 4 1675 Michel Raßeburg. 1681 Eh. between Hans Ratzeborch Kath. GERSTENKORN, the Daughter of Diedr. GERSTENKORN [See paternal. Court]. 1699 Hans Raßeburg [eh Michel], and 1709th 1719 Franz Ratzeburg [ before Hans], noch 1739th 1750 Eh. between Jürgen Gerstenkorn from Buendorf and Dietr. Schulzen Wwe. Marie Kath. born Strachau; 1759 Eh. with Cath Marg Bartels, Daughter of Juergen BARTELS in the village of Ellringen. 1759 Jürgen GERSTENKORN. 1768 Eh. between Heinrich Chr. THAEDER from Quickborn and Marie Elis. Kath JACOBS, Daughter of Johan Jürgen JACOBS in the Dumstorf. 1769 Hinrich GERSTENKORN. 1779 Franz Henrich TAEGEDER. 1782 Eh. between Franz Jürgen GERSTENKORN, stepfather, Hans Chr TAEDER, and Dor. Elis. HAMBURG of Ricklingen. 1789 Franz Jürgen GERSTENKORN. 1801 Eh. BETWEEN Jürgen Hinrich Minrich of Niendorf Amt. Medingen, and Kath. Sophie GERSTENKORN, Daughter of Hh. Franz Jürgen GERSTENKORN. [E., Ue. ] after 6 years. 1834 Eh. between the prospective Hh. Jürgen Heinrich Mennerich & c. Eh. Kath Sophie nee GERSTENKORN, and Dor. Elisabeth Rappaul from Vindorf. [The oldest Son waives his Anerbenrecht to Hh. in favor of younger, Ue]..
Halbhof 5 ?1621 Eh. between Paul RUNNE and Anne BURMEISTER in Quickborn, the former takes on the wild Burmeister's court. 1699 Hans BURMESTER, Son of Hinrich BURMESTER, on Stolten court also 1709th 1710 Eh. between Hinrich SEEDORF and Kah. Marg BARTELS, Daughter of Juergen Bartels of Ellringen {Ue. soon by the Stiefv.}. 1719 Hinrich SEEDORF [before Hans Burmeister], noch 1759th 1769 Franz Jürgen SEEDORF. 1771 Eh. between Hans Henrich SCHULTE from Mücklingen Anne Elisabeth LUEHR, the mayor or Schulzen Wwe. SEEDORF. 1779 Hans Heinrich SCHULTZ. 1788 Eh. between Frederick Menrich from Niendorf, Amt. Medingen, and Kah Dor. EXP. [verw.] SEEDORF [E., J. W. 20]. 1789 Johann Hinrich Mennerich. 1799 Johann Friedrich Mennerich. 1834 Henry Mennerich takes over his father's. Yard.
Halbhof 6th 1675 yard waste. 1699 Reimer Raßeburg nor 1727; desolate 1739th 1749 Simon Hueter; 1759 and 1769 Wwe. 1779 George Wilh. Hueter, or 1799th 1823 George Wilh. Hueter passes the Hh. p. Son Wilh.Chr. Hueter. " [72]
Besides the division of the commons and the coupling of the arable fields were in the 19 Century saw the replacement of the manorial descents. This. Detachment found in all German states, in every village communities, where farmers were subject to duty. The severance konnetn done by cession of land by paying a cash sum or a pension. The strain was variable and depended on the amount of the obligations, we converted it into a pension and was replace by the payment of 25 times the amount of the annuity, and later even 18 times the amount. It happened that in the Peasant villages served various lords and therefore afford to have different charges.
This duty of loyalty of the peasants for centuries corresponded to the fiduciary duty of the gentleman who had to care such as home fires for the construction of the property, etc.. After the dissolution of human bonds of the farmer was free, but now had to operate according to its discretion.

Dahlenburg book by Charlotte Wodaege. Copyright edition. No permission is  given to copy her pages.

Monday, July 25, 2011

We are not missing out on any whims around here.

Garden of Jamie Anderson - Harvey Probst-Dunn co. Wi.

Hi, welcome back. Or maybe I mean that for myself. I just have been trying to join into a few activities this summer. I haven't neglected my other blogs too, just a few. I started a few posts and if I added anything a bit complicated, they just didn't get finished unfortunately.
I decided not to load you down with my excuses. Most of them not new. - It's summer, - Garden - Housework - Family History - Genealogy Research.

So this post today is brief. I have a few things to share as I pick up a little bit. I really do have to,and still need to get caught up on housework more. So no promises to better are coming. I more or less gave up on growing some major vegetables. It seems without enrichment to the soil and my methods with the beans didn't make them grow. The cucumber plants are so very small. Then too we had such along winter here in Wisconsin, I didn't want to risk planting so early. Let me say, I should have and mean to next year.

Well as far as my family tree in genealogy research goes, I have had to visit my Heins blog many times. In a whim of a search for some data, I caught my error. and noticed the mistake in the HEINS family in the information where the church researcher left off that I had been given. Yes, how embarrassing, huh? I think some details changed or some kind of unnoticed mix up. Because Christy never said anything as she double checked either. I do believe Herr Soltau noticed something, which I didn't catch on to what he meant about an error, as well. Anyway, Herr Fink had it posted at this website, where details on the family were missing long before under my HEINS and WINKELMANN, KOCH names. I have sent many a person to my detail and there. Maybe someone noticed my errors and said something to Herr Fink and he filled in some new data as it came in. I believe it makes more sense as to what Mr. M & M told me. I am glad to see more family history data under the family surnames.

And now I follow my whims to where the new names lead me.
I like the results so much better. And, I am not losing much for surnames, believe me.

In this area of Bergen, Celle, [Nord Celle] the surnames keep going like the Eveready Bunny. Going and Going. From one family to another and off in all the little side shoots. So I hope to share a little more on this error and the new results in the coming months.

No, you can't cheat by jumping to my HEINS family tree blog Genealogy of a rootdigger, because it's not fixed there at all either. It is however a Genealogy work in progress at, and I have the line on my Gerd family tree page. If your a member and a follower, if you have a whim to see those updates there. Or simply leave a comment or email me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Father - Dwight Meyer

copyright by jo meyer arootdigger
copyrighted  photo of Anna SEIL and Dwight Meyer
Honoring My Father for Fathers Day
copyrighted by arootdigger -Jo Meyer
Dwight Meyer

Hi, I have wandered in for Fathers Day. I thought I would babble a little about some personal moments spent with my father and quit when the demons of guilt attack me.

You see at the right some penny photos of my father Dwight R. Meyer. I wonder who he was taking them for and where he was having them taken. Since he was usually the picture taker, I have few of him. I have had several photos of him at several of my blogs that I have shared in he past.

I just happen to think that he was an adorable small child.

In those pictures my mom always said that he was dressed like a little girl. It makes you wonder sometimes if it was a subconscious action of Grandma Annie? After all she had two boys, not a girl and a boy.

Do you have relatives Dressed like girls?
You know Lyle was given his own photos, and so what he wore when he was small is kind of unknown to me. Perhaps dad wore Lyle's hand me downs.
I think they were given play rompers, which could be bleached and kept nice and clean. Play clothes, but not exactly like you know the Trapp family play clothes in the musical movie Sound of Music. Luckily it was not from drape material.

Dad certainly needed them.
At any rate, I'll throw in a few of those links below so you can see for yourself.
Dwight Meyer second born son on February 8, 1918 at rural Sunnyslope farm in southern Minnesota. I am sorry, I know nothing about the details, if it was actually on the farm or at the hospital.

It probably was not that well known that he had left handed tendencies. As I was just a little thing I remember him consoling me as I was trying to use a scissor or a some tool, he confided that he too had a difficult time with those kind of tools. This confidence revealed two things. It was how he was with me, as sympathetic understanding father with a softer side. Also it reveals that he had left handed tendencies, which made things a bit more difficult for him because everyone tried to make him do the normal way. So as a child he had to relearn a task of using scissors. And I suppose in a school situation it stood him out from the others, not always in a good way.

I think too, though it was rarely said and rarely understood, that he was the youngest male at the farm. Most people don't know that he had his mothers younger half brothers and sisters, whom lived with the Meyer family and August Seils family all in the big old house for many years. One day when I was complaining and feeling a sibling crunch, he had confided to me in his gentle way, that there were times when he too had to pay the toll toward the elder siblings. He didn't go into it as much as he could have, I am not sure why. I never caught on that those Jaeschkes were those of whom he was thinking. I had thought it was just his brother he was thinking about.

copyrighted by arootdigger
Dwight Meyer and Sonny
I had no real thoughts on all this or clues, and it was those tender moments in recall I was gifted the important genealogical information that confirmed some hunches, which led to facts for me, which lead to further wonderful discoveries

I thought I would show Dad as a father here holding his eldest son Sonny. Next to him is a Unknown to me tall family member. I always thought of him as tall enough, but guess he wasn't as tall as some of his Iowa family appear to be.

My mother told me in their latter years, how much dad had wanted a little girl and well he did get me, a little book worm. This might be why there was one particular little spunky sassy girl by the name of Laura Lynn Day, who used to come out to the farm to stay with dad and Mom for a weekend. She was around three or four years of age. Dad would get her around the barn safely to be help feed the animals, etc. I think we all enjoyed those visits. She enjoyed the animals and the farm life, so much, I guess that was part of her charm. It was a topic of many a conversation to learn what she had been doing, what she had said, while she was there. [ For some reason we particularly like the spunkiness]

I could go on and on with memories about my dad sameness and uniqueness to yours and mine.

I am sure all your fathers day thoughts will be on your own special father.
And maybe each of you will be creating your own memories for your children. Or thinking about how you will or won't be doing certain things yourself when the time comes for you in your season of adulthood. I hope you all have a nice fathers day weekend.
Thanks for stopping by for my  little chat.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Women as Mothers for Mothers day.

Meyer; Seil; Korn; Jaeschke family history photos
Elisabeth Seil- Copyrighted photo
Above. Elisabeth Seil Jaeschke born 1873 and Annie Seil Born1893

Meyer child - Copyright picture

Annie W. Seil Meyer
Left -Jo Meyer granddaughter of Annie and her daughter Sharon -Sharon about 1981
Right - Annie Seil Meyer, shown here as a mother watching
her son either Lyle or Dwight. Estm. time of 1913- 1919

Lizzie Seil Jaeschke

All material copyright bound.
Elisabeth or Lizzie Seil had a baby nearly every year after
she married Gustav Jaeschke. In this picture she already has had six children.
This is the same woman [now married to Gustav Jaechke] holding Annie in top photo. And Annie Seil is now the girl in the back row by her self, about sixteen or seventeen years old.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surname - Vogel Family From Farnhamville, Iowa

Surname connection of the VOGEL family from Bohemia, Illinois, and Iowa

copyright pending
Taken from book which  given to me by genealogist
I wasn't always arootdigger at Genealogy or family history research!
I was clearing out a box from my mother back in 2001, and laid my hands on a leather pouch with some potentially useful documents and clippings, which raised my thinking to full glory curiosity. I said to myself. just maybe, I could browse the names on those papers and see if I could see what was involved in online genealogy searches. So self said - "find out".[ Oh yes, I do talk to myself] So I ran downstairs to find out immediately on the computer.

I supposeyou haave seen the Ancestry and family history ads online so had I only there were less then. So I thought why not go into it and see what the various ancestry websites had and make some posts even though I only had a little data to go on. Which many other Genealogists seem to resent. But don't let that stop you. I stopped to read a few genealogy sites from the famous Cyndi's website when the need arose.

Long story short, that little start led me to my mentor Berniece JAESCHKE and Tom VOGEL, whom was interested in my Grandmother Annie SEIL and August, her father or grandfather's wife Anna UMLAUF of the VOGEL family. It was through his work that I saw the basics, the pitfalls, and gained the understanding of how they fell in with his Vogel tree. .

Because of that tiny research, I then understood why my father/grandfather kept the special clippings that he had in his leather pouch. A leather pouch of only a few documents, which was valuable in my research. As I was searching, I added a couple miscellaneous clippings I found scattered through the box from my mother. So now I am unsure which ones I added and which papers were there originally. That tiny research project I began that day, grew into the vast interest I have for all those surnames you see repeatedly here at arootdigger. Surnames and places about my ancestor's families at Farnhamville church of Iowa, told here again and again and at my Oldendorf and Nahrendorf Website.
My websites which, I began to share with you for the first time in 2008 at the first week of May.

Over these years as arootdigger blogger of MEYER and SEIL family history research, I have been so grateful for my mothers hoarding history of anything on paper. Like everyone else in this hobby, I just wish I had kept a few more pieces that I thought did not pertain to the family. I guess that is why meaningful old family PHOTOS AND MEMENTOS end up in antique stores.

So I try to learn more about the VOGEL Family Tree History in Iowa, as well as their home country Bohemia and Czech Republic, whenever I can. You noticed in last post that the Saucke family were linked to the Vogel family. So above is another page from a book about Farnhamville families that deals with the Vogel family. The other half of that page about the SAUCKE family is on the previous post.

Note: I have made a few posts here at arootdigger before about that Vogel family involvement of the family. Time and time again you have noticed, that I have mentioned that I have not found the Dohrman or Vogel on the census at Joliet. It needs to be said, I sure wish I could. A future project again some day, when it rains or too hot outside; when I am not being a rootdigger in some other capacity. [ at one time I had Tom's website at the bottom of the page, but hes evidently made some changes.  I'll see if I can find it again. Or one like it.]

Henry Saucke and wife Maria - Wordless Wednesday

taken from the centennial book of Farnhamville written a few years back. copyright
The very Handsome Saucke family

As promised I have shown you the Henry Saucke and wife Maria clipping from my trip to Iowa a few years ago.

Not bad for Wordless Wednesday.
Stay tuned for tomorrows clipping of the Vogel family. The Vogel tree is at the bottom of the blog page.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The birthday of Herman Henry Meyer 27.04.1881

Herman Henry Meyer on the left- copyright
Let me tell you a small life story about my grand father, the gentleman above on the far left, who would have had a birthday today, if he had lived this long. Herman in those days were spelled with a double 'r' or with a double 'n'

By the way, did you know that sometimes the German word Herman interprets as meaning Gentleman.

For many years people were under the assumption that my grandfather Herman was born in 1883, but no he was not. People also referred to him as Herman Henry to designate him from someone else. It really does have more of a ring to it than, if you were to say Henry Herman. I am sure there is more to the stories of the misconceptions, but since I am honoring him and his birthday today, I will leave that all to rest.

He was a gentle tall, broad relatively silent man. Sure he understood German and spoke a little of it, but he did speak English very well. After all he came from Oldendorf Germany with his parents and his four siblings when he was around three years old in the first week of April nearly one hundred and twenty seven years ago. He and his family lived at Oldendorf at a small 'hof' which his father owned in the forest area of the Goehrde where his father worked as a game warden.

Three years old
Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer was born April 27, 1881 at Oldendorf, Niedersachen, Germany. Afterwards the family went a few miles to the church at Nahrendorf to baptise him. He was brought up in the Lutheran faith all of his childhood and it remained with him. You will see all the information of his birth and that of his family at that link. You can find more information through out the blog on Him, than nearly anyone else.

I knew so little about his prior life, while I was a child raised in his household, and what I did know, I took for granted that everyone else knew it too. In that same thought, I seem to have failed to share more about what he was actually like. At various posts I have mentioned his lovely wife Anne SEIL and her many Jaeschke siblings, grandparents, who were involved in their life. As well as his and her devotion to her grandfather, who lived with them in Minnesota in the settlement years of their life. He and August Seil were attempting to be Gentleman farmers of their estate. Maybe I should say that those were the years they farmed and raised a family.

I can only tell you about Herman from bits and pieces of family lore, and pictures in the family album. Wel, l I suppose you don't often find pictures of the olden days of them working, and I actually have a few, but not of him.
If you were to glance at the many photographs of them in his personal photo album [ that probably was put together by Annie,] you would see that they traveled a little on some sight seeing trips and other times to be with family. I have seen evidence that Annie was involved with the 4- H organization of the Watonwan community. Herman was involved with support in the education of the youth as well, in his work at the country school across from his land a few yards down the road. For many years he held various offices at the meetings. They attended events there involving the local farming community. I have mentioned before that they had a gas station and diner at the five and ten mile corner, which kept them very busy and active outside the home.

Seil; Jaeschke; Meyer family tailgating gathering  about 1921-2
Annie was the picture taker of their family members. It was her life and her family that was his personal life, which made him a happy family man that you see on all those old pictures. [Sadly so many untold stories.] Or at least that is what I gather from the photographs. When she was gone, so was it seems, the light of his life. Annie died when her sons were grown to their end of their teen years and Herman remained single the rest of his life.

Maybe I should say the way of life and the kind of life, Many of those people [ associations] of his youth were gone. My mother did what she could to keep him busy with something, and bring things into his life that would maybe rekindle memories and joy.
I heard from a distance several references to music in his life. He had learned to play some kind of violin. I believe he was in a music group at some point of his young years. I heard him say the violin was gone, probably in the fire. I wonder if he would have played, if he had his violin in his later years.

Many people have commented to me that Herman was a large man. He was taller than his siblings by a few inches and enough by male Meyer standards. But Yes he was large, but he never seemed to be so to me, maybe due to his height.
..Herman Henry Meyer in nineteen forties or fifties before 1955. Copyright arootdigger

He wasn't so much in many photographs of his younger years. He developed heart problems and had a stroke, so he retired from the farm work. He still took care of the egg business side of he farm work and what ever else he could to help. His son, Dwight took over the farm and Herman was told to walk and rest. Which he did. As children we knew when he would be walking all over the farm on his walks.

He still had an interest in things, and people, but so many that were close to him had passed on, his remaining sisters lived in Iowa, and so many other states. When he could no longer drive, he was at home most of he time. He took on the role of Grandpa babsitter. Helper. Retired Farmer. One who welcomed friends and family visitors. etc.

I am not going to dwell on the dementia that took over his personality, I prefer to speak of Herman Henry MEYER as he was, when I was a child. Up until that time he was able to draw from the memories that he had as wonderful gentleman who had made for himself a fulfilling life.

It really is a wonderful day April 27th. - 130 years later of the day of his birth in 1881.
~ ~

~ Just me jo meyer arootdigger ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Books and Amazon advertisement // Post has been hijacked to Comfortable Couch Price

It's no secret that I am a book lover. I have been contemplating placing something about Genealogy and family history, research books on one of my web pages. I especially have been thinking of adding some ads from Amazon. And maybe a book list on subjects I am interested in. Which is vast. I just have been a

little shy about it. Burying my head, you might say.

I don't feel I should do it on arootdigger.blogspot, because it's overloaded as it is.
I was wondering if any of my fellow bloggers have any advice for me. Any comments on the subject of placing the Amazon ads. I realize many genealogy bloggers do not even attempt any ads at all. Not that I have studied those with three columns throughly. It's highly possible they have ads or links to something that does.

Anything I gain or make goes back into my great love of the Genealogy hobby. As I have mentioned, my AdSense is not hooked up completely yet for my rewards to roll in. [ smile].

In any case family and friends please do not click the ads. If you know me, do not click any ads. You would not be helping me in anyway. You could do us harm.

If I were to roll in a income of anything over a hundred dollars :
1. I have two favorite church archives which would benefit. Dahlenburg and Nahrendorf.
2. I have other churches, such as Soltau district and Thomasburg church, which would benefit from the donation.
3. I have a person who could round up some More Meyer and Seil information in two or three days from the Hannover archives. I would pay all fees and travel time. It's a deal I have had to pass up. After all I managed to hire Friedrich Burmester of Bleckede a few years back with great results. He must be nearly ninety years old by now. I am not sure how active at it he is these days.
4. Several keepers of the regional books would profit. Such as Greene county, Iowa, I hear they have a new book coming out.
5. If only I could use it to travel to Illinois, Iowa or Minnesota for information, more often.
- Naturally I would share all information gleamed for the next five years to come.

The draw back is that maybe it would increase my Book want list.
Oh how I wish I could do all the stuff I dream about here. The oncoming years close to retirement has put a little fear in me, enough so I have been very cautious about spending.

In the words of my relative, a blog has to be more than a report of my dreams and wishes. If your looking for more than what you find here, by all means please check my blog lists to the right. There are tons of blogs with information and. entertainment of all kinds that can satisfy any genealogy family history research sweet tooth.

Gosh, I love sharing the information I find here at arootdigger and at my Oldendorf, Nahrendorf blog. Thanks for the opportunity, and coming here to read now and then. Stay around now and then to see what new posting I am making.

He copyrighted this post and I think he should share half his profit, don't you. ?

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Top 50 Genealogie Seites for Germany in 2009

I found most of the top USA forty and fifty genealogy web sites very familiar for year 2010 that a good many of you wrote about earlier this year, and I suppose you did too. It was nice to see fellow bloggers take the honor.
In fact I had to google to see who was in the year 2009. I would like to have spent more time reading so many of them, but I am hoping I can later.

A few days ago looking for something else, I stumpled upon the top 50 Genealogy Sites 2009 of Germany. I thought you might want to take a look.
I am not sure ho
w much will stay translated. You can click the third listing at the left if you lose your place. You can always submit it into google and then click translate if you want. Or enter the address into your favorite translator.

One thing in particular that piqued my interest was the use of the word 'Rambow' I saw on another one I had been looking into. If I find that one again, I want to spend a little time on it. I thought I saw a good deal of English being used. There is a very known Genea Blogger, a genealogist who made the list, Timo Kracke with his [ It helps to keep the same picture on facebook as a Genea - Blogger; which contributed to my recognition of him immediately .]

Also, a few years back I met someone who used the name Grohn, and I saw that surname in a website, also. The places of origination for some of the individuals were not that far from places I would look into for information. I find Boehm of Silesia. And the region Silesia seems to be of interest, maybe to look into another day in the future.

Even though my main interest is Niedersachen, and I saw so few from my area below Hamburg, I found it fun to look anyway. I suppose I will google for 2010 one of these days too.

As they said
The questions: "Where I come from?", "Who are my ancestors?" oder " Woher stammt mein Name ? " or "Where is my name ? " beschäftigen eine stetig wachsende Zahl an Familienforschern. Employ a growing number of family researchers.
And it is the same questions universally to us, no matter where we live.

I see is on the list, and think it has been top for many years. It carries some of my links I have on my blogs. Also the Greve site is not unfamiliar to me.

Enjoy, Maybe one of your surnames or someone you know will turn up.

Friday, April 8, 2011

An April fools Prank or not.

Nik and Crystal

We were invited for
supper by my son,
Nic and his girl friend, Crystal last Friday night,

April Fools night.
I then was told that the two
had announced their
engagement on face book
prior to going out.
Since it was April Fools day,
they were going to have fun with
the disbelief they were expecting.
I hadn't seen the hooting
and hollering. I missed it.
After a quick browse the next morning I caught up with it.

Nik and Friend - copyright
As you see by the photo Nic is a
fun loving guy.
All I can say is that I am glad they had their fun with it. I thought they were going to tell us the wedding plans were their April fools joke, and that they were not getting married. [ smile] No. not the case. Instead we talked about the wedding plans.

It has been pretty hard for me to keep my mouth shut about their engagement
for these many weeks since February, when they told us.
Shortly after that they went to California to visit and tell her mother.

Okay, I may have dropped a few hints here and there, but not every one reads everything I say on face book.
Besides an delicious meal, my husband and I met Crystal's mother. She had brought me a gift of mint chocolate, which was a thoughtful gesture. There was something about her that clicked with me. I mean what's there not to like when someone gifts you candy of the mint and chocolate combination. I really liked her, and we had a few things in common.

One thing I especially remember that she told me was about her going along with her father on his many trips all over USA as a investigation detective. She had started to tell me about one very interesting story about a man and his bigamy past. And I had to interrupt her to ask, if she had seen something similar on "Who Do You Think You Are". She had, she does watch it. I hope to learn more about that bigamy case at a further time, maybe when she comes for the wedding in late May.

Yes, I said May. The wedding will be at the end of May, and I really have a lot to do for house work. I usually call it Spring cleaning, but now I thing I could call Last Minute Spring Cleaning Spring Pressure. Wedding Jitters or Last minute wedding all lend itself to this article on last minute suggestions for getting things done See for yourself.

So no fooling, I shall be very busy for awhile. I am sure that I will wander here to blog, when I should be working, but I have to have a little fun too! I also have a decision to make soon, as far as this blog and it's visibility goes.
I have shared a family engagement detail with you; So now it's your turn to share a little story about your child's engagement.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I was Presented with "One Lovely Blog Award"

I have received the "One Lovely blog Award" from Liz at My Tapley Tree and it's Branches.
It's a first for me. I had not thought of my blog as lovely, especially compared to so many other blogs. We have to keep in mind that the award also goes to someone who puts lots of love or hard work into their blog.
For the Blog award of the "One Lovely Blog Award." Thank you, Liz, I really appreciate that someone is reading and noticing that I love sharing my family history, my family, ideas, and my research on my blog 'arootdigger'.

There are three simple rules for accepting this award:
  1. Acknowledge the award by posting on your blog.
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs that you think are lovely.
  3. Contact each person to let them know that they have received the award.
Okay to follow the rules. I will try to find someone who has not already shown their award, I hope a double presentation does not happen as I take the time to follow with the fifteen names. I have tons of favorite blogs, not all in the genealogy field. But I will try to stick to the Genealogy Blogger or Genie, Genea Bloggers.

I really stink at this kind of thing. I always mess it up. I am afraid I did so again.
I took a little time to do some browsing, which I did enjoy and found many wonderful blogs. [ I plan on returning to them for further reading. ] I decided in mid stream that the award looks a little famine and just maybe the guys would not want to sport such an award, so I began to pass them by. I marked the possibilities with an x in a note book and a star on my notes. sometimes I was ready to approach a blogger and then I noticed no posts in 2011 and so I didn't bring up anything with theirs. That is a shame really. Sometimes I noticed others had an award already much further back in time. Also, I suspect many I asked had already been asked.

I did ask a few and tried to make note of it by a handmade star in my note book. But I also did this to those I wanted to ask.................

Well I created a bit of a problem with the star system. An old age moment, Or just a lack of sleep, I guess. Or I returned the next day to continue my work and started staring those, who I had asked. Now tonight, I am not sure who was asked previously. Who I started to ask and changed my mind midstream noticing my qualifying characteristics mentioned above.

So to make the long story medium short. I will say my list may miss a few peopleof whom I asked. I could go through many to see if my comment is there, but if it wasn't published, then well, I still wouldn't know.
The last thing I want to do is hurt someones feelings. I really want the people I asked to have the award and the link here at my blog. I added two extra for the just in case. Please leave a comment here and I will fix it promptly.
If I didn't ask you and I said I did, for some other senior moment, please let me know.

Ohh my gosh, I sure make things harder than they have to be, don't I? Let's just get her done. Sorry everyone.

The One Lovely Blog Award list. [With no favoritism to the order]
1- *
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Voices past and Present

Jane at Video Biography Central

Gen story gal at Sharing Their Stories

16-* [Doesn't give results so click on name]

Jennifer's Genealogy Blog
[Link changed and should work.]

18- *
.About Unknown

Again I apologize for messing this up. .
Enjoy, The picture is really lovely.
Now, your blog page will look even lovelier.

Some of those extra possibilities

so that's where I get it from
Abt Unk
Adventures in the Family tree
Ancestor Search blog
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genblog [also]
Jen or Gen.
*Jennifers genealogy blog
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Sandusky History.blogspot

Source of Award:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Luhdorf map Attempts

Niedersachen, Luneburg, Harburg, Luhdorf

Größere Kartenansicht

Ahh success.

This what I got first for forever!
Luhdorf google map
Sorry this was suppose to be a link with an embed. It was not. I have been trying to get around to the old version of google map, with out landia. it's tough to find.
Anyone know why, bloggers?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dahlenburg family history surname Verikas

Inscription inside the cover by Charlotte Wodaege to Elisabeth.

Welcome back to arootdigger page. I should tell you that you need not worry.
I know that I have to finish posting more on the Meyer Descendant family tree. Like I did with the children and trees of Fred and William Meyer that I started weeks ago. I should really designate a day for my postings and stick to it. Just so you know, I haven't abandoned the intention or the project. You will see it here eventually. I get into new tangents......
I have some new fun [for me] ideas as well.

I wanted to discuss with you some fun plans that I have recently decided upon.

1. Index my book pages by Charlotte Wodaege into a small notebook. Even if I cannot read it that fast, at least I can refer to my notebook Index for a name or place. I think it will help me a lot. I just have to see which method will work the best for retrieval.

2. I found a second book of Charlotte Wodaege here which I hope to look at more throughly. After all she says she has descendants here in United States. I am curious about a Mueller family she mentioned in her Dahlenburg book. which title translates to
  • Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Streifzüge durch die Geschichte)1989. Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Rambling through the story) 1989.

3. I have been looking for the previous owner of that book. I think that would be fun, and just maybe helpful. I can do it because there was a book ownership stickeris in it. I am kind of curious why she bothered to put that in it. There was an inscription inside on face page by Charlotte herself. I am so curious about the whole story?

Since this is Monday a day people share other peoples writings, I will start with the names from that book.

Alex and Elisabeth Verikas from Wisconsin.

Yes, of course I have previously browsed a little and I am withholding some information already. I still don't know which surnames Elisabeth Verikas was interested in at Dahlenburg. I don't know what she found out? Where she went from there? Do they fall into our family history at Dahlenburg. Were they our ancestors too or well connected to them? But there is a good deal of unknown too to be discovered as the days go by.
I do know that she shared her village information on the german heritage days. In places  where it is celebrated. Her picture was in a newspaper I found on the internet. I hope I still  have a link.

If you know anything or found anything of the family Verikas, please let me know.


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