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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Genealogy of the family Luhmann and Anna Janecke

I had asked Herr Bock a question about Maria Elisabeth Behren's aunt also born at Neetzendorf. She possibly married a Schultz. I will share that a little later. I also asked him about the Luhmann of Leestahl and Eichdorf with the Jonas tree. I asked him, because I have the very same names given to me by Hans Otto K. There was a similar wedding day. Also there was some similar names of Agnes Janecke a resident at Eichdorf.

Oh my gosh. I have forgotten about the latest research of Herr Bock did for me last year before christmas. He was able to give me the records from an email. That was a first. and so very nice! I had contacted the Nahrendorf church online. I asked if I could ask for research to be done through them or, if I had to write a snail mail letter. I had asked a question about the death of Margaretha Catharina Luhmann. It was important to know. I also asked if Jurgen Friedrich Meyer remarried. He reissued the documents that I already had. Plus he added a few more dates and deaths. He had given me Anne Marie Reinecke of Nahrendorf mothers name. I can't give it to you right now, cause I have to look it up. Then I shall add it to the bottom of the Luhmann document and on a few other posting sites. Also our new relative family member, Herr Soltau told me of Anna Janecke marriage to a Luhmann member in our Luhmann family. It fits with Heinrich Borstelman book page 67. The amazing thing is that it is also a person in the Jonas tree married to a Agnes Janecke. Perhaps there is more than one with the same name. Very possible.

I simply must post more details of all this.

In Heinrich Borstelmann's book it tells you, who owned land in the villages of this areas. I had some Questions also about some of the owners of hofs and their wives in the villages.

I still have more to share about Luhmanns. Various documents. I need to ask Herr bock to verify all information that I do have. Maybe then too, I will see the godparents involved. That is always a big help.

I swear if all of my surnames relatives found me, because of this blog and told me everything about their family. I would still find something or someone in that family that still needed research done. I always want more. I always want to know more to find more.
Have you ever seen those trees that just do the men. They Might list all the children, but they don't tell you who the children married. Especially the daughters. Then they go down the line to tell you about only one son. It is probably the eldest son and it will tell you, who they married and that they have taken over the farm. I suppose it is from Church records or land records. I have gotten records like that. But I get determined to know everything about the daughters and the mothers families. If you find my records like, I hope you know that I am looking into the maternal sides as best as I can.

After all we don't find everyone. We don't solve every clue. Sometimes the problem is left hanging in the air. It could be this way or that way. No solution. Sometimes we can't properly read a place or location written in bad handwriting or even old script. We don't know where it really is.

Hasn't my own church documents shown how much the names have changed. Vindorf or Findorf, Dalenburg or Dahlenburg and there are other variations of even that. Bohndorf or Bohnendorf. Netzendorf, Neetzendorff, Neetzendorf. Von Strote.

Von Strote. Anyone know where that could be? It was in the early Behrens records. Where would that be?. I must figure that out. If you know could you email me at arootdigger.

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