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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas, Is It Just Another day or a Traditional Happy Holiday For You?

Sometimes at Holidays, my mother used to jokenly say, it's just another day. Maybe those were the days that she had chicken instead of the christmas goose. Mother never acted as if it was just another day. At least not until she was in declining years. There was always evidence of Christmas to come and other holidays with the decorations around galore.

I can no longer spend christmas with my mother. And I did not attempt to imitate my mother's celebration of Christmas. My family got together for christmas day celebration with my husbands family. I no longer drive four or five hours over the hills and through the woods to get together with my birth family. Dear Peg had at least two other celebrations of christmas with her extended family groups, so we were not the only reason for her holiday decor! That girl doesn't take the easy way that is for sure. It is the good silverware and the china everytime. She is The best Hostest all around; just as if I were at my mother's house for christmas.

Holiday cheer.
It was Christmas day and the house was all decorated with Holiday cheer.
Outside there was evidence of snow fallen. Santa had no trouble that evening before making his way to this house. No snowflakes during the day except those above the window. More on those handsome snowflakes to come at another blog site later.

Everything was ready as usual.
We were all cheerful and merry at Peg and Steve's house. I guess her newest acquisition of the booze dispenser helped elevate that. I had a nice christmas day there as usual, even though I worked later that afternoon. So I understood the delay in opening the gifts. The gifts were opened in the afternoon going from person to person. It takes a very long time. [I am not sure if it is a german tradition or norwegian one.] My gift was a nice surprise for my return from work. So I guess it extended my Holiday.

My little family had exchanged gifts this year on Christmas eve instead of our traditional christmas morning. I had always stubbornly insisted on a getting together at christmas eve out of some kind of loyalty to my family habits. And the Husband did the same by wanting time in the morning showing loyalty to his family.
.... Plus the Christmas dinner with his family...The Table is welcoming to the oncoming Dinner Guests

The meal was as the son said just what he had been hopeing for and expecting..

The Christmas spirit is enhanced by the young ones.
When there are young ones around, it does seem like the Christmas spirit is enhanced. It was so in our case. This special christmas baby was a month older than the photo.

She was the center of attention next to the great dinner, which was so good we couldn't ignore it. I myself thought I could give the parents some free time, so captured the merry little baby for some precious moments.

It was not just another day, it was a special day.
All in all it was a very nice christmas that we all could share together. That it is most about. It just was not as my mother used to joke and say. It's just another day.

Note: Sorry the pictures are not shown at their best. I suppose there are ways of making the better shots. I just haven't learned all the tricks.

There were no christmas day church services for us.
Most services had been the evening before. So our celebration was limited into the home experiences. My daughter had wanted to attend a service. Maybe next year we can plan better. I think I said that last year about the christmas holiday plans. [Wink]

How did you spend Christmas?
Like your family always has? Your way? New ways? Not at all?
I hope You all had a Merry Christmas celebrated as a tradition by each of you in your own specially created ways. I would love to hear how you celebrated it. Even if for some of you it was just another day. Please leave a comment.

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