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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Genealogy of Luhmann and Schlaphof familie

I was looking for something in an old email account and I ran accross this picture of the sister of Catharina Margarethea Luhmann. This sister, Dorothea did go to America after she married into the wine maker family Schlaphoff. The little history of dates was written on the photo by the father in this Mertens family.

Descendants of Johann Heinrich Christoph Schlaphoff

Generation No. 1

1. JOHANN HEINRICH CHRISTOPH4 SCHLAPHOFF (JOHANN HEINRICH CHRISTOPH3 SCHLAPHOF, JOHANN2 SCHLAAPHOFF, JOHANN HEINRICH1 SCHLAPHOF) was born January 26, 1821 in Rehlingen, Germany, and died February 13, 1903 in Murdock, Nebraska. He married CATHERINE DOROTHEA ELISABETH LUMANN November 29, 1843 in Raven, Germany, daughter of JOHANN LUHMANN and ANNA REINECKE. She was born September 15, 1823 in Eichdorf, Germany, and died September 08, 1896 in Murdock, Nebraska.

Burial: Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Louisville NE
Immigration: Abt. 1875
Occupation: Winemaker (Germany)

Burial: Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Louisville NE

i. MARGARET5 SCHLAPHOFF, b. 1846, Telmar, Germany; d. 1920, Murdock, Nebraska; m. FRED LUETCHENS; b. 1834, Germany; d. 1886, Murdock, Nebraska.

Burial: Emanuel Cemetery, Louisville, NE

Burial: Emanuel Cemetery, Louisville NE
Occupation: Farmer

ii. DOROTHEA SCHLAPHOFF, b. April 24, 1847, Germany; d. June 07, 1939, Murdock, Nebraska; m. FRED RUGE; b. February 05, 1847; d. August 08, 1919.

Notes by John William Schlaphoff:
"The heroine of the family was Dorothea Schlaphoff who came to America in 1870 with her friend Magdalena Rueter. A pioneer by the name of Henry Oehlerking sent money for Dorothea to come and marry him. After she arrived she refused to marry him, saying that he was too old (by 20 years). She then married Fred Ruge and Magdalena married Henry. History does not record if Henry ever received a rebate."

iii. HEINRICH WILHELM SCHLAPHOFF, b. May 01, 1850, Telmar, Germany; d. May 17, 1933, Westergellersen, Germany; m. KATHARINA DOROTHEE WILHELMINA VOGT, May 03, 1878, Rolfsen, Germany; b. August 13, 1853, Rolfsen, Germany; d. March 01, 1916, Westergellersen, Germany.

Var. place of birth Rehlingen (Magrid Olschewski)
Visited Murdock, NE in 1912 for one year while house in Murdock was being built. Went through Ellis Island on 30 May 1912; arrived on the ship President Lincoln from Hamburg. Name listed in Ellis Island records as "Henry Schlaphoff."

From Memoir of Emma Luetchens Schlaphoff: "[Carl's] grandparents came to America when they were in their fifties or sixties. His father did a peculiar thing which almost broke his parents' heart. Grandma Ruge made arrangements for them when they should arrive here in America---the grandparents and Aunt Maggie and her husband and a little daughter Mary . . . This must have been about 1872. . . . When they had disposed of all their goods or their belongings, as I doubt whether they had any property, anyway, the evening before they were sailing, he decided he wouldn't go along with them to America. He was in love with the girl he later married, Wilhelmina Vogt, and her folks were opposed to her coming to this country."

Fact 1: Confirmed Lutheran at Kirchgellersen
Fact 2: Buried Kirchgellersen

Var. date of birth: 1853 (Magrid Olschewski)

Fact 1: Buried Kirchgellersen
Nickname: Wilhelmina

Source: From Ms. Marten file that she gave me.
Here s a link to Ms. Marten's tree at She has pictures and much more.
I am not sure if it works if your not a subscriber. but I think you can do basic looking and then write a letter. Which I can do for you anyway, if necessary. Just email or comment.


  1. I got a bit of a chill up my spine reading this. I have been trying to do a bit of research on the ancestry of my Great Grandfather Fred Cordes who was born in Telmar. I am trying to determine if we have Jewish roots, so all I searched was Jewish roots in Telmar Germany and it brought me to your site. Even though I don't see an mention of Jewish on your site, it astounded me that your ancestors came to reside in Murdock, Nebraska and attend Emmanuel Evengelical in Louisville. My family (Fred Cordes) settled in Murdock and raised his family there, including my grandfather, who then married and moved to Louisville, where I am still. There are still many Luetchens and Vogts, and Grandpa had a cousin (who has since passed) Schlaphof, who moved past Tecumseh. Just had to pass this along as I was not expecting to get this result!

  2. Hi, tear jerker, you have a lovely sight. Here is the link to all Porths books. I have found his books so helpful. His work is truly our blessings. It does seem that Schlaphof[f] get around.
    The name Cordes is much more common than Schlaphof or ruge.
    Also Cordes just doesn't seem jewish but then I haven't looked into the jewish names all that much.
    We also have Cordes in the family, but I haven't figured out which family the guy thought it was.

  3. Hi, sorry for my bad English. I'm a little out of practice. I have found this site and thought i should write something. The Schlaphof(f)´s can be traced to Hans Schlaphof(f) who lived in Hützel, Germany. His son died in the year 1702.
    He was probably owner of a Mill. Descendants lived for example in Volkwardingen, Rehlingen, Sottorf (Amelinghausen) and Garlstorf.
    Many Schlaphof(f)s all over the world (USA, South Africa, Germany) can be traced to this family. I research still to this family and there are still many gaps.
    You can find my data on

  4. I thank you for the information and for commenting here. It was very kind of you. You probably read that I found them in Murdock Cass county of Nebraska.
    While I have been browsing the Elbe Dannenberg area of germany I have seen a few there as well. A big part of our connection I suspect is the Lutgen family, Many spellings.

    I was told that maybe the Schlaphof of our family relationship was going to school in Tellmer and then was working at the Farm hof 2 and met the Lumann woman he married. The Merten family who holds this tree told me her father wrote to germany for the information. The big puzzle I have about that is that the name they received and the name we have received about the Luhmann family is a different name. Everything else seems to be the same.

    Her father moved to Martin county Minnesota and I think he died there. Those of the Schlaphof community in Cass county are wonderful and very helpful.

    And I wonder if those with double f as in Schlaphoff family are different or was it a change breakoff from the main family??

  5. I may have seen your tree there, I will return to Gedbas to view it. Thank you for that tip. I recently discovered a couple trees there I had not seen before.
    One of them dealing with my Celle connections.

  6. I had thought they helped brew wine in Raven, but I found out I was wrong . Cordes I believe a very important surname in this tree.



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