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Friday, June 18, 2010

Genealogy Meyer familie- What Ever Could This Mean?

~Platte Maps from Highland township, in Greene county Iowa~

This above is the 1860- 1918 Platt map of Highland Township. It should say page 28 at the left side at the top. From Atlas of Greene county, Iowa.

Page 14 with my marked in gray area so you can see the location of Mary Fehring and Friederich Meyer.

-This above is the 1909 platt map of Highland Township given as page 33 and it is image page 18.
Note that this map on said page 14 was furnished, with 1896 landownership search [page 14 at the right top]. Notice at the right bottom a lake called Goose Lake for future reference at a later date.

This is good news for a possible clue to Mary Fehring.
I have been working on Mary Fehring in my off moments of time. I put it aside, and then resume. Naturally I pick it up again when information like this of the landownership category at indicates a Mary Fehring owned land next to Friederich Meyer.
The maps I am mentioning are those of his location at Highland township, Greene county, Iowa.

Mary Fehring -a landowner at Highland, Churdan, Greene county Iowa about 1896. also a little corner area of the Fehring name to investigate. Again, on the next map 1909 image 18 # 33. But not the last one in 1917 page 28 but image #26.

According to the Meyer book, Mary Meyer married a Fehring. Could she be the right one.
I have looked at the plat maps before, how could I overlook that? Believe me when I say, I am looking Jackson county over now too!

Note: I wonder if the name The Shady Oaks is the name of Fred's place. I had not known that, did you?

I haven't worked with land deeds and land information at all. My thoughts are:
-How do I get more information on the owner of that land.?
-Where do I go for this?, or local township heritage center at Greene county at Iowa?

That is the same name I search as I look for Friederik Meyer's sister Mary supposedly obtained licence at Jo Daviess. Is that my Friederich next to her?
When I learn more on the Meyer genealogy of Fehring, I will get back to you. You know I will. [wink]

~~ Have a Happy Fathers day.

Sources : Land ownership: Source Citation: Collection Number: G&M_81, Roll Number: 81. Source Information: U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Original data: Various publishers of County Land Ownership Atlases. Microfilmed by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

There is more here at their link for more :

Note : I wanted to look under trees and for some reason Ancestry no longer puts that as an option under search. Why not I ask.


  1. Hey girl, go to this site
    Find the nearest FHC then order land records for that area and probate record films. Wow are they wealth of information. I found the father of a great grandmother that no one had a clue as to who her father was through browsing through the deed records film. Hugs...hope this helps!

  2. Maybe I should plan on four thursdays vacation days and try and see those records at my nearest in aug. as it takes some time for them to come. I guess it's not impossible. Maybe sept and october.

  3. I think Shady oaks is / was a retirement home. Remind me to look the location up, then I will have more of an address for my Meyer.

  4. Hey look up the address of Shady Oaks. Now don't forget. ; )



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