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Friday, June 14, 2013

What Do I Do Now?

Good day readers.

I suppose it gets old for you readers when I post my little blog problems. I have to today, just to seek advice and help.  Today I am telling you I  seem to have a duplicate address with a minor change. However,  it's still coming from the main address. right now I am posting to the blog with the changed address.

At the moment I don't know what to do. google could shut me down because of duplicate material. so maybe I should shut myself down temporarily.
I have AdSense at the side, and not sure how to go about canceling the program without repercussions. I never made a cent to my account cause I didn't finish the forms.

reading and keeping track of  my overview  and readers;  I notice it's often changed somehow to track my own views. An it been searched by this link and I looked  r-e-f-e-r-e-r here at this link not enabled - http://r-e-f-e-r-e-r.cxx
At one time I looked further and there was just an ad under one audience address. I can't say they are the reason for my  troubles.
Oh golly why does there have to be people like that  in this world. people who have to make it off of your own hard work.
I need some answers.and heres the question.

What do I do now?

So readers I could use a little help and advice.

Also I hope You  all have a good fathers day weekend.!


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