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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Madness Railroad and Land problems, Meyer Mayer, and Fehring,

Evidently in the Highland township of Greene county Ia. a Fehring woman had issues with the law over property ownership of the land next to her consisting of forty acres. Probably our Mary Fehring. Swamp land is mentioned and so is Mayer and Meyer. It stated that Meyer was leased land from Fehring which may be the land under the name Fehring and Garrison. It's probable that our Frederick Meyer had issues over the land. We do know by a newspaper article written about Fred Schroeder [ who would become his neighbor] went through swamp area to reach the area in which Fred Meyer lived at Churdan, Greene county Iowa. Until I have proof, I can only assume this is our Fred. The trouble seems to have run many years. As of yet, I am not sure of the outcome. At least we know there were publications written about it. Journals and newspapers. Bear with me as I try to relocate those books and journal publications and put them into links.

Since I hardly understand the language of the courts and law, this post is one in progress and of timely editing. So bear with me, please. There is a reason that I am publishing it so soon.


  1. Do you have this? Fredrick's death certificate? Skull fracture RR accident.

    Click on the image on the right and you can see and copy the document, don't try and save as until it is downloaded then change the name of the file.

    Let me know if this is correct. HUGS

  2. On the records search there are several mary's
    You need to look because the marriage records reveal a lot.

  3. Thanks Hummer, hugs to you, I am getting on it now.

    I only wish I could have viewing time at morman center. Maybe I can see stuff a couple hours each week. Their times do not correspond with my hours. So frustrating.

  4. Can you tell me where you found it, I entered death just now and did not see this? I am not getting the same place you did.

  5. It usually just takes a few minutes to download. It is on

    I am sending it to you as an attachment



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