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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is there A Black Sheep in Our Family, Hurry and Tell Me.

It's funny, but I just investigated to see if Black Sheep mailing list at Hotmail is arriving to my account. And I see it is not. { In fact it has not since 2007 } Sure I have the category at the side file listing and had not paid enough attention to what I was ignoring in my in box. So now I am trying to decide if I really need to resubscribe to the black Sheep society.

I would really like to Join, So let me know if you know of any Blacksheep in our family!

For those of you who don't know the members are only those who qualify. You have to have a person in your background whom qualifies as a Black sheep in your family. You can join for a time in order to show your relative and then it is decided if he is indeed a blacksheep and then you join as an official member.

I suppose it is kind of a catch 22. We tend to keep our Black sheep in the closet, so why would we bring them out to the air? You probably have to really want to join this mailing list to do so. Well really, it probably doesn't matter in this day and age.

This time of year around Halloween is normally very interesting reading, [ If you like that kind of thing] It is interesting to see what people have found in their closets.

One guy asked, if the black sheep is a bad person or just different. I tend to like Human nature and so the questions and discussions are sometimes interesting. I just kind of get a kick out of members having relatives who held other members relatives in their dungeons, etc.

Remember too, we judged by how the shoe fit and was worn by their feet, not ours. we
tend to judge by how things are today. [We shouldn't make that mistake about any of those things they did.] So are they black sheep cause of what they were in those days or do we still think they are. Timeless black sheep qualifications for the societies ideas of a blacksheep ?

It's funny too, how one wants to be a member of this mailing list.??

I tried to think who could fit. Lizzie Seil? Because she had an illegitimate child, no hat would qualify her, I doubt it and and I don't know her whole story of her life. A lot of the circumstaces of her childhood add to her sad life. She was a peasant with no father and maybe only boy friends of her mother as influence or no influence of the right nature. She had no influence of her fathers grandparents. She only had to look at the some of the females of her KORN families past and not think any different. And she must have wanted good for her child, so much so, that she came to America and married later.

Well how about August who left the family. when the child Lizzie was a result of an affair. I know nothing more than that. He married Lizzies mother and then left. He must have glanced at Lizzie on the way out the door. Unkindly put? [I suppose, but I still think he was a good man and I shouldn't judge]

-Probably the father of Annie was the bad guy, but know nothing more than pregnancy happened.

- In his day would Grandpa Willie make the list, cause he became a Christian scientist and maybe asked to leave the chur. Was that anything kept secret?

If there are any bad sheep in our family, the other stories must still be in the closet.

Maybe, I just let the subscription fall and dropped out cause I knew I did not have any ancestors or descendants with qualifications to make me a member. Also I have enjoyed the stories there, so probably I was only there to read. and I can anytime just go here and read with out having to join and clutter up my email. and then

I then think, well If I have a member would I dare submit him. I'd have to prove it happened, which would be impossible and I would have to live with hurt relatives about the whole publication.

Okay, I think I will just make a peek now and then into the archives since I have the link for my use any time I want it. ... That's good enough for me. My decision made.

But don't let me stop you, go ahead and read about other peoples Black Sheep it if you want to.


  1. Black Sheep? I wish I had one. I discovered that one of my friends had an ancestor (William Calcraft, the Bungling Hangman) who was a travelling hangman - he went all over the UK hanging crims in the 1800's and apparently enjoyed the travelling. She was horrified to be associated with him and I secretly wished he was mine (not so secretly now I suppose) - wonder if he would qualify?

  2. Hi Rootdigger! I'm not sure I have anyone in my family tree that would be considered a Black Sheep either - or "colorful". That's okay. The world needs ordinary folks too. :)

  3. I myself would have to read a little more to see if it matters how embarassed one family is about another members occupation. I think at time some cousins were not too keen on my grandfathers overalls which must have embarassed them, but not a moral issue. However in this day an age a butcher would be questionable to some people.
    I kind of like the unusual find, it gives me some bragging rights.

    I think the society wants the black sheep to be ax murderers or a cruel Lords or something like that. Maybe a man who had three so called wives and never married any of them.

    And then too as Karen says, the world needs ordinary folks. lol.
    thank goodness.



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