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Monday, December 28, 2009

St Peters Lutheran Church archives in Farnhamville Calhoun county

A Fellow genealogist has given me the link to the st Peters Lutheran church, it merged with Church of Christ.
click on "contact us" and you will see the info. there.

As I google it I find these.

Iowa District West of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

An Epiphany Messenger. President Paul G. Sieveking During the days before Christmas we looked at John the Baptist as the great Advent character who was sent ... - Cached -
Iowa District West of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Mrs. Ellie Menz, IOWAY Director, 515.386.8420, ...
Iowa District West of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
President—Pastor Paul G. Sieveking Rev. Sieveking continues to serve as Iowa ...

I know I am really anxious to find information about my grandmotherAnne Seil Meyer's babtism. I hope it is there.

Let me know how it's working for you. And I will let you know how my try goes along.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kirchenspiel Kirchenkreis Webspot for sharing.

On this sunday morning, I have a little break from work, 'sittin and chillin' before my daughter joins me later. While doing so, I have found a nice little website that might be of use at one time or another. So I've decided to share it. It is Linked from google, because I was looking for Information at google on Neindorf in Bleckede.

I browsed for Church locations - Sprengel [means Area].
  1. [PDF]

    Kirchenspiel Kirchenkreis Achelriede Georgsmarienhütte Achim ...

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    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    Bleckede. Negeborn. Holzminden. Negenborn. Einbeck. Neindorf. Fallersleben. Nendorf. Stolzenau. Nesse. Norden. Nette. Bockenem. Nettelkamp ...
I am sure you all have seen and used this site provided by Jens Mueller Koeppe

Historical Research Services, Germany (Genealogy) - Hannover ...

- - Dec 20... Hoitlingen, Jembke, Mörse, Neindorf, Ochsendorf, Rhode-Rottorf, Sülfeld, .... Barskamp, Bleckede, Dahlenburg, Garlstorf, Gülstorf, Lüdersburg, ... - Cached -
Jens Müller-Koppe
Schanzendorfer Str. 9B
D - 28307 Bremen
Fax: +49-421-484 25 27

Well anyway, whether you have use for the two sites about Churches in various locations, someone, who is sent to your research material might have the use of the site.

Take Care, and I hope your enjoying every blessed minute of this Christmas Season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kuhlman family from Lippe is related to AHREN, NAEFKE, GROTE, and SEIL

I was contacted by others interested in my information on Ahrens, Seil, Grote, Naefke surnames in the Calhoun county Iowa area. So this blog topic is aimed towards those interested in the Ahrens, Naefke, Seil, Nahnsen, Meyer families. If your going down that path one would not be able to eventually ignore the surnames of Schroeder, Saucke, Carstensen..

As you read this blog, you might want to check out this other blog about people from Oldendorf. Especially for the names Grote, and Seil. I still do not know exactly what their village was in area of Oldendorf. If I had stopped blabbering long enough on the telephone during our conversation, I might have learned more.
Right Mark [Kuhlman relative]. The Grote and Ahren families who attended the St. Peters church near Farnhamville church location is said to come from Oldendorf. If not from Oldendorf, I wonder what little village did they really come from.
Anyway here it the one important blog's address.
Later on, I hope to get into various series about villages with names of residents at various separate pages in this Oldendorf blog. In mean time you will note that on my first page you will see the names where I mention. Raetzman, Licht with Meyer at Uelzen. Sure the Raetzman family are not exactly from Oldendorf, but the extended Meyer family is. You will have to use the search and the archives on the right side of the page to find more information on a particular name. In this case, Grote, Ahrens, Naefke, and William Meyer, Adel Grote Carstensen. That will lead you to this blog again to the various pages of information kindly provided by Christi Chance. Her extended family leading to Jungck and on the other side of the family going into Lau, Joachim, Joachimsen and the extended vast family of Carstensen from Clinton county, Iowa. [ Most of that is not yet covered here]Some names are just not labeled or tagged, and you will find them by reading the blog. Sorry.

So family we are definately related to Elmer Kuhlman family of Lewisville area. The Elmer Kuhlman family. With more correspondence I will learn much much more, which I can share with you. [After I hung up the phone with further thought, I now suspect that I saw something of it at Ancestry trees or public trees, but forgot about it.] I suppose I had intended to spend a little time on it later and I still do.

Relevant links and not so relevent links
For pictures of ancestors one can always check this blog
For further reading on Henry Seil and Mary Ahren see it at their link which is same but more exact address.
August Grote link Were all the Grotes of that family from the same place? Gutting and or Goedingen.?
Marsala ship link.
I shall sort my information and notes on the relationship of Kuhlman, Ahrens and Seil and relate it here. Sorry you have to wait.

One more answer to the riddle. I sure hope I can remember those details that he told me.

Note: Mark told me that Seil use to own a gas station in Lewisville. That was news to me. I know our families owned all of them at one time. As well as one at the ten mile corner. I thought William had one in Lewisville too, until he moved to Fairmont and ran the one under the Poppe name.

Note: Mark also told me that the Grote family lived only a year or so in Iowa and then went to Arkansas. I knew that Adelia had lived with Naefke there. I wonder if she married there? Did Naefke move there as well. See this is maybe why Herman and Annie gave some thought to living in Arkansas. In one letter from Annie Bennett there was a statement she made to Herman. She said, I see you decided you did not want to pick rocks in Arkansas. Meaning living and farming there and picking rocks. Instead he chose to live at Sunnyslope farm at Minnesota.

Note: I must ask him [Mark] if he knows where William lived in Fairmont. Was it North Park near the Hamlins.

Note: Were Grote from Gutting or Goeddingen? And where were Naefke actually from In Hannover?

I really have a few things to hunt up for him. I had better get busy.

*A personal Note to Mark Kuhlman:
If you read this or other pages- your really have to read about the Luhmann family of Eichdorf. Because there was another Seil family involved which was told to me by those who married with the Bluhm family.
You can correspond online with the Nahrendorf church, I can make it easier for you by hunting up the web address for you from my older emails. Your correspondence only confirms that I have to ask Herr Bock about the various Seils that I have found in records. Including my Anna Seils gr. great grandparents. I will find a linkage for you.

*Not only that, but Grotes did show in the Uelzen book at Hohenfier that Heinrich Porth wrote of in his book on Himbergen OFB. There is a Christoph Seil in it.
Also, I would like to mention that some of my Heins and Seil lived at Breese and that is where some other Grotes lived. Including Graf von Grote. One of those descendents has contacted me. !!!

* Third thing to note. On our Passenger list of the Marsala ship, was there a Puffahrt or Putfahrt? I thought I had seen it. Is anything known of that gentleman. He was in the area of Dannenberg which could be any of those villages by Oldendorf which belonged to Dannenberg. Also there were Puffahrt living at the Hitzacker villages.
*A man by name Puffahrt is researching many specific surnames in our area of Oldendorf, Hitzacker area of Elbe river area and Dannenberg area. He can be found on the Kingdom of Hannover mailing list courtesy of rootsweb. What is particularily wonderful is the information he throws back to the list on surnames of the region that we might find interesting.

* Fourth. I should have said Luhmann moved to Ottertail, Minnesota. The other Meta Luhmann was at the area I told you. Quast, Dirk, Banit and others from Dahlenburg Jonas tree.

* I made an error. Dorothy Seil of the Henry Dohrman tree settled Joliet Illinois and then later to Iowa with Farmhamville connections. Tasler, Vogel Tree. [Roper related to Tasler]

* I need to find out if any of the Grote and Naefke and Ahrens lived in Illinois prior or after the others went to Iowa. Although ship passage said Iowa. Who did they know who had gone before them to there?
* Fifth. I have had a particular interest in Ahrens, since I have also seen the name spelled Arens.
1. There were some Arens involved with Heins. Otte, Brookmann and various other surnames at Bergen Celle.[ Some mentioned before.......Drewes, Bockelman, Mueller,Drogemueller, Meyerhof, Hohls,Holes, Dagefoerde, etc.
11. There were Ahrens in the Genzel tree of Oldendorf. Hof 30. And the Sueschendorf hof tree which were surnames of Reinecke, Schroeder, Meyer, Schulz, Michel, or Michael and Ros[s]eburg. There were immigrations of this family tree to America.

just me Jo.

For Further reading on this group try Rainer Struss tree at world Connect

Robert Stein for Joliet Illinois - Schroeder, Saucke, of Farmville and Seil , of Joliet illinois.


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