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Friday, February 19, 2010

Frankly it's Friday

Yes, it's Friday,

and this is my normal day off. Then I took the full time position and for a time it had changed to Tuesday. I lived with that until I was bumped back into my old position. At that time two weeks ago they told me I had Monday off. And finally at the beginning of this week they asked me if I could settle for Tuesday again. No not with out a full time position to sweeten the deal. Absolutely no.

My preferences are in this order.
Friday for family doings.
Monday for my own time and it's the same as my daughters day off, after her stay at home, it would give us an extra day of time together.
Thursday. If I had to lose Monday and Friday this is the day, I would choose.
Wednesday. If I could get none of the above, I would choose this day.
Tuesday is last choice.

You see, my local closest Latter Day Saints research center is open in the Morning and Afternoons on Thursday twenty minutes east of me. Once in the morning on Wednesday. I should call to verify, though. I have always wanted to be able to go there and do some research. but with Fridays nothing open, and Monday and Tuesday, nothing as well.
We do have a church here in town, but I thought there was nothing there for us for research fora while and it just might be gone now. I thought the building sold. I would need to check it's status.

If I had Friday, I did at least have did have plans to drive two hours for something a place in Minnesota. but one has to order everything and wait until it is in, and then hope you can still get there. And I had plans to shorten the time, by staying at my daughters for that evening before or after. I think there is a time limit on the viewing.

I am still waiting for " the talk" my assistant boss has said that we need to discuss it. I hope to bring it up soon.
I have had a three day weekend for eight years. It's the only advantage I can see to keep it. I can go to family in Minnesota in one weekend and be back in time easily to work Monday evening. I What bothered me the most was the phrase that she said "we'll talk later on this week" seemed to me like it was like " We'll see" which many people say it's a 'no in postponement'. I used we'll talk later when I wanted to coddle the situation as I let my children down. It meant were in public now or your upset so we will talke later and discuss it. So for that reason I wouldn't say for sure I have Friday off next week!!
I also a have doctor physical to change if need be waiting to happen. You get the picture.
So, no major post today of any data, or information . We'll see what builds tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I receive my full two days off for the weekend. i am doubtful, but hopeful. We'll see! [smile]

Now I should make plans for research films from Utah in the spring. I would like to view these, if I did make some friday visits in the spring.

For starters I would get this;*,0,0

I do not believe this is the right one, but worth a look. The same thing for the Hamburg area.
It would be my greatest hearts desire to be able to copy and read each villages of Bleckede.
-Second, a Henry Meyer of Orem Utah has his family Meyer of Sauk county Reedsburg, Wi.

-Third, a Henry Meyer of Orem Utah has his Meyer Luhman, Diercks family of Minnesota. Which includes Quast. Sure I am aware of the tree, but wouldn't it be nice to see this. this tree leads to our Dahlenburg [ Jonas of the olden days with his fabulous website, but no longer in existence with out a password. ]

I have seen the tree of Holly Meyer who said her uncles in Utah did the research. I believe it is the same. But it has to be proven to me more by those films. her family is also in Paul Behmke tree. This tree contains names of the Himbergen Uelzen area. Many of these immigrated to Sauk county.

I would try to search the Military records. And more I can never make the place search work for me. Others have had great success. I think it is the Preussen word that throws it all off for me. You put in a small location and a bigger area it comes from. Its a Grrr moment for me everytime.
I wish you all better luck.

This too will pass.

See you later,

just me jo

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