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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Rootdigger Gets More Church Records In Answer To Her Questions

When I received the church documents of Juergen Friedrich Meyer, a landowner at Oldendorf and park ranger at Roethen, I naturally had questions about all the godparents listed. I mean those are the names that give clues, so I can read between the lines. So I asked questions and received the answers below. Nothing that really pertains to me. Yet???

First - This was the most important question to ask. Who was the  Meyer god parent of our Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb.1851.  The brief explanation did not help much to supply meaning to any reading between the lines.

Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulze of Oldendorf
oo- md 18. april.1834 with Margaretha Dorothea (Bausch) Schroeder widow of Juergen Heinrich Schroeder of Oldendorf.
Juergen Friedrich Meyer's parents were Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Meyer of Sueschendorf and his wife Marg. Dor. Seil.

Second- There sure were a lot of residents at Sueschendorf! I guess I was partly confused about the noun "Schulze" which is an occupation as well as a name. In this case, I guess it is another word for Mayor. Another conotation for the word Schulze is that there was a time, when a person married a widow woman with land. At his marriage his last name changed to the womans last name. I thought this might have been the case. But it was not.

Second, Sometimes villages are formed by a person called Schulze. He is given this power by some noble person. It would be some kind of reward. I had wondered, if that was the case. I have found a few Meyer at Oldendorf. And like those, I do not know if they connect to mine.

Thirdly - I had asked who this Wilhelmine Meyer could be? So I was given two answers which I have partially translated.

1.  Meyer record nr.31 /1849 Sammatz
Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine Elisabeth.
Vater: Johann Heinrich Meyer Hsw. in Sammatz.
Mutter: Katharine Dorothea geb. Burmseter geb. 6.juli.1849
Taeger, Dorothea Elisabeth, Hauslers wife from  Nahrendorf
Konau, Katherine Margarethe dienstmaged in Sammatz.

Nr.5/1877 [Marriage record]Trauregister
Johann Jurgen Friedrich Lussmann, Taegelohner bisher unverheirat. zu Oldendorf mit Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine zu Oldendorf getr. am. 5.Nov.1877.... Die burgerlich Eheschliessung hat am 5.Nov.1877. [von der Stamdisbeamten zu Nahrendorf stattgfunden.]

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