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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Genea Bloggers Olympics, Monday Memories, Tombstone Tuesday, Nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Genea-blogger Topic - Categorie - Organization

I have plenty of Monday Memories of those past, and I have lots of buried ancestors bodies with [Tuesday] Tombstones of the past to share. But at the moment all I have of the buried past work is buried. Yup buried. Along with other photos, clippings, scraps, Files, papers, and books buried in tons of boxes. So at the moment all I have for you today is guilt and ambition to deal with in regards to what you see in the photo. Work to be done.

You see I started two posts already this week and they remain in Edit. Maybe because in the long run, they led me back mentally to my common road block. That is that I have an impossible cluttered unorganized work space. Which will be part of the the topic of Organization in my Genealogy work space for this NeverWordless Wednesday post. [Smile ]

My mind has been running over possibilities of entering and completing the Genea-bloggers Olympics Organization tasks. i think the tasks area all good to do. In review of those usually here, or more exactly here. I think it would not work with the amount of Organization that I need to accomplish it. Their categories are too advanced for my needs right now considering the time frame I would need. So I won't enter it, I will enjoy it from the side lines, as I continue to work on my own individual unique project of organizing an office fit for a genea- blogger. I guess it is my own game I will play and make my own rules. Hah.

What has stirred my guilt in my old brain is several things. Genea-blogger Olympic categorie Organizing tasks for one. And second- Each wonderful post I would like to make, always involves some information I already have in a box in an area not at all as accessible as I would like it to be. So I feel at times thaat I am cheating my reader who has an interest in the family by getting the other information on the Internet; or use what I have received in email; or from on line sources; the old unfinished projects on line; and sometimes a all new discovery. [ it's not bad really] it's not all buried in boxes. And I do have a lot of older research stored online!. It's okay, it all needs publishing. Otherwise, how will my unknown relatives find me?!! I can continue with research or sharing what I had previously found, as I have been doing with Naefke, Schroeder, Meyer etc.. I can easily do this at night on the computer.

At the same time, I lately feel like I am staling my organizing and sorting by daily blogging and researching some genealogy work. The Genea-bloggers only reinforces my knowledge that I need to move ahead with the job I should be doing. But thinking it through, I know. I could try to incorporate that little idea of Organization with the problem work space at hand, as I work with writing new posts. I see now that It doesn't have to be one or the other. If I do daily a little of both, It can be both. . Cause folks you can see that I really must get going on this.

My frustration has been mounting day by day, week by week, just as the pile seemed to do.

The piles of papers, photos, removed from these shelves in this dark north room were moved to the sunny south room with a more open feel to my work space. I was going to file them there. Then the moments of work time passed, renewed time to work passed, moods passed, and ambition passed. There were days I wanted to and thought I would, and then I had to work, or something, just a little something got in the way.
I was always thinking that I needed big spans of time. I know now that I can do a little at a time. I will have to. I will sort , file, organize, and still take time to share my information. The Key words is that I will be working on this problem as I blog. I will move the file cabinets full of organized files back to this room, which will need to be organized as well. I will have to begin by sorting and possibly discarding items.

Which is more than maybe fileing and organizing notes and papers, photos, which were in the categories of genea - Blogger Olympics..

......................My Neglected work with the printer/ scanner

I would like to be done by spring with the Sorting and filing papers; Organizing my scrapbook items together;Keeping Photos together. Then later I can organize again the scrapbook items/ projects; put photos in albums as the Olympic categories suggested. Later then, definitely by the end of the summer, there will be more of the furniture exchange to the other office if I keep at it.

And a category I can do.
I might be able to find a category I can do that still has time on it. I'll have to see, if I can persuade myself to spend time learning one of those new techniques. I am looking forward to trying some anyway. Especially a street view of one of my ancestors places.

I could move files, and boxes into the intended 'organized' office and work there and could do that first, but Somehow, I don't think it will work.

Some of the pictures may have led you to believe I could easily do so in a weekend. But this view says I think not. Indecision can halt progress like nothing else. Bits and Pieces can cause a whole lot of indecision.

I may have lagged in my work on the office project, because I wasn't really sure that I would work in the small closed in work space. Now I have convinced myself that I could if I had a large enough screen television as company, just maybe I won't mind being in there.

Do I need a big comfy chair in there as well? That is still in the air. Is there room for a comfy chair? If I resign to the idea of this as an office storage area with option to work in the space, it might work for me, since, I have a wireless lap top. I can work anywhere I want to sitand still drag only a few items out and work and once finished working, put everything away back into the office. Maybe, I need to revamp my original plans of exactly what furniture goes where. I just am not sure right now until I begin again.

What do you think, should I post a little now and then on my clean up progress of sorting and filing few of these now and then along with my genealogy search topics. At least instead of seeing me say, well it's in a box buried right now, so I can't get to it, I can produce the material, it would be nice, wouldn't it. .

Now it's a Plan. I have Organized my thoughts. I can Organize my working space, organize my work. Organize my blogging genealogy life. Sounds like a good plan for future success to me. I will share my journey a little bit, I guess. I find it over whelming. I will be looking for help, guidance, advice, suggestions. Other successful bloggers must have managed it well enough.

I am now determined that I can do both, research sharing and this daily clean up / Organization.

**I admit I just don't know the right way to file everything and that was the hardest part. Possibly a big reason I failed to finish. How do you file your family data in a file cabinet. What is your strategy method.
You might want to look here at A very informative genea-blogger blog that leaves no doubt in how to do the new tasks.


My Next post might cover my Fred Meyer passenger list project.
Just me jo


  1. I have the same problem - small room, too much "stuff". I intend to start off by buying a
    full size filing cabinet and files to fit and position it where it should go permanently (it's not gonna move easily by the time you've finished). Drag out one box into another room and inspect the contents. Make a list of what's in it, and then do another one and so on - eventually a pattern will appear, and you can make a second list of categories that the "stuff" falls into: Unidentified photos, identified photos, source documents to be filed, source documents (not sure where/if they fit in) to be filed. Once you have the second list on the go, you can start labelling folders and filling up the filing cabinet. Keep an Excel spreadsheet in searchable PDF format so you know where every item is - then if you need to pull it out, you know which file it's in and which drawer it's in.

    It's a good theory - I'm off to buy a big cabinet, let me know when you have yours and we can see if the theory holds out :-) Jo

  2. Jo, Yes, I agree about the filing cabinet. I have debated about that one over and over in my head. I was unsure if I was going to get a tall one or make it tall to save space. At last I decided to eventually remove the table and place the two filing cabinets in the tables spot with a board of the correct length on top just as I have done in the other sunny room. I find that I can move the drawers and then the cabinet can be moved. They are heavy and it is a pain getting them in correctly.

    Indecision can stall so much progress. thanks for helping. Moving the file cabinets! That is one of the nails that has boarded up my progress

    I'll know by the weekend, if I am moving it in there first. It involves the exchange of those cabinets behind all those boxes and bringing in the table. Which may be moved to another location inconveniently to others in the family, while I work on what is in those boxes. However, the boxes have been an inconvenience all along anyway [ thus the guilt]
    And with your guidance suggestions, i will follow through. I now shall look for those excel spread sheets. I once had excel to open a file. Maybe I need it again. okay. thanks again Jo.



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