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Sunday, July 19, 2009

German's - Lowlands-L • a discussion group for people who share an interest in languages and cultures of the Lowlands

Maybe you don't realize that the northern part of germany is low in topographics scale. The rivers run north. Maybe this is why the area of north germany is called the Low Lands. I should see if I can find a map that outlines these low lands. I had forgotten that my family and others in this north region by the Elbe river speak " Low German or Platte Dutsch. I am hoping that I reveal this all correct. Recently I googled a few sites to learn more since someone recently as far back as January mentioned that our families of Luneburg regions speak this Low German. I have been using the translators blindly forgetting that little piece of advice.
I am sure you would like to learn more. Clicking my link will bring an adventure to a lot fun and serious reading about the use of Low german.

Lowlands-L • a discussion group for people who share an interest in languages and cultures of the Lowlands: "What are “Lowlands languages and cultures”?
“Lowlands languages” are those Germanic languages that developed in the “Lowlands” the low-lying areas adjacent to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These are primarily Dutch, Zeelandic (Zeeuws, West Flemish), Frisian, Limburgish and Low Saxon (Low German). Also included are those languages that descended from autochtonous Lowlands languages and are used elsewhere; for example, Afrikaans, Lowlands-based emigrant languages, pidgins and creoles, and also English and Scots. “Lowlands cultures” are those cultures that utilize Lowlands languages or are clearly derived from such cultures."

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